Stretching Pt. 08


Part 9.

The Final Chapter.

2011 — Present day.

As if we were not already really into stretching, it slowly but surely consumed us. Amy had now transformed fully into a girl who loved and craved the stretched feeling. She loved the burning sensation she got when her pussy was at the maximum limit and would only orgasm when she was at or near this limit.

For the next 2 years we kept at it, stretching her pussy several times per week. My fist occasionally, but mostly a monster toy, or a dildo with fingers added, pulling the back of her pussy as wide as she could take, replaced my cock in her pussy for most of our sexual activities. I would still fuck her pussy after a nice stretching session, but by then she was so worn out she would usually just lay there, and I knew she could not feel me. Sometimes, she was so loose I could not reach orgasm. This was usually after a few drinks, as most of the time just the warm wet feeling was enough to make me orgasm. I could even stick my soft cock into her with ease as her pussy just kind of gaped around it. The best part was that she really got into solo play again. Now that she had an arsenal of toys, she was fond of using them while the kids were at preschool.

Amy became more vocal about it as well. One particular night Amy was lying on her back with her legs pulled back, while I had a well lubed 3-inch-thick dildo hammering her pussy with one hand, and 4 fingers from the other hand were under the dildo, stretching her opening even wider.

“You like that don’t you,” I said.

“Yes, I love it. Stretch my pussy baby.”

“You love your big pussy stretched, don’t you?”

“Uh huh,” Amy grunted.

“I’m making your pussy bigger.”

“Yes, do it, stretch me.”

“What do you want?” I quizzed her.

“I want you to stretch me.”

“Do you want me to make your pussy bigger?”

“Yes, do it baby.” She moaned in pleasure.

“Do what?”

“Stretch my pussy.”

“You want me to make your pussy bigger,” I said again firmly.


“Say it. Tell me you want me to make your pussy bigger,” I instructed her

“Yes, do it, make my pussy bigger, make it fucking huge baby. Isn’t that what you want.” She returned excitedly.

“Yes, I want your pussy huge, that’s what you want too, don’t you? You want to walk around with a giant loose hole between your legs.”

“Yes, oh yes!”

“Beg for it, tell me how much you want your loose pussy stretched even bigger. Real women have big holes that can take anything. You know that’s what I want. I want a real woman, not some tight little girl that can’t satisfy me.”

“Oh, I’ll be your real woman baby, go for it, make my pussy big enough for you.”

“Tell me you love it; tell me you love your huge pussy being stretched.”

“Uh huh. I love it,” Amy screeched as she exploded into orgasm. “Oh, I fucking love it. Oh, I’m gonna cum baby. Stretch me, make my huge pussy cum. Oh yes, ahhhh, fuck, fuck yeeeess!”

This was the start of some new, very dirty talk we started doing while stretching her pussy. While we were already into dirty talk about stretching her, this brought it up a whole other level. Soon I regularly had her begging for me to make her pussy huge, giant, massive, loose, or any other adjective we could think of.

In 2013 Amy decided it was time to get her breasts done again. She decided to go from the round saline implants to even bigger teardrop silicone implants. The change was awesome. She went from very round looking D cups to perfect DD’s. They were a little big for her frame but fit her perfectly as her ass had gotten a little bigger. Amy had put on a little more weight, but in a good way. She now carried herself at about 115 lbs and almost all of the weight had gone to her ass and thighs. Her ass was definitely bigger, but still perfect shaped and had a nice jiggle to it when she was fucking. Oh, how I love watching her ass jiggle as she bounces up and down on a huge toy.

Amy’s transformation was becoming complete. In the 13 years since we’d met, she had gone from a skinny 105 lbs, with B cups and a tight little slit, to a MILF with a big juicy ass, DD’s, and a huge and well-worn pussy. She was now my little personal porn star, and most importantly, complete size queen goddess. I would have been afraid of a woman like Amy when I was younger. Even with my interest in insertion and fisting porn, I would have been intimidated and not have known how to please a woman like her. Going on this journey together though, I knew exactly what a woman like Amy wanted and needed.

