Heal Me Pt. 02



It had been a stressful week at work. All I wanted was to go home and rest. The every-weekend-barbeque had been cancelled due to sudden fluvirus outbreak in the kindergarten where the host family’s children attended. It was okay though, I was more than happy to rest in my own way – go to an overnight hike to mount Grenich with Koda. The hike would help me forget about my work week – and hopefully distract me from thinking about my miserable loneliness.

I do enjoy my work most of the time. Sometimes, like this week when my business partner was on sick leave due to a minor dirt bike accident, it gets a little too stressful. I am a partner in a “small” business which sells ads for apps. I say small, because the company has only five employees and is managed by me and my business partner Sam. But it does quite well actually money-wise, we were one of the first companies in the market when smartphone apps came and we were able to catch few big app companies which still make us a decent buck every year. In just five years I have been able to buy a nice house, a cabin and change my old Volvo to a newer fancier model. Not that I need all that, but I decided to make some investments when I had too much money just lying around. At least I didn’t buy a yacht!

Saturday morning I left early with Koda. One could hike to mountain Grenich in a day, but I had decided to take the long way and stay a night in a tent. I had all things packed in my backpack and I started the journey up the mountain. Koda was enjoying himself immensely. He was running around the trail, but stayed close enough that I could see him almost all the time. We had stopped couple of hours before for a lunch break and I was thinking of making some instant coffee and giving Koda a change to rest for awhile. I started to unpack my travelling cooker from my backpack so I could heat some water, when Koda barked a few times and tried to get permission to run to whatever he was barking at. He was restless but excitedly so, because his tail was going mile a minute. I guessed it was another dog he was sensing and sure enough, a beautiful husky came from around the corner and ran straight to play with Koda. Soon after the huskys owner appeared jogging the lane and shouting for his dog. He seemed to physically relax when he saw the husky with us and ran rest of the way.

“Oh, thank god she’s here! I got so worried when Lila just took off and esenyurt escort didn’t come back! She has never done this before and I was worried something might happen to her if she got lost in the forest.” The man explained and grabbed the husky and gave her a tight hug. He was crouching and petting the husky when Koda decided he wanted some attention as well. Koda put his head between the pair and licked the man’s face.

“Hey, Koda, down!” I told my dog and he instantly backed away. “I’m sorry for that. He wants to be in the center of attention… always.” I tell the man with a grin and continue. “I think your dog got excited when he smelled Koda here and couldn’t resist. Is she still a puppy?” Koda was inviting the husky to play and soon enough they were running back to the forest together.

The stranger stood up and looked at me straight in the eyes for the first time and said something. For the life of me I couldn’t tell you what he said because I was dumbstuck. Like in the sappy romantic movies I used to watch and laugh to with Matthew. I never believed in love at first sight but the feelings I was feeling when looking at this stranger were scarily close to those of love or adoration.

The man was simply gorgeous. He was a bit shorter than me but more muscular. His clothes fit him like a glove and I saw a little chest hair peeking from his V-neck t-shirt. I wondered if the hair continued to go all the way to his treasure trail. I wanted to know how would it feel like to run my fingers through his short black hair, and if his scalp would be sensitive to the touch like mine. His eyes were dark and telling me a story which I didn’t quite understand. I could have stared at those eyes for an eternity and not get tired of them. I realized I needed to get a grip of myself and get the hell out of here as soon as possible. If I stayed there would be a change of me getting hurt or making a fool out of myself. My brains were shouting “flee, flee, flee!”. It finally registered that the stranger was looking at me funny and I realized I had been staring at him for awhile now.

“Shit! I have to go.” I muttered embarrassed and ripped my eyes off of this gorgeous man who was standing in front of me. I started to pack my things from the ground and shouted for Koda to come to me.

“Where are you going?” The stranger asked. Did I hear a bit of desperation istanbul escort in his voice?

“I’m sorry, I just need to go.” I said not even looking at him. I didn’t dare to look at him. I was making myself busy when I felt a hand on my arm stopping my movement.

