Her Story Ch. 01


I’m 47, a mom with two kids, and a very busy life. Too often I go to bed too tired for sex, and after awhile I think I don’t really need it. Fortunately for me, my husband of 25 years knows what I need!

One night recently, he told me to plan on going to bed early, but not going to sleep for awhile. When we got to the bedroom, he closed and locked the door, ensuring our privacy. But instead of just heading to the bed to get undressed, I suddenly found his arms around me while we were standing in the middle of the room. As I looked up at him, our lips brushed lightly, then again. This time, his kiss lingered, and I felt his tongue parting my lips. I love the feel of him being forceful with me, and when he pushed his tongue hard into my mouth, I began to melt. He probed my mouth with his tongue, and then bit my lip as he withdrew.

“Wow,” I thought, “this could be a great evening!”

We undressed as we moved toward the bed, eyeing each other as we went. My husband says my eyes are my best feature, and they were locked with his as we lay down together.

“What will it be tonight?” he asked, knowing that he could tell me to do almost anything and I would, gladly.

“Well,” I said shyly, “It’s been awhile since you shaved my pussy.”

As the words came out of my mouth, a big smile crossed his face, and he started to breathe a little harder. He loves to shave me, having his hands all over my pussy, and seeing the clean, smooth look close up when he’s finished. It’s funny, when we were first married he shaved me a couple of times, but I resisted and I resented the itchy feeling the next few days. I feel different about it now…the sex we have right after he shaves me is always mind-blowing, and instead of noticing an itch afterwards, what I notice is that my pussy is very sensitive to whatever I’m wearing next to it. In the summer I’m particularly aware of the erotic feel any time warm breezes blow up my skirt for a couple of days afterwards.

After a ‘girls night out’ last year, my friends were all sitting around late talking, when someone asked, “What’s a Brazilian wax, anyway?” My one friend explained it, to the shock of the others…except me.

We howled with laughter when someone asked “Who would DO that?” My friend answered that she liked the look, and so did her husband, and by the way, oral sex with a smooth, bare pussy was incredible.

I chimed in, “Oh, I do it too!” As the others shrieked, I just gave her a knowing smile.

As I settled back to read some of the letters in a porn magazine, he got everything together to shave me clean. First, he placed a hot wet towel over my pussy, to warm me and soften my pubic hair. Then he covered my entire bikini area with a smooth shaving gel. Just feeling his gentle hands as he rubbed me gave me a pleasant, warm feeling all over, and my nipples started to harden and get more sensitive. As I read about a woman deep-throating her alsancak escort man, he began to remove my pubic hair with the razor. First on the left, from the top down past my pussy lips, all the way to my tight little asshole. With the first couple of strokes, I could feel the hair coming off, and cool air touching my bare skin. When I looked at his face, I could see the look of concentration, wanting to do a perfect job without nicking me, mixed with a look of pure lust.

I was surprised when I first found out his cock wasn’t hard while he shaved me, but by the time he’s finished removing the last hair, he’s been dripping pre-cum for about 15 minutes! I can get him hard with just a little squeeze, but I like to take that soft dick in my mouth and suck him to hardness. He especially likes when I take his whole cock into my mouth, even if it’s soft, and work my tongue around it to get him hard.

As he worked down one side, I could feel him pull my pussy lips tight so that the razor could do its job. Once my pussy was hairless, he moved down to be sure any hair around my asshole was quickly removed. Then he started again on the right side and repeated the ritual. I read on, this time about a woman who fucked her man’s ass with a strapon. I know this is one of his fantasies, and I want so much to do it for him, but I’m just not ready yet. He is so patient with me. I never would have thought when we were first married that I would ever allow him to do so many things to me sexually, but as the years have passed we have explored mild bondage, anal sex, deep-throating and of course, shaving. When he wants to get me excited, all he has to do is whisper in my ear about the time in my sister’s bed, when I sucked his dick until he came in my mouth, or the time in Charleston when he so gently took my ass for the first time. In no time at all, I’m squirming against him, and ready for action!

He moved the razor toward my clit, and I drew in my breath a little. It frightened me at first, but as I felt his strong, steady hands working, I relaxed again. I never know when he starts shaving me whether he’ll leave some hair or take it all…this night he left a strip of blond hair, starting an inch above my clit, but otherwise I was completely bare. I always feel so vulnerable as he wields the razor, but I’ve never trusted anyone as much as I do him, and I know he will take care of me. With the last of the hair gone, another hot towel removed the last of the cream, and then he just gazed at my pussy lustfully, while he described it at beautiful and so hot!

Once again, he kneeled between my legs, but this time instead of a razor, he placed his hot mouth right on my pussy! A sudden rush came over me as he parted my pussy lips and licked me deeply. I closed my eyes and dropped my magazine, as a heat wave overcame me.

“Oh God, that feels so good!” I moaned.

While he ate me he ayrancılar escort replied, “You are amazing, you are so hot!” He licked me all over, from the bottom of my pussy all the way to my clit, then he took each of my pussy lips into his mouth, sucking them hard as he stretched them taut. Then he dove back in with his tongue and licked me for what seemed like an hour.

