Kate Returns Home Ch. 06


[This story includes bodily functions and some discipline. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are well over 18. My thanks to Leslie Jones for encouraging me to use her Women’s Republic setting and her characters.]

Before Kate left her hometown, the Republic’s second city, she stopped off at her family household, where she was still nominally in charge as the “responsible woman.” Jan, her stepmom, greeted her with a sweet kiss. Jan served as her deputy during the time when Kate was off at the capital doing her job as commandant of the Corrections Service’s Disciplinary then she asked Kate to add to the punishment and Kate proceeded to cane Marie harshly.

Kate, however, then invited Marie, whom she liked, to join their household, in which free and open sex occurred among all the household members. Marie had no decent home life of her own and accepted Kate’s invitation with alacrity. Jan and Kate informed Steve and Marie that they could have sex but must let Jan know in advance of any copulation.

They found it humbling to tell Jan about their planned intimacy every time, and when she learned they had been fucking without informing her, Jan was hurt and very annoyed. She confided in Kate, who she now served as deputy, and Kate promised to rectify matters.

She walked emphatically into the living room where Jan, Steve, and Marie were already sitting. Kate looked at Steve and Marie with her deprecating frown and sharply ordered them to stand and face her.

“You were given great privilege to enjoy each other’s intimate company,” she began. “All you had to do was to tell my stepmother when you intended to sleep together and play. So instead of following that simple instruction I gave you, you went and fucked with abandon.

“You know, Marie, that I invited you here because despite your conduct with Steve, I liked you,” Kate continued. “I’m afraid that you’ve forgotten the caning I gave you when your carrying-on with my dad was discovered.”

“Oh, no, Miss Kate,” Marie protested, “I haven’t. This was an oversight and it will never happen again.”

“It better not,” Kate snapped at her. “Now lift your skirt and pull down those seamy panties you have on.”

Marie quickly rucked up her short skirt and then lowered her thong to her knees. Her shaved pudendum was now on display, along with her bare bottom. Kate stared at the visible thin line of her vulva between her legs.

Then Kate sat on a large armless chair and used her index finger to beckon Marie to get across her lap.

“Miss Kate,” Marie managed to say before laying across Kate’s skirted lap, “could I use the little girl’s room, so I don’t have an accident on your lap?”

“No,” Kate said sternly. “Discipline is not interrupted for use of the toilet. You’ll hold it in or suffer the consequences.”

Marie did what she was told and lay across Kate’s lap. She felt humbled by Kate’s denying her permission to pee. After all, Kate, who was a Major in the Corrections Service, had achieved so much at the still youthful age of 25, while Marie remained an entry-level office assistant.

She squirmed on Kate’s lap as Kate massaged Marie’s bare bottom and insinuated a finger in Marie’s cute little anal opening. Then she ran her finger through the young blonde’s legs and felt how wet she already was.

“This obviously excites you,” Kate observed, barely disguising her contempt. “I trusted you to invite you into our household and you couldn’t restrain your sex drive enough to comply with a simple rule. I just hope that this is your arousal and that you haven’t lost control of your bladder already.”

“Oh, no, Miss Kate,” Marie stammered, “I’m holding it in. Knowing I will be punished somehow gets my juices flowing, though.”

“Well, punished you shall be,” Kate blasted her as she began to spank her pale bottom hard, quickly reddening Marie’s bottom cheeks. Marie began to groan, then moan, as she was feeling pain but pleasure in her pussy from the castigation.

Kate proceeded to lay into her, spanking her with great force. She was not a large woman but had powerful arms strengthened by her regular exercise program. When Marie’s buttocks were thoroughly reddened, Kate ordered her to stand and bend over the table next to the chair Kate had been using.

Marie realized that she was going to be caned, and by Kate, who had given her that horrible painful caning after she and Steve were caught originally.

“Miss Kate,” she said, “I’m sorry I overlooked letting your stepmother know we were going to go to bed together. It won’t happen again.”

“It better not,” Kate said sternly. “Because next time you will be going to a re-education camp for women. Now bend over and keep your legs well apart.”