We forged along with our stretching activities. Amy’s pussy grew ever so slowly, at least the opening to her pussy. We had now long been stuck at the limit of what Amy could inside her, past her pelvic opening. She maxed out at about 3.75 inches wide, which meant I could get my fist and the tips of 4 fingers into her pussy, or bursa escort a 3-inch-thick dildo and 4 fingers into her. We did, however, focus on stretching the opening of her pussy. As I had stated earlier, I would fill her pussy with a fat dildo, usually 3 – 3.5 inches thick and hook 3 or 4 fingers into the back of her pussy and pull her opening as wide as it would go. We often did this with Amy laying on her stomach on a pillow, and sometimes with her laying on her back. I also realized I love licking Amy’s ass. I would often tongue and lick Amy’s asshole while stretching her pussy wide while she was laying on her back.

We slowly progressed to the point where we were reaching the 4.5-inch mark or wider. Again, the progress was slow, but this had an amazing effect on her pussy. Her resting gape became bigger and bigger and the bottom of her pussy would gape slightly below her asshole when she spread her legs. There were also some visible stretch marks on the back of her pussy now which were visible when her perineum was stretched and on display. As we pushed the limits of how far her pussy would stretch, we started using some additional enhancements. After a sports injury, I had some left-over muscle relaxers, so we used those. We also experimented with vaginal cream with the topical numbing agent.

There were some interesting events along the way. Amy’s visit to the new OB/Gyn was one. We had recently moved, and Amy went to see her new OB/Gyn. Her old Doctor was near retirement and a seasoned veteran of a major city hospital, who had likely seen it all and there’s no doubt knew Amy was into stretching. I’m sure he’d seen it before, and he never said anything to Amy. Well, the new Doctor, not so much. She was a young female in a suburban area. I will add that Amy had some time ago moved up to an extra-large speculum.

Amy reported to me when she got home, “So, my new Doctor basically told me I have a very large vagina.”

“Ha, what, she said that to you….well, she’s not wrong, you do have a big beautiful pussy baby, we know that.”

“Yup, it was a little awkward though.” As Amy went on to explain.

Amy told me that the doctor took one look at her pussy and started asking her questions about her child births, if she does kegel exercises, etc. She told Amy she had some minor vaginal and cervical prolapse going on, but that everything checked out okay. She also told her unsolicited that there are surgeries that they can do to help. Amy said she did not say much and was a bit in shock at the directness of her new Doctor. We decided that next time she would be prepared and tell the Doctor that she was happy with her current state and also that she should tell her that she was into playing with large toys and leave it at that. That is exactly what Amy did and her Doctor never brought up the surgeries again.

The falling out tampons. Another interesting fact of note was that Amy had switched to the super-sized tampons a while ago along with using a pad while on her period. One day Amy told me in the evening. “You’re never gonna believe what happened to me today.”


“I was going pee and when I stood up the tampon just fell out on the floor.”

“Really, that’s hot.”

“You’re fucked up. So, anyway, my pussy is now so big that tampons are falling out.”

We would occasionally overdo it. While we had quite often torn Amy’s pussy, it was usually small micro tears that often only stung and rarely bled, and if so, only a little. One night Amy was lying on her stomach with a 3.5-inch-thick dildo shoved up her pussy, a vibrator on her clit, and my four fingers working her pussy outside her bones, stretching her wide. This was a night when we had both had a few glasses of wine and one of the nights that we used the numbing agent on the back of her pussy. It was a strange sensation as it would make my tongue numb as I was licking that back of her pussy and her asshole. By now, I was a master of stretching Amy’s pussy. It was amazing how much force I would have to use as her skin stretched tightly and thinly around my fingers.

We had been working on Amy’s pussy for a while. “That’s it, stretch my huge pussy baby.”

“That’s it my little slut, tell me what you want me to do.”

“I just told you, stretch my pussy, stretch it wider baby.” Amy dared.

“Your little pussy is stretched my dear, that’s all you can take. I’m pulling pretty hard.”

“I want more, is that all you’ve got pussy, stretch my pussy like a man.” Amy challenged again.

“Fine, you want your pussy stretched, I’ll resize your pussy to a real pussy.”

“Yes, do it, fill me up. Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum. Ahhhhhh!”