“Did I do something, or say something wrong?” The man said and finally I let my eyes find his again and then he continued “I am sorry if I offended you, but I would like to chat for a while. I am new in town and I really don’t have too many friends. I’m Joey”.


*Please don’t go, please, please don’t go* I was chanting in my head while looking at the man in front of me. I had stretched my hand for a shake while introducing myself. I know I sounded desperate, but I didn’t care for the time being. The man looked at my hand skeptically for a while and finally snapped out of it and took my hand. It was a warm and strong handshake and I could not hide my grin. He smiled back at me and exhaled loudly while letting go of my hand.

“I’m David. I’m sorry for going a bit crazy on you just now.”

David. It suited him. I don’t know why, but ever since I looked at him I have had this feeling of knowing him before, or at least being in his presence before. Even his mannerism seemed so familiar. I don’t know what made him want to leave before, but I was relieved that he wasn’t running away anymore. He looked at me and I couldn’t help but appreciate his form. He was tall and in a good shape. He had that swimmers built: broad shoulders and narrow waist. His longish golden hair was like a curly halo making his masculine features a bit… softer? I liked what I saw but forced myself to disregard all my attraction to this amazing man. I needed a friend more than a fuck. And David quite possibly wasn’t even gay. So no more of this kind of thought, I told myself and let my gaze go to our dogs playing again in the woods.

“It’s okay. We all have our moments. Anyways, it’s nice to see Lila enjoying herself so much. It has been a while since she last played with other dogs.” I told David and laughed when Lila came storming from the woods with Koda right on her tail.

“Yeah, they seem to get on quite well. Would you like to have some coffee? I was just about to take break and have a cup.” David told me and started to unpack his primus. He barely glanced at me and I was feeling a bit uneasy beylikdüzü escort by his stand-offish behavior. I am not one to really dwell on negative vibes and turned to him with a grin.

“That sounds wonderful thank you! I realized couple miles before that I didn’t plan this hike as well as I should have. I thought I was taking the shorter round but apparently I missed the path and we have been here already more than we were supposed to. So yes, coffee please! It will give me strength to make it back to my car.” I laughed at my own foolishness and hoped David didn’t think I was some city-mouse who doesn’t know a hill from a mountain.

“Where is your car?” David finally looked at me and sounded a bit worried. He checked the time from his watch. Damn, how can anyone be so manly and sexy just checking the time?

“At the east entrance of the trail. You know the parking lot in front of the barn?” I asked and became a bit worried myself. Mount Grenich wasn’t really that big, and it had well lit big trails which were clearly marked so one couldn’t get too lost on the trails. That was why I had chosen that hike as a newbie in town.

“Is there a problem? I can easily just go back the same way I came from.”

“Yes you could. But it takes at least four hours going back that way and it will be dark in three hours. The trails are lit, but most of the lights are unfortunately damaged. I take it you haven’t done this hike before? It might be a bit risky to take that trail in the dark as a first-timer.”

“Oh…” I didn’t know what to say. “Well… shit!” I muttered and rubbed my eyes with my hand. “Then I think I really should get on with my hike. I wouldn’t want to hike in the dark for too long. Thanks for the heads up, man. There is no short cuts?” I was getting a bit antsy and felt foolish for getting in to this situation.

“Not to the east entrance. But you can go down the mountain quick enough, but then you would be at the west entrance and it would be a longer way to your car.” David told and was being too calm and reasonable and I liked him too much for that.

“Right. Well, thank you for your help. I think we are going to go.” I was calling for Lila and making a hasty leave. Lila came to my side and I turned to David. “It was nice to meet you. I am sorry it was cut so short.”

I started to the way I had just come from when David jogged to me.

“Hey, if you want we can take the short cut to my car and I can drive you to yours.”


Thank you for all the comments. I really enjoyed reading your suggestion. I hope I answered some of your question in part 2. Keep the comments coming. I am new at this so every comment helps and hopefully makes this a better story for you guys.

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