In Step Ch. 03


“What do you mean, show you?”

“I mean, show me.”

“Like . . . kiss you?”

“Well, don’t make it sound like a chore!”

“No, I didn’t mean that, I—”

Without further discussion, she placed her hand around the back of his head and pulled his face to hers. He attempted to pull away, not because he didn’t want to do it, but rather, he didn’t like the way she was doing it. However, her grip was firm around his neck. Finally, he managed to break it off.

“What’s wrong?” Kendall asked with a frown. “You really don’t want to do this?”

“It’s not that. It’s just not how I would do it. If you really want me to show you, then let me.”

“Okay,” she answered with a giddy smile.

Mark sat sideways on the sofa, both legs on the floor, facing Kendall, and then turned her to face him. She sat on her heels to elevate her head to the same height as his. He looked deeply into her eyes, and then ever so slowly touched his lips to hers. The first kiss was soft, tender and short. This he followed up with two more before allowing their mouths to remain together in a jaw-opening and closing kiss. He could tell she was eager by the way she wanted to move it faster, but he maintained a slow pace. His hands found hers, their fingers interlocking, arms extended to the sides of their bodies as though they were doing an old-fashioned dance, which to some extent, they were.

Mark allowed his tongue to brush against her lips and she responded by opening her mouth slightly. She wanted to shove her tongue past his lips, but he met it and pulled an inch away before again making contact. Now, when their lips touched, so did their tongues. His hands now went to the outside of her shoulders making little caressing motions while hers rested next to his neck. Then he grabbed her outer thighs lightly, rubbing his palms up and down slowly. All the while, he kept their kissing gentle, pulling inches back when she attempted to ramp it up, then reattaching with the same deliberate pace.

Their hands changed positions with hers on his thighs and his tenderly encircling her neck. He gradually allowed her to feed more of her tongue into his mouth and he did the same. When she pulled back, smiled her enjoyment, then reconnected, he let his hands slide slowly down her upper chest to the top of her breasts, but only for an instant before moving them back up—all to gauge her reaction. She offered none, so this time, his hands eased along the top slope of her shoulders and then down the sides, and with her hands still on his legs causing her arms to be spread out a bit, he brought his palms forward brushing the sides of her tits before moving back up atop her clavicle.

Moving her head back far enough to focus her eyes—which seemed to hint at mischief—on his, she whispered, “When did copping a feel become part of kissing?”

“Kissing is not just mashing faces together,” he explained in the same tone, “it’s the melding of emotions manifested by the sensation of touch.”

“Oh. Okay,” Kendall accepted without further question, her lips back on his before the echo of her okay faded.

Now, he stepped up the kissing with a bit more pressure while reaching back to her hips lightly cupping the outside of her ass. She copied the gesture. He then gradually slid his hands up her side, up her arm and shoulders back to her neck, then with just one hand he rubbed the exposed part of her chest boldly touching the top of each breast and an inch or so of cleavage. There was reaction this time: greater suctioning of her lips and more aggressive tongue action. Mark felt he could have held more of her tit, but eased his hand back up to her neck.

Kendall threw her arms around his neck, so he took the opportunity to run his around her back under her arms. They pulled each other closer as though their lips could lock even tighter. Mark drew his hands back very slowly caressing the sides of her breasts and going so far as to cup them from the front—but only for a second. Boy, did they feel good. He resisted the urge to continue playing with them and moved back up her chest to her neck.

Mark really was not attempting to arouse Kendall as though to fuck her. His only goal was to demonstrate that the total experience of a kiss was much more than just lips suctioning. However, it was difficult not to become excited kissing a passionate young woman like her. It felt as though his hard on was twice as long as normal and he could feel the stream of pre-cum oozing wherever it could. Likewise, his last pass over her tits revealed two solidly hard nipples that seemed ready to rip right through her top.

Only after raising the bottom of her shirt to expose her abdomen and lower back so his hands could experience her soft skin did he decide it might be time to back off and let them cool down. He broke the latest kiss and rolled his head forward so that their foreheads were touching, then tried to catch his breath.

