Hard-Working Secretary


The sun was beating down on the window by her desk as Charlotte absentmindly swatted away a fly. The email she was reading was extremely dull but full to the brim of orders for the following day. Working as a secretary was surprisingly hard work, with hardly any time sitting at the desk and sipping coffee as many would think. Charlotte was often away from her desk to greet customers, get any ordered supplies as well as rushing back to the desk to answer the phone. The amount of heavy lifting and running back and forth she did meant that she hardly needed to go to the gym-at 23, she was young, tall and slim. She was one of those rare women who could stand naked in front of the mirror and not pick out any faults, apart from a couple of stretch marks here and there. She had great altyazılı porno breasts, still perky and full at a 32D, and a curvaceous body to match. Although Charlotte was attractive and caught the eye of quite a few of the male customers walking in, she’d never really been interested. Some of them were good looking guys, yes, but they didn’t have that spark that she craved. They were all just a bit boring, really. Continuing to bore through the increasingly tedious email, a knock came on her office door. Looking up, she saw one of the regular delivery guys come in with some more supplies. Unlike the other preened-to-perfection males she attracted (yet detested), Tony was very much an average looking guy. He had brown, unruly hair and dark stubble on his jaw. He was zenci porno vaguely attractive, giving the impression that he was much more good-looking in his youth. Standard figure for his age, he was in his late thirties and always wore the same T-shirt, trainers and shorts. Nothing you’d look twice at, certainly. She only knew his name from the badge pinned to his top, and they had only exchanged pleasantries in the past. “Morning Charlie! Here’s your usual.” Charlotte smiled at the casual use of her name, then walked over to Tony to pick up the large and heavy box of stationary. “Thanks very much. Busy day?” she asked, walking over to the door behind her desk. Opening it revealed a small room, lined with shelves full to the brim with staplers, aldatma porno paper, pens, sellotape-anything you could possibly need as a secretary. “Not that bad, just a couple more to do then I’m finished. If you could just sign here…” he held out his clipboard, where Charlotte signed before Tony nodded his thanks and closed the door behind him. Charlotte walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room and placed the box onto it, rifling through all the assorted bits that she ordered. One by one, she allocated each item on it’s rightful place on the shelf. The room steadily started getting hotter so she removed her blazer, hanging it on the back of the chair by the little desk. Checking her watch, the time showed that it was quarter past 5, by which time everyone else had long gone home. She sighed, noting that this and that infuriatingly dull email were the last two things to do before she could leave. She undid a couple of the buttons on her blouse, the air becoming thicker with heat. She must remember to put a fan in here…

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