Girl’s Night Out


Tonight was the night. I had planned this for months, but I was waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Sara and I were finally going out together, alone. No guys, no husband or friends. It was going to be just the two of us girls out on the town. My husband was away on business and wouldn’t be home for days. Sara lives alone and wouldn’t be missed for a day or two. She arrived at my house at 7:00pm and our usual pre-bar ritual began. We both got ready as we had a few drinks and put on our clothes. We had been friends for about 5 years now. We are quite a contrast. She is 23 and I am 30. I am 5’5, 135lbs., with shoulder length wavy blonde hair, green eyes. I have 36C’s, 28″ W and 34″ hips. Anyway, Sara is really small, about 5’0, 100 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. She has really huge breasts I think 36DD’s and a tiny waist about 23″ and probably 30″ hips. Tonight I was wearing my brown/white snake-skin patterned mini skirt and tight white shirt which shows my tits nicely. Sara was in her hot pink mini and tight white shirt also. Both of us had on heels, her’s were black, mine brown. We both looked hot all “slutted up” as we called it.

We got to the bar at about 9:30pm and started drinking and dancing. We were having a blast rubbing all over each other as all the guys would stand around us and drool. We kept this up until about 1:00am when I began to set my plan into action. Sara is a light weight and was pretty much trashed. I had paced my drinking so although I was buzzed I still had my wits. I slipped my “magic” pill into Sara’s drink while she wasn’t looking. I grabbed mine and toasted, “Here’s to ladies night out”. Sara picked up her drink, tapped mine and guzzled. I sucked mine down in excitement and thought, “It won’t be long now”. It only took about 15 minutes for it to kick in. I could see it in her eyes as they started to glaze over. She slumped down in her seat. “Sara, are you OK honey?” I asked innocently. She didn’t respond. I thought to myself….”here we go, no turning back now”. I slid into her side of the booth and wrapped her arm around me. I got us up and proceeded to head to the door. She was a little heavier than I thought, must have been because she was near to unconscious. I struggled a little as I walked to the door. Some guys offered to help. I said, “No thanks”. I got her to the car and put her in the front seat. I jumped in to the driver’s side and sped off. My heart was pounding in shear excitement and anticipation as I thought about all I had in store for my best friend.

We got to my house and I pulled both our cars into the garage. I got Sara out and helped her into the house. I took her downstairs to our own personal “dungeon” which consists of a four-poster bed in a sound proof room. I placed her on the bed on her back. I used fuzzy handcuffs to secure her wrists together Kolej Escort and attached them over her head to a strap that my husband installed for our pleasure. I then attached each of her ankles to each of the footboard posts so she was spread open before me. God, she looked so hot still in her bar clothes all tied up. I felt my pussy getting wetter and my nipples were hard as stones. I hated to cover her face, but I couldn’t take a chance of her finding out it was me. Our friendship would be over and I couldn’t stand to lose her as a friend. I placed the leather blindfold over her eyes. I then took out some head phones attached to the nearby stereo and placed them over her ears so she wouldn’t be able to hear me. I know that she wouldn’t because my husband and done this to me before, it is a very effective way of keeping your slave from hearing anything except her own thoughts. It would be another few hours before she would start to come around so I began to prepare my tools.

I had several different sizes, shapes and functions of toys. My favorite of course would be the double-sided strap on but that would be later. I proceeded to lay them all out along the table along side the bed. I then went and took a shower to rinse off my scent, she would recognize the smell of my perfume and lotion. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail so she wouldn’t know I was a woman. I then dabbed old spice all over me. I then dressed in leather pants and a men’s long sleeve shirt. I didn’t want her to feel my soft skin next to hers. I wanted her to believe it was a man so she wouldn’t ever suspect me. I put on surgical gloves and began my assault.

I turned on the stereo that would play heavy metal and hard rock until the wee hours inside her own personal hell. She started to move a little. I then got on top of her. Straddling her stomach, I began to slap her around a bit to get her to come to. It took a few times before I saw her come fully awake. She began to struggle against her bonds trying to kick. She started to scream out. I covered her mouth with my hand. She stopped struggling for a moment. I wanted to kiss her so badly, to suck on that beautiful mouth and taste her, but I knew she would know it was a woman. I pulled out small butt plug and placed it in her mouth then ducked taped it in place. That started her struggling again. I couldn’t stand it, I started to giggle and laugh. She was helpless; totally mine to do with as I pleased. I thought to myself, “this is gonna be fun”.

