Family feey


I’ve told my stories of how I fooled around with my sister, now let me tell ya how I found out that my wife fooled around with her 2 brothers. Ya see, my sister used to enjoy making me cum different ways. One of the wildest times was when I was sleeping on the sofa and my sister Shelly and her boyfriend were laying on the floor. They must have thought I was sleeping because I watched them make out for a while than they got naked. They had a blanket over them for a while before he got down with his face between her legs and started eating her pussy. She was moaning and groaning before she got on her knees and turned her ass to him and leaned her elbows on the sofa right in front of my crotch. Scott (her friend) got behind her and started fucking her from behind. She was panting and moaning as her naked tits kept rubbing against my hand. She stuck her hand under my blanket and put her hand down my pants. She played with my dick while getting fucked. She moved my blanket off my crotch and pushed my shorts down and put her mouth over my dick and started sucking it. She played with my balls and put my hand on her tit. I squeezed and played with it and grunted a little before shooting my load in her mouth.
One night , my wife Lisa , was still my girlfriend at the time was living with me at our house and she drank a few too many and went to bed early. My sister and I were watching a movie on the sofa. She was on one end and I was on the other end, facing each other . I felt her foot move between my legs and I felt her toes slide in my pants leg and touch my dick. It felt good ! She moved the crotch of my shorts over with her toes and my dick was out completely. She put her other foot between my legs and gave me a footjob. She moved her panties aside and let me watch her finger her pussy. All of a sudden the light went on and Lisa was standing there looking at her feet on my dick. We jumped and quick covered up.
She whispered “don’t stop, keep goin”! We continued fixing ourselves and she said “really, I wanna watch! I used to experiment with things with my brothers, I wanna watch your sister make you cum. Especially with her feet. Lisa pulled my dick out and put Shelly’s feet on my dick. Shelly rubbed her feet up and down my dick while once again fingering her pussy. A couple minutes later I shot my load on her feet and legs.
I can’t believe my wife watched my sister give me a footjob and cum on her feet! Shelly asked Lisa “I hope you ain’t freaked out”! Shelly turned red and she said quietly ” actually I love letting my brothers have their way yavuzeli escort with me”! Lisa asked her ” how far did you go with them”? She replies “all the way many times” adding “I even let them each fuck my ass once!”!Shelly grinned and said “me too, but usually I just jerk him or suck him off! We fucked a few times, and once I was in the shower and I let him fuck my ass!”
Lisa asked Shelly ‘”how many brothers do you have?” She said ” 2 , twins, Bill and Brent abut a year and a half younger”! So Lisa than asked “did you ever do both of them at the same time”? She giggled “oh yea, a lot! I luv kneeling in front of them to jerk and suck their cocks until both dicks cum in my mouth!
Shelly noticed my dick getting hard again so she started playing with it! Lisa told my sister “I dare you to suck his dick so I could watch”! She wasted no time getting her mouth on my dick! My wife was now watching my sister suck my cock! When I said “I’m gonna cum , Shelly moved her mouth back and opened it while stroking him, aiming his cum into her mouth, on her tongue so Lisa could see! Shelly asked Lisa “do ya want some” than stuck her tongue out with my puddle of cum on her tongue. Lisa put her mouth to Shelly’s and stuck her tongue in her mouth as I watched them share my cum!
They made out for a couple seconds and Shelly whispered to Lisa ” I wanna watch you suck one of your brothers dicks”! Lisa smiled and replied “Let’s all get together this weekend, we’ll have a blast! Ya may even see my brother sucking my other brother!” I jumped up squealin “What”? My wife explained ” I once walked in on my brothers watching a porn and I was freaked out when I saw they had their hands down each others underwear, rubbing each others dicks! I was shocked and said I to Lisa ” You never told me this stuff”! She said “I didn’t wanna freak ya out , but you know how I like watching you suck my dildo”! I replied “I thought you liked seeng me lick your cum off it”! Lisa said “I wanna watch you suck a dick”! Shelly giggled and whispered “I watched him suck a dick”! My face turned red and I put my head down in shame. Lisa said Really, let’s hear it”!
Shelly told the story, “Well one summer we were visiting relatives in Florida and our cousins Rita and Sid took us to a small swimming hole to camp overnight. We all drank and smoked a lot and Rita said “lets play truth or dare”! We all said “sure”! The game started with a couple dumb truth questions, and it turned out that both Sid and I always peeped on our sisters. Than Shelly asked yavuzeli escort bayan Sid “did you ever jerk off looking at Rita naked”? Sid was uncomfortable and said “well I’m gonna go pass out”! Shelly and Rita agreed and we all got in the tent and laid in our sleeping bags.
