Life of a Teenage Babyslut

Group Sex

When I wake up, I wake up naked, with cum leaking out of my teenage pussy. I am forced to stay in bed for six hours every night, which is time for me to fall asleep. I am not allowed to scoop out the baby batter, and not allowed to keep myself from getting pregnant.

And so, as soon as it’s 6:15 AM, I run to the bathroom and take a shower as soon as possible. It hasn’t worked at all, my two kids evidence of that at my tender age of nineteen years old.

In the shower, I am forced to shave my legs, underarms and pussy every morning, or else my husband will chain me up and force his cock up my dry ass. If I don’t follow his rules, the repercussions are always dire.

For example, once when I tried to take birth control to prevent any more children from springing out of me and into a life of sadness and deprivation, my husband had me locked into my room for thirty-six hours, with nothing to eat or drink except his cum.

At the ready, folded up next to the sink was my lingerie. He always had it picked out for the day and it was all I had been allowed to wear in the house. Today it was a baby pink lace bra with crystal fringe on the top and bottom of the bra and crystal and silver fringe as underwear. It was insanely heavy.

Afterwards, I’d put on a full face makeup, assuredly that was gonna be melted off by my tears and my husband’s cum in a few minutes, but hey, he liked me in makeup and who was I to deny him?

Checking out myself in the mirror, all I could feel like was a bird trapped in a gilded cage.

In the marble bathroom, I was beautiful. I was gonna be a cheerleader for the University of Houston after high school. I had natural and perky 32DDD boobs, I had the smackable ass. I had the long strawberry blonde hair, the big green eyes and the bone structure. I thought I had it on lock.

I was dating my husband (Sean)’s son. He was cornerback of the high school football team, and he’d carried the team to playoffs. I was gonna give him my virginity as a reward, and we were gonna live happily ever after, but life didn’t pan out as such.

Sean who was married to his ex at the time, found me in lingerie waiting for his son in his house. He raped me to within an inch of my life with his ten inch dick, and kept fucking me for hours until his son walked in on us. My boyfriend was horrified.

And what a shitstorm the next few weeks were. Sean got divorced, his son Tom lost the championship game and broke his kneecap, shattering his dreams of the NFL. And I got pregnant, and ended up married to Sean.

Yup. My Catholic parents forced me to marry a man twenty-six years my senior, my rapist. He fucked me every single day, three or four times a day even though I was pregnant and still a senior in high school.

Our wedding had us inviting everybody we knew. I never got to be the bride I’d envisioned since I was a little girl. I wanted to look like Grace Kelly or Kate Middleton, with a lot of fabric and looking demure.

My husband took that away from me, and ordered me into a tight, trumpet gown that was backless, and had sheer paneling all around the stomach. And to accommodate my large breasts, they’d basically scooped out the top part of of the bodice, which was made for a much smaller frame and just replaced it with lace. My nipples shown through it, in all of its pink and red glory.

Everybody was saying that I looked like a slut, and I was just aching to have sex, and that I was what was wrong with the youth. The men would try to sneak a taste, and they all followed me around, but Sean would have none of that and rape my mouth on the dance floor. They all pitied Sean for having a nympho for wife, and envied him for having a nympho for a wife.

I was humiliated daily, everybody hating and laughing at me for destroying Tom’s morale and marrying a forty-three year old. Sean wouldn’t let me drop out, and would drive me to school every day. If he found out I cut, he would brutalize me when I got home. He would spank me, he would force his long and thick dick down my throat and then he would fuck me until I passed out.

When I graduated, Sean would shop me around town, showing me off to all of the eight thousand residents of our tiny town in North Central Texas. The women would hate me, the men would ogle, and Sean allowed me not a single one of my own friends. He was “all the companionship I would ever need”.

He was always possessive. He always had his hands on either my tits or my ass whenever we were in public. When I had to go to high school, Sean would make it a point to make it that I was off limits, despite all of my sluttish behavior.

And that meant public humiliation. He would mark me as his.

And the worst part?

I got off on it.

He would either dress me to school in short, short skirts that barely covered my shaven mound, or the tightest booty shorts ever that revealed half of my ass. They would also shape and cover my vagina, however there was not enough fabric so it revealed a giant cameltoe, with parts of my gaziantep escort bayan numaraları pussy lips exposed. And the left lip of my pouty vagina had a little tattoo that said “Property of Sean Flaherty” in big, bald letters.