When he leaned back, Kendall was Şerifali Escort smiling.

“See what I mean?” Mark asked.

“Yes,” she answered dreamily, drawing it out. But her utter contentment quickly turned to a frown. “That’s it?”

“That’s how I kiss,” Mark answered with a shrug.

“But I mean you’re just going to stop now?”

“You wanted me to show you how I kiss,” he answered in a confused tone. “That was it.”

“But we can’t just stop.” With obvious urgency, Kendall pulled the ottoman that went with the easy chair closer to them. As Mark had done with her earlier, she had him sit on the foot rest straddling it. She did likewise, except she sat so close to him she had to drape her legs over his. Their crotches were only inches apart. Without further discussion, she put an arm around his waist and the other around his neck and pulled their lips together. He didn’t resist—he wasn’t a fool—but he did control the pressure.

Okay, so she was aroused and not shy about it, so he let his own emotions go also. Again his hands went around her exposed abdomen and lower back. He pulled them forward and back a few times, slowly, softly, caressingly, but each time, he went a little higher up her rib cage. Around front, he lifted the garment to just under her breasts and lightly brushed the underside of her bra from side to side.

Kendall did the same, lifting his shirt to touch his bare tight abs, then up to his chest toying with his nipples.

Mark felt another squirt of pre-cum ooze out. Nearly losing control, he lifted her shirt over her breasts, touching them affectionately as they continued to swap copious amounts of saliva. Instead of resistance, she actually pulled him closer. Nearing the point of no return, he gambled on raising her bra over her tits as well and he could feel her lips turn to a grin before regaining suction.

Now, he held those two glorious orbs in each hand, his fingers spread out to form a hand bra. His thumbs rubbed and flicked her nipples and he could feel the vibration of her moaning from her throat through her lips to his.

When she threw her head back slightly, breaking their kiss, his lips were magnetically drawn to her firm nipples. Mark had never done this before but he performed as though practiced. With his mouth on one breast, his fingers twirled the other nipple.

Able to endure it no longer, Kendall pulled back, unzipped her top all the way, then pulled it and her bra all the way off. Topless now, Mark’s eyes nearly popped out of his head. His most vivid mental pictures had not conjured an image anywhere near as perfect as what he was now staring at.

His eyes then shot up to hers to see what her reaction was. To his surprise, she was smiling proudly, recognizing the true admiration on his face.

Not wanting to be the only one topless, Kendall quickly removed Mark’s shirt, then pulled him to her to feel skin against skin. She instantly remembered that it was this sensation that got her started with her mother. She also knew that this activity with Mark had caused her to become extremely aroused. She wanted to question it, ponder it, analyze it, but she didn’t want to stop and lose the feeling. Her mind briefly entertained the notion that she had been correct earlier in determining that it wasn’t lesbianism or incest that was driving her, but rather the erotic nature of what was happening here: two teens doing something they shouldn’t whose parents were dating each other.

Forgetting about it when she felt his hands gliding up and down her back, Kendall returned to the action, anxious to see not only where it would take them, but how far they would let it go.

For her part, she scooted the ottoman against the sofa and forced Mark back so he was leaning against the back of the couch. It was her turn to kiss and suck his nipples.

Mark couldn’t believe what an incredible feeling Kendall’s mouth and tongue on his nipples was. He was content to just slouch there and let her do it. He toyed with her tits while she assaulted his chest, but he had no purpose other than to simply enjoy what was happening.

Kendall attempted to move him to a completely supine position, her leg braising his solid erection sending electricity charging through her body; but his legs dangled uncomfortably off of the ottoman. Instead, she stood extending her hand for him to take. He did as she wanted and she led him down the hall to her bedroom.

However, Mark had to halt at the entrance. “Whoa. What are we doing here?”

“Getting more comfortable,” she answered decidedly.

“Where is this leading?” he wanted to know.

“Wherever it does.”

“Are you sure you want to go there?”

“Mark, have you ever gone this far with a girl?”

“Nowhere near.”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Well, of course. I just . . . this is just way beyond me showing you how to kiss.”