Finally, he moved around to a 69 position and continued his attack on my pussy while he lowered his hard dick into my mouth. I don’t know why, but when I’m sucking him I have a hard time getting his whole cock into my mouth. But when he climbs on top of me to fuck my mouth, I just open up wide and take him clear down my throat! I love when his balls come to rest on my face because I know he can feel that he is all the way in my mouth and throat, and that I’ve completely surrendered to him. I reached up to grab the bars on the headboard, a bondage fantasy playing in the back of my mind. While he licked me, he slowly worked a finger into my ass, then another, and then three, the whole time fucking my mouth with his hot cock. I felt as if I were on fire, impaled by him in both the mouth and ass, and my pussy sopping wet from his unbelievable licking.

He has such incredible self-control when we’re making love, that he never wants to come too soon. When he felt the cum rising in his balls, he pulled out of my mouth and slowed his pace for a minute. In a low, throaty voice, I quietly begged him, “Please…tie me up. I want to be totally at your mercy.” With a lusty laugh, he climbed out of bed and went to the closet, where we keep a few sex toys for times like this. He returned quickly with a silk necktie and some other things that I couldn’t see. As I lay on the bed, he stretched both arms to one corner of the bed, tying my wrists to each other, and then to the bedpost. I love the feeling of having my arms bound and stretched over my head…it makes my whole body feel stretched tight and defenseless. After binding my arms, he moved in front of me and sat firmly on my leg to pin me down.

At his command, I closed my eyes. Not knowing where to expect his touch next made me tremble all over in anticipation. Finally I felt his hands on one breast, and his tongue on my nipple. He licked all around my nipple, and then gently bit on it as it got rock-hard. His hands left me for a minute, and then I felt him putting a nipple ring on me. There was a little pressure as he lined up the metal ornament with my stiff nipple, and then a stab of pain as he let go and let the ring pinch my sensitive nipple. I groaned as the pain turned to pleasure, and then I felt him put a ring on my other nipple. With my eyes closed, I imagined myself as he could see me: My hands tied over my head, stretching my body taut, with two gold rings adorning my hard nipples. I know this drives him wild with lust. But what happened next I did not balçova escort expect.

As I lay beneath him, feeling the warmth spread from my nipples to the rest of my body, I felt something pushing at my pussy lips. I opened my eyes to see him pushing a large double-headed dildo into me, gently but firmly. At first he only put in a couple of inches, and then pulled it back out. Over and over he pushed the fake dick into me, spreading my pussy apart as he put half its length into my wetness. Then he stopped to admire the sight of my clean-shaven pussy with 6 inches of rubber cock sticking straight up out of it. He bent the cock toward my body, rubbing my sensitive clit as I writhed beneath him. Then he bent over, and started licking “my” cock. He’d talked about doing this before, and the thought had really turned me off. But now seeing him do it, I was intrigued. With my hands tied, and my nipples aching, and with a full pussy, I watched as he lowered his mouth over my cock. As he pressed his mouth down on it, I could feel the other end push farther into me. I groaned as the pleasure overtook me. I didn’t want to enjoy the sight of my husband’s mouth full of my cock, but I couldn’t help it. His head bobbed up and down, and I could feel every stroke. Then he went all the way down on it, deep throating one end while the other end was buried in my sopping pussy. I could feel as he pushed the dick all the way down his throat, and his mouth touched my hot cunt lips. My eyes rolled back in my head as a rush of ecstasy took over my mind and body. He pressed a finger into my ass, and I just exploded, screaming out as wave after wave of orgasm wracked my body. I threw my head from one side to the other, trying to prolong my overpowering climax and escape it all at the same time. After what seemed like an eternity, I slowly stopped shaking and started softly whimpering in contentment and speaking his name over and over as he wrapped his arms around me.

Now that he knew I was satisfied, it was his turn. He removed the dildo and nipple rings from me, but leaving me tied up, he kneeled over my hips, and lowered his ass onto my pubic mound, the tuft of my remaining hair stimulating his asshole. As he ground himself against me, he pulled on his swollen cock. I couldn’t believe the size of it; it looked enormous as his hand flew up and down its shaft.

“Close your mouth,” he said, “unless you want come in it, because this load’s going on your face.”

“No!” I said, but he insisted. I’d never let him do that before, but this had been a night of “firsts”.

“You deserve it,” he said, “and so do I!”

My body betrayed me, and I let out a groan of ecstasy at the command in his voice. Then I watched as he tensed and his huge cock spilled its load all over my face. He almost fell over on me, his orgasm was so strong. Collapsing into a heap beside me, he was done. He untied my hands and wiped the come from my face and thanked me for fulfilling yet another of his fantasies. He held me close as we both came down from our climaxes, thankful for the strong bond we have and marveling at how this middle-aged couple can keep reaching new heights of sexual pleasure together.

I’m starting to think the strapon could happen sometime soon…

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