First Ever Male Massage Pt. 05

Big Dicks

This is now turning into a series of stories if you are new to me, and my stories please go and read Chapter 1 first.

As you know I’m a straight married guy who has dipped in and out of male massages for a while now, every time I feel I need to “scratch the itch” I start to review who I could see and where. It’s an exhaustive process as there are lots of gay massages out there but I’m looking for specific guys who are comfortable with straight guys and know how to work with them.

I feel my requirements are different, I don’t want to get railed by some buff gay guy for me it’s more about the tease, the illicit nature of the massage by a guy and what it might occur during it.

So, I started to feel “the itch” again and I started to explore the usual sites to find what I was looking for. Gumtree is always my go to, and I happened to be working in London, so the scope was much bigger. I began reaching out explaining that I wanted to try a male massage and asking what I could expect from the guy.

I received the usual answers of Swedish or naturist. For me it’s a red flag if they don’t put naturist massage. I want to touch him as much I want to be touched, in honesty maybe a little more me touching him, but anyway if they don’t state naturist I’m out.

So, I began talking to a guy who called himself “experienced” and offers a naturist massage, isn’t a clock watcher and we can take our time. He told me he only books one client per evening and he lives and works on his barge on one of the canals in London. I looked up where he was moored, and it was close to my lodgings.

I booked in for a 7pm massage. I went straight back to my hotel after my meetings and began to shower and shave. I shave everywhere and like my cock to be smooth as well as my arse and balls. For me it makes me feel hornier to feel smooth.

Once finished I left the hotel and walked the short distance to the canal, he told me to look for the barge with the rainbow flag on the back and I picked it out instantly. I walked up to the barge and carefully stepped onto the boat. I knocked gingerly on the door and waited for the response.

It wasn’t long before the twin doors opened, and I was greeted by Mike. He was good looking guy, tall with salt and pepper hair which was shoulder length. He invited me in and shook my hand firmly. We chatted briefly about the cold weather, and he ushered me down the cabin. I got to the destination which was a warm room with a massage table in the middle with soft towels draped over it. The room was dim lighting and made it feel very welcoming.

Mike asked me to strip down and put on one of the towels and we could take a sauna before starting. I had no idea this was on offer, and it felt great to not be rushed and I felt a good vibe. I quickly stripped down to my boxers and looked for the towel and located it. I dropped my boxers and wrapped the towel around me as Mike returned in his towel also.

I followed Mike into the next room along the corridor and it was a small but intimate sauna. The heat was warm and pleasant, and we chatted about sport and TV and work for nearly 20 minutes I’d guess. I was then invited back to begin the massage.

Again, I padded bare travesti porno foot into the massage room and removed my towel and lay on the bed whilst Mike put on some calming music.

The heat, the lighting and music were filling my head and I felt the soft towels against my body and rearranged my cock to be pointing towards my feet underneath me.

I first felt Mike’s hand touch my back as he began to drip oil onto my body. He began with very deliberate strong strokes up and down my back I could see his feet through the whole in the massage bed. I knew his cock must have been directly near my head as he rubbed my shoulders. The pressure not to look up at this stage was incredible but I kept my cool and relaxed and enjoyed the massage.

Mike moved down my side and began on my legs starting at my calves and feet. He moved up to my knees and up the side of my strong thighs and the side of my arse. I was desperate for him to touch me, but he carried on stroking my legs.

At one point I felt something swipe past my arm which was down by my side. It must have been his cock, but it was fleeting, and I was drowsy from the massage and missed it.

He then parted my legs slightly and began to stroke up and down my thighs but one hand on either side of my leg. He brushed by balls with his hands when he stroked to the top but again it was quick and didn’t linger. He did this on both legs, and it was more by accident than on purpose.

He then had a hand on each leg and smoothed up towards my arse and when he reached the top, he spread my arse apart. He held them there; I’m guessing he was staring at my most intimate hole. He moved back down and did the same thing again, I raised up a little so my now throbbing cock could move and I gyrated my arse slowly showing him how horny I was. The next time he didn’t spread me, but he slowly and deliberately drew his hand down my arse crack over my anus and stroked and groped my balls. It was heaven…I moaned a little as he did it and lifted myself onto my knees slightly.

He took this as a sign and groped below me and took my cock in his hand for the first time, as he did it his other hand stroked my anus. I was so horny I wanted everything he had and didn’t mind showing my slutty side. He gripped my balls and pulled them down massaging them and sliding his thumb back up to my arse and pressing against my opening. He toyed with me in this position for a couple of minutes and I was very close to cumming before he moved away.

I waited for him to return, and I ground my cock into the bed trying to stave off the feelings I had.

I again felt him next to me and he placed one hand on my back and then I heard something buzzing, he placed the little something on my back and ran it down towards my arse. He ran it all over my arse, balls and cock as I again returned to the position of lying face down arse in the air on my knees to let him do whatever he wanted to me. He slipped the little vibrator against my arse and pressed firmly and I felt myself open and the vibe slip inside of me. He rubbed it deep into my hole and left it there buzzing away driving me wild.

It was then I felt his cock placed on my alt yazılı porno arm, warm and smooth. I moved my arm so I could take him in my hand and was shocked when I felt a huge cock. Now you’ll know from my previous stories that I have felt a huge cock before, but this was bigger. The girth of it alone shocked me but couple that with the length it was a monster.

