The Beach Ch. 3


As we sat relaxing in the sun, Master talked to Steve and Jackie about what they could expect in their new life as Master and sub. He gently probed them to see how far they were willing to go today. It seemed they were eager to learn. When Master offered me to them, they were quick to agree.

Master then began to instruct all three of us.

I was made to lie on the sand, Jackie was to lower her crotch onto my face. She looked a bit hesitant, unsure.

‘Don’t worry about my slut’ he said. ‘She will do as she is told.’

Another moment and she was eagerly planting her knees at either side of my head, and lowering her hairy cunt to my face.

‘Show her how you like to suck cunt, my slut’ I was instructed. And I did. I used my tongue to lick her sex lips first; gentle butterfly kisses, light flicks with my tongue until I felt her start to grind slightly, until she wanted more.

I parted her then, sucking at her pink cunt. My tongue started to delve deep inside her, I wanted to taste her milkiness; she tasted good. I became more eager…. forgetting for a minute that I was teaching her the art of pleasure as I took my own.


I was shocked when he told me straddle her face, until he reminded me she’d do anything. Then I was happy to oblige. I was curious to see how another woman would eat me like this, would she be as good as a man… better?

She started slowly, teasing me, relaxing me. I felt her tongue lightly flicking at my sex lips, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t long before I wanted to feel her tongue firmly inside me. I started to grind slightly, moaning softly. She took the hint.

She felt amazing. Her whole face was pushing up to me, nose, chin and tongue firmly inside my open cunt. She sucked at me hard, drinking down my juices. My head started to buzz then, I was lost in that happy place, only just remembering my husband standing watching.

My eyes opened then, I wanted to see his reaction. He stood watching, mesmerized.

‘What should I do?’ he whispered to Maltepe Olgun Escort the Master.

‘Give my slut some of the pleasures your wife is receiving. Touch her, use her.’

He didn’t need any encouragement. I watched as my husband… my new Master, began to spread her legs.


I felt my legs being moved firmly apart, and a thick finger pushing up inside me. He started to explore me then, his finger moving in and out and round and round. I matched my tongue movements to his finger, especially as he started to finger fuck me.

She was going crazy above me. Grinding herself onto my face, rocking back and forth. Then I felt his cock between my legs. I groaned loud then, spreading myself, lifting myself to receive this huge black cock. I wanted it. He pushed hard and was inside me with one stroke. He started to fuck me so hard, it was difficult for me to concentrate on the cunt over my face.

‘He’s kissing her hard now slut. Imagine them’ my Master told me.

I imagined the scene. Her on my face, moving. Him between my legs, fucking.. and them together sharing tongues. It was enough to make me want to cum. I felt hers too… she’d held out well. Hell, I thought, with her over me like this, I can’t even ask. The dilemma was soon taken from me.


‘I need to cum’ I whispered to Steve.

He looked to the Master, who shrugged lightly… it was Steve’s decision now. He nodded at me. I vaguely heard the Master say ‘yes slut’ as I started to grind faster and harder on her face, moaning loudly as I felt myself build.

Our orgasms came so close then.. mine triggering hers I think, although I wasn’t concentrating too much on her. I felt my own pleasures first, wanted them. I felt her jerking though, I pulled away from Steve’s face to watch her body undulate under him, feeling her pleasures as she took his cock.

I wondered briefly at this. Shouldn’t I feel jealous? No, not now, not like this. This was for us. I was enjoying the sight of them, his Maltepe Sarışın Escort hard black cock fucking into her shaved, white pussy. It was nice to see her lips spread wide, enveloping his cock. The sight only made me cum harder.


I thought I’d go crazy… the pleasure was just too much. I panted deeply into her moist cunt, trying hard to breath as my orgasm pulsed through me. His cock stretched me, pumping harder and further into me with every stroke. My mind reeled at the realization that my Master was letting him fuck me. He knew it was my dream… a hard black cock deep inside me while he watched and enjoyed.

