Hairy Monster


There’s an old expression: to be “on a promise”. It was used a previous generation to denote that a man had an arrangement with a woman that the next time they met she would allow him to have sex with her.

Something similar existed between 18-year-old me and my driving instructor, Ronnie. He was chubby, and had a lot of dark hair: he described himself as a gorilla, and I had first-hand knowledge that he was hairy all over. During our last lesson, which was supposed to be on theory and had taken place not in his car but his house I had got to know him quite well. In addition to the conversations we had had while driving, I had now sucked his cock and licked his arse.

And not only that, but before we parted that gloomy, erotic, lewd evening he had told me the next time he would fuck me. I hadn’t said no, because it was something I desperately wanted to do. I had begun my experimentation with man sex and I wanted to take it to its logical conclusion, which involved having his penis up my anus.

The whole week before out next lesson I was tingling with anticipation, imagining the feeling of this monster of a man wrapping his big hairy arms around me and penetrating my arse with his manly, strong cock. I had read up on it on the net and I knew it was probably going to hurt like hell, but, as one receiver had put it, “the pain is excruciating but the pleasure is indescribable”. That sounded like a fair deal to me.

I said “bye’ to my parents as casually as I could when Ronnie arrived to collect me and as I got in the car I wondered if he would demonstrate our established relationship – or indeed if it had all been in my imagination. But surely I couldn’t have imagined seeing his magnificently hirsute body as he stood naked before me. I couldn’t have imagined the feeling and taste of his cock head in my mouth and the thrilling moment when his spunk spat in there too.

But Ronnie wasn’t the type to say sweet, romantic things. He was probably to some extent a sexual predator and I was pretty sure he had seduced other lads like me on his driving course. But they would have to have been over the age of consent, and I was very willing indeed, as konak escort I think many young men of my age would be too, so in my book he was harmless: in fact he was doing me a favour, giving me the benefit of his experience and showing me the ropes of gay sex. Licking that man’s hairy arsehole had been the most breathtaking experience of my life and I wanted more.

“Hi,” he said in his usual friendly way, and it wasn’t until we had gone around the corner that he put his hand on my cock. He had to be careful, because driving was another thing I was a novice at. I put my hand on his hand and squeezed it so that he squeezed my package and we both knew we were back where we left off.

I executed a pretty good parallel parking manoeuvre outside Ronnie’s house and we were soon inside. He walked straight upstairs to the bedroom, which, as last time, was dark and warm.

Ronnie wrenched his clothes off, as eager as I was to get started. The street light through the curtains showed me my rough-hewn, hairy idol and I quickly stripped too before getting down on my knees and running my nose through his abdominal hair, which metamophosed into the luxuriant pubic bush in which stood his fabulous penis.

I sucked him like a whore on overtime, keen to show my devotion to him, at least in his role as my sexual master. I didn’t expect a proper relationship to emerge from this – I couldn’t imagine how it would work as regards discretion, anyway. I just wanted to learn a few things and be thrilled and happily used by this benign monster.

“Turn round,” I said quietly, and he did and, knowing my intention leaned with his hands on the bed so I could rim him. Again, the very fact of having my face in his buttocks and my tongue at his anus was heavenly.

“I’m going to do that to you,” he said after a while, and threw me onto the bed before pulling me into position and licking my sphincter. From what I had read this was preparation for anal sex. While I did it to him out of sheer lust and intentional self-degradation, he was softening me up for the main event.

But before we got to that part, having given me a good, highly erotic manisa escort tonguing, he spread lube on my hole and took a metal tube from the drawer – one of those that protect individual expensive cigars. He sucked it and made sure I noticed in the mirrors that ran along one wall, then slid it into my hole. It was a nice feeling – a lovely feeling, a smooth, manageable intrusion designed to start me off slowly, and it did indeed make me long for something bigger.

That turned out to be the wooden handle of a potato masher – one of which coincidentally I had used on myself once or twice in the absence of a man or a dildo. Ronnie pushed it in until the handle disappeared, then pulled it out again, so it opened me from the inside this time. He did it several times and I felt what was becoming my favourite feeling: that of being a slut to whom he could do anything he liked. The mirror had shown me the large sexy man inserting things into my rectum, and had also recorded my dumb, accepting facial expression, hypnotized by the sordid goings-on.

Then Ronnie discarded the masher and lubed his cock. I had always fantasised about him mounting me doggy style, and he did. He climbed onto me like a big dog, not slavering and panting like an animal, but with the same one-track mind. This human beast had told me he was going to fuck me and here he was, here we were, on all fours like our primitive ancestors.

Ronnie’s body wrapping me in his furry skin felt fantastic as I watched myself being ridden, but his cock was bigger than the masher handle and also , being slightly less rigid, dragged at the skin of my anal cavity as it went in and out. Yes, it hurt, but like the saying said, the pleasure was indescribable.

Seeing that I could take it, Ronnie stepped up the intensity and was soon pounding me so I thought we would fall over. Then suddenly he pulled out, turned me onto my back, pulled my legs into the air and plunged back in, with his face right over mine, staring into my eyes as he buggered me.

“You can jerk yourself if you like,” he said before lowering his face to mine and kissing me. His big, hungry tongue performed menderes escort a lurid dance with mine as his penis rocked and rolled up my arsehole.

I grabbed my bemused cock, not used to not being the main source of pleasure, and wanked myself. Strangely, though, it wasn’t like it always had been before, because of the electric current of raw sexual pleasure coming from my anus. It was at that moment that I realized sex would never be the same again, because I had acquired a brilliant new addition to my repertoire. Rather than relying on my cock, I could lie there and receive incredible excitement from a man and his penis – up my arse.

Ronnie’ hairy body lurched and pummelled me as his big hairy balls slapped against my buttocks as if to give me an audible reminder of what was happening to me.

I managed to reach around and get a finger in Ronnie’s arse, just enough to get the smell of him there. I brought it around to my nose and sniffed it. Nothing I could do with him would now be too extreme. I was a fully converted bisexual and this man could sit on my face and rub his arse on my nose; he could piss in my mouth and into my crack; he could stick his fist up me if he wanted – anything that gave him pleasure gave it to me too.

“I’m going to come,” he whispered, and seconds later he convulsed as his orgasm shook him and released a tide of spunk in my insides.

As he slid out of my arse and off my body, I realized I had yet to come. I began to masturbate and the it dawned on me that he was spent, had switched off and I could come wherever I wanted.

“Turn over,” I said.


“I want to come in your crack.”

He turned over and gave my his dark, sinful crevice and the sight was too much. I spurted my semen into the abyss and rubbed my shrinking cock in that wicked play area, a swamp of semen and secretions and hair like mangroves.

We decided that I should find another driving instructor, which I did, but I saw Ronnie twice more at his house. He fucked me ferociously the first time, and the second time (our fourth session) he brought another young guy along and fucked both of us before the lad and I had a 69 and I licked his arse too.

And that’s how I became the dirty bastard I am today – but what the hell? I and the guys I play with are not doing anyone any harm. Ronnie the driving instructor set me on the road to a lifetime of dirty, horny, thrilling sex with other men.

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