Claiming Emily

Female Ejaculation

Authors Note: I didn’t realize that I was starting another series until I sat down in front of my laptop and started writing again. The first story set in Oak Hills is The Reunion. So, if you would like to start there, please feel free to come back to this one afterwards. If not, welcome to my Hot Tails in Oak Hills. I hope you enjoy this next installment. GEV


It was late October and it had been raining non-stop for the past two weeks, drenching the small Oregon town of Oak Hills in a heavy downpour, the deluge causing the creek to flow over its banks and flood one of the main roads in and out of town with three feet of muddy water. The fire department was forced to close down all access to the old highway with four more streets on the watch list, leaving some of the residents in the low lying area of town nervous and filling sandbags or seeking refuge with friends that lived on higher ground. The fall storm was completely unexpected and if the local satellite reading could be trusted, the storm wasn’t weakening anytime soon, keeping all of the first responders in town and the neighboring communities on their toes for emergency calls. And with Halloween just a day away, they had to be prepared for any and all pranks gone horribly wrong and the nasty weather outside only added to the dangerousness and stupidity of drivers as they tried to navigate the streets in the downpour instead of staying inside. As if dealing with Mother Nature’s unpredictable wrath wasn’t bad enough.

Spencer Jennings drove his GMC Sierra 2500 through the standing water in the fire station’s front lot that just happened to be situated along the overflowing bank of the creek, the windshield wipers trying to keep up with the heavy rainstorm, and parked along the side of the building, praying that his oversized tires were still on the asphalt. He hopped out of the cab, his booted feet splashing in the standing water and shut the door behind him before running for the office door in the pouring rain. He took cover under the small ineffective overhang, hastily punching in the code that unlocked the door in the darkness, his partially numb fingers barely able to hit the right buttons. After the third attempt, the lock beeped and he turned the handle, pulling open the heavy steel door and quickly stepping into the cool building as he shut the biting cold and blowing rain out behind him with a click of the latch. He shucked off his jacket, shaking the rainwater from it as he walked down the dimly lit hall towards his office, unlocking the door marked lieutenant and blindly hanging his jacket on the hook just inside the doorway before continuing down the hall to the kitchen in the back part of the firehouse. The pounding of the rain on the roof was more annoying than it was soothing at six in the morning, adding to the chilliness of the old brick building, and he shivered as he stopped to adjust the thermostat on the wall, the heating system quickly kicking on but slow to raise the temperature to a comfortable level.

He yawned as he poured several scoops of high octane ground coffee into the basket before pushing it under the spout on the coffee maker sitting on the counter, pushing the brew button. In a matter of minutes the aroma of strong black coffee filled the small kitchen, bringing him out of his state of half-grogginess, and not bothering for the pot to finish, he pulled the carafe out from under the spout and poured himself a mug of steaming hot life-giving brew. Whoever was asleep upstairs on the night shift would be up soon and in need of coffee also, so when the pot was done brewing, he moved the carafe to the hot plate, turning it on and shoving a spare one under the brew basket, starting a second pot. He took a cautionary sip as he walked down the dimly lit hall to his office, turning on the light as he stepped inside, removing his drenched navy blue baseball cap and hanging it on the hook with his jacket. He walked around to sit down behind his desk, taking another long drink of his coffee before setting the mug down within reach. He pushed the button on his computer, bringing it out of hibernation and sat back in his chair, waiting for the out-of-date system to come back to life so he could go over the week’s rotation schedule to make sure he had enough people on duty to deal with all the emergencies.

Not counting himself and his older brother, Daniel, who was the station house captain, there were six full-time firefighters and paramedics that worked out of the house on a twenty-four hour rotation with three more volunteers that were more or less third-year students gaining hands-on experience. And all of them had only one thing on their minds, being the first one to get Emily into bed. That was the one difficult task Spencer didn’t want, trying to keep fifteen hot-blooded males ranging in age from twenty-one to forty away from his eighteen year old niece without his brother finding out in the process. There never had been an issue Bycasino in the past with her constant presence around the station ever since her mother had been killed in a drunk driving accident when she was six, she spent most of her time in either her father’s office or his doing her homework or sitting in front of the TV in the rec room until she went home with her father after his shift. But as soon as she turned eighteen, that was when everyone became fully aware of her presence and he soon learned of the bet that all of the guys had going on within the stationhouse.