As we all slowed again, I crawled to Master then, smiling, happy. I knelt at his feet, kissed his hand, his cheek. I whispered my thanks. He took my head in his hands and began to devour my mouth… obviously enjoying the taste of her on me. He kissed me for a long time, wanting me.

Then finally he pulled away and told me he had another pleasure for me. Before I could ask questions, he moved away to the others.

‘Steve, have you ever taken your sub anally?

Steve shook his head.

‘Then it’s time’ my Master ordered.


My head spun round to Steve then …. this was something we hadn’t done. But I could tell from his reaction that we’d be doing it now. I had half a mind to refuse… but how could I? It seems I was learning quickly that I had no control. My body shivered at that realization.

He spread me then, face down over a boulder. I could feel myself panting… partly in fear, part excitement. I felt his fingers on my cunt and arse, rubbing something slippery over me. His finger started to explore my opening. I tensed slightly, then forced myself to relax, moaning softly as his finger slid deep inside me.

He fucked me gently with that finger then, moving it slowly in circles, stretching me, preparing me. Soon I was ready for another. Two fingers deep in my arse. He was moaning loudly …. he’d never done this to me and Maltepe Şişman Escort it was obviously affecting him.

Then his cock, nudging gently at me. I forced myself to relax, wanting him deep inside me. I thought of the others watching him fuck me this way for the first time. That was enough to make me thrust back slightly. His cock pushed harder and harder, and inch by inch he was in me.

I wanted to scream as he pushed, it felt like he was tearing me. I wanted to beg him to stop, but he was holding me firmly.. I knew he wouldn’t stop. Finally he was in me, filling me. I heard the Master tell him to keep still for a while, til I was ready. I thought I’d never be ready, the pain was horrendous…. but finally it lessened.

I moved slightly, it was all he needed. He started to slowly fuck my arse. Long, deep strokes that drove me wild. The sensations were like nothing I’d ever experienced, it was amazing. I wanted this, I wanted it harder. I begged him to fuck me harder, deeper.


Master talked to Steve again. Reminding him how he must experience everything his sub experienced. He told Steve how he was going to feel his arse full as well.

Master instructed me to finger Steve’s arse as he fucked Jackie. I greased my fingers well and stood behind him. Gently at first, I played around his arse, preparing him. He ground slightly as he pushed into her. Soon my fingers were playing inside him. He was ready.

Master passed me the big black vibrator that I used frequently on myself. Today I was to use it on this beautiful black man…. I smiled happily.

I went gently, remembering how slowly he initiated his sub, but soon I was inside him. My black cock fucking his black arse. I felt him stiffen, stop moving, felt him ‘feel’ the fucking. Then he was moving again, more forcefully, and I kept my movements in pace with his fucking.

He fucked harder and longer, obviously wanting the same… Jackie was screaming with desire, her body pushing back against him. I found it hard to keep myself steady, but kept pushing back at him.

Finally they were ready, two arse virgins ready to cum together. I felt his final thrust into her and slowed my movements, gently removing the cock from his arse.

We watched, my Master and I, as they came together… happy, newly initiated.

Second Youth


I would like to thank Georgia Alice for the help with naming most of the characters.



Rich and unemployed – sounds like a pretty unrealistic combination, doesn’t it? I am one of the very few lucky people who run such “unrealistic” life. I had not won a lottery, but you might say that luck was involved.

I was twenty years old when I married, my husband was thirty and already rich, having inherited a well prospering business. I had never considered myself a gold digger, but it turned out that my husband was not a family kind of person. He wanted something between a trophy wife and a housewife. I was supposed to look pretty and take care of the house, with the assistance of several servants; I was happy to do just that.

Within first three years I had given my husband three kids – two sons and a daughter (she was the middle one).

