Hen (Bachelorette) Party Last Saturday


I have to write about an experience I had on Saturday night. It came completely out of the blue. I was visiting my Dad for the weekend. I decided to go in to town to meet a friend. On my way in I passed a hen party (In the US I think they’re called a batchelorrette party) from Donegal. They were singing on the streets. I smiled at them and walked on. I met some old friends, had some drinks, and generally had a good night.

So I was walking back to my Dad’s place, towards the hotel where the hen party were staying, when I spotted a few of the girls walking home.

‘Have a good night, girls?’ I shouted across. Drinks always makes me flirty!

‘It was great!’

I crossed the road to walk with them a little.

‘Who’s the hen?’

They point at a girl with long blond hair.

‘Congrats!’ I tell her.


Then one of the girls says ‘Only thing we’re missing is the stripper!’

They all laugh. I laugh too. ‘That’s too bad’ I tell them.

‘You could help!’ The same girl says to me. I grin back at her, assuming she’s joking.

‘You can’t let the future bride go her hen night without a stripper’ she says.

So, on the spur of the moment I say ‘Fine. I’ll do it.’

I don’t know what came over me. I’d never done anything like this in my life! But I’d only just watched Yes man, and I was after some drinks, so it seemed like I should say YES to a new experience. Ridiculous, I know. The logic of a drunk man.

‘But no cameras!’ I said.

They were laughing. I think none of us really believed I was going to go through with it.

So we end up in their room. They get some of the other girls in. I guess there were about 7 in total. One girl from India. The others were all Irish. I was beginning to get nervous, and I thought of backing out. What the hell was I thinking izmir escort when I agreed to do this.

Then they put on some music. They were drunk too.

‘Go with it’ I thought to myself. I’ve gone this far. If I leave I’ll feel defeated. So without thinking any more about it, I started to dance, and strip off my jacket.

The girls were still laughing and giggling. But my mood was changing. I had to project a sexy image. So I unbuttoned my shirt, and I paraded around in front of them, saying things to them – I can’t even remember what I was saying, but it must have been okay because they all seemed to be enjoying it.

I took off my shoes. Not so sexy in a striptease to have boots and laces on! But I made a joke of it and soon they and my socks were off. Next went my shirt. Some girls were becoming quieter now, and some more rowdy. I don’t have the worlds best chest, but I did practice martial arts for years, so I’m not in bad shape. I tried to remember what kind of underwear I was in before taking off my pants. Boxers. Black. Tight enough, but I was okay. I was quite hard at this stage too – this experience was making me horny.

So I unbutton my pants and let them fall to the floor. I got even harder now, especially seeing some of the girls reactions. I dance infront of the bride to be, package quite close to her face, teasing.

Then, after dancing for a bit I bow.

‘Thanks girls!’

Well, they yell and scream – it was like something had possessed them. They wanted the boxers off. They wanted a real stripper.

‘Come on, girls! You can’t be serious!’

One of them, the most forward one from earlier, comes rushing over and tries to whip off my boxers. I struggle with her a bit.

‘Okay! Okay!’ I tell her. ‘I’ll take them off. My own alsancak escort way.’

So I dance, and slip them off, rock hard now. I take a bow.

‘Thanks girls! I hope you enjoyed!’

Then I look around for my clothes. They’re gone. A couple of the girls are whispering to each other. Three of them shake their heads and leave the room.

‘What’s going on? Give me my clothes back!’

The most forward girl speaks up again.

‘Well give you your clothes back when you do something for us! Karen, the bride, has never had a man lick her, down there.’

Karen wails in protest, turning bright red. But the girl doesn’t back down.

‘Go under her dress and give her a lick. Then you can have your clothes back, I promise.’

Now, I love eating pussy as much as any man. But this was one strange fucking situation. Though I had gotten myself into it, and if I am honest, I was damn turned on by it. I had already said yes twice tonight. This was to be the third time.

So I kneel before the bride to be, naked, and look at her. She is really gorgeous. I part her legs. She doesn’t resist. I slide my hands up under her dress and pull down her panties. She raises her ass up to let me pull them off her. So she really wants this. Then I’m going to be sure to give her the time of her life. I make my way up under her skirt to one of the prettiest pussies it’s ever been my priviledge to see. It was perfect. I kiss along her thighs, teasing her. Little kisses. Passing over her pussy once, twice, then the third time I move in and lick her. She practically screamed aloud. That’s when I noticed the most change in the atmosphere of the room. It had changed from fun and games, to sex. No denying it. I licked that gorgeous pussy for all it was worth. Long strokes. Short strokes. buca escort Jabbing my toungue into it. licking her clitty. Then I thought, I’m down here, I’m going to give her the works. So I lick her ass too. Well, this girl is screaming and moaning now, and it isn’t long at all before she’s cumming all over my face and I am licking up every drop.

When I emerge from under her dress it’s to the sight of another pussy – shaved this time. It’s the loud mouth girl, and she isn’t taking no for an answer. She pulls my head into her pussy. She knows what she wants, and I go with it. I never tasted on pussy right after another, but let me tell you, I’d recommend it. It’s like drinking two fine wines – both had a distinctive taste, and both were fabulous. My tongue was starting to get sore, but I wasn’t going to stop. I slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and started playing with her ass. She came. It felt amazing to have two girls cum like that.

My face was slick with pussy juice now. I ran my hand across it. What a pleasure. I looked around the room. One girl was fingering herself. The Indian girl was looking right at me. I could tell she was shy. BUt I always had a fantasy about Indian girls, and I needed to taste her. I had to have that experience. So I went to her. I massaged her breasts. Her nipples were hard. I could feel them through her white top. I unbuttoned her jeans. I pulled them off. I dived into her panty covered pussy as if it were water and I had been in the desert. I licked her pussy through her panties. She was quiet, unlike the others. She panted a lot. I pulled her panties to the side. I must have licked her for 10 minutes before she pulled my head into her pussy and came with a long low scream. Before she released me from her pussy I felt a hot mouth on my cock. It was the loud mouth girl. Damn she was good, and I needed release. I ran my hands through her hair, guiding her, not that she needed guidance. She sucked me so good that I shot very quickly, and she swallowed every drop. I’d never been with a girl who swallowed before. It was amazing.

I ended up staying the night there. But that’s a story for another day!

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