Family Tradition: 3 Virginities

Double Penetration

Family Tradition: 3 Virginities Lost

Summary: A few days after their eighteenth birthday and on Christmas Day, three triplets learn about (and join) their family’s long-standing incestuous secret tradition.

Note 1: This is a Holiday 2022 Contest Story.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven for editing this story.

Family Tradition: 3 Virginities Lost

Their Dad’s death had crushed the family.

Everything had changed in the blink of an eye, or at least that’s how it felt to them.

He’d always been as healthy as a horse, but then he came down with cancer, and within six months, their beloved Dad and husband went from completely healthy… to stone cold dead.

Fortunately, his life insurance policy plus an employer who’d respected him greatly, left the Hamilton family in great shape… at least financially. But emotionally, the family was now broken and lost.

It was the 1950s. They were a traditional Catholic family.

Dad had worked.

Mom had kept herself busy at home and she still did.

Dad had coached Little League on weekends.

Mom had been a prominent member of the PTA. She’d had to resign.

Dad had taught his two sons to behave like gentlemen, and his daughter had been a complete Daddy’s Girl. All in all, he’d been a perfect father and a perfect husband.

Everyone in the community had considered the Mom and Dad to be the perfect married couple… and in truth they were. They’d loved each other unconditionally. A perfect Dick and Jane… and yes, those were actually their names.

Only a few people in our community knew that behind their perfect personas… lurked a scandalous secret. A secret that if anyone told them, no one would believe. They were lifelong members of a secret Society… a secret incestuous male-dominated hierarchy called the Order of Syndom. It was a Society that had been around for decades (or centuries, actually), a Society that looked after each other. A Society that was literally a loving, extended family… which embraced the loving principle of lots of loving sex, primarily (but far from exclusively) within loving families. But only between adults. That was a hard and fast rule.

Commonly on the day a child turned eighteen, he or she was initiated into the Society… first by their father, or maybe their mother (and often both, since gay and lesbian sex weren’t the least bit taboo within the Society… and truthfully, any sexual perversion (so long as it didn’t cause any lasting physical harm) was actively encouraged within this Society. And then following one or both parents initiating their offspring (the initiation consisted of an educational segment, followed by the parent(s) having sex with their adult child), they held a celebratory family orgy that included all of its adult members. And then it eventually burgeoned into a massive orgy that included all the Society members in the area able to attend

For instance, Jane had initially been fucked by her Dad on her eighteenth birthday, and that very same day she’d discovered her joy for eating pussy, when she went down on her mother. She’d also discovered the joy of being spit-roasted by her Dad and elder brother, as well as the thrill of anal sex. Two years later, she was in attendance when her younger sister Helen became the final family member to join the Society. (When a couple decades later, she told her children about it, she shared that their Aunt Helen had the sweetest tasting pussy, and as soon as they had the chance, they should prove it to themselves. Or at least her sons should, since as men, they could simply demand what they wanted. Their sister would need to ask very nicely, since her Aunt Helen was senior to her in the hierarchy.)

Dick had lost his virginity to his mother (just like most men did in the Order of Syndom). In his case, before telling him anything, she’d astonished him by waking him up with a blow job in his own bed, where she’d extracted and swallowed his load number one for the day. Then later on, after his Dad had explained what was going on, he discovered his new breakfast favourite… his Mom’s homemade pie. Lastly, after making his way through school that day, where he certainly wasn’t very focused, he lost his actual virginity to his Mom, while his Dad watched approvingly and gave him a pointer from time to time. Dick, unfortunately an only child, had never gotten to fuck a sister.

The triplets in the family we’re focussing on… John, James and Elizabeth, had no idea of their parents’, grandparents’, and many past generations’, secrets while they were growing up.

At the time of their Dad’s death, they were all seventeen. Each of them would become eighteen on Dec 22nd. Each of them was oblivious to the earth-shattering, life-altering Christmas present their late father had arranged for them.

