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DIALOG: Uber Minimal

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NARRATION: 3rd Person (She/Her He/Him They/Their/Them)

It doesn’t matter that she didn’t know his name, all that matters is that when she saw him, she wanted him. As a woman who gets what she wants, nothing was going to stop her from having it. He works with computers and she works with the assholes who sign the paychecks- running interference mostly.

They call her a negotiator but when it comes to the cock, she never has to. She waited until just before he was coming back from his lunch break, then escorted herself to his cubicle, and right under his desk. She didn’t have to wait long before he returned and dropped unceremoniously into his chair, kicking his legs under the wooden surface, and barely missing her body before dragging himself closer to the furniture piece.

He managed to get a sigh in before her hands slid up his thighs, moving them farther apart so she could kneel carefully between them. To her delight, his thighs tensed under her hands and a sound of alarm escaped him as he shoved partly away from the desk. The man was stopped by the grip of her fingers and the brush of her lips to the inside of his right knee, through the trousers he wore. The touch was tender, longing, and unmistakably feminine; she moaned shamelessly but quietly in response to the sound he choked back, that stretched his pants tight.

Teeth, gentle but firm, raced across his inner thigh, drawing a wet line toward the growing hardness she neglected to touch. The Negotiator could feel his tension and hear his breath as he sat there, trembling under her hands which slid higher now that they had the silent agreement for him to remain put. She mused that he might even be afraid it was a dream, one he didn’t wish to wake from, while yet knowing by experience it was all too real.

The woman allowed her curious nibbles, through the fabric of his pants and along his inner thigh, to take the time she needed to free his belt from the buckle, unbutton his trousers, and unzip them. She pulled his shirt free and tickled his lower abs with her fingertips, toying with the fine hairs trailing down as she fingered into the waistband of his boxers a moment. The excitement of his anticipation was palpable through the fine tremors that ran through his body, and throbbed through his thickening cock so close to her face.

Without warning, her mouth covered his erection through the light cotton blend as though she simply couldn’t wait to free his manhood from the cloth before gorging herself upon the heat and hardness. She gently raked her teeth along his length in her thrill, with a throaty chuckle of pleasure allowed if only to vibrate across him. It was quite worth it when he gasped and gripped the desk above her head with such unexpected, instinctual force.

Ask any man, she thought, and he will tell you the best blow job is a surprise. A generalization, she knew, but one she had wanted to put to the test for some time, only too pleased by her subject’s bodily admissions. The woman let him feel her moan against his cock with added pressure from her lips, as if she were weak with desire herself and simply couldn’t hold her head up for that moments audible release of excitement.

He was like a rock before she urged his pants open and ran her lips across his boxers. He was positively raging now. Lifting her head just enough to actually survey the revealed landscape, she took a deep breath of him in the process. Navy blue pin stripes in cool cotton with a soft slit rather than a button or pouch. Delightful.

She smiled and dared to run her tongue under the gentle fabric, barely gracing the hot blooded flesh underneath Web Tools and feeling his hips jerk in surprise and desire. Her hand lifting barely fast enough to stop her head from hitting the underside of the desk, but she grinned against his cock, whispering thickly; “Down boy.”

He groaned and took a deep, shuddering breath; frustrated it seemed, that she was taking her dear sweet time, and yet obviously enjoying every moment of it. She slid her left hand into the slit, letting her fingers trail along the hot skin that pulsed beneath them. The woman whimpered before she could stop herself and she felt his cock twitch in delight, knowing he had heard her.

Randy, her hand slid around his girth, she carefully pulled him free of his boxers, his balls trapped by the fabric -and in that moment, her mouth. Hot and wet she gripped his balls through the boxers and massaged them with her lips while running her tongue over them lavishly, wantonly, hungrily. Every aching throb and twitch that rocketed through his engorged shaft was also held in her delicate hand just firmly enough it stayed there, while she inspired them with her mouth around his balls, through his boxers. How she wanted it in the moment.

