Halloween with Mom Pt. 09


I know I am a lot late with this chapter. I am still a new author and sometimes its a little difficult for me to write a happy story when I haven’t been so happy in my real life. I want to promise you that I would continue to write more, continue this, or maybe something new. I just pray that I can actually do it. This does not feel like my best work, but I wanted to put this out to show myself that I can still accomplish things. Also if anyone would like to edit my stories please do reach out to me.

As always always all characters are above 18 years old.


“How did you even manage that?” Luke asked his mom while getting fresh sheets for the bed, wearing just his briefs.

“I didn’t do anything,” Victoria replied to her son, tying the straps to her white silk gown, covering her nakedness. “It was Claire who pointed it out. I always thought a sea captain could marry anyone. But Rachel wanted to get married at a specific spot that was not in international waters.”

“And that’s where I come in?” Luke dropped the sheets on their bed and wrapped his arms around his mom’s lower back and looked into her beautiful eyes.

“I mentioned that you can officiate a wedding,” Victoria placed her hands on her son’s face, “and now you are part of the wedding party.”

“Will I be getting paid?”

“No. But you won’t be spending nearly a week away from your mom. Now go to the other side, we need to put these sheets and get to sleep.”

“Ehh, I was looking forward to some alone time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and all that.” Luke turned and smiled devilishly at his mom just in time to catch a pillow on his face. “Oww.”

“I have raised an ingrate.”

“And yet here I am helping you make the bed. I was not the one creating the wet spots.”

“Well you were still having fun when I was creating them.”

“Not as much as you.”

“Tell that to the cum leaking out of my pussy.” Victoria ran her palms on the bed, getting rid of any wrinkles. Luke jumped on the bed and buried his face in the sheets. “Mmmm fresh sheets,” he moaned. Luke moved up the bed, supporting his back on the pillows behind and pulled his mom between his legs, with her head and breasts resting on his upper body.

“I thought you liked when I came inside you,” he brought his face closer to his mom and kissed her smooth cheek. She smelled wonderful, like always.

Victoria turned her face and tasted her son’s lips, slowly, running her tongue on the inside of his lips. She inhaled his scent and could feel her heart beat relax. She took a deep breath and smiled, settling in her son’s arms. “I do love it when my son cums inside me.”

“You like saying that, don’t you?”

Victoria bit her lip and her smile broadened. “Whatever do you mean, my darling son?”

“You like saying that it is your son’s cum that is leaking out of your pussy as we speak.” Luke moved his hand towards his mom’s crotch, slipping between the flaps of her robe, his fingers felt her landing strip.

Victoria gasped at her son’s touch. “You are asking me that when you are fucking me so well like you always do, I’m thinking that this amazing cock stretching my pussy actually belongs to my own son, and pretty soon he’s going to make me, his own mother, cum. Then when you can’t bear the amount of pleasure your mom’s pussy is giving your huge cock, you will deposit your potent seed into the very womb that gave you birth. No I don’t think I am thinking such dirty thoughts. It just you who gets off to the fact that I’m your mom.”

Luke only smiled at his mom’s comments and brought his finger to his mom’s mouth to collect some lube. He them immediately reached under her robe and continued gently rubbing her clit. Victoria lifted her leg and put it over her son’s leg, giving his more room to move his hand.

“Yes!” Victoria moaned, “its you. You are the one who made your mom’s bed your own.” She moved her other leg over her son’s, spreading both legs to give her son better access to her pussy. “You are the one who makes me think indecent thoughts about you.” She grabbed her son’s shoulders for support. “You are the one who reminds me how much I love you,” her toes curled and she dug her knees into the mattress. “You always remind me how much I love riding your cock, how I ache when you haven’t fucked me in a day.” Victoria arched her back sensing her orgasm.

Victoria closed her eyes, letting her orgasm wash through her body, trembling on her son’s body. Her mouth was open but she barely made a sound. By the time she was done, her nails had dug into her son’s shoulders, leaving visible marks when she finally let go. “You really know how to make your mom’s night,” she coo-ed in her son’s ear, while kissing her son’s shoulders, trying to ease some of the pain.

“It doesn’t take long though,” Luke laughed lightly.

“You’re saying I cum too soon?”

“No I’m just saying I can make you cum so soon,” Luke replied smugly. He rolled to his side so that both mother and son were on the bed facing each ankara escort other.

