In a Public Toilet Ch. 01


[This is the story of an encounter in a public toilet with three possible endings. Endings two and three to be posted soon.]

Chapter 01: Looking

I was at one of the London’s main train stations early on a Sunday morning on my way to work. I needed to piss. The public toilets were down some steps under the main concourse. The entrance led into a large area of sinks, dryers and mirrors. This was well lit and clean and airy. Off to left and the right, two long corridors, low-ceilinged and dingy, one lined with urinals on either side, the other with toilet cubicles. Inevitably, it smelt oppressively of urine and detergent. The whole area, at that time of day, was absolutely empty.

As I stood at a urinal, a very tall, older man came in and stood on the same side as me, about four places down. He was six foot four or five, stooped, lots of wavy white hair, a little shabby. At a guess I would say he was 60.

I’m one of those people who sneaks looks at other men’s cocks in public toilets. I can’t help it and I try to be discreet. Do all men do this? I have a smallish penis and am self-conscious about it; there is an element of perpetual shame in being under-endowed. I am always aware of my size and I am always comparing myself unfavourably to other men.

The man pulled out of his trousers the biggest cock I had ever seen – or even imagined. It looked 10 inches long. It was very thick, comically thick. It curved to one side dramatically ataşehir escort and had a very pointed head — strangely small and out of proportion to the shaft. I was dumfounded and just stared. My mouth had probably dropped open in a cartoonish look of shock. I heard the man laugh and looked away. Embarrassed, my face felt hot. His laugh was knowing, tolerant maybe, but with a tinge of derision in it.

I looked down at my own little penis. The contrast was striking. Flaccid I am maybe three inches, at best. Humiliation ran through me like a chill; I had been caught looking, gawping, caught in the headlights of his breath-taking cock. Humiliation, sexual embarrassment, is a strange and confusing feeling. It is part dread or fear of exposure or ridicule, I suppose, but it is also, for some of us, accompanied by a gorgeous, molten feeling of excitement and pleasure. I love being humiliated or degraded, being made to feel small and inadequate, displaying myself, allowing myself to be exposed, vulnerable, emasculated. In a sexual context, this can be hugely exhilarating.

“It’s OK. Everyone stares. Let me finish and I’ll show you properly.” He said this with some kindness, indulgently. Then he asked, a harder edges entering his voice: “You do want to look at my cock don’t you?”

The word “cock” almost made me jump. This was what it was all about – me looking at a strange man’s cock in a public toilet. He wanted me to ask, to verbalise my desire. avcılar escort I am a married man, a father. I have always been a bit gay, had experiences with men many years ago, but it had been more than 15 years since I’d been in a sexual situation with another man. In this public toilet, this piss-stinking underground chamber, with a huge-cocked old man, I was almost panting with excitement, my scalp tingled and my little penis grew hard.

“Yes please,” I said meekly. “I’d like to look at your cock, sir.” I felt sick with fear and shame and humiliation to the pit of my stomach. Where had the “sir” come from? I was begging.

When he had finished pissing and ostentatiously shaking the last drop off his cock, he turned slowly to face me. It really did hang down to his knee. When I am flaccid, my cock is actually soft, it just hangs there, sticking out a bit, almost weightless. The way this man handled his cock it looked turgid, not absolutely hard, but definitely not soft either. It looked heavy too, like a limb. It brought to mind a club, a cudgel, not a human sex organ. His cock really did look unreal. I half imagined he would pull it off his body, laughing that I had been fooled – a cock just can’t be that big, not in real life, in a public toilet on a Sunday morning. He had a big bush of wiry white pubic hair. He picked up his cock, holding it in both hands, as if offering it to me.

I stared again, also turning towards him knowing I would be showing ataşehir escort bayan him my little penis, which was stiffer, fuller now. I wanted to show him. I wanted him to compare us, to know I was a little man. I wanted him to know that I was getting excited watching him. He grinned at me, nodded, inviting me to approach him. I was hard as steel now, and I started to wank myself. I wanted to look at him and masturbate, standing there in a men’s public toilet. I edged forward. Desperate to get closer, but unsure, afraid of where it wold lead.

Suddenly, I heard foot steps behind me coming closer. I turned to the urinal pretending to piss. The old man did the same. I zipped up, stuffing my little erection away. I had to get out of there before I did something truly stupid. I needed to get to work. Another man came into the corridor of urinals and started to relive himself.

I looked over at the older man with the big cock and said: “Thank you, sir.” I said this quietly, but the man who had just come in must have heard it. I wonder what he though it meant. The man with big cock smiled and winked.

I turned and left, washing my hands quickly and heading out of the toilets without looking back. I was still hard in my trousers. I was disappointed, already full of regrets at not touching that cock, at not getting to my knees before the old man. Had I missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a cock that huge? But as I rushed away, I was also relieved. It felt as if I had had a close escape. That I might have been caught, disgraced, discovered on my knees in a public toilet worshipping that extraordinary, magnificent cock. I thought of my wife, my family as I rushed off to work.

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