It was her hand that let her know his cock dribbled, wetting her loins hotly, her mouth already salivating around his seed sacks. Moaning against the wet cotton then, she took a deep breath and released him to spit into her right palm. The sound, even muffled through the wooden desk, shocked him and pleased him. By the feel of him, not as much as feeling that hot liquid smear under her palm and against his engorged head, mixing with his precum to slide effortlessly down his veiny shaft.

Her lips engulfed that plump head in a delicate bloom of warmth and soft pressure just after her right hand slid down to meet her left, and then replace it. Her tongue tasted the salt on his skin and the milky sweetness of his precum that said he liked fruit. She groaned with him in her mouth.

The woman let her saliva drip down his cock, smeared it with each stroke of her right hand to meet her lips, making it nice and wet. The head of his cock was sucked so tenderly and indulgently, it was as if she suckled a great lolly-pop-of-man perched on a fat, hard, hot, pulsing rod. It was as if she meant him to feel his cock was divine.

He made an appreciative and almost agonized sound, and then she felt his hips jerk upward just barely before they were both surprised by a deep and older masculine voice chiming in, “Frank wants to see you in his office.”

She withdrew her lips from his cock only to play her tongue along the head, tasting and exploring it, making him tremble as he shakily replied in a tightly controlled voice. “Give me Ten.”

To which their intruder hastily replied in annoyance, seeming none the wiser, “Make it five” and left.

The other man’s departure was noted by the physical release of tension in her delights body. She exploited it by wrapping her lips around his shaft and taking him fast into her mouth. Her lips met her hand at the base of his dick, and like it caused a chain reaction, she took his balls into her left hand for a gently-firm tug and massage.

Using her right hand to keep his cock down so she wouldn’t hit her head, she took up a steady, wet pace that pulled him in and out of her lips. Greedily but without haste, she took him across her tongue and to the back of her throat. The woman stroked his entire length with her hand each time her lips withdrew, to always keep that sliding grip which made him lean back in ecstasy.

Oh yeah, she moaned like a whore and let her right hand slip to his hip, as if to pull her own head down, but truly to stop him Online Web Tools from bucking up too hard. He had only a split-second of uncertainty, about that added pressure keeping him in his seat, before she let him feel the gag of her throat around his spongy cockhead. Immediately, she relaxed with her tongue stuck out along the bottom of his cock, to push him down into her throat again, with a moan vibrating across his shaft that also suppressed her gag-reflex.

“Fuuuck.” He growled and tensed in her hands.

She held her breath and glided his cock in and out of her throat, not letting it leave her mouth. While her tongue licked along that hard under chord, and her lips kept a tight seal around his veiny girth, it was her cadence of moaning breaths that made the subtle bob of her head as obvious as the sensations she slathered his manhood with. Still, she sensed he was resisting his orgasmic release, fighting the end if only to make it last!

The would-be Office Succubus rewarded him by making it harder. She wanted him to know she wanted his cum, that she was purposefully suckling it out of him with the depth of her mouth to her throat. Though she kept a hand on his hip to ensure he didn’t buck upward, and one on his balls for her own pleasure, it was her lips and tongue that signed the intimate desire to make him cum down her throat.

Though it was not entirely comfortable for her, she felt a unique thrill in the sensation of his response, and the woman let herself gag on his cock again. She choked on the head and coughed into it wetly, swallowing around him and moaning with a groaning edge that confessed her own delight despite discomfort. He was trembling in his efforts not to cum, and she trembled in her efforts to force it out of him with the gluttony of her mouth and throat alone.

There was no-other excitement than the shift in a man’s body when he can resist no longer. Her euphoria threatened to match his own when she felt his balls tighten in her fingers. His surprise oral pleasurists let her throaty ecstasy resonate around his cock buried in her throat the moment she felt it. The woman pulled back just enough to take a breath through her nose and then stuffed him back down, swallowing his spongy head constantly in her anticipation of his orgasm.

He shuddered, a hot wave pushed against the back of her throat before his hips bucked, and jerkingly pumped his cock in and down. She both suckled his seed from him with a tremble of her lips, and used the full force of her bracing hand to keep him down while he exploded without full control of his movements. The very release of his cum down her throat nearly caused her own climax, though she had not touched herself at all, and she moaned a gurgling moan between swallows to let him know.

