Kathy, The Insatiable Gild Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Hi, it’s me again, Kathy Brown. I’ve come to tell you about another adventure in my life. In my first sordid tale I told you about teasing and fucking my young well hung neighbour. I’d teased him to the point where he had to come round at about 11 that morning and screwed me well into the night. We’ve been fucking every day now for a week. It had started when his parents had gone away for a few days, but we still find time to get together and play our games. We role play often, even if we’re not, we talk about things we’d like to do as we’re fucking each other. For example, one of our favourites is that I’m a headmistress in a girl’s college and he’s a teacher. We fantasise that I’ve called in the head girl, who happens to be a secret big-busted slut, in to be reprimanded on some pretext or other and soon she’s across my desk and I’m sitting on her beautiful face getting tongue fucked and Richard is fucking her naked pussy. We do love our little fantasies.

The other night I had to change things. If you read my first story, you’ll remember I mentioned that I had found my sons stash of incest porn in the basement when I was working out and also how I noticed one night when he had taken me out to dinner, how he couldn’t take his eyes of my legs. Even though I’ve been getting all the great sex I could ever want, I’ve been thinking about that a lot. Did my son want to actually fuck me or was he just being appreciative of my well toned legs. I just had to find out.

My son Shane is 34, married to Michelle, who’s a complete and utter bitch. She obviously married him because he had a very well paid job and she wouldn’t have to work. I’ll try not to talk about her too much, but it’s enough to say that there is no love lost between her and me. They have two young children, boy and a girl. I very rarely see them, although they don’t live too far away. But for some reason the bitch doesn’t let them come over. Shane brings them alone sometimes, but, hopefully when their old enough they can come and visit on their own if they want to.

Anyway, back to Shane. He is the area manger of a big insurance company and his area had won the yearly sales award and an all expenses paid big luncheon was being held in London, where awards would be given to him and the major sales reps. This was to include free food, drinks and an overnight stay in a plush hotel. He had asked if Michelle wanted to go, who had of course declined and I’m no fool and accepted on the spot. It was only after I’d put the phone down did I realise what this could mean. I was to be alone with my son overnight. Shane takes after his father in looks, but only looks thankfully. He leads an active social life and is still very athletic. Put it this way, there aren’t too many women, like his wife, who would kick him out of their beds.

When I wasn’t having my head pummelled against the headboard by Richard, I would think about Shane and our trip to London. I thought about his stash of mother/son porn in the basement, the way his eyes had been glued to my legs the other week and I wondered. And me being me, the more I wondered, the more the idea appealed to me. It was just so nasty and perverse I loved it. I knew I was going to try and seduce my son.

I spent the next week going through my wardrobe looking for suitable clothes. I did a number of shopping expeditions for lingerie, new heels and dresses. I know it’s only for one night, but a girl likes to be prepared. I would in fact pack my suitcase like I was going away for a week.

Yesterday morning I spent getting ready. Shane had said that he’s going to drive up to the city. I thought that was a tremendous idea. It would be perfect for me to showcase my legs. I was to wear black silk hold-ups and black 4 inch heels. I’d also be wearing a black thong, but I didn’t envisage him seeing that on the drive up there, but it would make me feel sexy anyway. I’d picked out a short skirt, not mini, but it was a good 4 inches above the knee with a small slit in the side. With my legs crossed it would even reveal my stocking tops. With a white blouse over a half-cut black bra, this is what I’m wearing when Shane arrives at 11am.

“Wow mum. You look fantastic.” he says as he slowly looks me up from top to bottom.

“Thank you dear. Do you like my shoes? I think they’re really cute.” I say giving him reason to look down at my open toed heels and see my red painted toe nails.

“Errr yes I do. Very nice. Are they new?”

“Yes dear. Would you like a coffee or are we in a rush.”

“No rush mum. Coffee would be great.” I notice that he’s still looking at my feet. This just keeps getting better.

“He takes a seat and I observe that he’s sitting not quite next to my normal seat but from where he can see me completely. I’m not one to disappoint. We make small talk and chat about the kids, neither one of us mentions his wife, which is good. As I walk about my kitchen my heels click loudly on the ceramic tiles. I can see how much this is distracting grup seks yapan gaziantep escort him and find every excuse to do so.