I pulled out my knife and started to caress her face with it. She immediately stopped struggling. She was breathing hard now probably from fear and the realization that she couldn’t escape her fate. My pussy was drenched. I slid the knife down to her neck letting the cold steel touch her warm flesh. I caressed her Rus Escort breasts through her bra and shirt. I then moved it down over her flat belly and up to the top of her shirt. I slowly began to cut her shirt off. The sound of the fabric tearing raised my level of excitement another notch as I exposed her white satin bra and bare stomach. I sliced through the arms of the shirt, revealing her skin and trying to be careful not to cut her. I was so excited and turned on that my hands were shaking. The straps of her bra were next to go revealing her big beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard, out of fear or excitement, I don’t know. I pressed the cold steel against her right nipple and watched her start to squirm. A low fearful moan came from the back of her throat. I started to torture her nipple. Pinching, twisting and pulling the nub, while watching my lover wiggle. She tried in vain to get away from my touch. Her breathing was becoming loud and fast. Her tiny whimpers would punctuate each different abuse my hand would perform. She sucked in a deep breath when I bit down gently on the tip of her nipple. It was hard not to lick or suck on it, but I again I didn’t want her to feel a woman’s lips suckle her. I was supposed to be a man remember. Not wanting her other tit to feel neglected, I switched the knife to my right hand and started to abuse her other nipple. I could feel pounding in my pussy and I almost came right there. I thought to myself, “what fun would that be?” Next, I pulled out two nipple clamps, applying one to her right nipple. Sara cried out in pain from behind her gag. Before she could prepare herself for the other, I quickly slapped that one on too, knowing how painful they were from my own personal experience.

Positioning myself between Sara’s legs, I used the knife to cut off her skirt revealing her beautiful completely shaved pussy. Neither one of us wear underwear, so I knew she would be bare. Both of us shave our pussies as well and hers looked so beautiful, all spread and ready for anything. I slid the knife along her pretty legs, gently scraping the skin on her inner thighs, stopping just short of her pussy. The knife then made its way over her stomach as I watched her belly quiver with each pass. I could smell the fear on her as well as the excitement building between her legs. I reached down to finger her pussy folds surprised to find my glove wet with her lust. I couldn’t resist so I had to taste her on my fingers. I started to suck on my fingers. “MMMMMM”. Her sweet musky taste made my mouth water. I wanted to eat her out right then and there, make her scream with pleasure. But I had to remind myself that I was a man tonight, maybe next time. Since she was already wet (a pleasant surprise), I grabbed my silver bullet vibrator and turned it on. I then placed it at the entrance Yenimahalle Escort of her wet cunt. My slimy fingers began to slowly tease her clit as the vibrator entered her cunt. I left her clit alone. I know the torture a vibrator can inflict being placed inside your pussy with no clitoral stimulation. She started to squirm after the first few minutes of the buzzing. As I watched her torture, I grabbed the nipple clams and gently pulled on them. Her head shot up off the bed and I heard her scream behind the butt plug in her mouth. She then began kicking and pulling at her restraints. I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to come. I quickly put on my double-sided strap on, sliding one end inside my dripping, throbbing pussy. I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass. It went it easily because she wasn’t expecting it and her cunt was sloppy wet. She was on her back and secured, so I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I then positioned myself at her entry and placed the head of the 8″long 2.5″ wide dildo at the entrance of her pussy. She started to wiggle as I slowly pressed into her. I closed my eyes as I imagined what it had felt like inside of me when I used it on myself only a few days ago as I had thought of this very moment. I slammed into her the last few inches and felt it bump up against her cervix. It pushed the one inside me deeper and I could feel the vibrations from her ass as I started to ride my sweet Sara. I began to pound into her brutally, no longer able to control my lust. I grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as I rode her faster and faster. Reaching up, I grabbed her around the throat to pull her into me harder sending the dildo inside me deeper against my cervix. I couldn’t help myself and I started to cum violently.

“AAAAAAHHHHHH….OOOOOOOOHHHH…..YEESSSSSS!!!!!YOUU FUCKING BBBBBITTTTTCCHHHH!” I screamed as my body started to shake with each thrust. I had a hard time keeping my rhythm as my orgasm reached its peak. Still shaking from the orgasm, I tried to catch my breath. I looked down at Sara’s face and saw her breasts heaving as she also tried to catch her breath. I hoped she came too. In my excitement I couldn’t tell. So I had to make sure. I pulled off the dildo I had been pounding into Sara and replaced it with a double dong. I positioned myself between her legs, pulled the vibrator out of her ass and slid the double dong inside her pussy and ass. I also placed the finger vibrator over my thumb so I could torture her clit as I pounded her two holes. I started to ride her again, this time under more control. I slide in and out of her gently as the vibrator teased her clit. She started to try to grind her pelvis up towards me to take me in deeper and I watched as she started to cum crying out behind her plug. Her body began shaking violently as I showed her clit no mercy, holding the vibrator in place as I rammed deep inside her. She just kept screaming and cumming as I pounded away at her. After several minutes, she finally collapsed. I removed the vibrator and double dongs.

And that was only the beginning of our first adventure

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