A Night With The Guys


Jake stood in kitchen doorway. He could hear Lee walking thru the basement from the garage. He smiled to himself as she opened the kitchen door. She dropped her purse and came to him. She could smell the Drakkar on his skin. She pulled back noticing he was wearing his leather pants, and poet shirt and vest tonight.

“You have a show tonight?” She asked while her eyes devoured him.

“Kinda…” he replies, “I have been working on something for you”

“Let me grab a shower, be right back!” she threw her clothes all over the bathroom in haste, knowing that when Jake had been working on a song that it was always good. She wondered if it were another ballad, not that she cared what he had written, she could listen to him play that guitar for the rest of her life and not care if it were all metal! She showered fast put on her PJ’s and went back to the bedroom, she could hear Jake strumming that electric guitar, making magic with his fingers. The thought made her wet, he could work such magic with his fingers…..

Jake sat on the end of the bed, tuning up his PRS McCarty Soapbox that she got him for Christmas. He saw her coming down the hall in her flannel PJ’s ready to listen to him play, he laughed to himself. He had been vague about what he had been working on. He was still weirded out about doing this, but hell he was 40. If this is what his woman wanted then hell, why not? She walked in and stood in front of him, grinning as she said “the critic has arrived!”

Jake pulls her down for a quick kiss then stands up to watch her crawl up the bed to sit against the headboard. He puts down his guitar, and looks over his shoulder at her. She’s confused “Jake what are you doing?” He walks to the CD player and hits the play button.

“Incoming mood music” he says as rock n roll booms out

Jake moves his hips rhythmically with the music, moving his long hair from his face so she can see his face as he dances for her. He begins to unbutton his shirt slowly

Pulling the shirt off and discarding it in a pile. His hands run over his own arms, across his bare chest

Swaying his hips with the music, rolling his tight abdominal muscles, falling to his knees and bending backward until his head touched the floor, the slowly rising back up. Her eyes have grown huge watching him.

He stands and moves mardin escort closer to the end of the bed, his thumbs around the band of his black leather pants. She licks her lips in anticipation…

His long hair falling in his face, a slight sheen on perspiration on his brow, he moves his hips to the song

He turns from her to unzip his pants and she takes in a deep breath…

He pushes the pants down off his hips and kicks them to his pile of clothes, she is gasping for air

He takes his erection in his hand and strokes it, surprised at the effect of stripping for her is having on him

She is off the bed, kneeling in front of him, taking him into her hot mouth. He continues to move his hips to the music.

He runs his palms across her shoulders, steadying her as he fucks her mouth. He looks down at her blonde hair as she moved her throat muscles around him, squeezing and sucking the very life from him.

“ummm” Jake groans. “suck it baby…” he moved his hands up into her hair, tugging on it when she was not sucking hard enough, then with a growl he came and his juices flooded her throat.

He stands there for a brief few moments, gathering his thoughts; she had already taken control and tonight was supposed to be for her. He pulled her up and kissed her hard, he could taste his own body and that turned him on even more pushing that thought out of his head he looks down at her.

“Lee, I want you to go lay down on the bed for me. Naked”

She giggles, knowing exactly what that meant. He walks over to the closet as Lee lays down on the bed, picking up a bag he bought at the novelty shop he comes back to the bed,

“Here, put this on, and don’t ask any questions…”

Lee looked at him with an arched eyebrow and opened the box to find a red satin blindfold. She raises her head and slips it on, then lays back down.

Jake walks to the living room where Carmine and Bob are waiting all a little uneasy about Jakes request, but they had shared women before, just never one of the guys steady women. Jake looks at his band mates, “speak now before I chicken out!” He chuckles and leads them back to the bedroom where Lee awaits. They file into the room. Jake goes back to the head of the bed to speak to Lee.

“I have a surprise for you…” he whispers as he reaches nevşehir escort across her to stroke her breast. She smiles at his touch not realizing that Bob and Carmine are in the room with them.