Coffee made I sit down and continue talking about anything that comes to mind. Mostly about what’s happening today. I actually gush about how excited I am about today and then everything became so much better.

“Oh mum,” he said as he watched my long nails run over the top of my knee, “When the office made the booking for the hotel it was assumed that Michelle would be coming with me. By the time I realised, I had them try to change from a double to two singles but it was too late. I’m sorry, but we’ll need to share a room. That be ok?”

“Oh honey, don’t look so worried. That will be just fine. You’re my son, there’s no reason at all why a mother and son shouldn’t sleep together.” I was watching his face as I said this. His eyes went from my lips, to my bust and then down to my crossed legs.

“Great. Shall we make a move?” he said as he noticed me watching him. I, of course, was overjoyed. My plans just got a hell of a lot easier. It was in fact, perfect. I thought I’d only have a limited time to use my charms on him, but now we were going to be in the same room and it sounds like the same bed. It just doesn’t get any better than that for a woman like me.

We go to the front door and he retrieves my suitcase. “Bloody hell mum, we’re only going overnight. What you got in here?”

“Honey, every woman likes to be prepared. Besides, I couldn’t make up my mind what to wear, so I brought a few options. Now, is the car open?” he reached into his pocket for his key fobby thing and I heard the beep and saw the lights flashing. Grabbing my coat I headed out, leaving him with my case. By the time he got in I was settled. My legs were crossed and I’d made sure I was showing a good length of thigh. My blouse wasn’t so tight that I wasn’t able to pull it away and with the help of undoing another button I was showing some serious cleavage. Shane didn’t miss either one and I could see him looking even as he pushed the button to start the car.

I don’t know too much about cars but I’ve always loved travelling in this one. It’s big and roomy and very plush. I’m able to stretch and relax. It’s almost like being on a sun-lounger. Finally we’re on our way. The 2 hour drive is pretty much uneventful. He is still giving me leering looks, although I can tell he’s trying to be very discreet about it. Of course I’m helping him along. Constantly running my nails along my thighs, occasionally scratching a titty, I need to be careful, I can’t have him so distracted that we have an accident. Sometimes I hear a truck blowing their horn as we pass, I appreciate the gesture but Shane accelerates until we’re far away from them. In 2 hours and 15 minutes we pull into the underground car park of the hotel. We made our up way to the front desk.

At this point I’m getting anxious. We have a few good hours before the dinner and I don’t want Shane to say something stupid like “Lets go and see some sights.” I’m not interested in the sights. Not of London anyway. I’d much rather stay in our room and get better acquainted with my son. A young porter comes and takes our luggage and we head towards the lift; but before we can get there though Shane is called. We turn and there before us is a big grey haired man. Obviously Shane knows him and the man looks quite distinguished. Shane introduces me to him. It’s apparently his boss. His names Brian Connor, he looks to be my age and I can feel his eyes scanning my body, even as he talks to Shane. I refuse to acknowledge his leering looks and slightly move away. I can see the man is going to keep Shane busy so taking the key and kissing my son on the cheek I encourage the porter to the lift and we head up to the room. I can feel the young porters eyes on me as the lift rises. He’s young, somewhere around Richards age. Not as tall, not as muscular, but handsome in his own way. Again, I don’t give him any come ons; I’m definitely not here for him. He takes me to our room, I tip him and he leaves. I giggle to myself, I’m very aware of the attention I’m causing, I find it very exciting, but I must stay focused.

The room was amazing. Very posh and looked to be one of the better ones. A big king size bed dominated the suite which I was very pleased to see. I’d been praying that it wasn’t two singles. This was just perfect.

By the time Shane arrives I’m settled in one of the plush armchairs with a nice glass of white wine from the mini-bar. One look in his eyes and I can see he’s angry. “Oh baby, what’s got you all wound up?” I have a pretty good idea, but he needs to tell me.

“You didn’t notice how that fat pig was leering at you? Didn’t he hear when I said that you’re my mother? Just because he’s stinking rich he thinks he can do what he wants and have anyone he wants. I stand up and move towards him. “Honey, grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan calm down; It doesn’t matter. Let him look. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m used to it. I’ve worked really hard to have this hot body and I’d be more disappointed if men didn’t look. Now, let me get you a drink and let’s just relax. Ok?” I bring my palm up to his cheek and let my nails gently run down his stubble.