I will fast forward the story to the point where I became no longer pretty enough, although my domestic skills have improved significantly. That was about a year ago and we divorced soon after. But to be honest it was not an overly dramatic event. We had never truly loved each other and while work was my husband’s life he was not actually greedy. He left me not only with a luxurious mansion and car, but also with a bank account to live comfortably for the rest of my life. He married a beautiful girl who was less than half his age, her name was Crystal. The funny thing is I get along with her pretty well. John, our oldest son already runs the business with his father, the other two – Maya and Jesse still live with me. They are both of age, but the house is big enough for all of us to have privacy (six bedrooms, each with its own bathroom just to give you the impression).

My name is Eve, I am forty one years old and… well, I guess I just live a happy life. I am 162 centimetres tall, so on the short side, but I am not petite. I have always had full curves and they have not disappeared with age, but I take good care not to become chubby. I eat healthy, exercise daily and had been using the best cosmetics available. Without fake modesty I can say that my body is sexy and my skin is smooth. The surgeon helped me only with one thing (or rather two) – my breasts. They were D-cups to begin with, but have grown over the three pregnancies and, as is the case with breasts and time, they would be sagging by now. I have F-cups currently and while they do have a slight downward tendency, that only makes them look more natural. I can comfortably go topless to a beach and pridefully attract male gazes (and some female too). My hair is long thick and healthy, but I have never been happy with the colour. For the most of my life I used to dye them various dark shades, but after the divorce I decided to make a radical change in that aspect; now I am a blonde bombshell. There are some who would apply the term “milf” to my person, but that would not be accurate since my sex life was somewhat lackluster.


It was nearing noon on a warm summer day. I had done my morning yoga and prepared a dinner for three (I had always made the meals myself) and now I wanted to deepen my already impressive tan. I went out wearing a rather skimpy thong bikini. I had a pool by the house, it was technically an indoor one, but three of the walls (these not adjacent to the main building) could be opened. On the outside was a space for sunbeds, garden chairs and such. As I got there I noticed Tom, the neighbour’s son, coming my way through the garden. We had a really friendly relation with the neighbours – Jane and Mitchell, our gardens were separated only be a small symbolic fence with a gate that was open most of the time. It was a common custom for both sides to go that way rather than from the front, most of the visits were unannounced.

Tom was Jesse’s friend although they attended different schools. He was tall, athletic and extremely handsome. He might have been only eighteen, but looked really mature.

“Good morning, missus Eve. Is Jesse home? Sorry for interrupting you.”

“Hello, Tom” I said with a friendly welcoming smile “you’re not interrupting, I was just about to sunbathe. Sorry, but Jesse’s not here.”

Tom was polite and composed enough not to stare at my body too much. But to be honest I would not mind if he was a bit less disciplined. Is there a better compliment for a mature woman that the admiration of a young handsome man?

“In that case I could rub your back with oil” he had always been forward.

“Thank you, I appreciate that.”

I laid on the sunbed on my belly and undid the straps of my top. I could not see it, but I was sure that by now Tom was shamelessly ogling my booty; I became more aware of the thong.

A cool lotion was spilled all over my back and was soon followed by warm palms that managed to be strong and gentle at the same time. Tom thoroughly spread the lotion throughout my entire back, arms and shoulders. It might have taken him a little longer than necessary, but his touch mardin escort never became inappropriate. As he was rubbing the oil into my upper back and neck he said:

“You seem quite tense, missus Eve.”

“I do?”

“Yes, your muscles should be more relaxed while you lie motionless. You exercise a lot, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I stretch as often.”

“But how often do you have a massage?”


“I could do that for you. I finished a course only recently. You could use a massage and I could use some practice.”

“That’s kind of you. I gladly accept the proposal.”

“I could do that today if you have the time…”

“Five PM?”


As we spoke Tom once again rubbed the oil into my back, completely unnecessary, but I was not going to complain, his hands felt really pleasurable.