Kate picked up her favorite cane and swished Anadolu Yakası Escort it in the air. She knew Marie was recalling the pain she had endured when Kate last caned her. Kate slowly drew the cane back and then snapped her wrist as she laid on a powerful stroke. Marie screamed.

Kate was pleased she had drawn a scream on the first stroke. She knew that she was intensifying the impact of the punishment by not stating how many strokes she would give. She proceeded to place each stroke, all delivered with the same power, slightly below the previous stroke. She paused after six, then fired a very stinging stroke as the seventh, making it clear that six was not the end-point.

Marie was in total pain with each stroke. That each stroke came below the previous one worried her because she could anticipate strokes landing on her tender thighs. She did not know what Kate did: that the most sensitive spot was the crease between the bottom and the thighs. This was where Kate now flicked her wrist, and the cane struck right where she had aimed. This time, Marie burst into crying.

There had been 10 strokes. Marie was becoming increasingly desperate because she knew she could not hold her pee in much longer. Kate saw her move her bottom and knew she was reaching the breaking point. So, she delivered a stroke right across the others and Marie let out a cry as she realized she had released her urinary sphincter and was now wetting the carpet as her pee stream poured down from between her legs with no panties or other clothing to get in the way.

“You’d better get control of yourself right now and stop peeing, Marie,” Kate warned, “or we’ll start this caning all over again.”

That was enough to make Marie exercise her muscles powerfully to stanch the flow of urine. Kate told her she could leave and take care of herself.

Now she was with Jan and Steve. Kate asked Jan to step out for a moment with her. When they were alone, she asked Jan whether she wanted her husband and Kate’s father caned or not. Jan said she would prefer it if Kate just gave him a spanking.

Kate walked back in with Jan and told Steve to drop his trousers and underpants, and then to get across her lap as she sat down on the spanking chair. When he was positioned thus, she stared at his bare ass and started hating the fact that she had to spank her own father.

She got past that and began spanking him, laying on spanks alternately on his bottom cheeks. She felt him become hard on her skirt and hoped he wouldn’t spurt on it. She gave him about forty spanks and then told him to stand.

“Dad,” she said, “I hate to have get involved in this, but I hope you’ll give Jan the consideration we expected.” She told him he could pull up his pants.

“I’m sorry, Kate,” Steve said. “You know how proud I am of you and what you’ve accomplished, and I won’t let you down again. You were so gracious in inviting Marie into our household as was Jan and I’ll try to make it up to both of you.” He then took Jan in his arms, hugged her, and gave her a deep kiss. Jan smiled and thanked him.

Marie returned and apologized to Kate for her shameful “accident.”

“Thank you for apologizing, Marie,” Kate said, “but you know that when that happens, you will have to be diapered for the next day. I will diaper you now and Jan will take care of you after I leave. I also want you to wear for the next day the punishment uniform Jan gave you.”

Marie winced at the shame she would feel being put into diapers and wearing the uniform. But she remembered that Kate mentioned sending her to a women’s reeducation camp; that would be far worse. She thanked Kate for her talking straight to her.

Kate took Jan aside. “I’m going to give Marie some forms,” she told her stepmom. “Anytime they want to get it on, they will have to come to you, not only to let you know, but to obtain your approval.”

Jan took in a deep breath. She continued to be amazed by Kate’s take-charge approach. Kate handed her some forms that the Corrections Service had designed. Steve or Marie would have to fill one out and get Jan to sign off if they wanted to go to bed together.

“If either of them gives you any trouble,” Kate said, “just tell them that this was something I decided to require.”

With that, Kate took her leave of her family household and set out for the capital.

* * * *

Kate was back in her office at the Corrections Service the next morning. She sorely missed not being with either Harry or Glenda. When she heard CPT Elaine come into the office, she called her in.

“So, how’s the happy bride?” Elaine asked her with a smile.

“Not wildly happy, since they both are there and I’m here,” Kate said coolly, “but that’s the way it is.”

“It’ll work out in time,” Kurtköy Escort Elaine replied. “You’ll see.”

Kate asked her to sit down while Kate returned to sit behind her large commandant’s desk.