“What did I do to deserve such a lover, who can make me cum so easily,” Victoria laughed.

Luke pulled his mother closer and glued his lips to her. Victoria pressed her body into her son’s, now wishing that she hadn’t worn her gown as she craved to have her flesh touch her son’s nakedness. She moved her leg between her son’s legs, enjoying the ticklish feeling of his rough legs on her smooth, slippery skin.

“You made me mom,” Luke breathed into her when he broke the kiss, “you deserve every cell in my body.” He reached down and pulled at the straps of her gown and slipped one half off and pulled his mom over his body and removed the gown completely.

“What are your intentions with your mother mister,” Victoria asked her son with a curve on her lips an a raised eyebrow.

“For tonight,” he slapped his mom’s naked right butt cheek, “or for the future?” he squeezed the ample flesh on his mom’s left butt cheek.

Victoria bit her lip. “I’ll go with the squeeze.”

“That’s easy, knock you up so that you’ll have to marry your son.”

“I thought it was the other way around. Marry your mom so that you get to breed her as many times as you want.” Victoria held on to her son, enjoying the feeling of his naked flesh on her body

“Yes, your version sounds better. Moms shouldn’t be having kids with sons they aren’t married to. What would people think?”

Victoria smiled when she heard the first part of her son’s reply, but the smile quickly faded when she heard the second part. ‘We will never be able to declare our love in the open world. For some reason my love is illegal,’ she thought. She quickly forced a smile back on her face.

“And what were your intentions with the spank?” she wiggled her hips feeling her son’s hardness hidden in his boxers.

“Well that depends on what you like to -,” he stopped when he saw his mom raise an eyebrow.

“It gets you going when I order you around don’t you?”

Victoria giggled, “I am your mom in the streets, and your slut in our sheets.”

“Well then, why don’t you shimmy down a little and put that mouth to better use,” Luke moved up a little more on the bed, giving his mom enough room to lie on her stomach when her face was over his crotch.

She kissed his erection over the fabric. “Mmm, you always know what mommy wants.” She slipped her fingers in her son’s boxers and pulled them off, freeing her son’s manhood, ready to be worshiped by its maker.

“My son always know what his mom wants.” she purred making eye contact with her son. “I was craving for a taste.”

“I figured your pussy couldn’t take a third load of your son’s cum. And I wouldn’t deny you your midnight snack.”

“Such a generous lover, I pray all mothers have sons like you – “

Luke cut his mom off. “I thought I told you to put your mouth to better use,” he paused for effect, “MOM!”

Victoria could swear her pussy leaked a little at the word. She smiled and without a word lowered her head, kissing the engorged head of her son’s cock, all while maintaining eye contact. She smiled internally when her son’s stern facade dissolved the moment her lips touched his cock. His eyes rolled back, his body squirmed when she opened her lips and teased the hole with her tongue and when she took him further into her mouth and slobbered her tongue on the head of his amazing cock, he was basically jelly in her hands, or rather her mouth.

‘Easy baby,’ she thought mischievously, ‘we are just starting. You’ll be going through so much pleasure you won’t be able to keep your eyes open and when you do open them, you’ll see your mom’s eyes staring right into yours, with her lips stretched across your beautiful cock. And if that wasn’t enough, you’ll see my smackable ass swaying in the air from side to side. I’m going to earn each and every drop of your precious cum, I’m going to worship this gorgeous cock of yours and thank you for letting me cum on you all the times I did tonight. And when you finally can’t take it anymore, I will be ready to swallow each and every drop of your delicious cum.’

Victoria went to sleep with a smile on her lips for accomplishing everything she wanted to do to her son and with the taste of her son’s cum in her mouth.


Victoria woke up the next morning before her son, as was usual. She looked at the person sleeping next to her and a smile naturally appeared on her face. Her son had been the joy of her life since he was born. But now he was so much more to her. She loved him so much that sometimes it hurt when she thought about it. Everything in her life now depended on him being with her, on her side. She knew she wanted to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of her life. She sometimes felt selfish, keeping him for herself, but she couldn’t help it. No one in the world understood her like her son did, no one in the world could make her laugh like her son did, and no one in the world send waves çankaya escort of arousal through her body just by touching her like her son did. If she had to be a little selfish so that she could be happy, so be it. She fully intended to marry him, be his loving devoted wife, the mother of his children, and his mom. She would make sure that her son never wanted for anything as long as he was with her. She would fulfill anything he would wish for in her power. She leaned over and kissed him gently not to disturb his dreams and whispered, “See you soon, my lovely son.”