I held him and felt for his balls which were in keeping with his cock, heavy and huge. I turned my head and brought my hand to my mouth and spat on it before returning it to his cock and stroking his huge head. It felt amazing to feel his huge cock already hard and it made me feel that he was enjoying it as much as I was.

He made his way back up the bed towards my head and I hoped I knew what was coming next. He stroked the back of my head and neck, and I turned to face him. It was a monster and was moving, swaying near me. I reached out again with my hand took hold of it a guided it towards my eager mouth. I licked the tip and swirled my tongue around the head tasting the musty sweet smell as I did it. I licked under the length of it and wondered how long it must be as I took him in my mouth for the first time. All the while my arse was being intruded by the vibe giving me shivers through my body.

He moaned out loud as I sucked his hard cock deeply. Bobbing my head as best I could to control the girth and length of this monster. I pumped his cock slowly with my hand in unison with my head trying desperately to find a rhythm. I was so turned on that I had lost control of myself, and Mike was just stood over me with his cock buried in my mouth letting me take control of it all. I reached under and stroked his balls and felt his arse which again brought a load moan from Mike’ mouth.

Mike moved away and I again dry humped the bed until I felt him climbing on the bed. I raised up a little and felt his hands grip my arse and spread me again. He removed the vibe and turned it off hearing it hit the floor. I then felt Mike drive his face between my cheeks and devoured my arsehole. I could feel is stubble all over me and his tongue pushing into my hole. It was heaven absolute heaven. He stroked my balls and wanked my cock whilst eating me out. I was lifting more now onto all fours, and I felt him move his head away.

Next, I felt his hands on my hips and I felt him pull me to him and all I felt was his thick huge cock rubbed against our bodies. He held me and pulled me slowly back towards him his cock rubbing against me arse. Then faster and faster dry humping me against his cock. He then stopped and I felt him rubbing his cock up and down the length of my arse crack…. was this going to be it? I wondered.

He pushed against my arse hole and held it there and I heard him audible grunt. Then he slapped it against my arse a few times before climbing off. God I was aghast I didn’t know if I was coming or going. What I did know was that I was horny as fuck, hard as fuck and ready to cum.

Mike asked me to turn over and he stood above my head and ran his hands down over my body, his chest coming into contact with my face again and again. He moved to one side and placed his üvey baba porno cock across my face…it was resting across my lips, and I opened my mouth, and he pressed down on his cock and began to slide it across my lips. God it was so horny having him hump my lips. His cock was locked in place by his hand pressing above and he was humping me. He began to pick up pace and suddenly grabbed his cock and jacked it off till he shot his huge load all over my chest, neck and chin. Watching it erupt was horny and I grabbed my cock and wanked hard as he began to slow his strokes and finished cumming. I was now close, and Mike rushed for my cock and engulfed it into his mouth whilst I wanked it. He took the full length of my cock in his mouth and took hold of the base with his hand; I ran my hand up the back of his legs and stroked his arse and slid my fingers between his cheeks. He adjusted his stance to allow my better access as my fingers came into contact with his arse and I probed him gently. The sight of all this and Mike sucking my cock had me cumming in seconds and I came deep in his willing mouth. He swallowed every drop like a pro and stood up and stretched. We both laughed and let out huge sighs.

Fuck that was good we agreed, and I managed to sit up on the table as Mike walked to the wall and relaxed against it.

His body was athletic toned, and he stood there with his huge cock hanging between his legs. It looked massive even when not erect.

I couldn’t leave it like this and I stood up walked over to him and dropped to my knees.

I took his flaccid cock in my hands and pushed my face up to it and inhaled. He smelt of cum and I deftly took him in my mouth to clean him off. I ran my tongue under his cock head and all up and down the shaft cleaning the dried cum off his shaft. As I did this there was life stirring in his veins and he began to swell. He grew large again and I started to give him head.

I felt Mike take by head in hands and began to slowly move his hips guiding his length into my mouth deeper and deeper. I struggled to cope with the length and girth together as he slowly and deliberately fucked my face. My eyes were wide as he forced the length down my throat and held my head in position. I was jammed onto his length. He withdrew and I gasped for air looking up at him as he looked down and smiled before feeding it to me again.

I willingly took it and this time he began to thrust harder and harder. I opened my mouth as wide as I could allowing him to use me easier with little friction. He was building up and holding my head tighter and I knew he was getting close.

He withdrew and grabbed his cock and sprayed my face with ropes of cum. I took some to my face and opened my mouth wide as he aimed to fill my mouth. I swallowed quickly and opened again for his last drops. I was so turned on by this I took hold of his thick cock and licked and sucked it again cleaning it of every drop. He tasted sweet and thick, and I lapped up every drop.

When Mike was clean and beginning to droop, I stood up and he handed me a towel to clean myself up. We chatted idlily about nothing really. My mind was still racing from what had just occurred and I was so turned on, but it was the end of the evening and I got dressed and said my goodbyes and left the barge.

I was in constant excitement on my walk back and when I got home, I replayed the nights events over and over in my head wanking furiously to a huge orgasm at the thought of being owned by this huge thick cock.

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