I wore graphic baby-tees all the time back in high school. They were brightly colored and small and tight and usually only covered my chest up to half my breast. My big, teenage, firm, round, gravity defying tits, without a bra, exposed in my top. They usually were covered in sparkly lettering, like “Daddy’s Bitch” or “Little Slut”.

Sometimes Sean would surprise me at my high school during lunch, and pulled me out of the lunchroom in front of my (former) friends, and fuck me in the janitorial closet, eliciting loud screams that were heard by everybody.

Sometimes he would send me to school in short skirts, fill me up with cum in the car then send me off to English with cum dripping down my legs.

He once, spent that load onto my face and hair and sent me off to school, with instructions to not remove it or else. Everybody was staring at me, and knew that my forty three year old husband and I had a very active sex life, but didn’t know that I was such a slut that I would go to school with cum on my face. Tom’s best friend took a photo of me and named it “Cumface the Nympho” and posted it on the school website. It was taken down, but the entire school had a photo of me with cum on my face, and I walked around for six more hours like it.

For my senior trip, up to Washington D.C, my husband was a chaperone. He sat me next to him, and was basically fucking me on the school bus. I had all of my barely there clothes on, but Sean unzipped his jeans to reveal his thick dick and sat me on his lap, with his dick lodged inside of me. I sat on his lap and had sex for like twelve hours, the bumps in the road pushing it in and out of me. I would moan over and over and when everybody would look at me I would just blush. He popped in like seven Viagras for the bus ride. When we got off, that entire seat was sticky with sweat and cum. He stuck a plug inside my vagina so when we got off, my stomach swelled with cum like I was four months pregnant even though it had only been one month. It was humiliating. And like that way for three fucking days.

And the faculty didn’t do shit about it. Why? Because Sean was the biggest employer in town and owned half of all the real estate in town.

And sometimes, if a guy ever touched me, instead of him, he would go batshit crazy. He would gently remove me from the situation, tell the guy that he could look, but not touch, then, take my into a private space and start beating on me and calling me a tramp for egging on the attention.

I haven’t touched a man other than Sean, in any situation, ever in over two and a half years.

He was charismatic, he was charming and the few times he was actually compassionate with me made me float on air. He was attractive, one of them Black Irish with grey eyes and dark hair graying at the temples. He was long and lean, like a jungle cat and his entire demeanor was oh-so alluring.

I cried myself to sleep at night nevertheless. Once he finished up with me, I would dream about what could’ve been. Me a cheerleader, married to a college football star who went back home after playing and took me with him. He would love me and cherish me and we would have three kids and a dog in time. Now, I was a teenage babyslut, having kids every single year and a husband who abused me.

And so. I’d dusted myself off, left the bathroom and walked back into our bedroom, waking up my beloved with a blowjob.

After two years of practice, and I mean, A LOT of practice, I’d learned to efficiently and effectively give the perfect blowjob. For Sean, anyways.

With Tom’s minuscule four inch peter, I’d simply put it in my mouth and let Tom do the rest.

With Sean, I try to get him as hard as possible when he’s asleep, before he’s awaken. Because, when he’s awake, he likes to shove the entire meat into my mouth and facefuck me into oblivion.

I suck his tip gently and roll my tongue around the large head, trying to eat all of the precum. Afterwards, I would try to suck his large, cum-filled balls. However, today was a bad day.

Sometimes, Sean likes sex to wake himself up. “The same old same old is boring. Blowjobs here, blowjobs there. They’re relaxing, sex is invigorating.”

He pulled me up, and sat my crystal covered pussy on his cock. He then bent my flexible back backwards and shoved his entire dick up my dry cunt.

As I screamed, begging him for some mercy, he went even harder.

“Please use lube, spit or anything. Let me get ready! This hurts! I’m in pain!!!”

And suddenly, his movements became more gentle, and his mouth began sucking on my neck. His hands started caressing my breasts, tweaking my tiny cherry nipples.

“You want me baby? You want my fat dick to go give you a fucking orgasm? gaziantep escort pornoları Give you another baby to pop out of your tight, tight pussy?”

