Horrifying Transformation Pt. 04


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All work is fiction intended for fantasy only, regardless of content, and consent must always be acquired when engaging in any sex act with another adult.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

Succubus’ perspective.

I stared at her, her tongue and mouth all sealed up and together, feeling exactly how that had happened through the flickering tendrils of my magic, how I had had to reach deep into her body to bring forth the changes. Mortals did not tend to understand that there was a more intimate connection when it came to magic, though she wouldn’t ever be able to convey to me, not ever again, whether she felt that or not, how close we were during the transformations. Her cheeks wobbled with the horse cocks and, if her mouth had not been sealed up with a giant penis spurting from the space where her lips had been, I might have thought that her mouth was gaping in horror.

Of course, during the course of the transformation, I asked her repeatedly if she was sure, watching her expression, though…I didn’t find any horror that meant I should stop there. For I was not asking, truth be told, so that I could be sure for my conscience. What did a succubus, honestly, care about her conscience? It was the dark twisting of arousal inside me, the pulse and the flow of it, that I wanted to check in on.

Was I really…enjoying it? In some way?

No… No. That could not be. Not because it was wrong, but because I had simply never expected that of myself.

“Do you really like this?”

I asked her that when I had started transforming her legs into great, big, fat, throbbing horse cocks, her lips twisting through her moans. Gale had moaned and moaned, but hardly had any words for me, though I wasn’t sure they would have surpassed her cries. It had been simply so delicious to see her trepidation, that flash of fear in her eyes, even how her nose had wrinkled in her concern, shuddering back from the torture of her transformation.

Well, she had asked for it, right? Which was exactly why I’d pressed on, watching her hungrily, my worry morphing into a morbid curiosity that almost did not seem to sit right with me. I was less engaged in how the flesh of her legs plumped out into the fattest dicks I could have imagined, but in how she tried to say that she wanted it, even though her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth, moistening try lips.

How fascinating the reactions of the human body were… Did Gale even know how she was squirming away from herself, though she wasn’t getting anywhere as I thickened her legs up into the throbbing horse cocks, taking my time in the detail and definition, even the mottling down her length? The little flinches of her body, the flushes of heat brought to her skin, mmm… It was all so divine. Far more divine than what I was doing to her.

She managed to roughly push her dress down, eyes wide, the glisten of tears in them. But those were from being overwhelmed and, really, I could understand that. The conflict of emotions caught my attention, her shoulders trying to shrug, but the motion was different with breasts where they should not have been, making her groan all over again.

Gale’s face twisted and contorted, muffled horror heralding my magic pouring into her. I’d never seen an expression of horror just like that before and, if not for her moans, I would have stopped right there and then, my curiosity still teetering back and forth. I thought then that I would have to stop, surely. Surely there was only so far that Gale would want to go before her nerve fell? It could not hold out forever, could it?

I did not know, but, frankly, I did not need to know… It was what she had asked for and the moans told me what I needed. The moans spoke of an air of desperation and longing, though even I could not have expected the intense flare of red-hot arousal. I watched her carefully, how she tried to rub at her legs with her cock fingers, though they were clumsy and laughable useless for what Gale wanted them to do. Her legs bulged more, filling out with meat, with mass, my magic pouring into them.

Even then, I wanted them to be perfect, I wanted to feel her heart racing even more than it already was through our connection, leaning into that hungry need, not understanding why I wanted to feel more of it. Perhaps, even then, it was addictive. For it was not only her expressions that twisted, fighting to clamp her jaws shut against moans and horrified yet aroused whimpers, but the tremor of her body shifting its weight on the growing balls that were her buttocks, in a way. It was about the short, sharp, panting breaths and travesti seks hikayeleri the driving pound of her heartbeat too, the sweat that glistened, mixing with the drooling ejaculate.

