Island Resort Growth


I decided to go to a secluded resort in the Caribbean. A nice island, clean and breath taking, with plenty of beautiful women. However, I was focused on relaxing. I spent the first couple days just enjoying the view of the ocean and the calm relaxing sounds of the surf and breeze. Unbeknownst to me, a fertility goddess visited me in my sleep the third night and gave me her blessing, though she knew I would need lots of encouragement to get out of my shell, so she put a little twist on it. Every time I started getting aroused, my cock and balls would grow larger, she also sprinkled some extra curves on all the women at the resort, just to make it that much easier.

I woke up that morning to some very intense morning wood, I was in the bathroom trying to jerk off before I was even fully awake, but no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get it off. I shrugged it off and went down for breakfast, the waitress was bustier than I remember but it wasn’t a big deal. That was until she brought me my food, she leaned over me and her soft pillowy breasts laid on the top of my head for a few tense seconds, just giresun seks hikayeleri long enough for me to start enjoying it. My cock sprang to life and throbbed in my pants, it felt harder than normal. The waitress scurried off, blushing and saying nothing, I swear I saw a button fly off of her as she left. Doesn’t matter though, my scrambled eggs were getting cold.

I went back to my room to get changed into my swim suit, my cock was flaccid again but it seemed bigger. I tried to ignore it and started my way down to the pool. I get onto the elevator, go down a couple floors, then two girls get on. They’re almost spilling out of their swimsuits as they stand on the opposite wall and take me in, some strange look in their eyes I haven’t seen before. I stare back at them, and see their nipples harden through the thin fabric of their food. My rod starts to harden in response and I swear I can see them get curvier, one bites her lip seductively before the elevator arrives at the ground floor and they wink and scurry out. Again, I swear their hips sway more as they walk ahead of me, but I just try to focus on getting into the pool before causing a scene.

Quickly getting in the pool, I recline against the wall and try to relax. I can’t. My erection pulses, seemingly stimulated by the water, making me want to squirm. I look around, which was a mistake. I see many women, all curvy and spilling out of clothes, I pan around and see a girl sunbathing, she looks down at me and winks. With it, her top breaks in the center. She blushes and holds her breasts in her arms as she scurries off towards the hotel I smile at the display, but quickly look back down to see my cock head just millimeters below the surface of the pool water. I gingerly reach down and touch it, my breath hitching in my throat. It was incredibly sensitive. I tried to stop, but it felt so good, I couldn’t! I dropped a little lower to try and hide it. Which is when I heard a soft moan from nearby.

I whip my head around without thinking to see two girls making out, the tattered remains of their clothes laying around their lounge chairs. All I can think in that moment is how much better they would look covered in cum. In that next moment I see them plump up, their bodies squishing together. I feel my balls surge in size, tearing my shorts apart and growing down to my knees. I moan and gasp, clenching the side of the pool so I keep standing. I woozily look around, again seeing all the same girls from before, but with an extra fifty pounds of curves on them. I feel my cock lunge forward, the head and shaft rising out of the water, there’s no hiding it now.

I hear the gasps of everyone around as I stand up, my three foot cock proudly on display as it pulses. I’m suddenly pulled from the pool and laid on towels as a flurry of boobs, lips, and tongues start the pleasure the tip, and more mouths found my neck. Hands touched my whole body, lighting my hole body up with pleasure. Finally, I feel it. I feel my cock stiffen and pulse rapidly, my balls clench. Precum showers out, I’m lifted upright so my cock is angled down, and then the breeding starts. Each girl, one at a time, fills themselves with my cum. I gasp and moan and groan and pump after pump fills them. Round, taught bellies shuffle away, full of my cum as I keep making more and more. The Goddess watches on, happily and horny as ever, her work complete.

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