Fulfilling My Fantasy


I’m sitting alone in the bar you told me to meet you at. Dressed as you instructed, so you know how to find me. Though we did exchange pictures, the bar is dark and I don’t notice you watching me from across the room. You wait, letting my nerves and anticipation build, watching me sip my drink a little too frequently to pass off as casual. Just as I finish my drink and am about to give up you approach me, a second drink in hand, and sit down with a smile.

We start talking, not about anything specific, but just mentally feeling each other out to make sure we click. Considering the time we have planned ahead of us we’re both very happy to find that we do. You quietly laugh to yourself as I prove that I get a little too chatty when I’m nervous, but you find it sort of cute instead of annoying like I worried you would. You start lightly touching me, not enough to be overtly sexual, but in a way that shows you have intent.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been touched that way, since before my children were born…before the weight gain and the babies, the exhaustion and the age. The way you touch me reminds me that I’m not as bursa escort old as I feel, and it almost makes me feel sexy again. Without realizing it I’ve finished my second drink.

Your eyes move from me to the door, where another man is waiting. You give a slight nod and he walks off to the bar. I barely have time to notice before you have my attention back on you, chatting again. The warmth of the alcohol spreads through me, it’s been years since I’ve had more than one drink, and I can feel it affecting me much more easily than it did in my early 20’s.

The man from the door places a third drink in front of me then sits down on my other side without a word. I turn to say something but you firmly keep my attention on you. I feel his hand try to slide between my legs under the table and I resist. You frown slightly, lean in and whisper in my ear “now now, be a Good Girl.” The phrase sense a special sensation through me, as you knew it would, and I part my legs to allow your friend access.

His hand is quick and strong. I can tell he knows how to touch a woman. I was already slightly damp from the excitement of knowing a bit bursa escort bayan about what was coming, but his fingers quickly have my panties drenched. I alternate between frantically glancing around the bar worried that people can see and closing my eyes relishing in the feelings he’s creating. You don’t seem to mind that I’m not able to carry on quite as easy of a conversation at this point.

You lean close again, to any passerby it would look like you were intimately kissing my neck, and slip one hand into my bra. Twisting my nipple between your fingers you ask me if I’m about to cum. I nod, afraid if I said anything it would come out as a loud attention grabbing moan. You bite my neck softly and push your friends hand away.

“Not yet.” He says as he gets up to leave.

It’s literally the only thing he’s said to me all night, and he says it as he walks out. I want to cry out in frustration. I feel your hand leave my body too and through the haze of my sexual excitement I hear you telling me it’s time to go. I take one quick nerve steeling swig from my untouched third drink and I follow you out of the bar. You know if escort bursa you’d let me cum I may have talked myself out of tonight, keeping me on the brink ensures I’ll follow you.

We fall back into to chatting again as we make our way to your hotel room, though the conversation has taken on more sexual undertones. You can tell I’m still nervous but the drinks combined with my near orgasm have me eager to get to your room. You’re kissing my neck (you’ve found the back of my neck makes me especially responsive) and caressing my breasts in the elevator, keeping my excitement heightened. I fidget nervously as you open the door. The lights are all off and it’s nearly black in the room as the door closes behind us. I feel you press against me from behind, the hardness of your cock rubbing against me. You lightly bite my neck again, both hands down the front of my shirt twisting and pinching my nipples.

You move your hands up and put pressure on my shoulders, clearly intending for me to kneel, I’m confused for a moment though since you’re still behind me…until your friend steps in to view. His naked form barely visible in the darkness of the room.

“Open your mouth like a Good Girl” you command, “and prepare to be filled like the slut you want to be.”

I smile greedily and swallow your friend’s cock as I hear your belt coming off…

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