Given and Taken Ch. 01


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The tribe chanted as they moved upwards along the thin, dirt trail that winded along the mountain side. Perched upon the ceremonial throne atop the backs of a several men, Elijah looked down to the sharp fall of the cliff to his left, knowing that that quick demise would be far more pleasant than the one that awaited him.

He was young, and had seen only eighteen summers. Dirty blonde hair fell to his shoulders, his blue eyes were deep, his body fair and strong. He was utterly gorgeous, and that beauty was why he was now being offered as sacrifice to the horror of the mountain.

Few had ever seen this being, and those who had were never seen again, but on some nights when the nights were dark and the winds were quiet, some say they could hear human screams from the dark caves.

Eli had heard all of this folklore since he was a young child, but now the horrors of the mountain finally sunk in.

The people had a tradition. Every fifty years, on the winter solstice, the tribe would make the long traitorous journey up the mountain with the offering of one of their own. This gesture was never questioned as this being, they knew, if ever angered, would kill them all.

Eli shivered, from the cold and the fear. He had no idea Bahçelievler Escort what lay before him, but hoped the demon would be merciful and quick in his execution.

Hours passed and they finally arrived to the narrow ridge that led to the opening to the cave. Only one could pass at a time. Only one ever did. The thrown was lowered and he stood up, legs weak from the journey. His mind was weaker though as he looked over to his parents as they weep. He turned and faced the tribe, reciting the few lines that he had resented memorizing. They repeated the lines in chorus after him, and he bowed his head to the crowd. Suddenly his mother jumped out to embrace him, screaming and crying hysterically.

“Elijah, no!!!! Please!!! Oh God!!! Have mercy!!!”

His body became as still as stone and he pushed her gently away.

“I love you Mama, take care”

His father came over to them as the crowd became inpatient, as the ceremony had been slightly ruined by her outcry. After pulling his wife away from his son, he bowed his head to Eli.

“Thank you my son, we thank you. I love you. Be strong”

With that he turned, pulling the woman with him.

The tribe slowly started the decent, soon only the priest remained to utter the words “God be with you” before he departed.

Eli took a deep breath and willed himself to move, but he couldn’t. He was utterly transfixed with fear, but he knew his Bahçelievler Escort Bayan duty. With that in mind, and nothing else, he crossed the narrow ledge into the cave.

He had not walked in more than ten feet before the stone door slammed behind him. He was total darkness.

He stood there in silence, eyes closed, head bowed, body relaxed. It was in those moments when he finally accepted his fate. A light flickered from the depts. The sound of movement was evident, echoing through the tunnels. Eli breathed deeply until he could feel a presence before him. He dare not move, dare not speak. He simply waited.

He could feel it circling him, like an eagle circles his prey. He had no fears left. He had emptied his heart.

When the silence was broken, he didn’t even shiver, as the strong voice spoke.

“Why do you not show your fear?” it growled.

He spoke back in shallow monotone. “As I have none, beast, make it quick”

He swallowed hard as he added his plea.

“Beast? Is that how you wish to address me?” Its think voice cut through the heavy air, echoing off the narrow walls.

“That all that you are, a beast. Now go about your bidding.” Eli whispered

“Brave young warrior, I see. They have sent me one so young, so fresh. They have done well.”

He felt a large strong hand grasp his chin and raise it. He refused to open his eyes.

“And gorgeous” Escort Bahçelievler It continued. “Yes, they have sent me wonderful prey.”

“Prey? I am not your prey. Prey run. I have no such option.”

“Yes you do. All those before you did. All of them ran, and cried, and struggled. Not for long mind you.”

Eli shivered at that comment. “My fate is decided by god. Now beast, fulfill it.” A single tear fell from his closed eyes. His resolve was breaking.

He felt the creature’s breath on the back of his neck and started to panic.

“Shhh….” The creature coaxed. “be still. I will not harm you.”

Eli’s eyes shot open and his body tensed.

“W….what?” he stuttted. “what do you mean?”

The creature walked before him, out of the darkness. Eli’s breath was taken away when he saw what came forth.

The creature was indeed a man, or well, seemed to be male. His features were human, but his skin was paler. He was tall, with dark brown hair. Three things surprised Eli, his calm state, his seemly young age, and his utter beauty. His body was well defined, he apparel medieval. He looked down on Eli and smiled.

“Do you like what you see?” he smirked.

Eli forced his eyes away from the man, and cast them downwards.

“H…How could I l…like a m…murderer?”

“For the last time, I will not harm you. Now what is your name?”


“Beautiful, so fitting. I am Alistiar, but you will refer to me as Master”

With that statement, Eli finally realized Alistiar had no intent to kill him.

“W…what?” he still stuttered.

“Obviously there is need for explanation, but that must come later. There is much to do first, I have been waiting a long time for you. We must celebrate.”

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