It was two months ago, a week after Emily’s eighteenth birthday, when his brother had been out teaching a class at the local community college that Spencer had finally become completely aware of the situation that had been developing right under his nose. Even though it was summer, Emily was still in and out of the station house on a regular basis and on that hot summer day in particular, her volleyball team was having a carwash in the empty lot beside the firehouse to raise money for their new uniforms. It was a slow day at the station and he couldn’t find any of the firemen or technicians downstairs when he came back from lunch but their personal vehicles were in the lot along with the buses and trucks in the garage. He went upstairs to the sleeping quarters to find all of them staring out the windows, ogling what he assumed were the fourteen athletically toned teenaged girls in shorts and bikini-tops washing the vehicles in the lot but rather their eyes were focused on one girl in particular, his niece. Kevin, the senior technician, was taking down names and bets as fast as he could on a notepad, as to who was going to be the first one to take his niece’s innocence and when. As he listened from the doorway as they all put names and amounts to dates, their eyes never leaving the girls outside, his anger mounted and his blood started to boil until he saw red.

It was long past the point of being out of control and Spencer quickly brought it to a halt. “That’s my fuckin’ niece you’re taking bets on!” he hollered, outraged.

Fifteen bodies quickly did an about-face as they all turned his direction, all of them in utter shock more or less because they had been caught. Three tried to make a run for it, several of the guys’ Adam’s apples visibly bobbed as they swallowed hard and a couple guys started to break out in a cold sweat as they all stared at Emily’s uncle standing in the doorway of the sleeping quarters, waiting for the axe to fall. The sound of the notepad sliding across the floor as it was quickly kicked aside was deafening in the eerie silence of the room. It was a long time before someone finally spoke. “Kissing cousin, fucking niece. So, are you in or are you out?” Kevin asked, even though he was on the verge of having a heart attack.

Spencer had to do all that he could to keep from beating the shit out of one of his best techs. His hands clenched into white-knuckled fists as he just stood there glaring at all of the guys staring back at him, waiting for his temper to explode. There was nothing he could do; they were just guys being guys, but if one of them so much as laid a finger on his niece… He turned on his heel, shoving his fist through the plasterboard wall before storming down the stairs. The gaping hole was still there two months later as a reminder to each and every one of them as they walked past it that he wouldn’t hesitate to take his fist to the face of whoever decided to take it upon their own self to claim the innocence of his niece. And to the best of his knowledge, none of them had been successful for the lack of trying because, even though she enjoyed the attention, Emily teased but never took any of them up on the offer whenever they made a pass at her. After all, they were more like brothers to her than anything. A couple of the senior firefighters had finally given up hope of ever scoring the captain’s daughter but the techs, the younger volunteers and the two rookies were still trying, and still under his scrutinizing stare.

The computer finally came to life and he rolled his chair closer to the desk and instead of bringing up the schedule for the next week, he brought up the latest news feed from the national weather service and checked the reading for the county. He let out a long breath as he read over the report, the sound of the pouring rain on the roof growing even louder in the quietness of the building. There were already extreme storm warnings in the southern part of the state and flood warnings in place for the surrounding towns along the river; it was expected to be over its banks by noon today. He swore under his breath. Mother Nature was throwing one hell of a rainstorm their direction and they needed to stay alert for all calls, no matter how minor. He decided that it would be best to just forgo the schedule and he typed up a notice stating “that due to the inclement weather, all personnel are Bycasino giriş to be on shift twenty-four-seven with no exceptions”. He sent the notice to the printer and pushed his chair back from the desk, walking out to the front of the station and behind the counter to where the multifunction office machine sat in the corner, snagging the three sheets of paper from the printer tray.

