Halloween Fun


These are my real life stories. Short, too the point and meant to get guys across the world jacking to these stories. I am small petite girl, 23, 5’3″, 110, blonde, 32a.

This Halloween I bought myself a sexy cop costume. Real small that went just past my ass. Open buttons in front to show my small breast. Handcuffs for capturing bad boys. Bright pink G-string that can be seen when I bend. Fish net stocking and heel boots. The weather was mild so I was not worried about being cold either. Me and my gf (Susie) got dressed together and she choose the naughty maid dress. We both were headed to a Halloween party on Friday night that we knew will be full of hot guys.

We were dressed by 9 and we knew it will be a fun night. I told Susie that I wanted to tease a guy before we went to the party. So we both drove to an upscale hotel downtown where all these business guys stay. We walked in to see many a head turn to see us girls dressed all slutty. Poor guys with families were troubled the most. They wanted to stare but could not because they had their wives in tow. We worked our way to the bar and it was packed with people staying at the hotel who were there attending a marriage or something. Good looking guys in their mid 30s and 40s.

We both made our way to the bar. Had a few guys start a conversation immediately. Some married men were also trying to nod and check us out. We stood at the bar knowing guys can see our legs and almost see up Susie’s short skirt and my short dress. We were enjoying it and I had a damp spot on my panties. I found Graham most interesting. Mid 30s, business man, here alone (I knew he had a girl friend as he was trying hard to lie), 6 foot tall and in good shape. We had a few drinks, chatted, touched each other playfully and after an hour of flirting and drinking, I whispered in his ears…’Lets go to the ladies room and fuck!’

His jaw dropped when he heard how direct I was. Susie had found her guy too and we both grabbed them and left for the ladies room. Once in the stall, we both girls had our guys standing while we sat, pulled their cock and had it in our mouth in a second. I dont know what Susie was doing but soon I heard her moaning which told me she was letting the guy fuck her. Graham was getting turned on so much being sucked and hearing another girl in the stall next door being fucked that he started to face fuck me. I could feel him push his cock all the way n my mouth. He was about 6 inches so it was easy to take him all. He face fucked me for a minute and pulled out and asked me to turn around so he could fuck me.

I told him no, and said I wanted him to enjoy the evening. This was just a preview. I took his cock back in my mouth and asked him to cum in my mouth. Graham assumed he had me for the night so was happy to let loose and face fuck me till he came. But when he was ready to cum, I stopped. I made him go down on me and asked him to make me cum first. I stood with one leg on the stall. He pulled my panty to the side and kneeled in front of me as he buried his head under my police dress. He was good with his tongue. I ran my hands in his hair as he ate me. And soon he had me cumming.

I clenched his hair as I came. After a few seconds I calmed down, stood straight, fixed my panties and opened the stall door to leave. Graham protested and asked to let him fuck me or at least make him the glory izle cum in my mouth. I again told him to relax as the night was young. We knew a few girls had walked in during our session to use the ladies room and when me and Graham pulled out there was one old lady still cleaning her hands. She had the look of disgust on her face but we both laughed and ran out of the place. Once back at the bar we had another drink and soon Susie and her guy joined us.

It was close to midnight so we both girls made an excuse about making a few calls and ran out. We got into our car and before these guys could realize what happened we were gone. I learnt Susie let his guy fuck him and cum in her mouth. In case of Graham he got nothing but a blow job that stopped too soon and the option to taste a young pussy. We girls had a laugh about him as we drove(Graham if you are reading this, sorry. But I just did not feel like fucking you).

We reached the party and it was happening. Great looking costumes and hot men all around. We girls drew attention just like any other girl was doing in the crowd. There were more men than girls which is typical and that allowed us to have enough guys for each one of us. We were already feeling good with the drinks we had at the bar. But we grabbed a few more and soon had Jonny, dressed as Greek in the toga all over me. The music was great and I let him grind himself into me. He would run his hands on my ass often and even feel it under my dress. He commented how much he liked g string panties. I told him he could examine it closer if he wanted. He was not sure what I meant.

So I took him to the ladies room, made him squat. Raised a leg and put it on his shoulder and told him he could look at my panty better this way. He knew I was ready so he did what Graham hd just done an hour earlier. Pushed my panty to the side and started to eat me. Here i was with a second guy in an hour being eaten in a stall again. The Halloween was turning out to be great. He ate me well, made me cum, begged me to let him fuck me, was denied and we were back at the party. He fancied he still had a chance but soon I started to show my interest in this ghoulish black guy. He got his answer and disappeared to find someone else.

The black guy, James, was big. But he had an average size cock under his clothes. I knew because he too was grinding on me on the dance floor and once I reached down and grabbed his hard cock. We both had more drinks, flirted, kissed, fondled and soon were in his car outside making out. He has my panties down my knees on one leg, his fingers in my pussy and his cock in my mouth. He finger fucked me well. I sucked his cock and he he came within a minute. Lots of cum. Evidently he had not fucked a girl for 3 months and had not played with himself for 3 days. I licked him clean but asked him to go down between my legs and eat me properly.

As I lay back in the seat, my legs open, he went downtown and ate me well. I pushed his face deeper in my pussy. I had cum twice already by 2 different guys and I was still horny. I needed to cum again. He did his job and made me cum. Then he pulled up and asked me to suck him and make him hard so he could fuck me. I took his cock but he never got as hard as I wanted him. Plus he was average size. So I got out of the car and told him that there will be the heartthrob tv changed he didnt izle no fucking happening tonight. He protested and begged but I was gone.