I head towards the mini fridge and fetch some ice; whilst I’m bent over I look behind to him and see his eyes fixed firmly on my protruding butt. “You’re still a bum man, I mean rum man I take it?” it takes him a little while for him to process that I’ve asked him a question. “Yeah, that’ll be great mum, make it a large one. I’m sorry, but just because you’re hot doesn’t give him the right to leer at you in front of me.”

I don’t think he realises what he’s just said. But I certainly did and leapt on it straight away. “Why baby, you really think your mothers hot?”

It was quite amusing to watch, although I didn’t laugh, but his eyes shifted around the room and I could tell he wasn’t going to answer me. So I urged him on. “Well dear?” he finally let his eyes settle on me. He reminded me of when he was a young boy and he’d bring girls to the house if he really liked them, all shy and nervous.

“Well you are mum, there’s no getting away from that. You’re 64 and don’t look a day over 55 and that’s pushing it. A body that most girls would wish for, so yeah you’re hot. Can I have that drink now?”

I walked up to him until my body was up against his and kissed him softly on the corner of his lips. “Thank you love, that is so sweet. I can’t tell you how much that pleases me to hear you say that. I’ll get that drink for you now.” he looked like he needed one too.

I took his drink over to him as he sat down and rested on a sofa. I could tell by the slight scowl on his face that he was still a little upset. I passed him his drink and cuddled up beside him making sure my big tits were snuggled tightly up against his arm. From this position he couldn’t fail to see them spilling out the open blouse. “Honey, look at me.” I pulled his chin around so his eyes were directed my way. “Ever since I divorced your father I’ve worked my body, trying to get back what I lost being married to that fool for so long. I’ve earned this. I love the way men, and yes, some women look at me. I love that they think I’m hot; I love it even more that you think I’m hot. So why don’t we pretend tonight that you’re not my son and I’m not your mother. How about we are boyfriend and girlfriend? Obviously we can’t kiss in public, but I can hang off your arm which I intend to do all night by the way and stay by your side. All you have to do is introduce me by my given name. It’s easy and when people see that I’m with you they’ll leave me alone. You want to try it?”

I kept my eyes firmly fixed on his and I could see he was doing likewise, but even so, he couldn’t fail to miss the expanse of tit flesh that was being presented before him. “Ok mum, it’s a bit strange, but let’s do it.”

“Good, everything is going to be fine love. Now let’s just relax and let me spend some alone time with my hunky son. How long do we have before we have to be down for the dinner and whatnot?”

Shane looked at his watch and said I needed to be ready in 4 hours. He would need to be ready before that as he would need to go down with the other area managers to help organise their staff and to make sure everyone would be seated in their right places.

“You will come up and fetch me won’t you? I don’t really want to be making an entrance on my own.”

“Of course Kathy; I take it this boyfriend and girlfriend has started already?”

“Why not? Makes sense to me. Sooooo, as my boyfriend, you know what would really help me relax, a nice back rub. Could you do that for me honey?” It was quite amusing to see the hesitancy in him but I had no doubts that he was going to do it.

“Sure. Why not? I can do that.”

“Great. And honey, take that stuffy shirt and tie off; you must of brought something to relax in didn’t you?”

“You know, I don’t think I did mu… I mean Kathy.”

“Well it looks like bare chest and boxers for you then young man.” by now Shane is going through his suitcase, the only thing he has is his sleep shorts. “There you go honey, they’ll do. It’s only me and you anyway and I certainly don’t mind. Do you?”

“Your right; It’s only us. I’ll just go and get changed.” I watched as he headed off to the bathroom. I thought about trying to get him to change in the room with me, but I didn’t want to push it just yet. Instead I got myself ready. I slipped my blouse and bra off and let my skirt fall to the floor. Going to my bag I pulled out a black silk robe I’d brought just for this occasion. I didn’t put it on exactly though, I rolled it up so the grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort sleeves became ties and wrapped around my waist. I made sure that it was high enough on my legs to see my hold ups and I knew he’d be able to see my thong through the material.

I rooted around in my suitcase until I found my oil that I use to oil my legs if I’m not going to be wearing stockings. I’d also slipped in one of his magazines from the basement. Hiding the oil underneath the magazine he couldn’t fail to see it. This I hoped would push us both in the right direction. And boy, did it.

