Fuckable? Pt. 01

Big Tits

Weeks had gone by since Celeste had discovered Eve’s sexual secret. Eve as it turned out was a girl who liked girls but no one would’ve guessed it. A church going woman with her own successful business and an incredibly talented son. Eve was an amazing single mom who was put together, stunningly beautiful, and she didn’t exactly give off the ‘I sometimes eat pussy’ vibe.

Celeste had recently been struggling again with her sexuality and the constant questioning along with basic incompatibilities had just destroyed her most recent relationship with Sonia. Since the split the two had only occasionally gotten together for angry sex and the sudden decrease in action followed by nothing had her extremely frustrated. When she heard that Eve; a close acquaintance quickly turning friend, was bi-curious it lit a strange fire in her one she somehow knew only Eve could put out.

Eve was a dark haired beauty with fierce dark eyes and a perfect smile. She had a great ass that was simultaneously full and toned. One couldn’t deny its overall shape was sexy and alluring. Her hips were curvy enough to draw anyone’s immediate attention but still slender and in perfect proportion with the rest of her body. Eve’s curves were eye catching and Celeste couldn’t help but notice how sexy she was especially when wearing yoga pants or leggings. Though she also looked incredible in shorts and was absolutely stunning when she wore dresses. Celeste could almost picture grabbing Eve around the waist and using those incredible hips to slowly guide them both to a climax. She thought about it now; about somehow ending up in bed together and allowing Eve to grind her pussy against her thigh while she held her down by the waist. The picture in her mind was so hot she had felt her pussy begin to twitch and her panties start to dampen.

Celeste had actually been trying desperately for a few days now to ignore her new found desire to be in bed with the beautiful Eve. She honestly didn’t think Eve would ever let it happen and didn’t want to keep focusing on it. Instead she had joined dating sites hoping to find someone else to focus her sexual energy on. Somehow no matter what hottie she found and how intense the chemistry in the conversations Eve was always Demetevler Escort at the back of her mind. She thought back to the last time she was at Eve’s house. They had been laughing and talking all night. It was an incredible evening and both had been drinking a bit. Eve was so attentive and kind she was constantly smiling and took the lead in most of the conversations. Celeste at one point thought that maybe she had been flirting with her but dismissed it as the alcohol talking. At the end of that night Eve had made it a point for some unknown reason to let Celeste know her bedroom door was normally locked but that it wouldn’t be that night. In her drunken state Celeste took it only as Eve’s way of letting her friend know she could be reached if needed. Now though she wondered if it instead had actually been a subtle invitation to join her in her bedroom instead of sleeping on the couch. Could she really have been so drunk and oblivious to have missed a chance of sleeping next to Eve? Maybe she did and if so maybe it meant that it could happen again if opportunity presented itself. Could it be possible there was maybe even some small mutual attraction? She thought it was probably just her imagination. The fleeting thought of there being a chance even a very slight chance to be with such a beauty continued to heighten her arousal.

Admittedly It was a little strange that only a few short weeks ago she was completely clueless about Eve’s adventurous sexual side and now here she was fantasizing over her. She was soon beginning to struggle to ignore the building sexual arousal that was growing in her and further dampening her panties with each passing moment. Her nipples had quickly become hardened and now strained at the fabric cage they were in. She knew what her body was telling her and what she needed to do. She walked to her bathroom and locked the door. Removing her clothes slowly allowed the fabric to slowly brush against her nipples sending electric pulses through her now beyond fully aroused body. Once she was standing in the tub she finally allowed her fingers to slowly slide down between her legs. She grazed her clit with her pointer finger as she lowered her whole hand to her swollen mound. Otele Gelen Escort She felt an immediate jolt of pleasure go through her. Moving her fingers lower and using slight friction to stimulate her gentle folds. She then slipped a finger deep inside herself using it to capture some wetness and drag it back up along her slit. While it was true she was typically pretty wet whenever she was turned on. She was taken back by the amount of wetness she now felt at just the first touch. She instantly knew this fantasy was better than most and that she probably wouldn’t last long. She continued touching herself using the wetness she had gathered on her fingers to lubricate every delicate inch of her wanton throbbing pussy.

Within a few moments she could hear the familiar wet sloshing sounds coming from between her legs. Celeste imagined it was not herself but instead the sound of Eve home laying in bed and fingering herself at the same time. Turning on the water it was cold at first as she placed both hands under the stream. She placed one hand back down over her mound and the cold sensation hitting the warmth of the swollen lips sent shivers to her entire body. The water soon turned warm and she lifted the plunger that switched it from tub faucet to the shower head that loomed above her. She turned her back to the shower letting the water gently hit her neck and run down to her feet. She was rubbing herself fiercely now using a new quickened pace. She moved with purpose barely allowing her clit to get some attention hoping to hold off for just a little while longer. It was no use the need for release was overcoming all of her senses.

She was unable to deny herself and took 2 fingers to fiercely rub the top of her clit using its protective hood to protect the bundle of nerve endings. This was her preferred method of hitting a climax and she was really close now. Just as she was about to crest “pleasure mountain” she decided to stop for just a second and prolong this feeling. She could feel the intense emptiness of her pussy now and how desperately it wanted to be filled. She removed the two fingers from her clit to her readied entrance and pushed them inside. Her wetness made them slip in Balgat Escort without resistance and She pushed them back and down hitting as far back as they could reach. She then hooked her fingers and moved them inside herself in a sort of come to me motion. That was it she needed to get off and she wasn’t sure how much longer she could hold herself on the edge of ecstasy. She was so close and felt the urgency in her body. Her fingers kept hitting her gspot now with intense but gentle force.

“Mmmmm fuck” she moaned

“Why am I so damn hot for her now?” She was whispering this to herself. Encouraging herself to let go of this fantasy and think of someone else. Someone more attainable whi wanted her back. Someone within her reality that could bring her real undeniable pleasure not just a fantasy. Someone who wasn’t a friend that she wasn’t willing to lose.

It was no use the dark haired beauty was the only thing on her mind right now. She allowed the palm of her hand to push hard on her mound and she could feel the intense tingling of her clit.

“Mmmmm damnit she’s so hot” she moaned again

With one palm on her mound and the fingers of that hand still curling toward her gspot she was now so incredibly close to her climax that her legs were beginning to weaken. She steadied herself with her other hand on the shower wall and at the same time pushed her palm harder into the soft flesh of her now sensitive and swollen pussy.

“Holy shit! Fuck! Fuuuuuuck yess!!” Celeste finally exclaimed as her monumental orgasm rocked through her. In that moment her pussy had clenched down around her fingers and now as she rode out the rest of her orgasm she could feel it pulsing rhythmically around them.

The water continued to run and it felt so nice and served as a great way for her body to quickly calm down from the intensity that had just rocked her world. Against her better judgement or maybe in spite of it she now took the extendable shower head in her hand and turned the dial to the fiercest stream. She massaged her neck and back with the powerful spray and then her chest and breasts finally directing the stream directly at her sensitive clit. The instant it hit the nerve bundle her legs began to shake and an intense but short lived orgasm ripped through her.

Her legs gave out on her slightly and she had to catch herself against the shower wall and lower herself to the floor of the tub. Resting in the afterglow she held the showerhead in her hand the water now aimed at the wall while she recovered.

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