Getting Nailed


This story is not intended for children and if you are not old enough to read sexually explicit material, go away. This story features some elements of female domination (femdom), cross-dressing (CD), mild bondage, Trangender (TG) and a few other fantasies of mine. I hope you find it entertaining, but if you might be offended, stop reading and do something else. The author retains all rights to this story. You may re- post the story unchanged, provided there is no intent to profit from this story (it is not nice to make money from someone else’s work).

The author enjoys reader comments on his web published erotic fiction, so if you wish to reach him, e-mail him through the link below.


Chapter 1, The Bet

Sarah and Jack

We have been married for several years and we both were experiencing very active professional lives. Our jobs are quite demanding, requiring us to work long hours and consuming most of our creative energy. This daily grind had the same effect on us as most other couples in the 90s. Our love life was shrinking down to one or two times on weekends without a great deal of inspiration. We both longed for our early days of our relationship when sex was very regular and was our first choice in recreation activity.

One thing I missed a lot was Sarah’s long fingernails. Sarah is a great looking woman, a complete package of brains and beauty. She is almost 6 feet tall, has light red hair and green eyes. I have always thought she has the perfect figure with great breasts and a butt to match.

Sarah used to keep her nails long and manicured. Her work requires her to use a computer most of the day and she found the long nails to be problem. Little by little her nails got shorter, until today they are just about the same length as mine.

I still get a little rush when I think back to those long nails and how she would use them to tease me sexually. Taking the edge of her shaped nail and running it along the veins in my cock and around the head. I think she could keep me on the edge of orgasm for days if she wanted to with her fingernail tricks. Then she would take my dick into that perfect pussy and while she rode me she would lightly rake my chest with her nails. Not quite breaking the skin, just enough pressure to drive me crazy with lust. Sarah could take the edge of those nails around my nipples bringing the little nubs to rock hard points and then when she reached orgasm she would pinch my little nubs as we pounded our bodies together and I was cumming like a mad man.

Always the next day the warm shower would bring little red lines on my chest to a visible state and when I was shaving seeing the marks in the mirror made me stiff again.

Friday Night: The Actual Bet

“Your late Jack and now I don’t want to go out for dinner this late. Here we go again, a Friday night finally gets here and we are stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do.”

“I’m sorry Sarah, but I had to get my budget input completed for the consulting proposal we worked on all week. If I didn’t stay until it was done, I would have to go in tomorrow. If I went in to the office, I would have been sucked-in to help finish other parts of the proposal for Monday and I didn’t feel like blowing my weekend because others didn’t get done today.”

“Your trying to make me feel better by telling me it could have been worse?”

“No, I’m only trying to explain why I ended up working late. How does a movie sound? You said you wanted to go to see some chick-flick that’s out now”

“What a great way to ask me out for a date, asking me if I want to see some chick-flick you can’t even remember the title of, Jack. Why bother, just forget about it. You can run over to the video store and check out a rental movie and I will make us a chef salad.”

“Are you sure? I asked lamely”

“Yes Jack, and knock off the puppy dog look. Open that bottle of wine in the refrigerator and pour me a glass. By the time you get back, I will be chilled out.”

“Sarah, this is starting to sound like a good plan.”

I ran over to the video store and picked up a couple of movies that might be interesting. I was hoping that one of them might be sexy enough to give us a libido boost, as we were way overdue for some good sex (any sex even bad sex). I also picked up some dark chocolate and some fresh strawberries. If the movie failed to get a spark started with Sarah, the chocolate and strawberries were pretty surefire.

When I got back, Sarah had finished the salad and had set up a “picnic” on the den floor. She had some nice candles burning and pillows available for getting comfortable. This was much better than going to see that “chick-flick”.

I threw in one of the movies and we started to enjoy the good food and wine. The movie was not that good, but as we were more involved in our various appetites, so it didn’t seem to matter. By the time we finished the salad and were snacking on the strawberries and chocolate the videotape had been stopped.

Sex was on our mind and we had all evening to share our lust for each other. We had not had sex for days and I wanted karabağlar escort to take some time. Abstinence has different effects on Sarah and me. Sarah takes much longer to orgasm and I take much less time. As we indulged in foreplay, I kept reminding myself to slowdown and put the energy into making Sarah as hot as I could.