The constriction of her swallowing pushed against that plump mushroomhead to create backsplash for a moment at a time. Her mouth tried to keep a tight seal around his cock so as not to spill a drop, but his girth made it difficult. She had no shame in the drooling of saliva and seed that spilled from the seam of her lips around his dick. The woman tasted him with pleasure and swallowed him down in a desire for every steamy bit.

When she finally withdrew, it was to taste the last squirts on her tongue directly. To see his body shudder as she collected those last ejaculations along the head that expelled them, just to push some across her lips as she sucked on him, tonguing his top greedily. Her hot breath blowed across the wetness of his boxers as she lovingly sucked his cock clean, thoroughly pleased by his responses.

Almost certain he could feel the smirk on her lips as she kissed the side of his softened dick, the woman Çevrimiçi Web Araçları torturously put him back in her mouth for a suckle and tonguing that just confirmed he was in that tortured state of being spent and wanting more. Only then did she release him from her lips and mouth. The last touch of those supple lips to his prick. Her hands took over while her cheek rested against the inside of his knee where she’d begun some infinite ten or fifteen minutes ago.

A longing stroke of her hand carefully put him back in his boxers. She had no way of actually knowing, but somehow got the notion he wanted to fuck her more badly than any woman he could think of in that moment. She admitted only to herself that she might have projected her desire for him to so-want her, she took care in zipping him back up and relished buttoning the top of his pants and fixing his belt, but leaving his shirt un-tucked.

The woman let her hands slide down his thighs only to push him out from under the desk with more force than she should be capable of after that level of intimacy. Something he had no qualms with at this point, it seemed to her when he made no resistance to it, even lifting his heels to make it seem effortless. Dare she say he surprised her though, when he stood and offered his right hand down to her.

She looked up from the shadows under his desk and smiled, lips raw from her activities. Then, she accepted his assistance in getting to her feet. He seemed to have no aversion to the fact she’d spat in, and stroked his cock with the hand she took his with, he just held steady while she literally crawled the couple of feet required to stand. In her mind she imagined leaving a wet trail of her own excitement behind her, but she could feel how her panties were doing their job in keeping her randiness mostly contained.

Stronger than he looked, he pulled her to her feet as if he expected her to be weak of knee, and have difficulty standing. Once out from under the workstation however, she watched with delight as his eyes raked along her body in utterly masculine appreciation and desire that ended gazing with deep lust and wonderment into her own startling eyes.

With her free hand, she reached casually into the slim pocket on the side of her dress slacks and withdrew a card that had an address and a time written on it, offering it to him as she reminded him. “Frank is waiting.”

His eyes said, for a moment, he was considering blowing Frank off to take her to some place more private. She rewarded that look with a kiss that took him by surprise, allowing her tongue to slip between his lips while he was unmoving with shock. There was no doubt he tasted a bit of himself on her tongue, but when he gave in, it was obvious he didn’t care.

He released her hand only to grab her waist while their lips were locked, pulled her into him, and let her feel the heat of his body against her own. She gasped. He took advantage and his tongue pushed hers back into her mouth so he could explore her, stealing her breath and telling her in a way words never could, that he could make her feel things too. If he had so felt the urge to bend her over the desk to fuck her right then and there, she wasn’t sure she’d have stopped him.

With a note of necessary disappointment, he released her and looked down at her with promise that suggested he caught her thought. He plucked the card from her fingertips and gave her a wolfish smile. The office computer guy, whose name she didn’t know, waltzed out of his cubicle to go see Mr. Frank. She couldn’t help but to lick her lips as she straightened her blouse and strolled out of the IT department in the opposite direction.

The sultry sway of her hips danced only a whisper of the grip her thighs played on one another, trapping the moist fabric of her panties against her throbbing heat. The board meeting was about be a whole lot more interesting; nothing like throwing a smart, dripping woman into a room of powerful men making decisions.