“Do you want me to oil your legs too, missus Eve?”

“Yes, please.’

If he had not said that, I would have asked him myself.

Tom drew a line of lotion from my heel to the middle of the buttock, then began to rub it as thoroughly as before, beginning at the calf. He slowly moved to my thigh were there was a lot more skin to cover, you could say many compliments about my thighs, but not that they were slender. Tom maintained his meticulousness, he rubbed the sides of my thighs as well using both his hands. There was still nothing inappropriate about his touch, but for me it was getting somewhat arousing. I could almost sense his gaze on my buttocks and I knew that he was going to move his palms there soon. How was he going to maintain his “professional” approach there? A small part of me was hoping that he would abandon the façade. I shook these thoughts away, he was my friend’s son, less than half my age.

Tom did not proceed to my buttock, he left the lotion there unspread and moved to the other calf, where he repeated the whole process. I got the feeling that he spent more time at my second thigh and that his touch was slightly less professional. What if I got wet?! He would surely notice that. Was he hard himself? He was eighteen, hu must have been hard by now. Damn it! These thoughts again. Tom’s activity was not helping with getting rid of them.

He finally got to my buttocks. Keep in mind that this part of my body is rather… full. Each buttock is definitely larger than a palm of a teenager, even as grown up one as Tom. He tried to maintain his professional approach but failed and it were not just my dirty thoughts. He was still rubbing the lotion into my skin, but it felt more like groping… and it was awesome! I should have told him to stop, so he would not get ahead of himself, but how could I abandon such pleasure? Tom was clearly enjoying himself as much, massaging and squeezing my flesh. Mhmm…. I almost moaned! I barely managed to hold back the sound, that would have been totally inappropriate.

But Tom realized that he had went too far as well. He removed his hand and said:

“There you go, missus Eve. The sun won’t hurt you now” he wanted to sound relaxed but failed. The erection was perfectly clear in his voice.

“Thank you, Tom. You’re such a sweetheart. What would I do without you. See you at five.”

“No problem, missus Eve. Bye.”

I stared at his firm young booty as he walked away, I did not notice previously how tight his shorts were. I could not get a glimpse of the front of his shorts either, but I was confident that he had gotten hard anyway.

I spent the next hour lying in the sun; I rubbed the front of my body on my own. It was impossible not to think about Tom’s fit body and strong hands.

Maya and Jesse came for the dinner and we ate it together as was our custom. After the meal we made some small talk and they left, which was convenient for me since my “date” was coming soon.

Tom came in dressed in the same pair of shorts and tight shirt, he was empty handed since I had a massage table and all the lotions in the world. I also wore the same summer dress over the thong bikini.

“Ready to work your magic, Tom?”

“Sure. Please take off your dress and lay on your belly on the table.”

It was nothing unusual to be told by the masseur to take off one’s clothes, but in the current circumstances it turned me on, albeit only slightly. I turned my back to Tom and slowly removed the dress; I was not performing a striptease but I gave him a good chance to appreciate my motions. He would soon have the opportunity to appreciate my body in a more physical manner. I laid flat on the table and said:

“Could you, please, undo the straps of my top?”

“Of course, missus Eve.”

There I was again, lying in nothing by a thong bikini bottom next to a young handsome stud who was about to touch my body. Massage! He was about to give me a massage; that is something entirely different.

Tom poured the lotion onto my back and began his work. To my relief (and to some point disappointment at the same time) it was an actual honest marmaris escort massage. His hands were strong and firm but professional, his skill might not have been top notch yet, but it was enough to relax my muscles. Tom was methodical and worked without rush; he massaged my neck, upper body, shoulders and then the rest of my back. His firm touch was pleasant but it did not evoke the dirty thoughts that had plagued my mind before. I got the feeling that he was not even ogling my body with lust like he did before.