I was lost in a dizzying haze of sensual pleasure, yet at the same time I knew I shouldn’t come. To the utmost, I tried as hard as I possibly could.

He started pinching and rubbing my clit. And then the words came out. “Oh, Donna, you don’t like this? You don’t like me? Well I don’t like that. You’re beautiful and young, and if you weren’t with me, then I have no idea how anything would work. I spent twenty years with a fat and ugly cow, now I’m with you and I feel young again. Don’t you like that I chose you? I really, really think that I love you.”

His words were so sincere, and soft and all that he was doing was so drugging to the mind, that my feelings just came out as I came. “Oh, yes Sean! Oh, yes Sean! I want you and I love you…”

He started ramming back into me and started ravaging my tender nipples as soon as I let out an orgasm. He bit my neck, and said “You’re such a pathetic piece of crap, you teenage baby machine. You actually like it when I rape you, and put in another sibling for your ex-boyfriend. You’re in love with your ex-boyfriend’s father. What a little slutty tramp.”

He came in me, and let that cum stir for about a while, while I had cried. I was so stupid.

Him impregnating me wouldn’t even allow me the decency to be with my children. I wasn’t even a housewife.

He made me his secretary, after high school. After sex in the morning, I would have to reapply my makeup and then get dressed in my super revealing “uniform”. If anybody could even call it that.

It was a very short and tight pencil skirt, that Sean wouldn’t allow me to wear underwear with, so that the very slightest bit of my pussy was revealed to the world, and from below, everything was visible. I couldn’t even sit down, the skirt would ride up and expose my shaved beauty.

My top, was akin to normal button up. But it was three sizes too small. It didn’t make me look fat, but it didn’t provide enough room for my gargantuan tits. The buttons would separate, leaving major gaps in the buttons. Sean also wouldn’t let me wear a bra. Everybody would see my breasts, my nipples through the almost translucent top due to it being stretched out.

I had to wear six inch stilettos daily, just to make my 5’2″ height seem imposing, and still my husband dwarfed me. My would also pair them with Wolford fishnet stockings. I looked like a hooker.

When we were out in public, every hour, at least once, I had to straddle him, and give him a big wet kiss on the lips, leaving a bright red lipstick mark, where he would then scold me lightly and embarrass me in public. It would make him seem good, and myself like a dirty, dirty girl.

And he would use our kids as leverage. If I failed to comply, I would be denied my once hour a day bonding time with our kids, who I’d grown to love. They were honestly gorgeous kids. Our son looked just like his father, and our daughter was simply the light of my life.

At the office, my desk, was underneath his Chippendale desk. I would spend office hours, blowing my husband and doing computations. It was very light sex work, comparatively to all else. All I had to do was try to get it as deep as possible without gagging (if I gagged, he would pinch both of my nipples until I had made him cum), so the only downsides were very ruddy and very swollen nipples. And a sore jaw. . Once lunch began, my husband would eat the lunch I had prepared for him the night before, with my breast milk to wash it all down. And straight from the sugar tit itself. My babies had to drink formula, my husband had the good stuff. He would latch onto my tiny nipple with his teeth, and try to suck my entire gigantic tit into his mouth to no avail. The area around my nipple would turn purple, and he would suckle. Once he was done, he would fuck me vigorously.

He would place me on his forty-thousand dollar desk, put my legs above his shoulders and fuck me. It would go deep into my tight cunt, and I would scream because I didn’t know anything else. Afterwards, my makeup was so runny, and my face such a mess, Sean would send me to the bathroom.

Outside of the office were always people who’d heard us, and they would look at me like I was a entitled nineteen year old slut. The women were especially hateful. They all knew Sean’s ex wife and loved her.

As I was reapplying my full face in fifteen minutes, I would think about how different life must’ve been for her. She was fat and ugly when she married him, so did Sean not brutalize her like he did me? He only had Tom with her, and he was married to her for years. Lucky bitch. I wish I was fat and ugly.

After lunch was over, and my face was redone, Sean had a meeting. My job was to stand next to him, head bent and ashamed, and taking notes.

In the middle of the meeting, like I was supposed to do, I straddled gaziantep escort portalı his hardon and bounced on it for a good three seconds and gave him a French kiss with red lipstick all over his mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck, then began sucking that too. I bent my lower back down, so everybody at the table had a good view of my ass and my dripping wet pussy.

