Hard Sweaty Sex


Up to this point I had never been with what most people describe as a bear (hairy, muscular, and maybe some extra padding). I met James at a friend’s party, and we had talked and then gotten together afterwards. He was 39, white and a true to form bear. He was not fat or overly muscled. But you could tell he worked out. H wasn’t overly hairy, just enough to be considered a bear. He had told me about what he was into, just some really energetic hard sex and the idea of him pounding my tight ass thrilled me, so I decided to have some fun with him.

I arrived at his home and he greeted me wearing only a pair of tight black latex short shorts, with a snap-out crotch for easy access without having to take them off and a pair of black leather boots-very sexy. He invited me in and showed me around his house. We arrived into his wreck room (T.V., sofa, lounge chairs, etc) and he immediately said, “Well let’s see what you have on under those clothes.”

With a smirk, I began stripping naked. He would every now and then remark about my nice looking ass, or my hardening cock. After I was completely naked he walked around me admiring my body, and slapped my ass cheeks once or twice as he walked. He stopped in front of me and said, “Okay now turn around and put your hands to the wall, and spread ’em.”

I did and he then dropped to his knees and pulled my ass cheeks apart and shoved his tongue right into my tight hole. He was grunting and moaning and just having a whale of a time rimming my now quivering asshole and I was going crazy. I have never had that kind of rim job before in my life. He was gripping my ass cheeks hard and eating my hole for all he was worth. He was really licking deep. I could feel his spit coating my asshole. Then without warning he stopped and slid under me and began going to town on my cock. He swallowed the whole shaft in one effort. He took it all into his throat and started massaging my balls with one hand while he stuck two fingers up my spit dripping ass.

I was going berserk now; I had a VERY experienced Şirinevler Escort mouth working my cock, one hand playing with my balls and two fingers being shoved in and out of my asshole. I simply stayed where I was told and concentrated on keeping my legs from shaking and knees from buckling. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, and he must have known as well, because he suddenly stopped all three, and shoved me down onto the ground on my hands and knees. Behind me I heard snaps coming undone, so I knew it was time for the main event. And boy was I right.

All of a sudden I felt him grab my hips and plunge every inch of his hard cock all the way up my ass, I even felt his balls slap my balls. He didn’t even start out slow; he just went hardcore from the start. He went so fast and deep that I was grunting every time he would slam home. He would every now and then even pull out all the way and then plunge back in again with a very pleasurable popping sound. I was going to cum at any moment from the prior attention and the current attention to my ass and prostate.

I all of a sudden began cumming all over the carpet, in streams. With every plunge more cum would be forced out of my cock, and the tighter my asshole would tighten. He never even slowed down; he just kept on going hard and deep. I was beginning to get hard again and he was really beginning to get himself worked up into overdrive. He was really driving home hard into my ass and I was now on the verge of cumming again.

With every slam into my ass he began to slap my ass cheeks. I was getting into it even more now; I was actually pushing my ass back onto his cock as he was fucking. I was beginning to feel another orgasm coming. I could tell that he was on the verge too. So I started to clinch my asshole around his cock as he was pulling back, and from his grunting he liked that a lot. I felt cum begin to leak out of my cock, and I could actually feel his cock head begin to grow. With that I slammed my ass back into his cock Şirinevler Escort Bayan as hard as I could and tightened my asshole even tighter. The tightening of my hole and my final thrust onto his cock threw him over the edge, and he erupts a load of his cum all over the inside of my ass. I could actually feel every spurt of his cum as it sprayed my insides. With that I began to shoot even more cum out of my cock.

We stayed there in that position for a few more seconds and caught our breath until he finally pulled out and then smacked my ass again. I looked over my shoulder with a goofy grin. He then pushed me onto my hands and knees. I just collapsed onto the floor. 2 loads of cum from me and that hard fast ass fucking from him really wore me out. I just stayed there breathing heavily. I finally looked up at him (still on my hands and knees) and he looked down at me. He grabbed a water bottle and drained almost half of it. He smirked when he saw me looking at the bottle. He shakes it and asks, “You want some water, boy?” I nod.

He goes to hand it to me, pulls it back at the last second. He says I can have it, but I have to earn it. I ask how. He takes a wash cloth and cleans off his cock. He then wags his semi hard cock in my face and says, “You gotta get this monster hard again.” I don’t waste any time. I lunge forward onto his cock with my mouth open. I gulp his cock deep in my throat and work it as hard as I can. He actually staggers a bit from me sucking his cock with such force. I hear him laugh and say, “Yeah that’s it boy, suck my cock.” I start to massage his balls at the same time. He is now moaning loudly. I feel his cock begin to harden in my mouth. I look up at him as I still work his cock.

We make eye contact and he says, “Damn, boy. You sure can work a cock. That mouth of yours is made for cock sucking. I love that ass of yours more though. Nice and tight. I bet you can feel my hot man seed inn that ass of yours. Can you feel my hut cum inside you, boy?” I said I could.

He Escort Şirinevler laughed and said, “Good, cause I’m about ready for round two. He then removes his now hard cock from mouth. He walks over to his sofa and sits down. He then looks at me, smacks his thighs and says, “Get over here boy. I want you to ride my cock this time.” I get to my feet and walk over. I climb up his body and position my asshole over his cock. I then begin to lower myself down. He has one hand on my hip and the other guiding his cock to my warm tight entrance. I slowly slide his cock into me. We both moan as I take him in. It feels like he is even deeper than before. I feel his cum squishing around inside me as he fills my ass with his hard cock.

“Oh, yeah. I could get used to fucking this ass. I may just make you my own personal house-boy. Would you like that? Being at my beck and call, always being ready to take my cock.” I moan out, “Yes sir. I would take this cock anytime.” He grins and grabs me by both hips. He starts to thrust up into me. I then start to ride his cock up and down. I am breathing hard. We both begin to pick up speed. He thrusts up as I come down. I have my hands on his shoulders to steady myself. I then decide to really ride him. I go as hard and fast as I can. I work up a sweat as I work my asshole up and down his cock. I keep my ass muscles as tight as I can. He is grunting and grabbing my hips tighter. I smirk and push myself harder. I start to go up as far as I can, while still keeping his cock head inside me, then back down hard so my ass cheeks slap his thighs.

He grunts out, “Jesus Christ. That feels good. Ride that cock, boy.” I feel his cock begin to twitch. I try to pick up even more speed. My thigh and calf muscles begin to burn at all my effort of riding his hard cock. Then He thrusts up into my well used asshole just as I am slamming down. He throws his head back and cums deep inside me. I slow down and let him ride out his high. I am all the way on his lap. Just sitting there, rocking gently and clinching my asshole as I milk his cock inside me.

He then shakes his head to clear his mind, grunts and says, “Same time next week?” I smirk and while still working his cock with my ass, say “Oh yes sir. I can’t wait to work your cock again soon.”

I was already looking forward to next week.

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