I was so horny that my dick hurt in my pants. I needed more room and getting Sarah and me out of our cloths became my focus. As I undressed Sarah, I kissed every inch of skin I could find. Sarah’s neck is glorious and is a highly erotic zone for her. She can almost orgasm from my kissing and stroking of her neck. I began working my way down from her neck, slowly unbuttoning her blouse, and kissing her warm flesh as inch new area is exposed. By the time I am down to her bellybutton, she is pulling my shirt off with no regard to my personal safety. I have to stop what I am doing and give better access or I might get strangled in the process. We are back to kissing and I am working on getting her lace bra off. I could unhook it and get it off in a few seconds if I wanted it that way, but I wanted to make this as sensual as possible. After what seemed to be forever but had to be a minute or two, I had Sarah’s bra off and her beautiful breasts were now the center of my universe. After kissing all of the soft skin of her breasts, I took one then the other nipple into my mouth. Running my tongue around and over her nipples brought them to a very hard state. Sarah is starting to move into that special zone where her whole body becomes sexually charged. Her body starts to tremble and her eyes are a pool of lust.

Being so close to orgasm without quite getting over the top was frustrating Sarah. She grabs at my belt and urgently drags my pants down over my briefs and hard cock. I know that as hot as we both are, I would explode very quickly if I entered her wonderful pussy. I quickly shuck Sarah’s shorts and lace panty. Kissing my way down her belly, I start teasing her pussy. Sarah has the best tasting pussy in the world and giving her head is a great joy for me. I lightly stroke her outer lips as she spreads her legs. Sarah is very close to going over the edge, but I want to drag her orgasm out as long as possible. I slide down further to give Sarah’s pussy the tongue-lashing I so enjoy providing. Sarah wants me to shift around to a 69 position so she can return the oral stimulation, but I refuse. I don’t want to change positions and lose my concentration.

When Sarah gets into this zone, she is having small orgasm after small orgasm and keeps building to a large crashing climax. My world is Sarah’s pussy by this point. I keep working Sarah closer and closer to the edge by licking and sucking her clit then going back to licking her pussy lips. The only part of my body Sarah can reach is my head and she has her fingers twisted into my hair and she is pulling my mouth into the pussy. Her body starts to quiver and suddenly she goes stiff for a moment and then begins to shudder.

I move my hand from Sarah’s butt and insert a finger into her pussy. Taking the wet finger around to her asshole, I start finger fucking her rear entrance. That finishes her and takes her over the edge. A major orgasm starts and goes on for several minutes, drenching my face with her lovely nectar. Sarah has these major over the top orgasms most of the time when we make love, but when we have gone without sex for a while, the result is unbelievable. Her pussy juice is flowing so hard that I can’t even lap it all up, her body rocks and convulses so hard that she gets cramps in her legs and toes and Sarah moans for so long that she completely runs out of breath.

It is over, and Sarah has collapsed into a limp pile. Sarah’s clit is ultra- sensitive now and she can’t stand to have any more additional stimulation. I slide up next to her and hug her as she comes down from the climax. She starts licking her juice off my face and crushes me against her breasts. Sarah says that she goes completely out-of-body when she has these powerful climaxes and I am both amazed and jealous of her orgasm. My dick is still throbbing in my briefs and I almost came myself without being touched. I slide my briefs off and put my erection between Sarah’s legs, but not in her pussy. As Sarah clamps her legs together my dick is trapped against her clit and her pussy juice is flowing over my cock. She rocks her hips slowly to rub her clit against the top of my dick as she comes down some more.

After several minutes Sarah can talk again and begins to relax her legs and arms so I can move again. Now it is my turn, but Sarah is a little pissed that I teased her so long before taking her over the edge. Figuring that what is good for the goose is good for the gander; she starts to tease me. I tell Sarah that I am already hot as can be and just want to fuck. No way is Sarah going to let me off that easy and she starts tweaking my nipples and asking me questions.

“Jack, why are you so cruel to me when I am ready to climax and want your hard dick in me”?

I explain that it is so rewarding to me when I take her over the edge karşıyaka escort like that and if we are fucking my orgasm might occur too quickly for her major orgasm. This is especially true when we have not had sex for a while.