“Okay, well, you said kissing is more than just Göztepe Escort sucking face. I’ve never gone so far with a boy either. Know why?” Kendall didn’t wait for an answer. “Because not one has been as kind, caring, gentle, and most importantly, as skilled as you. You’re not only teaching me, but I’m learning volumes about myself. I mean, in one evening—that I hope is nowhere near over—you’ve completely transformed me. So, do I want to see where this goes? You bet your ass!”

Again without waiting for his response, she went into her bedroom and plopped down on the bed on her back.

The most important lesson Mark’s mother had taught him was to always think before acting. He was trying to do that now and do it with the right head. What she had not taught him was how to think while being influenced by the sight of a beautiful, half-naked creature laying on a bed, her breath sucked in so her spectacular tits sat firmly above her chest, beckoning him to come to her.

He quickly reasoned that they were both 18 and neither was forcing the other to do anything against his or her will—if that vision could not be considered influential—so, what was the harm in at least going a little further?

With no more consideration, he went to her. She pulled him down on top of her, but quickly rolled him over onto his back so she could be on top. Her legs split his and he could feel her upper thigh rubbing against his dick and her pussy dragging on his thigh all through his and her jeans. Their lips instantly met. She let her weight down on him so their bare chests rubbed together and she thrust her crotch slowly against him but picked up speed as their kiss intensified. Mark rubbed back, his hands latching onto her tits hanging down.

Kendall seemed almost possessed as she rolled off of him and moved down to his knees where she hurriedly unsnapped his jeans and pulled down his zipper. She then tugged his pants down and off. Her eyes widened as she palmed the huge bulge in his drawers with a growing wet spot below the elastic waistband. After only a couple of seconds, the girl sat back, and within a few more ticks of the clock, her jeans were on the floor with his. This was escalating fast as both were now only clad in underpants—what little there was of hers.

Mark pulled her back up, and with a new kiss underway, Kendall blatantly humped her dampened panties against his moistened jockeys. He couldn’t help but let his hands slide down her back to grab the soft exposed cheeks of her ass. Her hands found their way inside his drawers smearing the pre-cum all around his cock. It took all of his concentration not to blast her palm with a load of cum.

Turnabout being fair play, Mark reached down, inserting his hand into her panties to find her soaked pussy. He diddled her clit amidst her heavy breathing and moaning. She let go of his penis and used her hand to push down her panties. Being the gentleman he was, he helped as much as he could. However, when they joined the pile of clothes on the floor, she needed no assistance in pulling his off.

Lying back down on top of him, before their lips touched again, both paused to gaze deeply into each other’s eyes as the realization that they were both completely naked set in. A myriad of thoughts flooded their passion intoxicated minds: him comparing the feeling to the many times he had fantasized doing this with his mother; her mind comparing the feeling of being pressed against a male body with that of her mother’s soft frame.

But the heat of the moment prevented either from dwelling longer before Kendall again straddled his right leg. She rubbed her spread pussy lips along his shaft as it lay against his belly. Whether a calculated move or not, she slid high enough that when she went back down her vagina sucked him into its lair. She nearly passed out from the incredible sensation of his huge piece of meat filling her. It was unlike anything she could think of, certainly no comparison to the lifeless dildos she had used.

With his cock fully sheathed in her velvety wet cave, Mark became lightheaded and feared losing consciousness, so intense was the overwhelming feeling. Difficult though it was, he grabbed her hips to halt her second thrust. She looked up at him as though he had slapped her in the face.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Like I’ve never been of anything.”

“I don’t have a condom.”

“I’m on the pill.”

“Okay, but what about STDs?”

You said you’ve never been with anyone; neither have I, so there should be no problem, right?”

“I guess.”

And with that, she rode his cock with her head nestled in the crook of his neck. But Mark was so charged up, he feared coming too soon, so he stopped her again.

If looks could kill… “Look, if you don’t want to do this, just say so.”