He heard the heavy steel door rattle behind him and he walked over to the window, parting the Venetian slats with his fingers and peered out the rain spattered window in the darkness and pouring rain at the huddled figure illuminated by the single light bulb that hung under the overhang. He recognized Emily’s bright pink jacket, the hood pulled up over her head, and he swore as the door rattled again as she tried to punch the code into the lock, failing about as much as he did. He dropped the papers onto the counter and walked around the end and over to the door, quickly pushing it open it to let her inside, feeling the rush of cold air and rain chill him. He didn’t see his brother’s truck anywhere outside, so she had driven her brand new Mustang GT, which, in his opinion, was too powerful of a car for her and didn’t fare well under harsh conditions. “You shouldn’t be driving your car in weather like this. Danny should’ve given you a ride to school or you should have called me. And why are you even here this early?” he asked, stepping to the side so she could come in out of the pouring rain.

“Dad was in the shower and I can’t find my trig homework anywhere,” Emily said as she stepped inside the warmth of the building and pushed the hood of the jacket from her auburn head, looking up at her uncle with big blue eyes as he closed the door behind her. “I must have left it here yesterday. Besides, if I take the high roads to the school, it’s not so bad,” she said, even though she was still shaken from hydroplaning into the parking lot, the standing water was deeper than she expected. She unzipped her jacket and shucked it off, hanging it on one of the hooks by the door to drip-dry, following Spencer as he led the way down the hall to her father’s office. Her uncle was three years younger than her father and at thirty-seven he was in good shape, not that she had been ogling her own uncle but she had caught him a time or two without his shirt and he was nothing but toned muscle and flesh. What spare time he could find, he spent in the weight room, and as she eyed his entire six foot-two inch frame as he walked in front of her, she couldn’t help but notice that it had paid off. His navy blue quarter zip fleece pullover with the FIRE/EMT logo embroidered on the left breast was pulled taut over his broad shoulders, the waistband of the jacket hugging his narrow waist with the collar of his light blue uniform shirt visible. Her eyes traveled down to that one particular part of his body that all of her friends liked to ogle, his tight ass in his utility trousers. And all of her friends were right, it was a nice ass. What the hell was she thinking; he was her uncle for Pete’s sake. Her head shot up when he stopped to unlock the door to her father’s office.

Spencer reached inside the door and turned on the light, stepping aside so Emily could enter. He leaned his shoulder against the door frame, crossing his arms over his broad chest, and watched as she walked into the office and behind her father’s desk to search through the piles of papers that cluttered the surface. He knew he should just let her be as she rummaged through the mess on her father’s desk and he certainly should not be amorously eyeing his own niece, but he couldn’t help it, he was a man after all and he had to see exactly what all of his subordinates saw. She was wearing a gray scoop neck sweater dress with a wide black leather belt cinched loosely around her slender waist, black leggings and calf high black leather boots, the soft material clinging to her curves in all the right places, especially her breasts and the soft yet firm curvature of her toned ass. She had her auburn hair pulled to the side in a thick plait, the end of the braid curling over the swell of her breast. When she leaned forward he could see down the front of her dress, just barely making out the cups of her black bra but clearly getting an eyeful of what they contained, or rather the swell of her generous breasts encased in the undergarment. No eighteen year old girl should have breasts that magnificent but she came by them naturally, her mother’s breasts were much larger, but then she also had a bigger frame than her daughter and had been shorter. His head came up as she straightened to her full height of five-ten, his eyes slowly leaving her breasts to rest on her beautiful face. At least it was only four guys he had to keep under tight control.