Before bursa escort Dick passed, he and Jane had agreed that contrary to tradition, Jane should delay their triplets’ initiation a few days until Christmas Morning.

Therefore on Christmas Morning, Jane knew exactly what was inside certain envelopes, having typed all three of them from her husband’s longhand. By then they both knew his end was near, and Dick wanted to guarantee the secret Society would be kept alive in their family even if he wasn’t, and he’d wanted to ensure that his wife would be looked after ‘properly’ by her sons. And also in slightly different ways by his daughter.

He contemplated sharing the secret with his sons before he passed, but he resisted the temptation. The Order had strict rules, and they were never broken… regardless of the situation… one of them being strict secrecy about even the existence of the Order until their child became an adult… at the age of eighteen. (While it is true that many states in the US, as well as many nations, have legal ages of consent lower than eighteen, that was irrelevant. The Society had mandated that their newest members needed to be legal adults when they first learned about, and then willingly joined the Society.) It may surprise some, but probably not many, that very few new adults declined their invitations. Jane was a bit of a scholar, and she had tracked down that the most recent decliner had lived at a certain address in Salt Lake City on May 22, 1933. (Which also happened to be the same day as the first modern sighting of the Loch Ness Monster, by Aldie and John Mackay.)

So on Christmas Morning, Jane was wearing white lingerie, like her husband had instructed her to, and white stockings… all hidden beneath her long silky robe, except for the stockings. Which wouldn’t faze her children at all, since she wore nylons every day. One of the expectations of the Society was that women must wear nylons at almost all times. (But while they were bathing or swimming for instance, that would just be silly!) It was a symbol of sexuality and submission to their men. (Very few people in the world know that sheer stockings were first developed by a member of the secret Society for the purpose just mentioned.) Jane’s daughter Elizabeth, unaware of the expectations she’d soon be required to abide by, already wore nylons regularly. She considered them sexy and a great accessory. Bright girl!

Also, like her husband had had, both of her sons had nylon fetishes… although she wouldn’t be able to confirm her opinion as fact for another couple of hours or so.

She made breakfast, and called her kids downstairs… she’d only have a few hours alone with her children before her mother and father, brother and sister, as well as her in-laws and other relatives, all arrived for a Christmas supper… and then if everyone could wait that long… they would have the inevitable massive orgy to initiate her three children into the folds of the Society… meaning everyone would fuck each other. But right now her family of four hadn’t even had breakfast yet, and Jane was feeling crazy horny. She’d gone three whole months without her daily fuckings from Dick and his daily loads of creamy cum (at least) for her to swallow, and she was simply dying for some dick. Although she could have asked any member of the Society for some dick or pussy… another rule was that whenever asked, a member could never refuse to have sex… but she’d decided to hold off until this special day. Since because of her abstinence, she felt particularly horny today, which in this case was an asset she planned to put to good use.

John came downstairs first, wearing only boxers and a robe… his dick going instantly hard upon seeing his hot Mom wearing white nylons. He had a massive nylon fetish because his mother and sister constantly wore them.

Elizabeth in her jammies followed him down.

James staggered down last, barely able to keep his eyes open… needing a shot of coffee before he’d be remotely prepared to start the day and re-enter civilization.

They ate breakfast as a family. Chatted about which of their relatives would be coming later today, and other generic chit chat… while Jane’s pussy tingled with anticipation… even though she also felt some nervousness and insecurity about what she was about to instigate with her kids. Initiations were usually performed by the man of the house, and Dick had been prepared to take the lead in doing it. But alas, that wasn’t possible now, and she was sad about that. But this was The Day. This was The Moment. She would’ve loved to share it with her husband.

After breakfast, she told her children to go shower and get dressed up for the family photo they always took before opening their gifts. James wasn’t certain a family photo this year was a good idea without Dad, but his mother insisted, and her three children complied.

