Joe’s Night Out Ch. 01


The room was set out with 20 circular tables, a cream coloured silk tablecloth covering each. The stage, at the front of the room, was bare except for a small podium, looking rather plain and out of place amongst the rich, crowded nature of the rest of the room. I knew you were reluctant to come to the function, but it didn’t take much convincing to get you to come – I promised I’d make the night one you’d remember, that was all the bribe you needed. All I asked is that you arrived, and were seated, before me.

I peeked around the corner of the entrance – you sat at a table, at the back, with 4 other people, one space reserved for me. I felt a twinge of guilt when I saw your face. You looked uncomfortable, nervous and really not happy to be there, but I hoped what I had planned would make it worth it. I took a deep breath and rounded the corner, making a beeline for the table, my eyes set on you. When I was about 15 metres from the table, your head turned my way.

Your eyes ran down my body, from my figure-hugging black dress down to my feet. I’d kept everything else in my outfit plain and simple, except my feet. The average person wouldn’t notice it, but I’d taken extra care with my feet, painting my toenails with a deep purple polish, filing each one into a smooth Bostancı Escort shape and moisturizing so they were soft. I knew you would however. I’d topped it off with silver, high heeled open toed shoes, with a silver anklet on that you’d chosen for me. I stopped in front of your and wiggled my toes, watching, amused, as your eyes widened into that expression I was so fond of.

“Hello,” I said, smiling at you. You didn’t look up, just nodded. I held back a grin. I’d kept my feet covered all the time in your presence for the past week, and as part of our BDSM games you also hadn’t been allowed to orgasm for that time, your entranced stare telling me it’d had quite an effect on you. I noticed other people at the table were giving me a strange look; perhaps I’d been standing there longer than was normal. I swiftly sat down, watching as you swallowed and cleared your throat. I still had five minutes of fun before the awards were presented.

The blonde lady next to you had obviously been trying to strike up a conversation while I was gone. As you regained your composure, she kept leaning over and smiling, touching your shoulder lightly, attempting to bring you back into the conversation as your eyes stayed fixed on me. Now as she did it she looked Ümraniye Escort warily at me. I opened my eyes wide and stared back at you, quickly flicking them between you and the woman, trying to tell you I wanted you to talk to her. You gave me a quizzical look, I nodded, and you slowly turned to hear what this woman had to say. She started talking, about the presentations I think and how she would be getting one, waving her hands animatedly. You were nodding along, smiling when appropriate. You began to reply to something she said and I slid my foot between your legs, kicking them apart swiftly. You coughed, the move shocking you, and began speaking again. Once again she made a statement that required your answer, and I ran my toes up your inner thigh, making you falter. I smiled. Then as you began to talk again I pressed my foot into your already hardening cock, you gasped and your head fell forward. I slipped my shoe off discreetly, the long table cloth covering what was going on, and as you continued to try and reply to the woman I started to massage the bulge in your pants with my toes, pressing in and rubbing. You kept closing your eyes and sighing, at one point grabbing the edge of the table. The lady looked concerned and put her hand on your back.

“Are Anadolu Yakası Escort you ok?” she asked.

“Absolutely fine.” you said, but she had already turned towards the stage as the lights dimmed and the presentations started.

I looked at you and crooked my finger, pointing to the space next to me. You shuffled your chair around so we were side by side. I leaned over and kissed below your ear.

“Having fun?” I whispered.

“Ye-ooohh.” I cut you off again, beginning to massage you through your pants. Thank god we were at the back.

I bit you on the neck as I slowly unzipped your fly, not wanting to make any sound. Your hands grabbed for my wrists, trying to stop me, but I swatted them away. Your cock bounced out, already fully erect. I grasped it in my hand, squeezing and grinning at you as you held in moans. I traced my fingers up and down for the longest time, before tapping my fingertips firmly against your wood, watching in pleasure as you squirmed in your seat. I knew that was torture for you.

I continued tapping for a while, your discomfort getting more and more obvious. You began to mouth ‘stop’ to me, and I grasped your balls with my other hand.

“What was that?” I whispered as the room erupted into applause. I wasn’t sure what for.

“Stop, please.” you replied, and I squeezed your balls in my hand, making you gasp.

“I don’t think I want too.” I said, smiling as the room went quieter again, “actually I don’t think I’m going to stop for quite a while.”

To be continued.

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