Tom’s hand ultimately abandoned my back, I was left in a state of comfort and relaxation; that was the best praise for his job. But the massage was not over, Tom moved to my feet. Without saying a word he once again applied the lotion and began to work his strong talented fingers. It was still a professional approach, but for me personally it felt different this time. There was some truth in the dialogue between Julius and Vincent, foot massage was not just any massage, even if both participating parties pretended otherwise. While my feet were being taken care of and my whole body relaxed even further, the internal mental pressure of arousal began to build up. At the same time I once again became aware of Tom’s gaze. I was lying on my belly and my legs were slightly apart, the young man was standing at my feet and without a doubt looking at my booty covered with just a skimpy thong. The risk of him spotting something more was high.

Minutes went by and my arousal grew slowly but steadily, luckily for me I had not gotten wet yet. Fortunately for my decency Tom eventually finished the foot massage and moved to my calves. This body part was not mentally erogenous and just like my back needed some additional care to relax. The young man was as methodical with my calves as he had been with other parts of my body, but I could feel his arousal growing. Staring at my oily body (and touching it) could not go without any effect on an eighteen year old. Something in his touch changed albeit only slightly and I could still sense his gaze on my curves.

Calves are tricky muscles and need a lot of attention, but eventually Tom was done with them and he proceeded to my thighs. It was there that his professional approach began to evaporate, he still massaged my body but with each passing moment it turned more into lustful groping.

That was the moment that I should have intervened, but I did not. My own arousal was once again growing and I truly enjoyed the attention my body was getting from this young stud. He was less than half my age and he still found me attractive. His gaze was switching between my thighs and buttocks as his palms groped the former. He was doing me a favor with the massage, it was only fair if I allowed him to have some fun as well, right?

Within few minutes the illusion of a massage was over, Tom’s palms were freely roaming over my thighs and buttocks, groping my soft flesh. His hands were clearly enjoying my full round booty, just like his eyes did earlier. Among the chaos of my arousal few thoughts appeared: was Tom still a virgin? How far has he gone with a girl before? Has any girl allowed him to act so freely? Was the lack of such experience an additional source of his enthusiasm?

Tom was still somewhat pretending to be giving me a massage, but the only person he was trying to fool was himself. It was nothing but a possessive groping, something that a man who had not been with a woman for a long time would do to a prostitute (after they had had sex obviously). It was not aimed for my pleasure, but I derived it from the touching nevertheless.

Mhmm… once again I barely managed to suppress a moan, only then I realized that I had gotten wet, Tom’s attention had turned me on so much. Did he see that? Or was he so focused on my skin elsewhere? Or maybe he had never seen a wet clitoris and could not recognize one even if it was covered merely by a thong? I knew I should stop that but the pleasure… mhmmm! This time the moan was for real and Tom heard it, he moved his hands away, but remained silent. Eventually after few long moments he spoke:

“T-that is all, m-missus Eve. I should be going now.”

I rose from the bed only slightly and responded:

“Thank you, Tom” I tried to sound composed and did a better job than the young man “I’m really grateful, I feel very relaxed, my muscles indeed needed that massage.”

I was trying to look at his face, but he was just staring into the room, so my eyes ventured elsewhere. I glanced at his tight shorts and noticed his erection. Tom was not only hard, but there was already a stain on the front of his shorts; just like me he had gotten wet! But he was also HUGE! My husband was really well endowed, so I was experienced with large penises, but Tom seemed to be bigger even than him.

I once again looked him into the eye and for a second our gazes met. The young man was unable to hide his lust.

“Goodbye, missus Eve” he just mumbled and left, his walk a bit awkward.

“Goodbye, nevşehir escort Tom. Thank you again!”

As he left I allowed myself a loud exhale which sounded somewhat like a moan. What in the hell did just happen? How should I react? I needed to talk with Tom, but we both had to calm down first.