By now I was pulling on Amy’s pussy so hard my fingers were starting to tire and cramp. Amy started to buck her hips into a monster orgasm. Just as she bucked her hips down, her pussy gave way and my fingers popped out. Amy was thrashing around in her throws of a major orgasm. As she started to calm down, I saw the blood on the back of her pussy. My fingers were already out of her pussy, and I reached for the dildo and slid the 8 or 9 inches that were still buried inside of her. As the dildo was sliding out, I could see the back of her pussy was torn. Unlike the previous times she had torn where there was a little blood and no visible tear, I could see the tear in her pussy. This is always a mood killer for me when Amy gets hurt. As much as I love stretching her, I never want to hurt or injure her. “Oh shit, um, baby, are you okay? You just tore.”

“Oh fuck, yup, I feel it now. Oh, it burns.”

“Are you okay?” I asked again.

“Yes, it burns, but I’ll be okay.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry baby, I never want to hurt you.”

“It’s not your fault, I was begging for it.”

“I know, but it’s my job to know your limits.” I said.

“It’s not a big deal, this has happened before.”

“Not like this, you should go check it out.”

With that Amy got up and went to the bathroom as I followed along. She sat on the toilet with her legs spread and looked at her pussy with a hand mirror. “Holy fuck!” She exclaimed.

“What, is it that bad?” I asked nervously.

“Oh my god, holy fuck!”


“It’s fucking huge.” She said.

“Is it that bad, did you tear that bad, fuck, do we need to go to the hospital.”

“What? No, I’m torn a little, it’s my fucking vagina, it’s fucking huge, holy shit, it looks like a softball would fall out.” Amy screeched.

“What? How bad is the tear?”

“Oh my god, does it always look like this after? It’s so open. I’ve never looked at it like this right after we’re done. It looks like my insides are gonna fall out.” Amy quizzed.

“Umm, yes, it’s always like that after we play. Well, it’s getting bigger, but it’s always big and open. That’s what I like. You know that, you’ve seen pictures.”

“Yes, a picture is one thing, but looking at it up close is another. Plus, it’s been a while since It looks like I just gave birth. Holly fuck.”

Amy’s pussy had torn about a half inch, which was bad, but it was overshadowed by the fact that she was somehow shocked by the size of her open pussy. It took her almost 3 weeks to heal from that one and it was several more weeks before we were stretching to full capacity. She now had a split at the back of her pussy, just slightly off center. To me, this added to the overall look of her pussy. I loved it. Needless to say, she told her Doctor at the next visit that she got a little overzealous one night. Her doctor never said a word, she just nodded and smiled.

One night we were lying in bed talking. Amy asked me if I was satisfied with everything with her.

“Yes, you know I love you more than anything, you have given me everything I’ve ever wanted.” I said.

“I know, I love you too. I know you have a desire for the kinky though. Is there anything else you’ve ever wanted to do?” Amy quizzed.

“No, you know how much I love stretching your pussy, and toying and fisting you. The only other thing I could possibly think of is double fisting you. I know that’s not possible though. Your bones just aren’t big enough. Someone with smaller hands could, but not me. I don’t care. It was a fantasy early on, but that was before I knew what I do now.”

Another night we were up to the same old stretching routine which included a fat dildo in her pussy, four fingers in her pussy pulling towards the back, and a vibrator on her clit. This time Amy was lying on her back, with her legs pulled up by her head. This is a great position for stretching as it opens up her pelvis and tilts her hips slightly up, allowing us to really work and stretch the back of her pussy. Amy was once again on the verge of orgasm and was begging me, “That’s it baby, stretch my big pussy, make it huge baby, give me a real pussy.”

I was pushing down with considerable force when Amy started to orgasm and suddenly and forcefully bucked her hips up and forward. I immediately felt her pussy give way another inch or so. Oh fuck, I though, not again. I immediately backed off as Amy squirmed around. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck, it burns a little.”

As Amy came down from her orgasmic could. She started to say.

“Fuck, something’s wrong. Wow, it burns.”

She put her hand down to her pussy, which was quite comical because her open flat hand could just about fit inside her gaping pussy.

“Fuck, it’s really starting to burn baby.”

“Are you okay?” I asked worriedly.

“Yes, no, I don’t know, it really burns. Did I tear?”

“I don’t think so. Let me look.”