“Elaine,” she said in a serious tone. “I’ve been thinking about what has happened here lately and I do have a bone to pick with you. I did discipline you, at your request, for fraternizing with Nicole and Cynthia. Mostly, I was sorry you had not previously let me in on that. I would have gone easier on you.

“But I’m more disturbed to find out that you knew about their relationship with Bill,” she went on. “That’s the kind of thing I need to know, and it makes me sad that you didn’t feel able to tell me about it.”

“I did promise them I wouldn’t pass it on to anyone after I figured out by myself what was going on without their telling me,” she said. “I now know that was wrong of me. I’m really sorry, Kate.”

“I’m going to bust the two of them,” Kate announced to her. “They knew they were breaking the rules. I really should demote you too for what you didn’t do, but I won’t. I’m too appreciative of what you do here and for me.”

“I’m a big girl,” Elaine responded. “If you feel I need to be punished, I’m ready for it.”

“I won’t bust you,” Kate answered, “but I’m afraid you do need some punishment. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” Elaine said without hesitation.

“I’m going to give you two hours in the toilet box,” Kate now told her.

“Oh, Kate!” Elaine now broke down. “It’s not the box and what happens there, but everyone will know, and I won’t be able to look them in the face. Remember, you and I are the only commissioned officers in our unit. Can’t you do something yourself?”

Kate looked at her deeply and thought for a moment.

“How about you serve as my toilet for a day?” she posed. “No one will know.”

“Thank you,” Elaine said and smiled. “It won’t be pretty but it’s very fair of you.”

Elaine realized that she would have trouble hiding her pleasure at lying in the tub under Kate’s bare bottom squatting over her and having to anticipate whether Kate would release pee, poo, or even her menses or other discharge on Elaine’s face.

Elaine was in love with her young boss. She loved when MAJ Kate invited her into bed with her and feared that now that Kate was twice married, that might not happen again soon or ever. She was extra pleased when Kate asked her if she’d like to stay over with her in her rooms that night and serve her in the bathroom through the next day. And she took added solace in recognizing that since Kate’s partners were off in another city, Kate might well enjoy Elaine’s intimate company.

Kate was resting in her bedroom when Elaine knocked on her door. Kate stood behind the door as she opened it to let her deputy into the suite. Elaine was surprised to see her boss wearing a very sexy coral nightgown.

“Wow,” Elaine exclaimed. “You’re ready for bed. I’d better get changed.” She took her small case with her into the bedroom and stripped down to her bra and panties while Kate watched her undress. Elaine had put on a slightly sexier bra and panty set than she normally wore. Her short auburn hair was combed out and she had affected a nice casual look with light makeup.

“Your lingerie is nice,” Kate complimented her with a grin. “Thanks for dressing up for me. It makes me feel nice.” She took Elaine into her arms and hugged her. Elaine felt happy and desired.

Elaine unhooked and took off her bra and then slipped down her panties. She had a nice full bush and nice-sized (34C) boobs. Kate slipped off her nightgown and crawled into her bed. Elaine followed her under the covers.

Kate grinned as she told Elaine to sit up on Kate’s chest with her legs astride her so Kate could put her mouth to work on Elaine’s pussy. “You’re going to be on the receiving end from me all day, so I’ll take some time licking that lovely cunt now,” Kate gushed.

Her tongue insinuated itself into Elaine’s loose labia and vagina. She enjoyed the older woman’s taste and loved that Elaine spurned awful stuff that older women might resort to, like FDS. She told Elaine about how Marie had failed to hold her pee in and added, “So no peeing in my mouth now, sweetie.”

After Elaine was given a nice orgasm, she climbed off her boss and lay beside her.

Kate then asked her to what rank she should demote the two sergeants, Nicole and Cynthia.

“I know you’d flip them down to PFC,” Elaine answered, “but how about just buck sergeant?”

“That’s what they were when they got here,” Kate said. “Too good for them.”

“I think they’re going to be corporals,” Kate concluded the discussion.

She let out a fart without trying to suppress it. “That means this girl needs to go potty,” she Pendik Escort announced. “Want to start your service now?”

Elaine grinned and gritted her teeth. “No time like the present,” she said.

She stood up from the bed and led the way to Kate’s well-appointed bathroom. Once there, she climbed over the side and lay down on her back in the tub. Kate took her time, came into the tub, and squatted over Elaine’s face. She let out more farts and made bowel sounds.

