Eric brought the car to a stop on the driveway. He turned off the engine, took his phone from the dash and got out. Once out he locked the door, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and walked up to the brown front door. Eric knocked and waited patiently, his mind racing. He’d never done this before, never paid for sex and he didn’t know what to expect. After a minute or so of waiting, the door opened. “H…Hello? I’m Eric, I have, er, an appointment?”

“Hello, Eric, yes, I’ve been expecting you,” a voice came from behind the door as it opened fully. “Please, come in.”

Eric stepped into the hallway. The house, from what he could tell, was just a run of the mill suburban home — semi detached, large sitting room, carpeted stairs, a kitchen at the end of the hall. He felt almost relieved by the normality of it all, although he wasn’t sure what he was expecting, he supposed it would appear more dingy, or perhaps more elaborate, but he was happy with normal. As Eric turned to meet the owner of house he was struck by how tall she was, standing a good three inches above Eric’s average five feet nine inches. The woman was dressed in a white silk night dress, had bright orange hair and pale skin with piercing green eyes. Eric could see the curves of her figure where the night dress clung to her frame. “I’m Jenny,” she said, “welcome to my home. Would you like a drink?”

“Please, just water.” Eric told her.

Jenny lead Eric through to the sitting room where she told him to make himself comfortable and that she would be back in a little while. The sitting room was a good size, not too cluttered with very comfortable leather reclining sofas. Eric sat himself down in the corner of one of them and waited. He had arranged this meeting with Jenny via an advert he found on a web site, emails had gone back and forth detailing what Eric was looking for and what, for want of a better phrase, services Jenny offered.

Jenny soon returned with a class of water. “Please, take off your coat and shoes, I want you to be comfortable, I want you to relax and have a good time,” she told him. “I’m here to fulfil your fantasies, I’m here to please you. Do you like what I’m wearing?”

Eric nodded, “yes, you look stunning.”

“Thank you,” Jenny said as she slow spun around for Eric to see her full figure. Eric watched longingly as she spun, watched her long legs as they moved around, her large breasts, her stomach, he bum, he took it all in. “Now, Antalya Escort are you ready?”

Eric responded with a nod and a smile.

“Now, I think you need help to relax,” Jenny said as she walked towards him. As she approached she fingered the bottom of her night dress, her eyes fixed on Eric, watching his eyes. “I notice you like my breasts, so big and beautiful, you can’t keep your eyes off of them.”

Eric nodded.

Jenny ran her hands up the front of her body, and slowly lowered the shoulder straps of her night dress down her arms, revealing more of her bosom. Eric sat open mouthed, watching her. When Jenny stopped right in front of Eric, she leaned down to give him a close up of her breasts, she invited him to touch them. Eric put his hands out and gently cupped one in each hand. “Do they feel good?” she asked him.

“They do, so soft and beautiful.”

“Aren’t they just? Right, now… let’s get you relaxed.” Jenny knelt down in between Eric’s legs. She ran her hands up his legs, across his stomach and up his chest. She ran them back down, across his cock. “Hmm, you’re getting hard, let me see if I can help with that.” Jenny unbuttoned Eric’s jeans and then slowly brought the zip down. She reached inside of his trousers, through the opening in the front of his boxer-shorts and gently took hold of his cock. She felt it harden in her hand as she began to rub it, up and down with a twist in the middle. Eric closed his eyes, exhaled deeply and let his head fall back against the upright of the sofa. Jenny brought Eric’s thick cock out of his boxer-shorts and jeans and kissed the head, all the time not missing a single stroke. As her lips met the tip, Eric let out a pleasured sigh. Jenny slowly licked from the base to the top and then enveloped the top with her mouth, licking slowly yet firmly around it. She darted her tongue in and out of the hole in the end with precision and speed, before releasing the cock from her mouth and licking all the way down it’s length.

Eric could feel a grin on his face, each flick of her tongue, each stroke of her hand brought waves of pleasure over his body. Jenny placed a hand around Eric’s balls and squeezed gently, still running her other hand up and down his thick shaft. A trickle of pre-cum formed atop Eric’s cock and ran down the side, Jenny licked it up. She let go of his balls and stood up. “Would you like me to strip you?”

“Please,” Eric mumbled. Antalya Escort Bayan Jenny helped Eric to remove his shirt and trousers, shoes, socks and boxer-shorts. Eric was a trim man, not muscular, but not overweight. He had a small patch of hair on his chest. Jenny kissed her way down from his neck to his stomach.

