His Ex is an Alpha Male Ch. 03


It was a very hot summer night with a pleasant breeze. At 8 pm, there were the three of us on the terrace, drinking and eating the things Enrique had prepared: meat and good salads. We were all wearing tank tops and shorts. Max borrowed one from Enrique. He and I wore the same Adidas shorts but in different colors. It was so hot that Max decided to take off his shirt and we followed. We looked like a pack of gym rats.

After some rounds of alcohol and small talk, Max turned to Enrique: “Are you dressed in what I gave you? Show me.” Enrique was overjoyed.

He turned his back on Max and lowered his shorts, revealing a small jockstrap, which highlighted his butt, drawing attention to the contours of the muscles. Max got up and invited me to sit on a chair next to him. He ordered Enrique to keep his eyes fixed on me and him. He grabbed his cock and balls over the shorts and caressed them. He then ordered me to help him take off his shorts. I refused it, but Enrique begged me.

Accepting the duty, I slowly lowered his shorts to the knee, revealing every inch of that member not yet completely hard. When the tip of his shaft were about to be shown, his huge cock jumped out of his shorts, hitting my chin like a low punch. Max laughed about it.

“It’s … … it’s so big! How I missed it,” exclaimed Enrique.

Max sat again on the chair, showing his intimidating cock in an arrogant manner. He threw his arms back and crossed his hands over the back of his neck. “You two kneel down, smell my balls and then kiss each other while licking my dick, from the base to the head.”

“I don’t like to suck cocks, man,” I said.

Max replied by holding his own cock with one hand and slapping it against his other hand a few times. “Do you wish you also had a big one?” This question made me feel uncomfortable. “So come here and take a look.”

“Please, Fernando, don’t infuriate him. Please, please.” Enrique hold my hand and dragged my face near that hulking figure.

“I will help you. Close your eyes,” said Enrique.

We kissed for 10 seconds. Then Enrique forced my mouth near Max’s shaft. I was resisting, but I experienced something Çankaya Escort completely new: the scent and the proximity of a man’s hard cock. Max smelled like a real male. By instinct or respect, I opened my mouth, pressing my lips against its huge head. It felt strange and enjoyable.

Enrique and I mixed tongues, saliva and Max’s big meat in our kisses. After a 10-minute cock worship, Max was completely hard, a colossal rigid cock, extended past his belly button.

He held Enrique’s chin and asked, looking him in the eye. “Is this cock bigger than his?”

“MUCH bigger,” Enrique screamed. “Holy fuck, THIS is a big dick.”

Max said we should check it out to see if what he was saying was true and told me to take off my shorts. Uncomfortable and ashamed, I froze. Enrique, however, put my shorts down. The comparison truly shocked us all. Enrique had been so used to having sex just with me that he had forgotten how length and weight could lend authority to a cock.

“So, which one you will choose?” Max asked.

Enrique answered it by sucking Max’s cock, desperate to put his mouth there again. Max’s monster stretched Enrique’s mouth, inch by inch. Enrique gasped, gagging. He took some breathes and welcomed that menacing cock inside his mouth, deeper and deeper. It seemed a mix of pain and glory, but it was hard to believe that he would be able to put all that inside. It turned out that he couldn’t.

He became a devotee of that cock for about five minutes, as fascinated as a puppy. The German hairy hunk told him to get up and turn around so we could see his ass better. “Lean forward and spread your legs.”

Enrique’s masculine body was on point. A strong v-back, an enviable waist and masculine legs. The jockstrap, that he was being obliged to never be without during that night, was compressing his volume, shrinking it., but also inviting us to gaze solely at his firm ass.

Enrique spread his legs completely, revealing to us the full sight of his tight hole. Max dove into Enrique’s ass with his tongue. He looked like a total master, rimming his anal ring. That Keçiören Escort opened juicy ass was asking to be penetrated. Enrique moaned a lot and Max’s tongue made intense noises, like someone devouring something tasteful. After five minutes in that position, Enrique couldn’t take it anymore and shouted repeatedly that he needed to be fucked.

Just as I started to feel being left alone, Max asked me to get an XXL condom that he had brought. He wanted me to put the condom on him. I felt the idea odd.

Max had positioned himself behind Enrique, while Enrique was on all fours with his legs spread wide. The German hunk teased him, rubbing the head of his cock on my boyfriend’s hole, while saying rough stuff. “This ass surely missed a big cock.” I was very curious to see how someone could be fucked by a cock like that without being split apart.

“Please, Max, fuck me, I can’t handle it anymore,” said Enrique. I grabbed the XXL condom in Max’s jeans. It was designed for the biggest ones.

I knelt down to put the special condom on his gigantic cock, gently, still fascinated by how much volume it had. “Good boy,” he said. “Now watch.”

Adding lubricant to Enrique’s hole, Max was preparing it for a reckless fuck. He first slapped Enrique’s plump ass and then started to gradually penetrate Enrique inch by inch, causing friction and pressure until he went further, almost fully inside him.

Enrique was smiling and screaming at the same time. “Fuck how I missed it,” he shouted.

Max’s big white cock was widening Enrique, pumping in and out of his butthole, ravishing it. It was frightening. My boyfriend’s hole was being stretched, gaping. Looking directly at me, Max pulled his cock out completely, stopping before thrusting right back into Enrique. I was actually afraid by its giant length.

Max fucked Enrique taking long strokes. I could see that Enrique was satisfyingly in agony, almost cumming. The bearded German stud withdrew nearly all his inches from him before announcing, “Let’s try something different.” He turned Enrique around, lifted him and then carried him. Etimesgut Escort His muscled arms were totally pumped because of Enrique’s weight. While Max was fucking him in this ‘suspended congress’ position, it looked like as Enrique was being impaled. Enrique couldn’t handle the eighth stroke and cummed inside his jockstrap. This treatment left Enrique so exhausted, that he happily collapsed on the floor.

After pulling his monster out of Enrique’s sloppy hole, the German hunk turned to me. I was afraid he would top me. He took away the XXL condom and commanded, “Open your mouth.” That massive meat once more transfixed me. He grabbed my hair to give him total control and moved the head closer to my lips. The vision of all that from the angle I was seeing made me realize he had the biggest cock I had ever seen, although I had not seen Lorenzo’s erection yet. I cummed hands free.

“You will beg for this to be inside you sooner than later,” he said. He then cummed all over my face and mouth. It seemed like a flooding. Squirt after squirt, he gushed his seed down my throat. I swallowed all I could, hearing his moans. Covered in sperm, my sensation was that I had taken a cum shower.

Standing, with both hands on his waist, Max looked like a herculean statue. He turned to us. “Tomorrow I will come back here with my sub. And I am going to breed you three.” Saying that, the muscle German softly slapped my face, an act of domination and endorsement about what I had silently accepted. “It is going to be the beginning of your journey into submission.”

Leaving me covered in semen, and Enrique gaping, Max left the apartment. I laid down for ten minutes, feeling punished.

After midnight, I decided to take a shower and reflect a little on what had happened that day. I was ashamed that I let all this happen. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was proud of the gains I had made in all these years. I was at my peak. Manly chest, large arms, ripped abs, very firm thighs. Why had cock size suddenly become a thing that mattered for Enrique?

I could not face him right away. As I walked out of the bathroom, Enrique hugged me and thanked me for the “best sex he had in months.” He was glad that I could be part of it. I pushed him away, saying I was confused.

“Max is coming back tomorrow, Fernando,” he simply stated. “And he is going to be even more brutal. So prepare yourself, because I know he played soft for his standards. Deep down, you know you want it again.”

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