Finally Nailed My Aunt


HelloLush Stories readers. I am Kritagya, 27 years living in Kolkata. I am tall and slim have a fair complexion and look cute. If you like the event that I am going to narrate then please do send in your views to . The main character of my story is my Aunt. She is an awesome lady. I bet any one who looks at her can’t ignore the erection in their pants. Her boobs size are 34B and her hips are 38. She is a bit plump on her waist and very short in height but when she wraps her selp in a saree (thats all she wears) then she can easily make head turn. The best feature is her ass. When she walks the cheeks slap each other in a manner that people can kill just to touch her ass. My attraction towards my Aunt began at a very early age. I was 16 when I was introduced to the world of porn. I used to discuss and share my fantasies with my neighbour. He was the same age as me. We used to be so horny that we would shag our dicks infront of each other. I never touched his or let him touch mine but it was exciting to watch and shag. During one such encounter he expressed his desire to fuck my aunt. I was shocked and angry. In anger I said I would like to fuck his mom. He was calm and I got furious but at the same time excited. He started describing my aunt’s feature and how he wanna ram his cock between her ass. I experienced a different kind of orgasm that day and that bastard deviated my mind from worshipping my aunt to fucking my aunt. Obviously from that day onwards I stopped shagging with him and warned him to stay away. He was harmless and after a couple of years their family shifted to new place. I on other hand was exposed to a new world. My fantasy and desire to Fuck my aunt. Then started the process of collecting and sniffing her dirty laundries. When ever she used to go out I would sneak into her room and take out all her panties and bras. I used to sniff it and wear it and shag in it and then stack it back. I also used to go in our bathroom collect her dirty laundry and lick it and spill my juices in it. This went on for some escort time and I guess she started having an idea on me messing with her delicates. She didnt say anything but used to be a bit more cautious. I then thought of taking it another level and tried to run into her accidently, or touch her ass or boobs and make it look accidental. She started getting an idea of my intentions but didn’t say anything as she thought I was too young to do anything. Time passed and my patience was declining. I wanted to fuck her at any cost. I thought of acquiring sleeping pills and mixing with her milk but didn’t have the right conncection to acquire one. I got a sex enhancing gum from a shop and tried it on myself first. I found it not working coz my desires and fantsies gave me a better kick than such gum. I thought of lying naked in my room and wait till my aunt comes in but then even that didn’t work as I never got the house free for just me and her. But then I got one such opportunity. I was 19 then and even had a girl freind who I used to fuck whenever we had a chance. My uncle was supposed to go out of town. So I was supposed to sleep in her flat. (forgot to tell we used to live in two diff flats but on the same floor, couldn’t join it as they were diagonally opposite). So I was given the room next to her and she slept in her room. The room was not closed and I knew for a fact that she was a very light sleeper. A slight noise and she woul d wake up. Anyways I couldn’t let go of this opportunity. I knew my uncle would be our for 8 days and I had to do something within such time. So on the first day itself I waited for an hour after she slept. I slowly crawled into her room and saw her. I wanted to kiss her then itself but then saw her saree lifted to her knees. I raised the saree and tried to look in but as the room was dark I could see nothing. I tried to lift the saree more and with that she woke up, luckily I was standing beisde her bed and she asked what I was doing there. I got scared and said that there is a call bayan escort for her and she needs to attend it. She got up came to the other room and obv found that no one was there. She had her doubts but I had my horniness. Next day I kept a torch in my hand. After she slept I again crawled back and this time after lifting her saree switched on the torch. I was greatly erect to see her red black panties. I tried to touch it and she agin woke up. this time I hide below the bed. She slept back and I ran out of her room. My horniness and patience where now totally out of control. On the fourth night I decided its now or never. I again went to her room at night. With a torch I again lifted her saree and then hit the lights on her crotch area. This time I was shocked she was not wearing any panties and her pubic hairs were visible. I was getting out of control. I tried to concentrate more and was expecting to see her pussy. I then took out my penis and started stroking but observing her pussy. I was in a different world altogether. I then thought of going all the way then and there only. So I again went to my room. I started ringing on our landline. I knew if I wont pick up she will have to come to my room to pick it up. I wanted her to enter my room so that I can avoid waking my cousins up who where little kids back then. The phone started ringing. She entered my room and called up my name. I didnt respond she went to pick the receiver and as soon she turned her back to me I groped her from behind. She left a loud shriek escape her and my heartbeat skipped a beat. I was scared but then I realised I have already crossed the boundary so I cannot retort from this point. She truned back and slapped me hard. I was hit really hard and it pained a lot. I didnt cry but tears did start falling down my eyes. She saw it and started screaming. I was paralysed but then I dont know what I happened I grabbed her face and kissed her lips. So by now I had groped her ass and kissed her lips. while kissing I also tried to escort bayan touch and feel her boobs but she pushed me back. I started pleading her to stop and listen to me first. She was not ready to listen to me, so I started begging and crying infront of her. I fall on her feet and requested her to atleast hear me out. She agreed. At first I requested her not to tell this incident to anyone as it will spoil our family reputation and also I will be discarded from home. She did agree to it but only one condition that I will never ever talk to her or even touch her. I took a sigh of relief. However my fantasy still lied unfulfilled. I then ask her for her permission to speak about my feelings. She somehow agreed to listen. I started pouring my heart out to her. I told her how I started thinking sexually towards her and how I used to dirty her delicates and how I tried really hard to seduce her to fuck me and how much I love her. I also described her figure in the most romantic way possible and told her that she casts a magic spell on me. Everytime I am around her I can only think of fucking her and how this is affecting my daily life. She was listening intently and I could even see she was not that angry to me. I then asked her if she can give me just one opportunity to touch her. She denied. I asked her if she could just shag me if not lemme touch her. This time she was undecided. I took my chance and pulled down my shorts. My dick was out. She showed an expression of anger but I thought it was a victory for me as she didnt shout or hit me. I Started shagging looking at her and describing on how if she permits I would suck her out. She started breathing heavily. I took my dick and went close to her. I put my penis in her hand. She let it go first. I again did it and made a cute request to her. She said this is wrong. I requested her just once so that I can move on and waise bhi she wont be talking to me ever so why couldnt she just be mine tonight. I promised her no one would know about it. Saying this I again put my penis in her hand. This time she made a grip around it. I was ecstatic. I knew that tonight I was going to fuck her. She slowly started to stroke my penis. I watched it grow more bigger in her hands. She was feeling tempting. I asked her to kiss it.

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