Jenny took off her night dress, revealing her pale skin. Her stomach stuck out from her body, her thighs and buttocks rich in flesh and those beautiful breasts, hanging there, wanton. Eric gazed at the woman before him, desire now cruising though his body. “Where do you want me?”

“On top, definitely on top, I want to feel the weight of you.”

“Lay on the floor,” Jenny ordered. Eric did as he was told, the soft shag-pile carpet warm on his naked body. Jenny stood over him, walked the length of his body, Eric looked up at her as she moved. Jenny paused when she was stood over his head, Eric gazed up at her pussy, took note of the orange hair neatly trimmed against her skin. Jenny placed a finger between her pussy lips, rubbed her clit and then turned around and walked back down Eric’s body. Slowly Jenny lowered herself down, each second feeling like agonising hours to Eric’s lust-fuelled mind. Eventually, Eric felt the tip of his cock against the opening of Jenny’s pussy. Jenny .teased him by letting the head get in and then lifting herself up to let it come out again. She did this several times, she was sure that by doing this, Eric would explode when the time was right. Finally, she lowered herself completely onto Eric’s cock, feeling the thickness spreading her pussy open. She moved herself up and down on the cock, Eric thrusted from underneath her, both letting out low moans as the pleasure moved over their bodies.

“Lay on top of me,” Eric said. Jenny moved herself so that she lay directly on top of Eric. Her weight constricted Eric’s movement, made breathing slightly harder and increased the pleasure. He made little thrusting movements. Eric’s cock moved slowly in and out of Jenny’s pussy, each stroke brining more and more joy to his face. “Sit on my face,” Eric finally said. Jenny stood up and positioned herself over Eric’s head. She lowered herself down onto his face, and Eric explored her pussy with his tongue. “More weight,” he demanded. Jenny shuffled her legs out a little further, pushing her wet cunt right down on Eric’s face. She ground her wet slit on his face, fucking him hard, Escort Antalya pushing all sixteen stone of her into him. Eric was finding it hard to breathe, his mouth and nose covered by Jenny’s cunt, so much pressure on his jaw that he couldn’t move his mouth at all. Jenny increased her speed as she felt the waves of pleasure enveloping her body, she reached behind her and grabbed Eric’s cock, squeezing it hard as she ran her hand up and down his shaft. Eric groaned from underneath her, pleasure, pain, suffocation at the hands and cunt of this big woman was bringing him closer and closer to cumming.

Jenny stood up suddenly, and then dropped her cunt back on Eric’s face with so much force that his neck twisted slightly under the pressure. Jenny repeated this movement again. On the third time she span around before dropping herself back on his face, leant down and sucked his cock into her mouth. Eric began to lick her cunt, pushing his tongue in and out of her, running it up and down her slit, tasting her, lapping at her clit, he brought his arms up and placed his hands on her giant arse, pulling the cheeks apart, he moved his tongue up to lick her arse, ran his tongue over and around her arsehole, brought a finger in and started to rub her there whilst he went back to tonguing her cunt. Jenny had almost swallowed his cock, bobbing her hear up and down on it, running her teeth up and down it, a hand on his balls, another rubbing his arsehole, she licked a finger quickly and then forced it up his arse, Eric jumped slightly, that wasn’t in the plan, but he was loosing control so didn’t fight it, instead returning the favour. Eric felt Jenny’s finger wriggling about just inside his arse, felt her tongue and teeth on his cock and a hand massaging his balls, he licked her cunt harder and harder, pushing his finger deeper into her arse.

Finally pushed her off of him, rolled her over on to her back and climbed on top. “I’m going to fuck you so hard now, you’re going to want to pay me for the privilege.” Eric reached between his legs, grabbed his dick and gave a it a few hard tugs, placed it on the entrance to Jenny’s cunt and pushed it all the way in. He thrust his cock in and out of her, as hard as he could as fast as he could, he felt the urge to cum, and let it take control of him. Jenny bucked underneath him, feeling her own orgasm approaching, finally Eric came, shooting a stream of hot cum into Jenny’s cunt. As the last drops of cum came out, he pulled out of her, rolled over and lay on the floor, exhausted. Jenny, composing herself, sat up, sighed, and took a towel from the table, wiped her cunt from where Eric’s cum was dripping out, her orgasm never finalised.

“That’ll be two hundred pounds,” she told him.

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