Havoc in the Hurricane


One day, the phone rang and it was my buddy, Derek in Florida. I had no idea why he called me, but I was soon to find out.”Hey Alan, could you come to Florida for about three weeks and watch the house, plus take care of Junior. Donna and I are going Europe, then on a Rhine River cruise. We need a house/dog sitter and Junior likes you,” replied Derek.Junior is his big hound dog and I did not have anything else to do with my time. I figured it would be a great change of pace.Derek said, “I’ll buy you a round trip ticket and give you expense money. The weather has broken here and no triple digits like Phoenix.”Florida was sounding good. My daughter and friends would watch my place. I told Derek that it was a deal.”Great,” Derek said. “Be ready to leave two weeks from Saturday.”The day arrived and I was off to Florida. When I got there, Derek and Donna were ready for Europe. They left and Junior and I were in charge of the house. I had been here a number of times and liked their neighbors. All were nice friendly people who got along with each other. They were happy that I was taking care of the house.The first week ran smooth as glass. However, the second week did a one hundred and eighty degree turnaround. Anadolu Yakası Escort The weather changed and a hurricane named “Matthew” was heading towards Florida. He looked like a really historic storm. I figured that I was safe because I was in the center of the state.The neighbors did not share my feeling. They were evacuating as quickly as possible except for Pamela. She lived two doors down from the house. She was in her fifties, widowed for a couple of years and decent looking. Most of all, she had big tits, probably at least a 34D or bigger.As everyone was deserting the “Sunshine State,” Pamela stopped me as I was walking Junior.”Excuse me, are you and Junior leaving?” she asked.”Nope, we are going to ride out the storm. I got enough food, beer, wine and water. We should be able to weather the storm. Why?””Well, I cannot afford to leave and have nowhere to go. So, if I get scared, could I come by you?” she asked.”Sure, Junior and I would enjoy the company and we have plenty of room. Don’t forget to bring a bag of clothes and stuff to read. I would not bet a lot on the electric or cable television.”About two days later, the storm began to hit Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan us. The winds were in excess of sixty miles per hour, the sky was getting ugly and there was rain in the future. I heard a knock at the door and Pam was standing with her gym bag.”I am scared. This is spooky,” she said.”Don’t worry, come in and get comfy,” I told her.I figured it was time to take Junior for a quick walk and pit stop. He needed to fertilize the grounds before the storm hit hard. When I returned to the house, Pam had removed her windbreaker. She had on a nice tight white tank top. It really made her tits look great. We sat down, relaxed, and began to watch cable. This lasted for about two hours before the storm wiped out the electric.”Well, so much for that. With a little luck, it could come back on soon. Nothing to do but sit in the dark or go to sleep,” I stated.I told Pam that if she needed anything, just wake me up. I told her that it takes me a few seconds to come to my senses. Pam took the third bedroom and I went into the second. Junior just spread out on the entire couch. As the storm progressed, the intensity grew throughout the evening. Escort Anadolu Yakası I can sleep through an atomic attack, but Pam could not and was seeking some protection.”Alan, I’m scared, please hold me,” Pam said to me.”Sure, no problem.”I felt myself getting hard. It had been quite awhile since I had been in bed with a woman. Now opportunity was knocking at my door. We laid there for about ten minutes before I felt her hand grab my hard cock.”Gawd, you are not afraid, just excited.””It is not the storm, but a busty woman laying next to me in bed,” I responded.Pamela started to giggle and moved her hand up and down my shaft. Her little laugh changed to heavy breathing as her grip and speed increased on my manhood. It felt so good.Pam exclaimed, “I haven’t been with a man since my husband died and I had almost forgotten how it felt. With the storm tonight, it got me hornier than hell. I am so glad that I am here with you. My excitement level is rising knowing that you are here and rock hard. Let’s make this storm something that we will never forget.”My hand immediately went to her big tits. They were soft with nipples that snapped to attention with my touch. I nibbled on the nipple with my teeth and my tongue flicked back and forth over them. Pam’s breath was quickening by the minute as I lovingly bit and sucked it harder.”Alan, that feels so good. I love to have my nipples played with and they are so sensitive. I almost forgot that euphoric feeling.”Pamela just groaned as my hand slid between her legs and moved to her moist bush.

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