“No, no, I’m afraid I’ll come too soon.” With that, he took control and rolled her onto her back, then slid down, spread her legs, Ümraniye Escort used his hand to spread her secretion over her clit, then pressed his lips to her pussy lips and kissed nearly as though he was kissing her facial lips. When his tongue began work on her clit, she thought her head was going to explode. His finger found its way into her hole and gently explored her inner walls. Now flicking his tongue back and forth over her clit, he knew that licking pussy was turning into the thrill he knew it would be. However, to his disappointment, she was as wired as he and came with a gush after only a few minutes, thus depriving him of further tongue action.

Kendall thrashed around on the bed for a couple of minutes until her orgasm subsided, then grabbed his head and pushed it away from her now highly sensitive organ. She maintained her grip on his pate to prevent any further contact.

“That was magnificent!” she roared, her body still tingling from the experience. She couldn’t remember a climax so powerful with her mother.

Mark merely smiled, an inner feeling of triumph at having not only satisfied her, but apparently way more than either of them expected.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she wanted to know. “If you tell me your mother taught you that you better be prepared to tell me how.”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later,” he grinned mischievously.

Kendall’s eyes widened at the tease, but instead of being annoyed as he expected, it seemed to recharge her, prompting her to pull him to her, wrap her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and devour his lips. As her fervor grew, she pivoted her hips from side to side and he could feel his cock being bathed in what must be a mixture of his saliva and her pussy juice. Once again whether by design or not, his cock slipped into her yearning snatch and she tightened the clasp of her legs around his waist to prevent him from pulling out.

Little did she know, he had no intention of leaving that pillowy softness this time, and he demonstrated that desire with long, deliberate thrusts.

“Oh, yes, Mark, yes,” Kendall cried. She grabbed his face, holding it so their eyes were fixed on one another. “Fuck me, Mark, really fuck me.”

In his own euphoric state, Mark eagerly obliged. If he thought just having his cock in her pussy before was heavenly, thrusting back and forth was an intoxication no artificial substance could ever achieve. He was oblivious to her pulling their mouths together, but apparently nature took over and had him mindlessly participate in the kiss. All his sex drugged mind could focus on right now was the incomparable pleasure originating from his dick and coursing throughout his body.

Finally, Kendall released her wrestler’s grip around his waist, allowing her legs to drop to the back of his thighs. She then reached down, grabbed his ass and pulled it firmly to her on his in-stroke, as though so doing could drive him deeper within her. As it was, his length was more than fulfilling.

Her hands moving up to his head, she guided his face to hers jabbing her tongue forcefully into his mouth. She then fucked his oral cavity with her tongue matching him thrust for thrust. When it became more than even she could endure, she pressed the back of his head to the crook of her neck as one did with an infant, then whispered in his ear, “Come on, baby, fuck me.”

That spurred Mark on causing him to pick up the pace a bit.

So, she followed up with, “That’s it, baby, fuck momma.”

And subconsciously, he did.

Kendall continued, “Give momma that big hard cock. Momma wants you to fill her hot pussy with your boy cum.”

He really started plowing her now.

She was about to say more, but it was having as much effect on her, and all she could do was moan, knowing she was close to coming again.

But, however close Kendall was, the roar that Mark let out followed by the blast of semen in her pussy sent her the final step over the edge.

For Mark, every nerve in his body came alive to produce a sensation like none he had ever experienced. In addition, he felt that he was shooting so much sperm that before long his balls would turn to liquid and he’d ejaculate them into her as well.

Kendall was clinging to him so tightly it felt as though they were one in a greater sense than the metaphorical definition that accompanied sex. They were also a mix of bodily fluids: spit-swapping, sweat fusing, and of course, cum commingling.

Finally, after several minutes, Kendall relaxed her muscles allowing Mark to roll off onto his back beside her. Both were still winded.

Kendall turned on her side to face him. There was a seriousness in her expression and a softness in her voice as she asked, “Please tell me how you learned to be so incredible.”

Studying the earnestness in her eyes, he had a feeling that if their parents continued to date and the two teens got to know each other even better, Kendall would be a very difficult person to turn down. As he was about to answer her question and he thought about what that answer was, he snickered.

“Aw, please don’t tease me, Mark.”

“I’m not.” He snickered more. “It’s just that you’re not likely to believe me.”

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