Calming down did not go as well as I had intended. After the “massage” I put on the top of my bikini, the summer dress and tried to stay busy; at that I was successful. Then I took a bath, put on my short summer robe (I had a different one for each season) and sat down by the TV. The sun had just set, so I decided that it was too late to go to the neighbours to talk with their son. I turned the TV on but instead of putting on some of the crap they usually air I switched the signal source to my laptop and there I opened the browser. Absentmindedly I found some random porn (in HD obviously) and clicked play; it turned out to be a MMF threesome.

I rarely watched porn but not because I did not like it, quite the opposite. It turned me on and I preferred to maintain some form of control over my arousal. But since I had already lost said control earlier that day I decided to go all out. I opened my robe and slid my hand between my legs, but before I touched my clitoris I came up with a better idea. Without pausing the video I stood up and went to my bedroom. I returned carrying a magic wand vibrator and a large penis shaped dildo; the action of the movie had not progressed much. I put the dildo aside for now and placed the wand by my clitoris, I turned it to low vibrations for start.

I turned my attention back to the screen; it was then that I noticed someone standing outside, right behind the full size window. It was Tom! I did not look directly at him and it seemed that he did not realized that he had been spotted. Maybe he came here to talk as I should have done? I did not blame him for not entering, but he should have left when he realized what was happening. On the other hand I should have stopped masturbating when I noticed him. But I still held the vibrating wand by my clitoris and the porn was still playing on the screen; the woman was being licked by one man and groped by the other, her loud exaggerated moans were coming from the speakers. I felt so aroused! Not shy nor ashamed as I should have, somehow the fact of being observed turned me on even more. Some perverted part of my mind, about the existence of which I had no prior idea, must have taken over. I turned the wand to a higher level and took the dildo into my mouth to get it wet. I had always used lubricants for that, so the inner pervert scored again. I was still looking at the screen, but in the corner of my eye I could see Tom’s silhouette outside the window.

I gave the dildo a nice blowjob, more than was necessary to make it wet. I never knew I could be such a pervert; a small part of me was protesting, but it could not fight the growing arousal. Eventually I took the dildo out of my mouth and pushed it between my other lips. The toy was about as big as my ex-husband’s penis, so it was perfectly satisfactory for me. I slowly pushed it in, just as the men on the screen pushed their penises into the woman’s mouth and vagina.

I issued a soft moan but it was obscured by the noises coming from the video. Tom could surely hear these, since the patio door were ajar. I slowly began to work the toy in and out, I still held the buzzing wand by my clitoris.

At some point I pushed the dildo deep inside and left it there, so I could free one of my hands; I used it to turn the vibrations up once again, then I resumed the penetration.

Tom was still there and though I could not see him clear enough to be able to spot any details I could sense that he was burning with desire. I could not blame him, after all so was I. But at least I was venting my arousal with masturbation while Tom was just standing there and… or was he? I could not see him that well. Maybe he was masturbating too? That thought turned me on even more. I imagined that it was Tom’s penis instead of the dildo pushing in and out of my vagina. I issued a loud moan, this one was loud enough to be heard over the porn.

I turned the vibrations up once again and resumed the penetration at a quicker pace. I completely lost the sense of time and common sense apparently too. I was masturbating furiously with two toys at once, my moans and screams were louder than those coming from the TV. I ignored the sight of Tom, but I could still sense his lustful gaze. He must have been masturbating, of that I had no doubt.

In and out went the penis as I thought of the toy by now. I loved the sensation! And the vibrations… Mhmmm!! I was going wild, my hand could not go any faster, just like the men on the screen who were now double penetrating the woman.

Then it happened. I issued a long high-pitched cry; my hands were shaking as I failed to continues the penetration. My whole body began to tremble and I clenched my vaginal muscles. Then I erupted; I had completely forgotten about this. My fluids squirted from my crotch onto the carpet. I let the dildo go, it was pushed out of my vagina and dropped to the floor. I somehow still held the vibrator by my clitoris as the orgasm continued to rock my body.