“Found it!” Emily exclaimed, yanking three sheets of notebook paper out from under the stack of file folders and papers on the edge of the desk. She walked Bycasino güncel giriş around the desk and towards her uncle who was leaning against the door, blocking the exit with his considerable size. She couldn’t help but notice that he was eyeing her curiously, his gaze fixated on her chest. She was used to the guys in the firehouse making passes and ogling her, which was why she always wore clothes that covered every inch of her skin, but nothing could be done about how they clung to her curves. The soft material of her dress was pulled taut over the swell of her generous breasts; there was nothing she could do about that since they were just a little larger than they should be for her tall, slender frame. And today she just happened to not be wearing the sports bra that she usually wore every day to keep her breasts constrained and appear smaller than what they naturally were, which was why he was probably staring at them amorously. When his brown eyes came up to meet her blue ones she smiled, unfazed by his uncalled-for gaze. She was used to it. Besides, everyone knew they could look but they couldn’t touch and he was family. “This is due today. Got anything in the fridge, I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

“Help yourself,” Spencer said, smiling down at his niece as he pushed away from the door. He knew he had been caught eyeing her chest, there was no hiding his gaze, and he could have sworn that her breasts brushed his arm as she sidled past him. He swore to himself as he shut the light off and turned the lock on the knob before pulling the office door shut. He knew it was an accident, she wasn’t brazen like that, but still there was plenty of room for her to get around him. He had an entire firehouse to rein under control but who was going to rein him in? It wasn’t like he was going to do anything anyway; he had a fiancée that couldn’t get enough of his cock and was more than willing to come down to the station when he called and deep throat him under his desk or climb into the back of one of the ambulances and put the gurney and restraining belts to good use. He went back out to the front counter and collected the papers he had printed out, walking down the hall to the bulletin board that hung in the middle of the wall, watching as Emily sashayed down the hallway in her boots, the soft material of her dress clinging to her leggings that encased the curve of her tight ass and toned thighs. Shit, he had more than just four guys to keep an eye on; and if she walked down the halls of the high school like that he had an entire male student body with raging hormones to take a firehose to if they so much as touched her.

He was rearranging the notices on the board in the hallway when she emerged from the kitchen, carrying a plate loaded down with a day-old donut, an apple, a cold drumstick from his dinner last night, green olives and potato chips, a mug of steaming coffee in her other hand. He lifted the mug from her grasp before she had a chance to bring it to her lips that were painted a glossy shade of red, ignoring her disappointed gasp and eyeing her choices for breakfast. He felt his stomach knot up from the combination she was going to ingest. “This, little girl, is going to stunt your growth,” Spencer said, claiming the steaming black coffee for himself and taking a drink even though his mug was getting cold in his office, tasting cherry flavored lip gloss. “There is cereal in the cupboard and milk and juice in the fridge.”

“You’re not my father,” Emily objected, sticking her tongue out at him as she plopped down in the desk chair behind the counter, picking up the donut as she ignored his smirk. She could barely remember her mother and her uncle had had a hand in rearing her as much as her father did, was always there when she needed him and she loved him just the same. She had snagged the sheets of paper out of his grasp in passing and read over it as she took a bite out of the maple bar she had swiped from the bakery box on the counter. She hadn’t really been paying much attention to the weather reports, it was still pouring down rain, that was all she knew, and it hadn’t stopped for several days, but for him to put everyone in the station on notice for the next twenty-four hours something had to be serious. She took another bite out of her donut, looking up at him across the counter. “Is the storm really that bad?”

“Yes, it is,” Spencer answered, taking the papers from her sticky grasp as he sat them and the mug down on the higher side of the counter and out of her reach. He rested one butt cheek and thigh on the desk side of the counter and crossed his arms over his broad chest, watching her. He didn’t expect her to know what was going on outside condition wise, she was a teenage girl after all and the only reason she paid attention to the weather on a daily basis was to plan her outfits accordingly. “The river is expected to be over its banks by noon, the creek has already flooded the old highway, and an evacuation order will be put in place tomorrow if the drains can’t keep up with the overflow of rainwater, which by the looks of the roads, is already starting to happen. We’ll be using the high school and middle school as a shelter for everyone in the lower part of town.”