He then lifted me off of him with great ease then, and lightly told me off about “proper behavior”, then went back to the meeting. When it had commenced, all of the other executives were talking about me and how they would fuck me and all the dirty things they’d do to me.p

Sean liked it that way. He always loved having what other men envied. And I think that’s what he found in me. A bag full of fetishes. 1)Teenager. Check. 2)Big Boobs. Check. 3)Cheerleader. Check. 4)Baby maker. Check. 5) Secretary. Check. 6)Submissive. Check.

And that’s why he would show me off the way he did, whether it be outside, with random people or inside, near our staff. He would watch men watch me, their growing erections, their fantasies involving me, and how he was living their fantasies.

He would do all of them. All the role playing, all the sex acts, just to gauge the jealousy of the men in our town.

The day ended at one that day, and Sean decided to take me out to the park. He patted my bum and had his hand on it the entire time until we left the building, and then was busy fondling my right tit the entire time we were walking to the park.

In the park, he sat on a bench, and then sat my pussy on his crotch, me facing him. He made me move back and forth on it like a cheap stripper. And then he shoved his tongue down my throat.

I was so embarrassed. My skirt had ridden up to the point that it became a belt, and people had moved their children away and onlookers simply became scandalized older women.

At that point, even Sean had realized that enough was enough, and shoved me off of him. We could’ve been arrested for public indecency. So instead, we just made out in public for a while, him watching other people’s reaction towards me and my humiliation. I could sense a hard on building on for him.

He was getting zero blame from all of the watchers. It was all being directed towards me, the nineteen year old hussy that had no moral fiber. He simply was an older man that couldn’t help but be reeled in. I was a gold-digger, a girl that had no qualms about breaking up a twenty year marriage just because she wanted a handsome older man and money. And the only thing she had was sex, and she used it everywhere.

I felt sick to my stomach, knowing what they all thought about me.

He broke the kiss and shoved his index finger in me, and rubbed my clit with his thumb. “Let’s go.” He nodded towards the direction of the bathroom. I nodded yes.

When we finished and we got up to go to the public bathroom, so Sean and I could have sex, I had my shoulder tapped on. When I turned around, I got slapped in the face.

The screeching angry banshee that slapped me hard in the face was none other than Sean’s ex wife.

I have to tell you that Sean’s ex wife, Polly, was not a huge fan of the divorce or Sean and I’s relationship.

She loved Sean, and adored him. He was idolized by his frumpy wife. She followed him around, tried to dress the way any millionaire’s wife would dress and would try to talk to him.

I think that she was just always in awe of the fact that someone as ugly as her managed to hook a man as handsome and successful as Sean.

When Sean had to ask Polly for a divorce, so he could marry me, a young big titty high school cheerleader, so was in so much denial and so angry that she let go of him immediately. When he didn’t return when she told him to do, she shifted her anger towards me.

And now she was in front of me again. “I saw what you were doing to my husband over there. Shameful, you disgusting whore!”

When I looked towards Sean, he was clearly enjoying my humiliation, and I could see his dick grow in size.

“You infiltrate our family, date my poor son, Tommy and destroy him, bless his heart. You decide that you really want my husband and knock yourself up, so my Sean can’t leave!” When she geared up to sock me in the face, is when Sean finally steps in.

He talks to her, and placates her. He ended their conversation by kissing her forehead. She still looks fat and ruddy, but at the same time, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. If it meant any silent consolation to her, I’d switch places with her gladly, rather than be Sean’s sex slave/teenage babyslut/wife/secretary.

She kinda had a point though. In mine joining Sean and popping out babies, I kinda ruined her and Tom’s life.

They lived in a two bedroom house together now on the other side of town. She had to take a job at the Smart Aide, bagging things from six in the morning to four at night. She was only twenty when she married Sean, and she had no experience to work in the real world.

The divorce took everything from her. They’d signed a prenup, and while I’d been living in the lap of luxury, she’d been trying to survive.

Tom was in a pretty awful state too. He and I had made plans, and were in love. He took the breakup hard and started slipping. He was in a bad way, and when his kneecap shattered, he came back to the real world eventually, but pretty messed up.

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