Forklift Training: First Time


(This is the third in the series. Hope you enjoy it.)

Walking into the warehouse felt different that morning. I was unsure whether it was the knowledge that Lisa had her first day of actual training that day or the thought that maybe I would face backlash for what happened the day before. I went to the timeclock and clocked in as usual. My first stop was my office where I put down my lunch bag and sat down. I turned my computer on and saw an email almost immediately. It was from the Office Manager reminding me of Lisa’s schedule, so I knew when to be in the forklift area. I took a breath. It looked like I had a few hours to catch up on things before the moment of truth.

As I was working on the PowerPoint, I received a text on my phone. I didn’t recognize the number, but I opened it anyway. It was Lisa.

“What should I have worn for today?” she asked.

I typed back, “Probably something warm. It’s cold out in the warehouse.”

I secretly was torn. Part of me wanted her to be practical. A different part of me wanted her not to be. I was not ready for the next text. It was a picture. Apparently, she was in the lady’s room. The dress was a little short. And she wasn’t wearing panties. I did see the tell-tale glow of a pink light though. My practical side was thinking how she was going to freeze. The other side of me…well I was intrigued to say the least.

My appointment reminder went off fifteen minutes before showtime. I slipped out of my office and started to walk out of my office when I saw a throw folded up in the corner. Based on the picture, I thought it best to grab it. That way her ass didn’t freeze on the seat. I carried the throw as I walked through the office before walking almanbahis through the break room and into the main part of the building.

It was a brisk five-minute walk to the forklift area. I preferred to perform the first practical day of training in this part of the building so the trainee learns about the basics. This meant checking out a lift, making sure the walkaround is done and the basic controls. All the forklifts we have at the warehouse are the same model and brand. However, I always prided myself of thinking beyond our building. So, I get really in-depth. It was about three minutes later when she arrived.

“I should have worn jeans,” she said visibly shivering in her jacket and leggings under her skirt. I handed her the throw. She looked at me cautiously.

“What do we need a blanket for?”

“Wrap it around your waist. I don’t need you shivering when we go through the pre-check.”


Unbeknownst to me at that point, the forklift area was abandoned. I neglected to look at my watch and realized it was their lunch hour. The first shift started at six, so their lunch break was from ten to eleven. Office staff started at eight. I didn’t realize that we would have the area to ourselves at that time. And there were strict rules on being in your work area during your unpaid lunch. Looking back, it was convenient.

We started walking around the lift, looking for fluid leaks. I then showed her how to start the lift and raise the boom to make sure it worked. To her credit, she was a good student almost. It was fifteen minutes in that she started to tease a little. The throw was put on the lift behind the seat before she bent over the seat.

“So, almanbahis giriş are we alone?”

I looked around. It was then I realized we were. I then remembered the cameras.

“LP is watching,” I reminded her, pointing to the camera in the corner.

She looked at me smiling.

“Why would they be watching during lunch hour? No one is in the whole building.”

I panicked before she slid her leggings down. She then leaned against the forklift, so her ass was sticking straight out. My dirty mind took over. Before I could stop myself, I walked over and slapped her ass. It was so tight, there was no jiggle at all.

“There you go. Tap into your dark side, Jack. I am your student.”

I smacked it again and heard a moan. I spanked her a few more times until that creamy white skin of hers went dark pink. I then removed my belt from around my waist and went to securing her wrists to the arm rest on the lift.

“What…what are you doing?” she asked.

“Indulging my dark side.”

“But someone could walk through and…”

“Afraid of getting caught?” I asked.

I could see the excitement in her eyes as I slipped my cock out of my pants and started to rub it over her pussy. It was already beyond soaked. I pressed the head against her a little before I looked at her again.

“Is this what you want?”

She started to moan a bit. Her legs were spread, the leggings bunched against her ankles. Her wrists secured to the lift. In my mind, I imagined leaving her like that. Except I would be the one blamed. I pressed myself against her until I was a quarter of the way in. She was warm. It was more like red hot. I started to slam into her quickly, just to make almanbahis yeni giriş sure she didn’t cool down. My hands went to her hips as I held her. I could hear her moan softly only because the building was so vast. I could feel her cunt squeezing my cock.

“You’re evil,” she whispered as her legs began to give out.

I held her up before whispering in her ear.

“I could leave you here for the maintenance guys.”

Her eyes opened in horror.

“Please, fill your slut. Then untie me. I don’t want to have their greasy hands on me.”

I smiled, thinking I had the advantage for once. The climax was more satisfying thinking I hit one of her limits. As I shook myself off after, I played the gentleman and bent down to assist her in pulling her leggings up. I then took the throw and rewrapped it around her before finally undoing her wrists. He rubbed one with her other hand before she smiled at me.

“I wouldn’t mind if it were the studs in Receiving,” she whispered.

A quick look at my watch told me we had ten minutes prior to the return of everyone. I guided her into the seat where we turned on the machine and did some basic lifts. As she set it down, one of the maintenance guys walked forward.

“I forgot you were doing her training today,” he said.

“It’s alright. I’ll make her check out a lift tomorrow and we’ll drive it a bit.”

He walked away, not indicating that he saw anything. Lisa looked over at me and smiled.

“What do you have planned for tomorrow?”

“We’re going to let you drive a little. It’ll be a few weeks before we test, but we’ll talk about that later.”

As she slipped down from the lift, I smiled.

“Any ideas what to wear tomorrow?”

“I’m thinking coveralls,” I said absentmindedly. “That way you are presentable for the rest of the day in the office.”

“I think I have my old pair when I was on the floor,” she said with an evil grin on her face.

Little did I know what that meant.

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