“Besides Sarah, you are not so innocent of sexually teasing. Remember how you used to tie me up and tease me with your fingernails for hours? You would make me beg to come and make me eat you to orgasm after orgasm. Then you would leave the bedroom for a while, come back when my erection was starting to droop and start all over again.”

Sarah got this evil look on her face and started to tease me about my fascination with her long nails.

“Well Jack, I think you have a little bit of a fetish when it comes to long fingernails.”

“If I do, it is because you taught me to respond to your nails with your sexual teasing.”

“I think you have a little too much interest in my having long fingernails.”

I was starting to feel defensive and tried to push back on Sarah.

“I really can’t remember your long nails that well, since you have kept them chopped off for so long.” “I mostly remember the great sex we had back then and how often you put some real energy into pleasing me.”

I had hit a little below the belt with that remark and Sarah looked hurt.

“Are you trying to say I don’t put energy into sex anymore, huh Jack”?

“Not exactly, but you used to keep your nails long for me and now you don’t” “This is one example of how we let our work lives interfere with our sex lives.”

I thought by using the “our” sex lives line, that Sarah would get back to our love making and forget about this budding argument. I wasn’t quite that lucky.

“Jack, you are so full of shit.” “Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep long nails?”

“I watched you take care of them, and I don’t think it was that big a deal Sarah.”

“It isn’t the time it takes to do your nails, it is the extra time routine activities take when you have the long nails.”

I should have just agreed, but I had to have the last word.

“I think you are exaggerating how hard it is to have long nails.”

“You want to bet, buddy?”

Now I was really stupid.

“You got a bet Sarah!”

I had no idea what I had just got myself into, but my male ego just walked me into a bold statement with implications that I had not considered.

“OK Jack, you are going to have to prove to me that it is no big deal to have long nails.”

“You’re on!”

Sarah went on to set the terms of our bet, then we put it in writing and both signed it.

Nail Bet Between Jack and Sarah

1) Sarah will put long nails and polish on Jack.2) Jack will wear the nails until he gives up or any of the following conditions are met. 2a) 24 hours pass with Jack successfully wearing the nails. 2b) Some emergency occurs; in which case the bet will be suspended to a future time. 2c) Sarah agrees that Jack has proven that wearing long nails is “no big deal”. 3) The loserr of the bet will be the sex slave to the winner for 2 weekends.

There, it was done. It was time to put up or shut up. After all the times I had wined to Sarah about not having long nails, I was about to find out what the wearing of long nails was like.

I had lost my erection by now, but I was horny as could be. Sarah had a major orgasm, but I was still without for over a week. The earlier activities had given me a case of “blue-balls” and all I really wanted to do was get my dick into Sarah’s hot pussy. Sarah had other plans. She took me into the bedroom and sat my naked butt at the dressing table. She had an antique armchair at her dressing table with a padded seat and back but ornate carved arms. She sat me down in the chair and took several silk scarves out of the dresser. Sarah started tying each of my arms to the chair.

“Hey, what is that for?” I asked.

“I don’t want you to try and back out after I get started.”

Sarah sat in my lap and started kissing me. Running her hands over my face and down my chest, she kept it up until I regained my erection. Grabbing my dick, Sarah starts masturbating me, kissing me and rubbing her breasts against me. Her tempo starts building and she is getting me closer to orgasm, then simply stops.

“Hey, don’t leave me like this!”

Sarah just laughs as she dances into her walk-in closet. I can see in the mirror that she is looking for something and then changes. When she walks out of the closet, she is wearing the short silk robe and matching panties that I bought her for Valentine’s day. She looks unbelievable with her figure accented by the drape of silk. Sarah goes about collecting various items she is planning to use. She keeps moving from side to side as she gathers and discards items. I know she is doing this to set a physiological edge to our bet. Somehow, the whole show Sarah is putting on keeps me fully erect without any direct stimulation.

“I see that you find getting your nails done exciting?!”

“That is not fare Sarah, you know how good that silk makes you look, and besides I am the one with blue balls.”

Sarah kemalpaşa escort just smiles and plops down in my lap. She sets her tools down on the table and starts dressing my nails. She shapes my cuticles, trims and files each nail just the way she likes it. All this time, she keeps rubbing her beautiful ass against my erection. As she works, I try to look over her shoulder, but she keeps shifting around to block my view and rub my cock. This was making me even more excited and that didn’t seem possible.

