Cassie Moves In Ch. 03


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The next morning when we woke up the house was empty. Mom and dad were at work and Cassie made eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast. When Narissa and I walked into the kitchen Cassie gave us a shy smile and blushed. I walked over to her to put my arms around her and give her a bear hug. I whispered in her ear:

“It’s ok sis we won’t bite. Much.” I kiss her behind her ear softly and made some coffee. Narissa walks up Cassie to hug and kiss her on the lips and winks.

We sat down to eat breakfast and we told Cassie that we were taking her with us to go shopping when she is done eating. She got excited and scarfed down her food and ran up the stairs to get ready. The rest of the day we all acted like nothing had happened and we got her stuff for her new room at my place. I bought her a wonderful dress for her graduation. It’s a knee length white dress that has a plunge neck line with spaghetti straps. It formed wonderfully to her breasts and made her look stunning.

Narissa found some white pumps that would go with the dress perfectly. She bought them for her as a graduation present. When she handed her the shoes Cassie hugged her and gave her a kiss. It was a tongue dancing wet French kiss. One that made people around us stop and stare at us shaking their head. Cassie broke the kiss put her hand over her mouth and started to cry.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to do that. Please forgive me.” By the time she had finished her plague she was balling. I pulled her into my arms and gave her a hug. I rubbed her back trying to get her to calm down. We walked over to one of the many benches the mall had and sat down.

“Why are you crying? Do you think I would get mad at you?”

“Yes I thought you would. I have never felt like this about a girl before and it’s very confusing. She is your girlfriend and it’s about you too. Last night was so special to me. It felt wrong but right at the same time and I needed more. I wanted to do the same thing to you and Narissa but I got scared. That’s why I ran to my room so quickly. You are my sister and she is your girlfriend. I don’t know what to do.” She was talking so fast that it was hard to hear and understand.

I looked at Narissa and suggested we should go home to talk about this. Sitting in a public mall was no place for this kind of conversation. Once we got home Cassie and Narissa went to the living room while I went and got us some snacks and drinks.

“When you left so quickly I knew what was going through your head. I knew because I too felt the same the first time but it was with my cousin. I thought I did something wrong. I thought I would go to hell. Being the way my mother is she put all that into my head. It is ok. I and your sister talked about it a little before we went to bed last night.” She stopped when she saw me at the door way.

“Look sissy you know that I love you. We were so close growing up. What you are feeling right now is perfectly fine, I understand. I would not want you to think that what I did to you is wrong in any kind of way. You are my baby sister and I will protect you with my life. If you want to do more we can. All of us can and that is ok. If you want just Narissa that is fine too as long as she agrees to it and you don’t go behind my back. I enjoyed what we did last night and I would very much like to do it again if you want to. I won’t push you. If you ever feel like talking about it you can Bayan Escort Gaziantep talk to me no matter what it is about.”

“So you’re not angry that I kissed Narissa?”

“No sweetie I’m not angry.”

“Oh Amber I thought you would get so upset. The first time you bring someone home and I throw myself over them.” She jumps up and hugs me. She leans close to my ear “I want both of you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to.” She nods and says now. She jumps off my lap grabs my hand jerks me to my feet, turns and does the same thing to Narissa. She hugs her and pecks her on the lips quickly. “Thank you for telling me all of that. You are so nice. Maybe one day just me and you can go out for coffee and have a good time.”

“I’d love that very much.”

“But right now I want to take you both up stairs and eat your pussies. I have been dying to know what you and my sister’s pussy taste like.”

We all went upstairs and in my room we didn’t bother closing the door because mom and dad weren’t going to be home for a few more hours. Once in my room my sister rapidly tried to take my clothes off. She was in a hurry. I grabbed her hands and looked at her big blue eyes. “Sweetie slow down. We don’t have to rush. Why don’t you go sit on the end of the bed there and we will put on a little show for you.”

She did as she was told and I and Narissa put on a slow strip tease for my baby sister. Me and Narissa kissed and caressed each other’s bodies. She started rubbing her hands down the side of my t-shirt and slid her hands back up the sides. We broke the kiss long enough to get my shirt off and throw it to the floor. I slid my hand down the sides of her body all the way down to the straps of her sandals. Then I slid them under the end of her long dress. As I made my way slowly up my girlfriend’s body I glanced over at my sister, who breathed heavier. As I lifted the dress over her hips and ass I leaned in and stuck my nose onto the fabric of her thong and took a big sniff of her delicious smelling pussy. Trailing kisses on my way up her stomach up to her neck and again met her lips as the dress was thrown to the floor.

She was standing there in her sandals and panties showing off for my sister as she wiggled her sexy ass while sliding my short white shorts down my hips. Once they hit the floor and I stepped out of them she stuck her nose on my panties and inhaled. She kissed my stomach as she pulled my tank top up and once she got it off she tossed it on the pile of clothes on the floor. She kissed me hard as she undid my bra and let it slid off my body. She slid her hand down my stomach and through my panties she played with my dripping wet pussy. After a minute she pulled her hand out and sucked the two fingers she used to get all my juice off.

We then walked over to Cassie and sat next to her. We each kissed her neck and let one of our hands caress her stomach. Together we lifted her shirt over her head and kissed from her shoulder to her collar bone down her chest over the top of her bra. We fallowed her bra line to the center of her chest. I put one hand behind her and undid the clasp of her bra to let her perky breast free. She was so soft to touch I kissed up her mound till I had her nipple in my mouth. I lightly kissed her nipple then sucked it into my mouth and twirled it around with my tongue.