I watched her struggle with a kind of fascination that, quite honestly, had to be said to be morbid, in a way, though I could feel too, through our connection as that grew stronger and stronger, just how much she wanted it too. I didn’t have to understand it to hold up my side of the deal, though my mind did wander back to just how she had looked when she had realised that I was transforming her legs. Even without her explicitly asking me for her legs to become horse cocks that time… After all, the more Gale talked about her inclinations, the more that I came to understand what it was that her kinkily twisted mind desired.

My thoughts took over, even as I progressed her transformation, spending a part of myself in taking it all in — and my reaction to it. For there was more there than met the eye.

In my mind’s eye, it was like living it all over again, even as I ran through every last one of her transformations until, as she wished, Gale was nothing more than a blob of genitalia, helpless to do anything for herself anymore. And yet that reflection was needed, surveying her, what Gale had become, all under the hand of my magic.

I stepped ahead of myself in transforming her, almost rushing, not giving her time to process. It didn’t help anything.

Why did she need it so much? I could not deny it, though it was at that very moment that I realised that Gale truly was serious about everything. The woman did not care how much it terrified her to push all the way, to try to achieve what, before I’d come into her world, was impossible. As long as she got there. As long as she pushed past every last one of her chilling fears to get there, all in the end.

I respected that.

Reliving everything offered me a new perspective, especially in how she had even tried to waggle her tongue out of the grasp of my magic while I had worked on it, pulling it into the shape of a horse cock. The fight in her had come naturally, the human instinct to survive, and I absorbed it all with a sense of delight. Her mouth held open in a gape of horror, hacking, gagging, trying to cough — but she’d never need her mouth for eating anymore.

It made me want to do more. So much more. She hadn’t wanted it all to be smooth and seamless, after all, but jarring and uncomfortable…

I could do that for her.

I even surprised myself by starting on her eyes before I had expected. I’d thought that I would leave her with some vision, unless she really did beg me to release her, though pulling her surprised mouth into a thick, spurting, waggling cock tongue first had been glorious. I had to hold back a little as I did that, sealing my lips into a thinner, tighter line than before. Goodness, I didn’t want to freak Gale out by how into it I was getting! That was not even something that I had come to terms with yet, grappling and pushing the notion back and forth, not knowing, not understanding.

Gale, however, wiggled and jerked back and forth, slumped helplessly to the ground, so wonderfully when I transformed her eyes. Maybe I had not wanted her to see the joy on my face, how my lips broke into the most gleeful of grins. There was not arousal pounding through me, of course, but a sense of true power, something that I honestly had not felt in decades.

And I wanted more of it, smirking and shaking my head as she tried to talk mid-change, her vision blurring as I drew on her eyeballs, making them transform too. It hastened the speed at which she lost her vision, but, well, Gale had been very clear about what she wanted there, so where was the harm in it?

It was, in a way, justifying it to myself, but not all that wrong, no, not at all. There was nothing wrong there.

Was there? Why hadn’t I transformed a human, in that way, before if there was nothing wrong with it? Maybe it had never caught my interest?

But the last bits of light and the life of her soul, viewable through her eyes, disappeared as the cocks grew out, bringing her eyeballs fully into the equation and using their mass to form the cocks and balls. It was better that way, using what was at my disposal rather than forming fresh matter for the cocks and more, but her expression contorted.

At least…I thought it contorted. It was hard to tell with the cock erupting from her mouth, where her mouth had been, but I thought that it waggled more urgently. That had pushed me on, licking my lips, leaning a little more hungrily into it.

It scared me, sending curls of worry deep into the pit of my stomach. How much I liked it, the swell of power, even arousal tangled up in it. I could even feel, through our connection, that Gale would have wanted to stop things, that there was panic cutting through her arousal with that icy chill of fear. And yet…I was never obligated to stop anything, despite feeling that, Gale having been stripped of her verbal ability to ask.

Before me, Gale jerked and tried to contort, though what was she going to do without arms? There was nowhere for her to go, flailing, cocks wobbling, finding new ways to express herself even when, of course, her expression could not be seen.

