Good Night


It was about 11:30pm when Heather came home from work, her odd working hours meant she hardly got to see Jack awake during the week and she knew he was already in bed, fast asleep. The house was quiet and placed her handbag on the table on the entrance hall and slipped of her shoes.

Her feet were sore from a long day at the office but her mind was not on that. She quietly walked over to the bedroom and upon looking in, saw Jack fast asleep, laying on his back, his one leg, customarily draped over the duvet. She undid the zip of her dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in the pale moon light filling the room with only a sexy black bra and matching panties and thigh high stockings.

She knew how much Jack loved seeing her wearing that and nothing else and she could feel the warmth from between her legs grow in anticipation of her actions to follow. Very gently she pulled the duvet out from under his leg and pulled it off of him. Jack was laying there, naked as always, fast asleep, not aware of the hungry creature looking at him with so much desire.

Heather reached down and gently took his limp cock into her hand as she stood next to the bed and bent over at the waist, bringing her mouth to his manhood. Her lips parted slowly and a slight warm breath glanced over his cock as she prepared to take him into her mouth. She let his limp cock slide into her mouth before closing her lips around his shaft and slowly and gently started sucking on him.

His breathing started becoming a little heavier but to her surprise he did not wake up, but his body did react. She could feel his cock starting to swell in her mouth as she sucked on him, slowly letting her tongue swirl around the head of his cock as it grew. Within a few minutes he was as hard as a rock and to his full length, not a porn size cock, about 6 inches but with a very respectable girth, enough so to fill her mouth the ark izle and giving her very little room to close her lips around him.

His breathing had gotten heavier and when she looked up again she saw his hands clenching the sheets before she met his open eyes. He did not say a word, just looked at her and his stare was burning into her. His reaction, his hard cock, his breathing had all made her so hot and so wet, so she pulled her mouth off of his cock with a wet pop and straightened up.

His eyes were fixed on her, a slight look of disappointment in them now that her mouth was no longer on him but they were definitely burning with desire for her. She slipped off her black panties and she could see as she did his eyes refocused, away from her face and now focusing on the bare skin hidden below the material of the satin black panties and to her swollen pussy lips that could barely be seen in the dark room, the moonlight shadows probably making her curves look even more inviting or so she hoped and from the look on his face she knew it was.

His hand reached up for her but she grabbed it and smiled, shook her head and then pushed it above his head. She watched his eyes as she straddled him and without saying a word, without teasing, without any hint of shyness, she slid herself onto his hard cock.

When he slid inside of her it felt amazing, the warmth of his hard cock rivalled the heat from between her own legs, his girth stretching her and filling her up. She sat there for a few minutes, his cock filling her up, her pussy clenching and relaxing around his shaft, she was so close to orgasm and thought if she moved any she would cum, both their breathing was hard now and just as forcefully as she wanted him inside she felt frozen now with him inside her.

She let his hand go and placed her hands on his chest as she used it to balance herself as she the catch izle rose up off of his cock until he almost slipped out and then lowered herself down onto him again, slowly, deliberately and with purpose she rode him. Her eyes were closed at times, her head flung back as if she was just enjoying the feeling of him slipping in and out, but when she opened her eyes and looked down it brought a smile to her face every time as she saw his intense stare at her.

His hands had moved to her hips by this time and was helping her move up and down on him. Her eyes closed again and her mouth opened as he felt her clench down on him, a small moan escaping her mouth as she came over his cock. As she came she sat on him, his cock deep inside of her until her orgasm passed. When it has passed she looked down at him and started her slow deliberate fucking again until again she came.

This time as she rose he used his hands to push her up off of him and he could see in her eyes the look of disappointment that he was no longer inside of her. He pulled her towards his face and she scurried up, sliding her dripping pussy over his chest until her pussy was over his lips. Her hands was firmly holding the wall, keeping herself upright as she felt his tongue run over her swollen clit and down the length of her pussy until she felt his tongue push inside of her.

She moaned as he greedily ate her pussy, seeming wanting to lick up every drop of her womanly juices spilling willingly into his mouth. He kept his mouth on her, his tongue licking and flicking over her until her body started to shudder when he finally broke the silence, “Don’t cum” he said softly before returning to his oral assault on her tender sensitive flesh. She clenched and moaned through gritted teeth. What was he trying to do, kill her? All she wanted to do was cum but he told her not to. This was impossible, the chemistry of death izle this was torture but so wonderful, so much what she had been craving all day.

Her mind was all over the place as she tried to stop from cumming and he did not give her a moment to relax, to regain composure, he kept her there, on edge for what felt like hours even though she knew it was only minutes.

“OH MY GOD” she finally screamed as she felt an orgasm overflow her senses. Her body spasmed, her pussy contracted, she felt a flood of wetness leave her body as the most incredible orgasm struck her, an orgasm that felt like it was ripping through her from her very soul out to her pussy.

When she stopped twitching eventually and pulled herself off of Jack’s face she looked down at his face, now covered in the glistening wetness from her very first squirting orgasm. He layed there smiling like a kid who stole the candy and was only caught after eating all of it.

“You little shit” she said in a panting voice as she lowered herself back down to his cock and slid him into her pussy. He seemed even harder and even more swollen than before and she clamped down on him, grinding into his cock and fucking him hard now. His smile soon changed to a lust filled look of desire, his mouth open and his hands clenching her hard as she felt him squirt deep inside of her. The hard pounding was pushing her close to another orgasm as well and when she felt him explode inside of her it pushed her over the edge and another powerful orgasm swept through her, making her thrash on his cock as she enjoyed the moment.

When she eventually recovered from her orgasm she looked down at him, kissed him as she lifted herself off of his cock and whispered in his ear, “good night my love”

He looked up at her, kissed her and watched her walk into the bathroom. She returned with a face cloth and cleaned him up, covered him up with the duvet and returned a few minutes later, took of her bra and slipped into bed with him, wearing nothing but the stockings.

When she cuddled up against him she felt his cock hard again, pressing up against her and her eyes looked up into his. A smile was on his face and he said, “Again?”

The end.

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