Almost an hour later, bursa escort bayan the boys now wearing suits, the mother and daughter wearing nice conservative dresses, had a few photos taken to choose between for their official one… their next-door neighbor coming over like she usually did to shoot the photo. They all felt a bit melancholic of course, since this was their first photo without their Dad or husband. His ghost lingered in all their hearts.

Then once the neighbor was gone…

“Kids,” Jane called a surprise family meeting her kids weren’t expecting to order, surprised by how nervous she suddenly felt.

“Yes?” they all asked in almost perfect unison. They thought she’d be announcing it was time to head over to the tree and begin unwrapping presents.

“Before we do anything else, I have a special gift for all of you,” she said.

“Oh,” John said.

“You didn’t have to, Mom,” James said consolingly, knowing the last few months had been really tough for all of them… but especially for his Mom. They had school to distract them from constant reminders of their family’s tragedy… but Mom didn’t have that.

“It’s actually a gift from your father,” she revealed. “Although he did consult me about it, and I highly approved.”

“It’s from Dad?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes,” Jane confirmed, as all three former children, now adults, processed this very limited information.

“What is it?” James asked.

“It’s better if I just give it to you,” she said, handing an envelope to each of her children, the boys’ exactly the same… Elizabeth’s somewhat similar, but also very different.

Each former kid examined their envelope with intrigue and nervousness. This was special! A Christmas gift from their deceased father!

None of them wanted to be the first one to open their envelope. No one wanted this unique moment of anticipation to end.

“Boys, you should both open yours first, since they’re identical,” Jane instructed.

“Yes ma’am,” John agreed, tearing the envelope open carefully. He didn’t want to take a chance of accidentally damaging the words inside in any way. Silly he knew, but still.

“Yes ma’am,” James echoed, opening his carefully as well… which he never did with Christmas presents.

Elizabeth wanted to open hers too… but she respected her Mom’s wishes, and waited for her turn. She was technically the youngest… by four whole minutes… but those four minutes had been used against her ever since. She was the baby… and it was no use arguing… it’s just the way it was.

John pulled out his letter and began unfolding it.

Jane warned, “Your Dad said you must read it all the way through before you say anything meaningful. Your letter contains some very shocking revelations about our family and its history.”

“Understood,” John agreed, although he couldn’t imagine what sort of shocking revelations his father could possibly have for him. Until now, except for the initial shock of learning his father had cancer, had been the shock of learning his father had smoked for a few years before quitting. His Dad hadn’t really seemed like a smoker.

Both John and James looked at each other, with their letter in their hands… unfolded. They nodded to each other, and they both began reading their respective letters.


First, Merry Christmas. I am heartbroken not to be here for what should have been the most special Christmas of your life. That said, you and your brother are now the men of the house, and in our family that honorific comes with some very specific responsibilities and perks.

Second, before you continue reading, I need you to promise yourself not to pass judgement upon your mother and me until you have read every word. I know my passing must be very hard on your mother, and although I considered requesting your two grandfathers to come here to explain what you’re about to read, instead I felt it was important for our family to do certain things together for the first time, with only the four of you present.

Third, remember that your mother and I both love you unconditionally.

John looked at his brother; James looked at his brother. They both had the same perplexed look on their faces. There was something ominous in their father’s opening words.

Jane said, having never felt more nervous in her life, and she had experienced some very wild times… her fifteen-man family train on her wedding day was one… but the lack of her husband beside her for this very important family meeting made her feel very vulnerable, “Please just keep reading, boys.”

“Yes ma’am,” John said, detecting a major attack of nerves in his mother’s tone and body language… even while he couldn’t help glancing down at her sexy white nylons and pretty feet. If she wasn’t his mother, he’d definitely fuck her, although he’d never tell escort bursa her that, or make any overtures. In fact, most of his stroke fantasies featured older women: a few of his teachers, the church choir director, a few of his Mom’s friends and, of course his Mom herself. And then there was his sister. She wasn’t remotely an older woman, but she was gorgeous and constantly around, and sometimes when she went down the hall to shower wrapped in nothing but a towel, she got a bit careless. So he often fantasized about her, too.