I confirmed that she was not torn, and Amy got up to go to the bathroom. Well it appears she had not torn the tissue; it was evident she had probably torn an internal muscle. Well the burning feeling went Away the next day, she görükle escort bayan was sore and said she felt bruised for at least a week. By this time, Amy’s pussy was so loose it was hard to tell if this had any lasting effect, but I felt like her pussy was ever so slightly looser after that event.

Time went on and we kept abusing Amy’s pussy. Well her maximum size insertion had not grown. She could take a 3.75-inch-thick toy about 8 -9 inches deep in her pussy, her looseness and overall look of her pussy slowly evolved, especially her gape. When she spread her legs her pussy just yawned open lazily, easily hanging over her asshole, and wide enough so a 3-inch-thick toy barely brushed her inner labia.

Sex had changed a lot in the last several years. My cock did not spend much time in her pussy and when it did, it was next to a huge toy or my fist. To be honest, Amy was so loose now, and with me getting older, it was often hard for me to reach orgasm in her pussy. Amy loved double vaginal penetration with me and a big toy. We had openly discussed the fact that she could not feel my penis anymore, which was fine with both of us. I mean, she knew I was inside of her, it just did not stimulate her in any manner. This did not matter to either of us. Since neither of us got much out of vanilla sex, we kind of just stopped. We had plenty of sex, and it was great. We had also greatly increased the frequency in which we had anal sex as well. I fucked her ass which was now broken in enough to where I could full on fuck her as hard as I wanted to, and we did a lot of double penetration with a big dildo in her pussy and me in her ass. Plus, I really just got off on the act of stretching her pussy. After reaming her out with some huge toys or my fist, I was usually ready to orgasm.

Amy’s pussy stayed more or less the same for a few years but then I noticed a difference in Amy’s pussy, she seemed to be getting bigger again. Not her opening, which was now huge and gaping all the time, and seemed to have greatly slowed if not stopped in her progression, but the amount I could fit inside her, past her pelvic bone opening. I was playing with her one night and had my four fingers in next to a 3-inch-thick dildo. My fingers, which usually got stuck at the second knuckle, manage to slide all the way to the third knuckle. It was hot as it reminded me of the early days when I would get excited to see her pussy progressing to wider stages.

Then, the same thing happened a few nights later. This time I was fisting her, and I managed my other four fingers into the third knuckle, and even a bit of my palm in her hand. For some reason, Amy’s pussy after being stuck for years, started to make progress again and seemed to somehow be getting bigger.

This supercharge our sex life and for the next few weeks, we we’re having sex daily, with Amy preferring me fisting her. I could feel Amy’s bone expanding ever so slightly and within two weeks we had progressed to my hand all the way up to my palm, minus the thumb inside of her. I now had the fantasy and thought, that maybe, just maybe, Amy’s little body could take both my fist someday. It was the worst timing though. I was about to leave on a business trip for over two weeks without the chance to come home over the weekend.

The trip sucked. Lots of good dinners and plenty of meetings, but I hate being away from home for extended periods. I thought about Amy’s pussy a lot and could not wait to get home to give her some good stretching. I asked her if she played at night and she said of course, she had been horny, and I was gone. I always loved the thought of my wife doing nasty things to herself at home and keeping her pussy nice and loose for me. By the time I returned home I had been gone 17 days, more than half the month. Shitty.

The night I returned home it was late and I was tired from the trip. Amy was all over me as I walked through the door and pulled me into the bedroom. Once she does this to me it doesn’t matter how tired I am. I knew she was down for a good session and I’d get to use her pussy hard tonight. I immediately went to get our toy chest, which is actually an extra-large, locked suitcase that we keep in my master closet. By now we had added even more toys to our collection, although we had discarded many. Over the years through trial and error, Amy discovered she loves soft realistic toys the best, and silicone material.

They were more expensive but other materials could break down and would even burn Amy’s insides a bit. We also discovered that organic coconut oil made for an amazing all-natural lube. It also worked well for massage oil, and oh year, it works good for cooking too. Anyway, now that the kids are older, we needed to keep the toys organized and locked up in case our kids were snooping around. The last thing they need to see is their parent’s collection of super-sized toys. I think our daughter would have a stroke if she saw what mom and dad were up to. By the time I was back in the bedroom, Amy was fully undressed with her sexy little body on display.