“My God, you’re beautiful!” I could hear the sharp intake of breath as I spun slowly around the center of the room, completely nude. Neither of them could take their eyes off me.

Self-confidence had never been part of my personality, but in the half-light of Ethan’s apartment I felt like a goddess. Giddy from the vodka, I watched them watching me and reveled in the unfamiliar sensations. I had never expected this.

Quite the contrary. When I had knocked on Adam’s door earlier in the evening, my head was filled with firm resolutions not to get too involved, too quickly. I knew where my weakness lay and I was determined not to make any mistakes on our first date. So when Adam asked if his best friend could join us for after-dinner drinks, I forced myself not to be disappointed. It was better this way. We would have time in the restaurant to get to know one another, and his friend’s presence would remove any temptation for me at the end of the evening.

I had never met Ethan before. I was surprised at how attractive he was, far more so than Adam. Shorter, but his broad shoulders and roguish smile made an impression on me that few men ever have. He shook my hand and smiled deep into my eyes, and I melted. It only occurred to me several minutes later that it wasn’t good manners to lust after your date’s best friend.

His giddy sense of humor had me giggling like a schoolgirl as we drove to the bar. He told jokes and laughed, and asked me everything about myself. He wanted to know how old I was, what interested me. He made fun of my car. Adam was much quieter, although he seemed to be enjoying himself. Whenever I looked his way, I could see his cool blue eyes fastened on me.

After a couple of beers, Ethan had asked enough questions, and told me it was my turn to do the asking. I thought for a moment, and realized that this was an opportunity that seldom presented itself. “Okay, Ethan, you’re Adam’s best friend. What can you tell me about him that he would never admit to me?”

There was a long, daring look between the two friends. When Adam broke eye contact and stared pensively into his lager, Ethan realized that he had won. He turned to me, jubilant. “We had a threesome!” izmir escort he announced.

I couldn’t believe he was serious. In my world, people didn’t do things like that. And what’s more, if they did, they didn’t admit to it, even on a dare. When drunk. He had to be joking, just trying to see how I would react.

For the first time that evening, Adam smiled. “You know she’s still calling me?” he asked his friend.

My head was spinning, and it wasn’t from the beer. It was true.

“Now, Sarah,” Adam said with a challenging smile for me. “You know my biggest secret. Now what can you tell me?”

Feeling totally naïve, I took a deep breath. “I can’t top that. I’ve never done anything like that in my life.”

Ethan banged his glass down on the table so hard it startled me. “Tonight’s the night! Come on, guys.” Leaving a healthy tip – and his phone number – for the waitress, he took me by the hand and pulled me outside.

The next few hours were a blur. A trendy nightclub. Dancing with Adam. Ethan buying us drinks and flirting with every girl in the room. He had discovered my weakness for White Russians, and as he brought me my second, I protested. “I’ll never be able to drive if I have any more. I’ve had too much already.”

He smiled. “Take it. My apartment is just across the street; we can walk there. Don’t worry.”

Later, I held Adam’s hand as we dodged between cars, all three of us laughing.

And now here I was in the darkness of the apartment, none of us wearing a stitch of clothing, the room illuminated only by the streetlights below. My skin glowed faintly blue as I spun in front of them, their eyes following my every move. I saw myself as if in a mirror: average height, but with a tiny torso and extremely long legs. Very thin, but no longer bony now that I was in my mid-twenties. My breasts were small enough that I worried about them, but both men insisted they were perfect.

I sat gracefully on the edge of the futon that served Ethan as a bed and an extra couch. The tension was so loud I wanted to put my hands over my ears, beg it to stop. The chill from the nearby windows was alsancak escort palpable.

“Why is it women become so much more attractive when they’re cold?” Adam asked the room in general. “We just shrivel up.”

My nipples had swollen from the cold and stuck out straight from my breasts. Now Ethan was crouched in front of me, examining them. He reached out a hand and slowly traced a circle around my right nipple. “Is it okay?” he asked, eyes meeting mine and touching something deep within my body. Mute, I nodded.

He took it in his mouth, running his tongue around my areola, nibbling gently on the nipple. His hand was on my left breast, kneading and pinching. Adam sat next to me, his knees drawn up, his face hidden. Ethan raised his head for a moment. “Come on, Adam.”

I tried to catch his eye, willing myself not to be distracted by Ethan’s fingers pinching my left nipple. “Please, Adam.” He took a deep breath, let it out again. And then his lips were on mine, his tongue exploring every curve of my mouth. Our first kiss. How often I had dreamed of it, yet never would I have believed the reality.

Ethan was still nibbling on my breasts, and his hands were everywhere – my stomach, my thighs, my shoulders. Or maybe they were Adam’s hands. My eyes were closed, and I no longer cared. Adam’s lips left mine, explored my face, my neck, my shoulders, my free breast. Hands pushed my legs apart; fingers brushed against my mound. I was on fire.

Between them, they laid me on my back, close to the edge of the futon. Adam knelt between my legs, his breath hot against my upper thighs. His fingers were caressing my clit. Slowly, oh, so slowly, his tongue explored the folds of skin and pressed inside of me. I dragged my right foot across the floor, the movement completely beyond my conscious control. I was breathing in shallow gasps. Ethan was on his knees, cock burning against my cheek, hard as granite. Trapping it there in one hand, I turned my head to meet it, and as I took him in my mouth he closed his eyes in ecstasy. I explored the wide, pulsing head with my tongue, and moaned as Adam’s tongue found my clit at the same moment.

Ethan’s buca escort body swayed slightly as he gave himself up to enjoyment. With my tongue, I found the center of his shaft and pushed urgently against it. I slipped one hand between my legs, then ran my finger, wet with my own juices, along the base of his shaft. The salt of our bodies mingled on my tongue as I scraped my teeth delicately against his sensitive skin. He cursed softly. I was enjoying the taste and feel of him so much I almost failed to notice when Adam slipped inside of me. He moved so slowly, so gently, every nerve in me awoke as he inched his way further. When he reached my cervix, he withdrew so suddenly that I cried out, abandoning Ethan to focus my eyes on Adam. Again he entered me slowly, relentlessly. Again he tore himself away. I wrapped my legs around his waist, squeezing as hard as I could. This time I pushed against him, not willing to wait, and he responded just as eagerly. His hands were on my breasts, kneading gently in time to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Ethan sat behind me, his arms cradling me. He raised me in the air, sucking urgently on my neck. I sighed in abandon. As Adam moved to support me, Ethan stretched out beneath me and put his hands on my waist. Gently but firmly, he pulled me away from Adam and turned me to face him. He buried his face between my breasts. I straddled him as he pushed up inside me, his much thicker shaft stretching me even wider. I was on top of him, but as he pounded in and out I found I didn’t even need to move my hips. Adam sat behind me, guiding me, straddling Ethan so that he could press his body against every inch of mine. Adam’s lips brushed my cheek, Adam’s hands fondled my breasts as Ethan’s cock drove up and down so remorselessly I feared he would split me in two. Adam brushed against my ass, the head of his shaft stretching it open. He pushed inside just as I gave in to a shattering orgasm.

* * * * *

I awoke at dawn, pressed closely against Adam to prevent myself from falling off the narrow front room sofa. Through the archway, I could see Ethan still lying as he had been with me on top of him. The birds were chattering outside the window as I turned awkwardly around to look at Adam.

His arms were around me, and his face was peaceful in his sleep. “Good morning,” I whispered. His blue eyes opened, met mine, and a radiant smile transfigured his face. He held me tightly, kissing my neck, then sat up.

“Come on, Sarah. Get dressed and let’s go.”

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