“This is a little odd,” James said.

“Remember, no judging,” Jane reminded them, “once you’ve read through to the end we can discuss what you’ve read, and then… well, we can take it from there.” She’d read this letter at least a hundred times… including a dozen times this morning before the kids woke up, and once again while they were showering and getting dressed.

“Okay, I won’t,” James agreed.

John, seven minutes the eldest, told his ‘kid’ brother, “Just read the letter.”

“Yeah, yeah,” James nodded, indeed curious to see where this was going.

Our family belongs to the Order of Syndom. This Order is a secret Society exclusive in its membership, and is even more secretive than the Freemasons. By reaching the age of eighteen you became a potential member, and following your three initiation ceremonies, and then swearing an oath of loyalty and secrecy, you shall become a lifetime member.

Our family has belonged to this Order since 1488.

“1488?” James asked.

“Yes, it’s played a vital part in our family history for more than five centuries,” the mother explained. She added, even though she knew they hadn’t begun reading the shocking part yet. “And we’ve complied with its every expectation ever since the beginning.”

“What are they reading, Mom? What does it say?” Elizabeth asked.

“Just be patient for now, honey. Soon you’ll know all about it,” Jane said, placing a hand on her daughter’s leg… on her very sexy leg… although she was really looking forward to her two sons’ young cocks pounding her long-neglected holes, and some double penetration was something she was really craving. But she was also dying to taste the forbidden fruit of her virginal eighteen-year-old daughter.

“Our letters are both the same, right?” John asked.

“Yes, they’re exactly the same,” Jane replied, tracing her fingers ever so slowly over her daughter’s nylon-clad knee… happy that her daughter was wearing a fairly short dress.

“Maybe I should read it aloud,” John suggested.

“Yes please,” Elizabeth said, hating this not knowing what was going on.

“I guess that would be okay,” the mother agreed. “This letter is different from Elizabeth’s in a few ways, but our family history is the same.” If her husband were here, he’d likely have had this conversation with all three of them at once. Twins were rare, and triplets unheard of in the Order. And there were no records at all, of three siblings being initiated at once. The most recent twins were in 1912, and they’d both been girls.

“And please start at the top?” Elizabeth requested.

“Yes, that make sense,” John said, and he re-read, this time out loud, the first part of this surreal letter from beyond the grave.

When he got to where he’d stopped reading before, Elizabeth asked, “Mother, is all of this true?”

“Yes, honey,” Jane said.

“It sounds really weird,” Elizabeth added.

“The first time we learn about this it’s always a lot to take in,” the mother agreed. “And we haven’t even touched on the important parts.”

John, curious to see where this odd letter was going, resumed reading; this time out loud.

If I was there with you, I would be able to explain this matter far better than any letter could possibly do. Because what is about to follow you will find shocking. But not only is every word of it true, I expect you to abide by everything I’m about to tell you without question. You and your brother are now the men of the house, and you will need to look after your mother and your sister unconditionally and unequivocally.

“They’ll have to look after us ‘unconditionally and unequivocally’? What does that even mean?” Elizabeth asked.

“Shhhhhhh for now, honey,” Jane ordered softly.

John too wondered what that phrase meant in this context, so he kept reading.

Before I explain what I expect from you today and for the rest of your life, you need to answer these questions, and to make certain pledges.

One: Do you commit to being one of the two men of our house?

“Do you, boys?” the mother asked, stretching out her legs, showcasing them ‘by accident’, all the way up to her garter-belt clasps.

“Yes Mother, of course I do,” John pledged, distracted by his mother’s amazing legs.

“Yes, Mom,” James agreed as well.

“Good,” she nodded, wiggling her shoeless toes ever so slightly. “Remember that commitment while you read on.”

“Of course, Mom,” John said, knowing that with their Dad gone, he and his brother would need to take on much more responsibilities than they had before.

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