I smirked, confident in myself now that she could no longer see me, freer to express myself.

I liked that. I liked that rather a lot, in fact.

I shook myself out of my recollection, focusing on fully sealing up her tongue and mouth, suctioning the flesh in around the cock tongue that was not filling her mouth. It couldn’t be called a mouth, not anymore, but it was that moment with her legs that had made me quite certain that Gale wanted to go all the way, that she was committed to it. If that was what the woman genuinely wanted, who was I to stop her? In a way, taking away her ability to speak added to the fantasy made reality, making sure that there was no way that she could take anything back, that she couldn’t voice anything to change the course of her transformation.

Her pulsating desire was intoxicating and I leaned into the magical touch curiously, magic strung out between us like a spiderweb in the air, only stronger. The panic was understandable, but I focused on her need to go further, my own curiosity raised. I wanted to see what it was that she yearned for so much that, really, it was impossible not to want to sit back too and enjoy everything that was happening to her.

The exertion of my power trembled forth, alluring to get to use it in such a way, as if I was taking a form of control that I had not before paid due mind to. It felt wrong, a little, niggling, dark thought clawing at the back of my mind, to enjoy watching her squirm and fight the growing erections and ejaculations especially…though perhaps I had been around mortals for too long. Many of those in the otherworld would have taken joy in transforming a human like that and gone much further, taken things out of the context that Gale intended them in. Others were more like me, a little more mellow with age and time.

But if it was what Gale wanted, I could take any pleasure from it that I wanted to and no one could take me, a succubus, any different.

Truth be told, I had never transformed anyone to fulfil a wish before, not even as a trade or in defence of myself. But, even if I did not think that it was possible before, I could see, through our connection, that she was turned on by being reduced to a blob of genitalia, unable to experience anything other than orgasms as my magic enforced it. Not in the sense that I wanted it myself, but that I could have done it again, with less concern, to another human, if the request ever came up.

I smiled faintly, watching as I enlarged the balls on her rump even more — well, they were her backside. I just wanted to add a little more jiggle and plushness to them, at least for her to sit on. Of course, that meant that there was even more cum churning and bubbling within them, her fantasy ramped up to the ninth degree, Gale reduced even more than before to a helpless pile of spurting, jiggling cocks, everything cumming, though not all at once.

I purred softly, enjoying the moment, letting myself languish in it. Oh, the power… Oh, it felt different, something that I had never done before, as if I had suddenly become twenty feet tall. Of course, I was still very much my usual height, even if I had taken on my succubus form for a while. I needed to shuck the human skin after a while, though it had become more comfortable over the years.

Yet being in my true form while transforming her was a rush, grinning widely, a flash of white teeth showing. Oh, but…poor Gale couldn’t even see that! I just about held back my giggle, a little maniacal and not at all “me”, but I had just finished making her eyeballs bulge out into her eyelids, forming a nice, firm base of an equine cock and balls.

She grunted and forced out weak, muffled groans through the cock in her mouth, though it was muffled. Perhaps I only heard it because I was connected to her magically, the bond between us stronger and stronger, feeding, in a way, off her desire. Yet she could not even see as I licked my lips more salaciously, taking too much obvious pleasure from her transformation, especially now that she could not see me.

To reduce her world to one of sensation… Well, Gale could still hear, but hearing didn’t seem all that important anymore, not in the sense that she would be able to do anything at all from keeping that sense. My power thrummed and throbbed, pulsing through me, and I greedily drew on more and more of it.

The control over her too had to be acknowledged as I drew out the horse cocks even more than before from her eyes, making the balls swell fat and large, even after she couldn’t see them dangling under her eyes anymore. Bigger, yes? That was what she had craved, though the weight of them pulled the dicks down, tips flaring, fatter and readier to cum than ever before. And I could do that to any part of her that I wished, all at will.