“Now to put on your nails!”

Sarah looks in her fingernail kit and finds her glue is dry.

“I guess you are going to have to wait here while I go get some more glue.”

“Sarah, please don’t leave me like this.” “Can’t we finish having sex and then go get some glue?”

“Poor baby, are you getting that desperate?” “Maybe I can find some more glue around the house and won’t have to go out.”

Sarah turned around in the chair and started kissing me again. She slid off her panties and is sliding her cunt up and down the bottom of my cock. Sarah grinds her hips against my cock, trying to crush my cock with her clit. I am at the edge of ejaculation when Sarah jumps off my lap, gives my hair a quick toss and jumps out of the room to look for glue. I can’t believe it, my dick looks purple. It is twitching and throbbing but she stopped just short of my orgasm. If she keeps this up, I will be a complete drooling idiot. An erection with a body existing to provide nourishment, all other life events forgotten as the controlling erection seeks orgasm.

“Looks like I don’t have to go out after all!”

“Hold on there a minute, that’s super glue” “You can’t take that stuff off, can you?”

“I’m not sure Jack, I never put nails on with super glue and I think they make some kind of remover, but I guess we will just have to find out.”

“No way Sarah, please don’t use that glue?”

“Beg me!”


“You heard me Jack, beg me or else, I am going to use super glue for your new nails!”

I started begging Sarah like crazy. She sat on my lap facing me again and started rubbing her tits on my face and pressing my dick against my stomach with her sopping wet cunt. I could not concentrate and before long I was begging her to let me cum and I forget all about the super glue.

“Please let me cum Sarah!?” I begged.

“You can’t cum until we finish your nails Jack.”

“Please hurry up then, your driving me crazy!”

“I have to go to the store and get some more glue and that could take an hour with traffic and all.”

“OK, OK use the supper glue!” “Please, just hurry”

Sarah just stopped and laughed at my predicament. She was getting turned on to the whole scene and was so excited herself that her nipples were hard as rocks and her cunt lips were glistening in the soft bedroom lights.

Turning around, Sarah bends my cock down and sits in my lap. She squirms around until my cock is nestled in the folds of her cunt lips and she can rub her hard clit along the top of my shaft. She rocks back and forth giving herself direct stimulation and driving me to greater and greater lust. Suddenly Sarah stops rocking and a small shudder shakes her body and she lets all the air out of her lungs as she climaxes.

“What about me?” I begged.

“I told you Jack, that you can’t cum until we finish your nails!” “Besides, that was only a little orgasm for me.”

As Sarah goes to work on my nails she keeps rocking her hips randomly so that my erection keeps pressing up into her clit. Her nectar is flowing down over my cock and I can feel the wetness leaking over my balls. I am sure some of the wetness is pre-cum from my dick, but I can’t see my erection.

I can’t stand the frustration and simply close my eyes and concentrate on breathing. I think I was just about to pass out and it took all of my concentration just to force air into my lungs. I started thinking, and realized that I had been on the verge of my orgasm for about 2 hours now. I don’t think I can survive much longer in this state of arousal.

“There, all done!”

I looked down as Sarah got off my lap. I didn’t look at my nails yet, because I had to look at my cock. It was twitching and throbbing, was red in spots and had a purple cast to its coloration. It was covered with pre-cum and pussy juice and it seemed to belong to itself. Sort of a symbiotic relationship. The cock existed for one purpose, orgasm. The body existed to provide nourishment to the cock and in return got to experience the orgasm with the cock. I never understood why men gave nicknames to their cocks until now. It was a life-force of it’s own.

“Well Jack, what do you think?”

I saw my nails for the first time and almost fainted. Sarah had put on the longest nails in her kit. The longest nails must have been 1.5″ to 1.75″ and even the nails on my little fingers are 1″ long. Sarah has painted them a color I would call candy-apple-red if it were on a car. I can’t believe what I am seeing and my cock starts to jerk up and down. Sarah realizes my cock is about to erupt and grabs my balls. Squeezing them to the point of pain, Sarah breaks the stimulation path and halts my orgasm. Reaching over the wine bucket, she grabs a handful of ice, starts rubbing my cock and balls. I think death must be near and then a split second later I come down to earth. My cock is still purple and fully erect, but my balls have shriveled up into my abdomen.

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