Found a Heaven in New york chp-1


Well it all started a couple of years ago …

I am sameer 19yrs old lives in Hyderabad a city in India ….2 years ago when i was 17 my family and i visited to my mother’s brother house who lived in new york for our summer vacation of 2months. it was April 19th we cached kingfisher airlines and landed in new york a day later..there he was my uncle shyam came to pic us he is younger brother of my mother who is in he’s 40’s along with his wife soumya and daughter mounica .
my aunt soumya who is 34yrs old a 6yrs younger than her husband and daughter mounica 15yrs 2yrs younger than me . we all hugged one another and started to their house..
well to tell about me i am teen male who is 5’11 ft well built ..played soccer and wrestling for my college. my broad shoulders made me look a 2yrs older than i really i am. we landed in muy uncle’s house after a 1hour drive from airport . we were jhanded some fruit juices and aunt soumya showed us all our rooms . mine was in first floor a Little far from other family member’s along with my uncles who is a bit few feet from mine . where as my mothers and cousins room were down .
The preceding evening my aunt introduced us to all her neighbor’s. we had a great dinner together and talked for hours . aunt soumya was kinds checking on me while her daughter totally ignored my presence . after a few hours of chat we all went to our respective rooms and had a good sleep.
The next morning i woke up at 5am due 2 my alarm i placed on my wrist watch . i am a person who never forgets or let go waste of time when it comes to my fitness and health . i started my work outs with few basics and soon started to do some stretches and and skipping and due to the sound i made i think i woke up my aunt who came to my room to see whats happening şişli escort .and there i was with out my t-shirts and wearing my boxer’s doing skipping . she came and told that she is happy to see me all grown up since she last saw me in a relatives marriage 6yrs ago. she aid she liked the people who kept their body fit . due to her compliments i started to turn red. well to say about my aunt.. she is34 years old .slim for her age with nice sets of boobs and round ass and a height of 5’8 that could drive any man crazy to fuck her . at first i felt shy later got used to her. and she told she is gonna help me out in my work-out from next day and told me to be ready by 10am as she is gonna take my family on new york tour. by 10am we all goatherd in their living room and left the house. she has shown me some wonderful places in new york and all that time she stuck by my side smiling and whispering with me about new york and its places ..we returned from our first day tour at 7pm in the evening and went to our respective rooms to fresh up . their house was really well built and had lost of technology and many remotes for working .i was confused to know what button to on the greaser .. so i called up my aunt to help me out . when she entered i was rolled in a towel and she couldn’t move her eyes from me . i called out her saying :”aunt soumya could you help me out here iam a bit confused with all this buttons ” then she started “oh my sameer i sorry for making you wait let me help you out of this problem”. after hse did my work and left i completed having my shower came out and puton my track and t-shirt and joined the dinner with every one a diner that shocked me out ! i was sitting next to my aunt and my mum and aunt started serving us all Indian dishes that they made . as i was about to start eating my dinner my aunt placed her hand on my thigh and started to crease it …i was shocked of this behavior of hers and sat without talking a word ..while all other ate their food passing jokes and interesting things. after the dinner i directly went to my room and slept thinking about what happened near the dinning table and fell in to sleep . the next day i woke up at 5am and started doing my stretches and my aunt knocked my door and asked may i join in ? i said with out hesitating yes u may aunt soumay. she smiled at me and joined . she wore a work out dress that showed her awesome physic of her nice breasts and ass she started stretching with me and did exercises together i showed her some stretches from catching her from behind and my dick started to rise in my boxers to my touching her and it started to poke her ass . she noticed it right away and started smiing at me she stuck her ass more close to my dick and started grinding it . it went on for few minutes . this time i was doing some yoga and she knew yoga really well . in yoga we call steps has “ashanam” i was having problem in a particular ashanam and there she right away to help me . she started catching me from behind due to this her tight breasts started to touch my bare back and my sweat which was started due to the intensive heat producing in my body due to my aunts breast touching me stated my aunt to go crazy . she more tightly touched my back and started playing with my chest moving her hands up and down on my chest and abs. and then my uncle entered the room at 7am and saw us doing ashanam’s . things like touching one another in ashanam’s is quite common so he didn’t mean anything quite wrong going between us and called my aunt to serve him some coffee and my aunt leaves me with a smile on her face.
As i watch my aunt leaving the room with her ass moving side to side made me rock hard in boxer’s. i went in to bathroom sat on the toilet bin and started to think ” man that was unexpected ! was my aunt started to turn me on or am i imaging things like an idiot ? many questions went through my head i never thought of any women in my life . yeas i was virgin a damn good looking virgin at the age of 17 …is this is my chance to loose me virginity ?? is my aunt interested in me !!! i felt excited and at the same time was worried if what i thought went wrong ??. and i came out of bathroom and went down to the living room where every body were gathered . ,y uncle told was what all places he was gonna show us and my family was happy for what he was doing for our vacation . i started to look at my aunt who was in kitchen and she was staring at me like hell .i turned my eyes sis up and down and again i saw her she was still staring me and my boxers and i started chatting wit my uncle and sat beside mounica and talked with her . but my aunts eyes didn’t move from me . i was sure of this now she was interested in me and i was loving her attention towards me . we had great time that day .in the evening when we returned from our tour my uncle got a call that he has to live to Washington for some work that will take him away for a week from us .
I was happy but every one else were sad . but i could see that my aunt was glad he was going away in her eyes. my dad and aunt went to drop my uncle in airport and returned back . i was in my bed as usual topless and at in the night of 2am some one entered my room i was silent and acted as if i was sleeping and bed light was on and it was my aunt to my surprise . she wore a silver dress robe and saw me sleeping and turned the light off and slipped in to my mattress removing her dress robe and started to touch my back with her bare tits and inserted her hand in my boxer’s and started to play with it.i didn’t moved even an inch due to my shock. she did it for few min and left the room by giving a kiss on my lips.

stay tuned for more …

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