Then she released her pee and the stream splashed into Elaine’s hungry mouth. It was hot but not too salty because Kate had drunk a lot of water but had not eaten much. Her major intake of coffee had stimulated her bowels.

As her pee dribbled off, Elaine watched with fascination as a brown spot appears as Kate’s anus began to pooch out and open. The spot grew larger and browner. Kate knew she was going to make a major movement. She gave a push and the turd slid out slowly—it was thick and dark. Now about five inches had passed through Kate’s anal ring. Elaine lay there entranced with the emergence of Kate’s doody.

Elaine opened her mouth and the turd slid further and went into her opening. Elaine tasted the turd by sliding her tongue along the side and it was acrid and not nice tasting at all. So, what did she expect? she thought.

As the turd pushed out it wrapped over Elaine’s face as only the first five inches went into her mouth. Elaine marveled that a slim small woman like Kate generated such a huge piece of shit.

If Kate had not cherished Elaine, she might’ve sat down on her face and mashed the poo right into Elaine’s visage. But the turd tailed off at about ten inches and Kate told Elaine she could wrap it in toilet tissue and drop it into the toilet bowl.

Elaine did that, gazing at her young boss’s long turd like it was a be jeweled ornament. Now she went back under Kate and began to lick her bottom-hole clean. Kate had taken a clean dump—truly little residue remained to be cleaned and her pubes were not very wet with urine. Once cleaned and now feeling that pleasant feeling after one has unloaded a large load, Kate left and returned to bed after washing her hands.

“Was it terribly nasty for you?” Kate asked, affecting an innocence she belied.

“Well, it wouldn’t be my dessert of choice,” Elaine opined, “but it does compare favorably to the box.”

“It would probably help morale in the unit if you and I spent a couple of hours in the box,” Kate suggested.

“Ask me after I’ve finished my sentence tomorrow night,” Elaine grinned.

“I didn’t even ask if you needed to go potty, sweetie,” Kate responded.

“As it happens, I do need to pee,” Elaine answered. “May I use the toilet, or do you want me to do it in the tub or in front of you or in a bowl?”

Kate tried to avoid letting anyone notice that she found it arousing to watch or even hear other women pee. She laughed off Elaine’s riposte and said she’d accompany Elaine to make sure “it all came out all right.”

Elaine was nude now, so she walked with Kate back to the bathroom. She sat herself on the toilet, and observed, “It’s really different, isn’t it, when you don’t have to ruck up your skirt and yank down your undies?”

“‘Tis true indeed,” Kate said blandly, anxious not to draw attention to her interest. She loved hearing Elaine release her pee and she tried to listen without noticeably listening to the sound of Elaine’s strong pee stream going into the water.

Soon, Elaine’s peeing dropped off and she took tissue and wiped herself. Then she washed her hands and they walked back to the bedroom.

Kate poured them cordials and they lay in bed next to one another, reaching over to take a sip every so often.

They both nodded off in about a half hour. Both slept soundly. Elaine was always happy being in bed with Kate. Kate found Elaine’s presence pleasurable. Neither wanted to fuck this time.

In the morning, the sun awakened them early and Kate rose first. She waited until Elaine opened her eyes and then mentioned that she needed to have her morning pee. Elaine had trepidation because she figured it would be strong, especially since Kate was athletic.

Elaine figured out how to lie back on the toilet so Kate could perch herself over her and they didn’t have to use the tub. Kate let loose and the deep-colored pee stream hit Elaine right in the throat where the strong flavor briefly discommoded her. But she retrieved her equanimity and swallowed Kate’s strong smelling and tasting urine.

She watched as Kate put on a pair of orange-colored panties—briefs—with black inside.

“Those are period panties, aren’t they?” she suggested to Kate.

“Yes, it’s supposed to start today so you may get an extra helping,” Kate giggled.

Elaine wasn’t put off, because she figured that licking Kate’s cunt when she had her period brought her even closer to her young boss, who was private with everyone else about her periods. Even in the Women’s Republic, women were loath to be open about their menses, even with women they knew well.

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