Back at the party I needed to find a guy who I wanted to go home with. And I did. Earnest. 6’5″, 240, 20 something black guy. Dressed as a slaughter house guy. He had moves. he danced well. Smelled good. Knew how to tease a girl on the floor without grinding in our ass. Knew how to be smooth. Real smooth. So we partied and danced for an hour, drank and kissed and soon he had me in his car driving to his place. I was ready to be fucked and based on some touch I guessed he was a good size guy too. I had been eaten by 3 guys already this evening and none had fucked me. I wanted some hard raw untamed sex. While driving I had Earnest cock already out, saw how thick his cock was and found it to be a good 8 inches long. Mmmmm…just what I needed.

I sucked him while he drove. Had him push my face down deeper on his cock till I gagged. Had me bounce my face up and down as he drove. Came in my mouth as we sat in his parking spot and then went to his place. Once inside he grabbed another vodka/cranberry drink for me. We sat at the kitchen bar drinking, touching, fondling. He had my buttons of my dress completely gone. My handcuff around one of his wrist. His hands feeling my tits. I stood and had my drink in my boots and panty with the dress wide open in front.

He took me to his bedroom as he made my dress fall to the ground. I walked topless, in my panty, fishnet stocking and boots to his room, dragging him by one handcuff as he followed watching me semi nude lead him. Once in his room, I found a place to tie his hand to the post. He stood there. I walked to him. Kissed him. Asked him if he had been a bad boy. He told me he has been a very bad boy. So he needed to be punished. I pulled his costume off him…in fact tore it off him. Pulled his boxer down to his ankles and kneeled in front of his semi hard cock and took it in my mouth. I asked him if he has been a bad boy and have had his cock in some pussy lately? He smiled and said he had his cock in 3 different pussies in the last 2 weeks. Mmmmm.

I slowly started to suck him. My hair all over my face and his hardening cock. He was moaning softly as I sucked him. Stroking his fat cock as I sucked. He was really thick. I so wanted a big thick cock. I sucked till he was hard. Then I stood up and turning my back to him, pushed my ass into his cock. With his free hand he smacked my tight white ass. I asked him what he wanted to do? He said he has been arrested and he is at the mercy of the cop. I liked that answer. I asked him to kneel down while still tied. He did. I faced him, put one leg on his shoulder, used his other shoulder for support, pushed my panty to the side to show him my shaved pussy and asked him to eat me. Here I was, 4th guy eating me this day. Mmmmm. He was very good. I made him eat me for long but I did not cum.

I got off his shoulder, moved him to the bed still tied with one hand, made him lie down. I then got up on the bed and stood over him in my boots and stocking and panty. He was telling me how great the view was and how badly he wanted to fuck me. I told him, he does not get to fuck me. I get to fuck him. He is nothing but the last hour izle a bad boy and the cop will have her way with him.

I stood and parted my panty to one side again to show him my pussy again. I showed him how wet it was by pushing a finger in me and pulling it out and making him lick. Then I lowered myself on his face and asked him to smell my pussy and tell me how it tasted. He did what he was asked. Then I moved down on him and lowered my pussy on his cock’s head. Letting his thick cock enter my tight pussy just an inch. I asked him how it felt and he grunted. LOL. I took turns letting him in my pussy and feeling his cock on my ass hole. He asked to enter my ass. He was so thick that I needed a lot of lube which obviously a player like him had. I grabbed some lube, let his thick cock slowly enter my ass. It hurt letting him in but since I was on top I could control. Slowly more and more of his cock entered my ass.

Slowly I adjusted to his cock and started to ride him. My g string still pushed to the side. I started to touch my clit as I rode him. One hand on his strong chest, other on my clit, I was moving up and down on his cock. We fucked that way and I told him not to cum. After a few minutes, I pulled his cock out of my ass. I then stood up, pulled my panty down and threw it away. Now I was naked in my fishnet stocking and boots. He told me how much he liked to fuck white girls in boots. I adjusted him a little and went down doggy style and asked him to fuck my pussy from behind. The naughty boy got behind me and rather than push his cock in my pussy which still hadn’t seen any action, he tried pushing it back into my ass.

I slapped him playfully and told him he is being a bad boy and needs to listen to this cop. He laughed and put me back in doggy position. With one free hand, he grabbed my tiny waist, pulled himself and his cock to my pussy and pushed his huge cock deep in me. I let out a strong yelp. He was big and even though my pussy was wet, it still hurt a bit. He was a raging dog. He started to fuck me hard, just the way I was hoping. With his free hand he would slap my ass and call me all dirty names and his white slut as his big black cock fucked my white pussy. I loved how he was fucking and ravaging me. And then it happened. He came. He came again but this time in my pussy. Mmmmm. I was moaning loud.

Once limp, he pulled out and fell back on the bed. I fell on top of his strong body. We both were sweaty and the smell of sex was all over us and the room. We rested for a while and then I went down on his cock. I needed one more fuck I knew. He protested a little but I had his cock in my mouth and I was sucking him back to life. His eyes soon rolled back as I seductively sucked him. I even went 69 for a while so that he gets excited again about my white pussy. Once he was hard, I released his hand, lay down on the bed, opened my leg and invited him to fuck me again.

He stood at the edge of the bed, pulled my small body towards him by my waist, raised my ass up in the air a little and pushed his black cock back in my white pussy. So I lay, my legs open, him holding me by my ass and fucking me while he stood. This time his speed was even more furious. So furious that a minute of fucking like that had me cumming on his black cock. My juices were all over him, flowing out of my pussy, down my ass and on to the bed. I was moaning loud and he was grunting as he fucked me. And then it happened for him again. He came. He stayed in me till every drop was squeezed out of his balls and then he pulled out.

I lay there for quiet a while having been used. Finally I got ready, called the cab and left. It was 7 in the morning as I left after a great night of fun.

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