By the time Shane came out of the bathroom I was laid on my front in the middle of the king bed. To reach me he would have to get on it as I certainly wasn’t going to move. I could see him scanning my body as he walked towards me and as I hadn’t had the opportunity to see him shirtless in a few years; I was quite impressed. He wasn’t as muscular as Richard, but what he had was defined and it was obvious that the time he spent in the work gym was paying off. The other thing I noticed was his hairy chest. Richard only has a few in the middle, but Shane’s was all over and very thick. I loved it. It’s not to everybody’s taste but to me it was great. Now it was time to play.

I raised my head and looked his way, I’m also fully aware that as my head was resting on my hands, my 34EE’s are being pressed out the sides. I know he can see them and I know he likes them. “Honey, be a dear and get the oil out of my suitcase? I totally forgot it.”

“So you planned on getting me to give you a massage all along did you?” he said as he walked over to my case, giving me a lovely view of his butt in his shorts.

“Actually no dear, that is just a bonus.” I tell him. “The oil was brought for my legs if I decide not wear stockings. It gives them a nice sheen. I’m sure Michelle must use it sometimes?”

“I wouldn’t know….” he went silent. He had obviously found the magazine. I think he probably recognised it as one of his own.

“You alright love?”

“Um…Yeah… Errr why have you got this in your case mum?” I look up to see him showing me the magazine.

“To read silly; what else would you do with a magazine. I’ve read all the others that I found in the basement, this is the last one. I find its good reading.”

“Oh, but it’s not something I’d thought you’d read.”

“And why not? I like porn as much as the next woman. I’m not dead yet you know?”

“I didn’t mean that, I meant the subject matter.”

“Come on dear. You can do my back and talk at the same time can’t you?” I put my head down as I feel him climb onto the bed.

“And what’s wrong with the subject matter? It’s all just sex. Most of the stories are very loving and exciting. I’m assuming they’re yours and not your father’s.”

I moan as his oiled up hands touch my body for the first time. I keep gently probing. “Well Shane. Are they yours?”

“Well yes, they are. I’d forgotten they were down there.”

“But why did you have them in the first place? You were always a good looking boy, always had plenty of girlfriends. I’m surprised that you’d have them.”

I could feel his hands quivering through to the skin on my back. He was reluctant to answer me, but I wasn’t going to let him get away. I knew why he had them and I was pretty sure he knew I knew why he had them. All he had to do was tell me. But he remained tight lipped. He wasn’t going to make this easy.

“Do me a bit higher love, on my shoulders would be nice. Anyway, you never answered me, why did you have them? Did you think that you were one of the boys in those stories Shane? Did you think about fucking your own mother?” His hands stopped their movement.

“Oh god…Oh god. I’m sorry mum…so so sorry.”

I lift my head now and turn to face him. His embarrassment and shame hasn’t stopped him from getting a hard-on I notice. “Why are you sorry baby? I’m not. I love knowing that my own son finds me good enough to fuck?”

“Good enough!!! Fuck, have you had look at yourself? I don’t know any other woman of your age that can ooze sex like you do. Even before you divorced dad I thought that. Jesus, I could never understand him. He was just plain stupid.”

“That’s all very nice honey, but you still haven’t told me if you want to fuck Me.” as I said this I turned a little more showing one boob to him. His hungry eyes latched on to it straight away.

“Yes, ok mum. Yes, I’ve wanted to fuck you for years. There I’ve said it. Now what?”

“Now I get to suck that.” I stated as I palmed his solid erection that poking out obscenely in his shorts. “Now you get to cum in your hot mothers mouth and then you get to make love to me. Then we go to this stupid dinner and then we come back up here and you get to fuck the shit out of me. How does that sound?”

I turn over fully now and untie the arms of the silk gown from around my waist. I throw it away and stretch myself like a cat. I can see the lust in his eyes, I can smell it. I can see his cock twitching in his shorts and a wet patch is appearing. I’m in my element. This is what I love. I haven’t experienced this for weeks; with Richard it’s different now. Although I’ve had no other since we’ve been fucking each other, we know what’s going to happen. Sometimes he’s barely through the door before we’ve ripped each other’s clothes off and he’s got me bent over and stuffing his mammoth tool inside me.

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