“Coming, coming,” she yelled putting on her shoes, to stop Megan from ringing the doorbell.

“You don’t have to keep doing that you know, Luke is still sleeping,” she chastised her friend. Her mind quickly wondered how Megan would react if she knew that her son was sleeping in her bed that very moment. Ever since Megan told Victoria that she had kissed her son, Mike, Victoria couldn’t stop picturing them together. Would she be bold enough to nudge Megan towards her son? She probably wouldn’t be with Luke if an internet stranger hadn’t given her the courage to act on her heart’s desires. Should she repay that gift forward?

“I thought he was coming with us,” Megan replied a little disappointed.

“I don’t think seeing me shop for wedding dresses is high on his plans for today.”

‘I don’t think he would be up after what we did yesterday. He needs his rest. God knows he must be tired. Probably hungry as well. Not likely horny though, I took care of that pretty well.’ Victoria thought, proud that she could take care of her son’s every need and desire. ‘Maybe that’s why he always goes to sleep with a smile on his face.’

“Who does? I sometimes think the whole ‘don’t look at the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding’ is just an excuse so that the groom can miss events.”

Megan continued complaining as the two friends made their way to the store. Megan went on and on about the wedding stuff, how excited Rachel was, the cake, the dresses, the band, the dances. Victoria’s face slowly sank as she thought about all the stuff her son would miss that Megan was talking about. ‘He wouldn’t see his wife walk down the aisle. He wouldn’t have a wedding.’ She looked out the window so that Megan wouldn’t see the tears filling her eyes. She took a few deep breaths and swallowed her feelings. Megan’s question brought her back.

“Hey did you go shopping recently?”

“Huh?” Victoria turned but couldn’t fully catch her question, still lost in her thoughts.

“I really like what you have been wearing these past few weeks. Did you buy them recently?” Megan was still looking at the road and didn’t notice Victoria’s sullen face.

“Yeah, I’ve been doing a little shopping,” Victoria cleared her throat. “I haven’t bought anything other than work clothes in years. I really didn’t have, uh, I mean,” she stammered a little, “I don’t have anyone to dress up for in my life.” The thought of dressing up for her son pulled a small smile on her face.

“Well you look straight up gorgeous. And you don’t have to dress up for someone. I mean, its not like my prefect husband notices when I go on my shopping sprees. Well he does when he gets the credit card bill.” Megan laughed.

But her son had noticed. Every time Victoria had made an effort to dress differently, her son had definitely noticed. It was almost like he knew every inch of her body. And anytime she did something, change her hair, get her nails done, wear different outfits, he had definitely noticed her efforts. And he complemented them, sometimes with his stupid puns, but he complemented them all the same. The thought of her son’s stupid puns made her laugh loudly.

“What?” Megan asked.

“Nothing. Just remembered what Luke said when I wore this long vest dress last weekend. Nothing fancy, just for chores. He looked at me and immediately went,” Victoria struggled to control her laugh but continued, “vest day ever!” Victoria continued laughing.

Megan smiled looking at her fried, “The things we bear because we love our kids right.”

“I kind of liked it actually. I love when he’s goofy. He also put on a vest later that day so that he could hug me and say, we are vest buddies mom.”

“No way,” Megan laughed this time but the laugh faded away quickly. “I miss my kids,” she spoke slowly.

Victoria didn’t hear Megan. Her mind was occupied with her son. It was not just her who was putting some effort into their appearance. Her son had started asking for her opinions on what to wear, how to take care of his skin and hair and what cologne to use. It meant so much to Victoria that her son cared so much about her opinion.

“You look so good mom, with your amazing dresses, and you change your perfumes that drive me wild, which I know you do it on purpose even if you don’t admit it.” her son replied when she had asked him why he wanted her opinion on his appearance. “I want to look good for you too mom, so I’m kızılay escort asking.”

