Finding Hope


This true story takes place the summer after I graduated from high school. It involves a girl I graduated with named Hope.I first noticed Hope when I started high school. My high school was a large public high school, but I attended private schools through junior high so, most of my freshmen classmates were new to me. My class had over five hundred students. I noticed Hope the first day of freshmen year. Hope has long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, perfect-sized tits, and the tightest ass. She could have been a model. In fact, she won our city’s beauty pageant one year.Hope was a dancer and a cheerleader too. Those activities gave her long legs with a perfect muscular tone. She truly was gorgeous and the most beautiful woman I’ve known.I was somewhat shy entering high school with no confidence to talk with girls. So while I admired Hope from afar, I never considered having a chance with her. As the high school years went by, I dated a few girls and my confidence grew. In all those years, I don’t ever remember talking to Hope.During the last semester of my senior year, Hope was in three of my classes. This included Calculus, Advanced Chemistry, and a study hall. Most people taking these classes would attend college for a science degree. Needless to say, senior year was not an easy year.Study hall was held in our cafeteria. Each person was assigned a table to sit at. The idea was you had one hour to work on your coursework to reduce your homework. I had plenty of coursework, so I took full advantage of the time.One day, Hope came over to my table and said, “Hi, James. Can you help me with Calculus?” I think that is the first time she had ever said anything to me.Here is this beautiful blonde eighteen-year-old beauty queen asking me for help. It was easy to say, “Sure Hope. What can I help you with?”Thus began an almost daily ritual where Hope would come to my table. Each day, I’d help her with some Ankara escort of the same classes we had together. We also talked and got to know each other better. I had often heard that she was a slut and slept with everyone. As I got to know her better, I came to understand those were just rumors started by people jealous of her beauty. I’m sure she wasn’t a virgin, but she also was not the slut people talk about behind her back.Our friendship grew over that last semester. My confidence still had not grown to the point that I felt I could ask her out on a date. Looking back now, I can tell the entire time she really was flirting with me. I don’t even think she needed my help with the coursework since she was very intelligent. Amazing what we realize years later.Graduation finally came. It was the typical boring evening ceremony and then many parties afterward.One party I went to with my friends was huge. The parents lived on a cul-de-sac and blocked off the entire area. There must have been over 400 people attending. As I was leaving, I saw Hope. She came up and gave me a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips. Clearly, she had been drinking.“Congratulations, James. Thank you for helping me this year. I got much better grades because of you”, she said. She then said, “We need to get together this summer sometime.”I said, “Sure. That would be great.” She then gave me another hug and kiss on the lips and ran back to her friends.I was on cloud nine. Hope had kissed me twice and wanted to get together during the summer. I wondered if she actually wanted to date me.I was working full-time that summer at a nearby race track. It was a popular half-mile asphalt track that raced stock cars Saturday nights. My job was to maintain the facilities and grounds. I was in charge of the crew, so I had keys to everything. Most days I worked from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. I hung out with Ankara escort bayan my friends after work, but I never called Hope. I still didn’t have the confidence to call her.On July 4th, Hope called me and asked me what I was doing that night. My friend Robert and I had plans to hang out. Hope asked if we wanted to go to the fireworks with her and her friend Kelly. Easy decision.We all met at Hope’s house. We needed beer, but were underage. I suggested we head to the race track. I had the keys to the concession stands and could easily take a case of beer without anyone noticing. After loading up with beer, we headed to the park for the fireworks show.I really don’t remember the fireworks. We all sat on the car drinking beer and talking. It didn’t feel like a date. More like four friends hanging out and enjoying the time.After the fireworks ended, we headed back to the race track. One of the grass parking lots had a wire cable blocking the entrance. I unlocked the cable so we could drive to the back of the track. I didn’t put the cable back in place.At the back of the track, I unlocked another gate so we could drive inside and park. This time I closed the gate again. We parked the car around a corner of the fence so it couldn’t be seen. We then sat on the car and continued drinking and talking.Hope soon said to me, “Let’s go up to the bleachers. I think Kelly and Robert want to be alone.” We grabbed some beers and walked up to the bleachers built into a hill that gave a nice view of the race track. We sat on the bleachers and continued drinking and talking.Somehow our discussion evolved to dares. Hope told me about a dare she received to give her friend’s brother a blow job. She told me how she snuck into their basement one night while he was watching TV and proceeded to suck his cock. I was so horny listening to her story about sucking his cock. I asked her, Escort Ankara “Did you swallow?”“Of course,” she said with a big smile on her face.Just then, I noticed a car driving really fast behind the back straightaway of the race track. It was a cop car. “Shit!” I said.Since I forgot to put the cable up, the cop knew something was wrong and was coming to investigate. Thoughts were racing through my head. We would get caught for underage drinking along with breaking and entering. I would lose my job. My parents would kill me.I quickly grabbed Hope’s hand and yelled, “Let’s go.”We ran to the concession stands with me holding her hand the entire way. I wasn’t thinking about sex anymore. All I could think of was hiding so we didn’t get caught.I decided to hide in the food concession stand instead of the beer concession stand. I unlocked the door, and we went inside. I locked the door behind us and kept the lights off. We then sat on the door in the darkness.We sat very close to each other. I was holding Hope and telling her it would be ok. She was scared too.After about ten minutes, we heard someone walking past the concession stand. I was sure it was the cops. I could hear them knocking on the door of the beer concession stand, but I couldn’t hear any voices. Soon after, we heard them walk away.I was proud of myself for choosing the food concession stand instead of the beer concession stand. That saved us from being caught.Five minutes later I said to Hope, “I think it’s clear. Let’s head back to the car.”She said, “Ok. Give me a kiss for good luck first.”I moved forward to give her a quick kiss like we did at the graduation party. Hope pulled me tighter and leaned back on the floor as she stuck her tongue in my mouth. This was one heck of a good luck kiss!As our tongues danced together, I instinctively put my hand under her shirt and began massaging her tits. Hope’s tits were a perfect handful. I quickly had her moaning.In no time, she had her shirt and bra off. She pulled my head to her nipples and said, “Suck my tits. Bite my nipples.” I did exactly as she asked. I was in heaven with my hands on both her tits while I sucked and bit her nipples. She clearly enjoyed the pleasure and pain.

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