I fell asleep but was awakened by something on my face. I opened my eyes and Sid was squatting over my chest as Rita was playing with his balls while he put the head of his dick in my mouth! Shelly was laying beside me playing with my cock. Rita fingered her pussy as Sid stroked his dick while pushing the head in my mouth. Shelly saw I was awake and said “suck it for me, please”! So I closed my mouth around it and ran my tongue over his head. He slid it out of my mouth and rubbed his head on my lips. Rita laid on my other side and whispered “lick his cock”! I stuck my tongue out and licked around the head of his dick. Shelly squeezed his shaft until pre-cum oozed out. Shelly whispered “lick his cum”! I licked the cum off and he pushed his dick back in my mouth. I sucked and licked the head of his dick as he pushed in and out. He grunted and said he was gonna cum! He pulled it out of my mouth and put my hand around it saying “jerk it to cum on our faces”! I gripped his shaft and jerked it aiming in Shelly’s mouth ! Cum squirted on her cheeks and lips and and turned it at Rita and she put her mouth on it and sucked it. “
After Shelly spilled the beans to Lisa of my dick sucking experience, she told me , “now I really wanna see you suck a cock”!
A couple nights later , Lisa’s brother Bill came over to see I Lisa wanted to go swimming. He invited us too and we all went upstairs to get our swimsuits on. We all filled a cooler with beers and headed for the lake. We swam and drank for a couple hours before I got crazy and pulled Lisa’s bikini string and her top came off. When Shelly saw Lisa was topless she took hers off too. Her brother said he’s gettin a beer and got out. We all followed him out and sat on our towels. Shelly sat on my lap facing me and said “you took my top off, so you must want to see them. I said “I do, I wanna suck’em too”!Shelly squeezed her boob and shoved her nipple in my mouth. I sucked her nipple as Lisa told Bill “see , we ain’t the only ones”! Shelly pushed my shorts down started stroking my cock. Lisa came over and quietly asked “Bill wants to know if he could give you a blowjob, adding you could suck both our tits and play with both of our pussys while he sucks your dick.” adding again “he’s always escort yavuzeli been bi-sexual but is embarrassed”! I said “Why not”!
I laid down as Shelly kneeled on one side of me with Lisa on the other. I started rubbing both their tits while Bill crawled between my legs, pushing them apart and got started licking the head of my cock and rubbing my balls. While sucking and licking my cock Lisa pulled my knees up and told Shelly to do the same. Lisa told Bill “he likes his ass fingered”! Next thing I knew I felt his tongue licking my ass hole as he jerked my cock. It felt amazing before he started licking my balls and stuck a finger in my ass. I fingered Shelly and Lisa’s pussy’s and ass holes while he sucked my cock and finger-fucked my ass. I said I was gonna cum and he just kept sucking. I shot my load in his mouth and he swallowed every drop.
He laid back and both girls helped me sit up. Lisa whispered in my ear “If you put his whole dick in your mouth before he gets hard Shelly will lick your ass and play with your balls”! I just thought “here goes” and laid between his legs and put my mouth over his whole soft dick! Lisa laid with her face close to my mouth sucking him and just watched. I sucked it and explored it with my tongue. I started getting hard quickly . I moved my mouth up and down his dick , sucking and licking his head whenever I was at it. Lisa whispered “let me see you lick his head” I moved my mouth off it but wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked him while running my tongue around his head. Shelly got behind me and lifted up on my butt to put me doggy style. I liked the way his head felt in my mouth so I sucked and licked just the head while stroking his shaft. He was moaning and I ran my tongue down his shaft and across his balls. Than I felt a tongue licking along my ass cheeks while fingers fondled my balls.
I put my lips around one ball and licked it , than the other ball and licked while I felt Shelly’s tongue licking my ass hole. Lisa got up and kneeled beside her brother and spit on her finger. I ran my tongue back up his shaft to his head and sucked and licked it again while fondling his balls. I pushed my mouth down his cock as far as I could as Lisa fingered his ass and Shelly licked my ass and now my dick was hard again she stroked me too. My head bobbed faster and deeper on his cock as Shelly inserted a finger in my ass all the way while jerking me off. I felt like I was gonna cum soon and before I could say anything , Bill grunted and I felt his warm goo hit the back of my throat, and run back out of my mouth. I swallowed what I could and kept sucking his cock until I shot another load while Shelly’s finger fucked my ass fast and hard.
Shelly asked “did he cum in your mouth”? I said “yea, I swallowed some, and some ran down to his balls”! Both girls smiled and laid with us!

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