I slid my hand down her flat stomach to her welcoming snatch. Through her shorts I could feel the moisture and the heat coming from her pussy. Unsnapping the buttons on her shorts I slid my hand inside to find my sister did not have any panties on. I rubbed up and down her slit pressing down slightly to give a little pleasure. Slowly let a finger slide through her lower lips which felt swollen and very wet. Inserting a finger into her hot slick hole plus the stimulation to both breast made her come instantly. She gushed cum out if that pussy and covered my hand. I brought a finger to my mouth and sucked her juices off of it. She tasted wonderful. I offered Nerissa a finger and sucked it clean. Then offered Cassie a finger and she was hesitant but then decided to suck her juices off my fingers. As she did she moaned as her flavor filled her taste buds.

I slid off the bed and knelt down in front of her. Slowly working my may up her legs starting at her ankles, rubbing softly in slow motion. Up the inside of her calf to her knee to the inside of her thigh till I finally flattened my hands on her hips and hooked a finger in each side of the waist band if her shorts. I slowly slid them down her long smooth legs. Discarding them on the floor with the rest of mine and Narissa clothes. Starting at her knee I massage small circles with my thumbs up her thighs while kissing and sucking following the trail of my fingers.

Once I reached her mound I slowly kissed my way down her slit. Licking and gently inserting my tongue into her slit tasting her sweet nectar. Slowly licking up and down the inside of her slit till my tongue found her clit. Sucking just a little bit she let out a soft moan. I probed her hot wet hole and fucking her with my tongue. She started thrusting her hips into my face. Moving back up to her clit and inserted a finger in her tight, hot, wet pussy and finger fucked her while I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue and teeth. She was moaning really loud now and thrusting her hip so much I had to hold her down with my free hand so she would not make me come off of her. I pressed down firmly one last time and she locked her thighs against the side of my head as she covered my face in her girl cum. She screamed out in pure ecstasy as he had an orgasm.

Once she calmed down enough I was able to pull her legs apart I started to lap up all of her juices that I could. She tasted so sweet. I kissed my way back up her stomach, in the valley between her breasts and kissed her with so much force and love. Her tongue invaded my mouth as she tasted. Herself on my lips and tongue she moaned.

Narissa smiled up at her and started to kiss her way down Cassie’s before she even had time to relax. She trailed kiss down her stomach over to the start of her high v-line at her hips following that line to her pubic bone the going to the other side following the line but this time she didn’t stop she kissed and licks straight to my sister’s delicious pussy. Cassie was moaning and wiggling around while my girlfriend ate her out and lavished her beautiful globes with my tongue. Soon I felt my sister’s body tense up as she screamed out Narissa’s name in pleasure. I quickly covered her lips with mine to muffle some of the sounds she was making. Narissa joined me up on the bed on the other side of my sister smiled at her and said…

“See I told you we wouldn’t bite.” She kissed her softly. We heard a car door shut so we quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to make it look like we were watching TV.

Mom and dad came in with gift bags in their hands, mom had two and dad had one. They walked in the living room and gave us this look that made us all giggle.

“I know we didn’t get you anything for a house warming gift Amber so we wanted to get each one of you some things for the house. Narissa we want you to know that no matter what you are part of this family. You have a home here and you are always welcome. We will love and treat you like our daughter.” She said with a look in her eyes that almost made me cry. She handed me one of the bags and one to Narissa. She then turned to Cassie. “My dear Cassie…” She let out a slow sigh, “We know that you want to go out to the big city in two days and while we are sad to see you go and we want to lock you in your room to keep you safe we know that we can’t do that. You will have to leave eventually because you start school in the fall. We will miss you dearly and we know your sister will keep you safe so we must let you go. All of you must come back here as often as possible to visit us. Do you understand me that means all of you?” As she said the last sentence she put her hands on her hips and gave us this look and we each said yes.

Dad handed Cassie the bag he was holding. We each opened out bags. Mine had several candles in it. Mom knew I liked to burn candles. I got up hugged both mom and dad and said thanks. Narissa opened her bag and her face turned beat red. I have never seen her blush and this was past blushing she was so red. She slowly pulled out this sexy blue silk and lace nightie outfit. Mom looked at her and smiled dad looked embarrassed and he too was a bit red in the face. For the first time since they came home dad spoke. “We figured you could use some sexy outfits to wear for Amber every now then. There is more than just the one in there but you don’t have to pull all out.”

“But mom… Who would do something like that? Why did you get my girlfriend something like that. You’re my mother I don’t want you all to know about what we do. That’s just weird.”

“Actually Amber it was your father who pick them out not me.” Mom said.

“Ugh! Dad!”

“It’s ok Amber really. Thank you very much they are very sexy we be sure to use them.” She got up and gave my mom a hug then walked over to dad gave him a hug and a kiss on the check. She then whispered something in his ear and he got red again. She then knelt in front of me kissed me deeply the whispered in my ear “stop it, its ok really. Just wait till you see what else is in that bag.” She kissed me again then sat down beside me and held onto my hand.

Next it was Cassie’s turn. She dumped the bag on the coffee table and started to laugh. On the table laid boxes of condoms a vibrator and different kinds of lubes. I stared at the table shocked. Then looked at mom and dad. Then at Cassie then back at mom and dad. Cassie found this funny. She couldn’t stop laughing. I however did not this was private stuff. Ones parents shouldn’t be buying this stuff. I was about to say something and they all knew it. Narissa spoke up first. She knew what I was about to say and stopped me before I could.

“Now amber I know what you are about to say, and before you say it I’m telling you not to. We are all adults here and yes they may be your mother and father but they are looking out for her safety. That want her to be prepared. She obviously does not have any problems with it. So please don’t say anything. Ok”

“But Narissa…”

“No Amber! Don’t…”

To be continued…