How exciting…

I wished that I could see her expression, though it would have been twisted and contorted. Maybe the jiggling, bouncing cocks could be some indicator for her going forward? One bounce for happy, ten or twenty more bounces and jiggles for her needing to cum again…

I looked at the rest of her body, curious as to my own enjoyment, though it was the kind of situation that I could lean into, no holds barred. Her permission was my permission to myself to enjoy it and, frankly, even if I had not explicitly been asked for it, I knew at that moment that I was going to keep on transforming her into a quivering pile of horse cocks and breasts. There was no question about it as magical power shuddered through me, wanting more, to feel that powerful, pulsating, cursed energy emanating from her.

I took to adding cocks and breasts all over her, reducing her to a shapeless blob. It didn’t have to exist, after all, not as she knew it, tensing and spurting, though it appeared that the curse itself had transformed Gale into a source of power too. Not power that Gale could take, however, but something that I could use. That was it, that was what was needed, though there was only so much I could do to her. I even sprouted cocks from the breasts, some in the place of nipples, waggling and bobbing and waving all over her, pulsating through one continuous orgasm, never giving her any relief.

“I think I’m done with you…for now.”

After all, even though I had had my use with her for the moment, there was no harm in changing her further in the future: all in line with what Gale had wanted. I laughed lightly, shaking my head. Well, it wasn’t as if that even mattered anymore.

Gale was nothing, a vulnerable blob of genitalia, not a square inch of flesh left on her that another breast or horse cock could be drawn from. Standing back, I surveyed my work with a smirk, no longer trying to hide, not even to myself, just how much I was enjoying everything. Just how she wobbled, how she could no longer do anything for herself, helpless to do anything other than exist, a blob of flesh. The cocks jiggled and wobbled, throbbing every time they spurted a dose of cum, though I neatly stepped out of the way of the jets. I wouldn’t have wanted to get that dirt on me. That was for Gale, not me.

Since Gale could not do anything about her predicament anymore…there was one more thing I could do for her. With a smirk, I pulled on my magic once more, relishing in how it crackled to my fingertips. One more orgasm was forced into her, more of her cocks jetting off at once, painting the floor in a deluge of cum. And another and another — ramping up her climaxes so that she was even more of an orgasm machine. She was no longer simply cursed to climax again and again, but she was trapped in a constant state of climax, persisting day in and day out, never freeing her, giving her endless release with no end in sight.

“And to think you knew what you were getting into!”

I laughed, stepping out of the way once more as seven cocks at once orgasmed, adding to the mess on the floor — I would need to have that mopped up, but a little magic would take care of that. Yet to give her the endless climax, mm… I shivered, rubbing a finger across my lower lip as I clung onto that magical connection, her desire to cum increasingly. Locking her in that state, of course, meant that not even I could take her out again, even if I could have stopped at any time throughout the course of the curses, every spell a different one.

It was intoxicating. Had I really been living in the human world before? I licked my lips, sure that my eyes were glinting, shifting my weight to one leg as I cocked my hip out. If there were more humans out there that may or may not want to be abused and transformed… Well, if it was between the power of a succubus and them, did it even matter if they wanted it or not?

“Maybe I’ve not been making full use of my powers so far, darling.”

I smirked, shaking my head slowly.

“And maybe…just maybe…there is a way to make use of those powers… Don’t you agree, Gale?”

If Gale had submitted so easily, taking someone against their will might just be within the realm of possibility too. The magical force of her curses emanated from the blob that was Gale like an ooze, something I could feel and see with my magic but that human eyes could not.

A magical battery of power… I groaned, rubbing the back of my neck, skin flushed with heated arousal. That was intense… All in a good way, a very good way.

But, as for Gale, I needed to find her a home — and what better place than a roomy supply closet, placing her in the middle with a little levitation magic where she could spurt and orgasm and tremble to her heart’s content? The floor gleamed, slick with cum, and I smiled, pulling Gale’s trapped mind to mine with another touch of magic.

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