“Really, what type of surprise…is it big? is it warm?” she purrs up to him, reaching to find his flaccid penis, she runs her hand up his thigh, he watches her face as she feels movement at the bottom of the bed, and then Bob licking up her thigh, and Carmine licking her abdomen, up to her breast…

“Jake?!?!” she gasps…

“You have guests that want to entertain you.” he says smugly as he dips his head to kiss her mouth.

Jake pulls back to look down at Bob working his mouth over her, pushing his tongue between her wet folds and then flicking it over her clit. He moves back slightly to catch her nub between his lips to suck on it lightly, as Carmine licked and pinched her nipples, she moaned softly reaching for Jake, halfway expecting him to have a fit at anytime.

She reached for him. His breathing labored, very turned on, watching with a smile, he takes her hand holding onto her, knowing that she will come soon. She groans her pelvis lifting off the bed as Bob held her hips sucking her clit, making her come. He does not stop, he keeps licking and sucking on her until she is writhing in ecstasy again.

Carmine continued his assault on her breasts, laving them gently, sucking and tugging on each nipple.

Bob dipped his head, pushing his tongue inside her a few times before returning to her clit and bringing her off again.

Jake watched as Lee came again, she gasp for air, he decided to let her rest a few minutes before the true fun began.

Carmine slipped to the kitchen for beers and returned throwing one to Bob then to Jake.

Jake drank a few drinks then looked down at Lee as he said “Sweetheart, I want you to flip over and get up on your knees.”

Lee did so without question. He handed her his beer and let her drink. Then he reached down to kiss her again.

Carmine and Bob removed their clothes as Jake handed the condoms to Bob and the lube to Carmine.

Jake sat down on the hearth of the fireplace to watch. Carmine leans over toward her, running his tongue up and down her hips then into her slit.

Lee head the sound of the wrappers being torn, niğde escort then the bed moving again. A body moved beneath her, catching her right nipple to lazily suck on it, then she felt another pair of hands on her hips and then a finger rubbing along her anus.

“Jake?” she said, knowing he would answer.

He moved silently from the hearth to the head of the bed, leaned down to kiss her and whispered “I am right here…” he moved away as she gasp at the intrusion of one lubed finger into her ass. She bit her lip as she felt her body being stretched by Carmines second finger being inserted. Then it was removed.

Jake watched as Carmine slowly pushed into her rectum, and then as Bob slid into her hot wetness. Lee gasped in shock, feeling the friction that the movements of their two bodies moving within her. Jakes body became erect watching them pump in and out of her, her moans of pleasure like fire in his blood. He sat there watching for a long time, his body hardening painfully. He moved to the head of the bed, lying across the bed without being noticed. He pulls her head toward his erection; she knew exactly who was in front of her. She licked lightly across his straining flesh. Then she took him down her throat sucking as she went. He groaned in ecstasy as she bobbed her head. He felt her stiffen in orgasm and looked up to see Carmine coming.

He could feel Bob pounding against her still and knew she could be brought off once more. Jake pushed her head away and moved to rub her clit.

Carmine rubbed her back and down her legs. Her body stiffened as she gasp and moaned, her fingers closed around the bed covers, her whole body shaking in climax.

Bob moved Lee over and she lay down on her back, her head next to Jakes chest. As her breathing returning to normal, Jake kissed her neck, under her chin, and finally her mouth. Bob and Carmine lay down on each side of her. Jake positioned himself between her legs and and slid inside her with a groan. She dug her nails into his back as she arched toward him. Her moans of pleasure intensified as she came twice jerking beneath him. Jake vaguely heard his own gasping as he pulled and pushed within her, he felt her legs wrap around his waist, urging him faster, her cries of ecstasy filling his mind. His movements becoming jagged, bucking in and out of her quickly knowing that he was about to explode. Her mouth forming a soundless ohhh as she tensed and the finally bowed against him. He felt his body pulse and throb as her muscles tightened around him. He thrust one last time, his own orgasm ripping thru him as he screamed her name.