That was one of the hottest sentences anyone could say, according to Victoria. Victoria made sure her son knew how he made her feel right there in the living room that day. If her son could show his gratitude by disappearing between her legs until her toes curled from her orgasms, she took every chance she got to push her son into a couch or a chair and worship his magnificent cock like the life creating god it was soon going to be. And while she loved feeling her son’s already thick cock swell, while fully buried inside her, before he shot huge torrents of his potent cum straight into her womb, she was now excitedly trying new ways to enjoy her son’s cum on her body. Her favorite so far has been making her son paint her face with his cum and then using that cum to masturbate right in front of him. That had led to some very intense fucking sessions for the well-endowed mom. Victoria also wanted to deepthroat her son and feel him cumming straight inside her throat but taking her son’s cock fully inside her mouth was something she hadn’t been able to do, yet. Though it was not for a lack of trying.

“We’re here to pick up the wedding dress, its under Rachel.” Victoria gave the receipt to the receptionist.

“Great work specifying that we are here for the wedding dress in a store that sells wedding dresses.” Megan mocked her.

“Why does she need two wedding dresses?” Victoria asked Megan, the maid of honor, who was handling most of the wedding arrangements.

“She couldn’t decide between the two, so she sent both to the tailor,” Megan dismissed the question with a flick of her hand, as if that was the normal thing to do.

“Naturally,” Victoria replied, her sarcasm very obvious.

“Hey, don’t blame me, perks of marrying rich I guess.”

“What does Steve do for a living, by the way?”

Megan tilted her head up, lost in thought, “I don’t know, some archaeologist maybe, could be a history professor, uhhh, something to do with old stuff. But he’s rich. Batman rich.”

Victoria laughed, “Is that a subtle way of saying his parents are rich?”

Megan joined her friend giggling, “Maybe.”

“I’m afraid I have some bad news ma’am, only one of your dresses was completed.”

Megan’s patience broke like a beaver’s dam in a flood. “Are you fucking kidding me! You said two weeks was plenty to get it altered.”

Terror broke out on the poor girl’s face. “I’m really really sorry ma’am, it was not about the time. The bust on the other dress is, uhh, the size of the bust couldn’t be reduced.”

“You better pray that my friend is happy with this.” Megan stormed out with the one finished dress outside, dialing on the phone.

Victoria followed Megan outside, “who are you calling?”

“Rach, who else?” She ended the call. “Uhhhh, she’s not answering. Listen, I’ll drop by her house to make sure this fits. You stay here and take care of the other dress.” Megan was already driving away when she ended the sentence.

“I’m really sorry about that,” she spoke in her motherly voice to the girl inside the store who was on the verge of tears. “She’s under a lot of stress with the wedding.”

“I understand. Its not an easy job when you are dealing with stressed out brides and bridesmaids all the time.”

“Again, I’m really sorry about that. What’s your name sweetie?”

“Liz,” the girl replied, lifting the dress from the counter. “It is a beautiful gown. Shame it will be thrown away.”

“Why’s that?”

“It’s our store policy, we can’t sell a wedding dress that has been bought by someone else. You know this will actually fit you, the bust maybe a bit small considering your, uhh you know, but you’ll look majestic if you wear this when you get married.”

“That’s very sweet of you,” Victoria’s previous thoughts returned, “but I don’t think we’ll be doing a wedding,” Victoria was cut off by Liz.

“Every groom should see his bride in her wedding dress. And you should see the look in his face when he does. Don’t you want to do that?”

Victoria was lost in her thought for a moment. She turned to the girl and spoke a bit embarrassed, “any chance you sell bridal lingerie?”


Luke moved his eyes away from his phone when he heard his mom’s shoes clicking on the stairs. He didn’t mind that she sometimes banished him from their bedroom to get ready. It was all worth it when she emerged, completely decked out, and most of the time, she was dressed for him. This time, however, they were on their way to the airport. He had chosen to go comfortable rather than stylish, a white polo t-shirt and simple dark blue jeans. He was not sure what his mom was going for when she emerged in a full-sleeved buttoned long coat, which ended a few inches below her knees. The dark red color of the coat paired well with the black stockings his mom was wearing to cover her beautiful legs.

“Here,” Victoria handed her son a jacket. “It’s getting cold outside.”

Luke hid his smirk as he got up from the couch. “You don’t have to do that mom, I’m not a little boy anymore.”

“Oh so men don’t get cold. Or do you just wanna showoff your arms in that half-sleeved t-shirt that you are wearing.” Victoria was completely in mother mode.

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