Sweet Seduction

Big Dicks

(This story was originally written under the name Agony. I have made some minor changes to the story. After writing a story called Violets Are Blue, I was encouraged to rewrite this story.)

It was a scorching Saturday morning in the beginning of a great July. Barbara Letti slowly walked down the rich and elegant section of Porter West. All the houses here are expensive, big and well designed. They have spacious back yards and swimming pools. The grass here is green, the gardens produced delicious vegetables and the homes are guarded by top of line security systems. There aren’t any millionaires in the town of Porter West, however, the people who live in this section, with their magnificent homes, are living a hell of a lot more comfortably than all the other residents.

Barbara was a block away from her destination: Don Arnold’s house. Don was one of the comfortable people in town. He is also one of Barbara’s old high school teachers. Back in June, two months ago, Don, known to Porter West High School’s student body as Mr. Arnold, had flunked her. He taught psychology and did an excellent job, but Barbara never had time to complete the assignments that sucked away so much of her precious time. She almost cried when she saw the progress report the Mr. Arnold handed to her.

After the class was over and her friends were gone, Barbara confronted Mr. Arnold and was able to convince him to pass her with a D. She was only able to convince him by making a deal. Barbara had to clean his house and run important errands until she went to college in August, in exchange, she would get to graduate. She happily agreed to his terms. She graduated a week later and thought nothing of the deal she made until he finally called her about repaying the deal early yesterday morning. At first she was hesitant, not really wanting to spend her last summer as a free woman cleaning her teacher’s house, and she didn’t really want to see the psychology teacher during his free time away from school. The same hour after the call, however, Barbara was there. She cleaned his house and even fixed his lunch. She was there for four hours, then she spent the rest of the day living a normal life.

Barbara found out she enjoyed spending time with Don Arnold. Once she got to know Don better, she got really began liking him. He was cute for a forty-four year old man. His hair is jet black, showing no signs of aging, and it seemed along before he finally succumbed to grayness of the elderly. His face is kindly, muscular, but mostly handsome and full of character. His chin and nose are built strong. His teeth are almost perfect and he has a smile that could light up a room. Best of all, Don was tall. He is six foot five and well over two hundred pounds, mostly muscle. Since becoming aroused by men at the age of thirteen, Barbara has always had a thing for tall men. She was only five foot eight herself, and barely one hundred pounds, but something about looking up into a man’s eyes from way below was real turn on. During so many steamy nights, Barbara had sat in her living room, watching NBA basketball games, enjoying the tall, sexy men dribbled the basketball, running and dunking, sweat glistening from their muscular bodies. She was usually the TV during these games, watching in a stone silence, feeling herself becoming hot, wild and eventually, horny.

She approached Don’s front door and waited a few seconds before ringing his door bell. When Barbara finally did ring the bell, she waited five more minutes for Don to respond. He opened the door like the charming gentleman he could be, and invited the sexy young lady inside.

The parlor was spotless, the way Barbara left it yesterday. She looked at the fifty-six inch plasma television, the brand new and unused Phillips DVD, and the expensive stereo displayed carefully around the parlor. The couches are all leather and were very comfortable. The walls are painted white and floor is covered with brown carpeting. She watched Don take a seat on the leather couch. A black screen played on the television. Don was reading an Ernest Hemingway novel.

“What will I be doing today?” Barbara asked.

“I need you to clean the kitchen,” he said, polite as usual. “The grass needs some cutting, in the backyard, but that can wait until tomorrow. I might hire the boy down the street to do that, however. A girl has no business cutting grass. If you don’t mind though, I’d appreciate it if you fixed me a few sandwiches for lunch, and perhaps go to the grocery store for me when that’s out of the way. I’ve prepared a list on the kitchen table.

“No problem,” she agreed.

“The shopping list is the kitchen, on the table.” Don repeated himself and put the book down. “And I want to thank you for helping me out. Although your lazy behavior got you in this situation, I’m really thankful for your help.”

“It’s nothing. Really.” she said. “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have graduated.”

“Right you are. Right as rain, in fact. florya escort But I feel like I’m taking advantage of you. Today will be your last day if you wish. And if you don’t wish to leave, by some miracle, then I’ll let you stay on one condition.”


“I presume that means you will stay. Delightful. I’m actually glad. Well, the condition is that I pay you. I pay twenty dollars an hour. It may seem a bit much, but I have plenty of money. And I’m sure you can use the money during your college adventures.”

She argued with him over the sum of money for a few minutes, trying to make him lower the amount, but she was easily defeated. Besides, he argued his strongest point, the money will really come in handy. College isn‘t cheap Your always strapped for cash. Save some of this money and you will have an advantage. She went to the kitchen, quickly doing the dishes. They was only a few plates, a bowl and a couple of pots along with some scattered silverware. Don never made much of mess which made Barbara wonder why he needed a house cleaner in the first place. She finished in less than five minutes.

“Barbara!” Don Arnold called from the parlor. When she appeared by the kitchen doorway, he spoke. “I almost forgot. I took a shower this morning and left some things in there. The room is a disaster. Would you mind fixing it up?”

“Sure,” she smiled at him.

“You’re a sweetheart,” he complemented.

She went up the stairs, to the bathroom. There were three rooms on this floor, not including the bathroom. Barbara didn’t clean any of these rooms, because she was never asked too. She knew the door at the end of hall was the master bedroom and not even Don went into that room anymore. Barbara knew why too. Everyone in town did.

Barbara went into the bathroom and began making things look presentable. It actually wasn’t the catastrophe Don made it out to be. While she worked, she thought about Don’s deceased wife, Becky. Five years ago, Becky had went to Famous Henry’s Bar and All Purpose Diner. A weird name for a hangout, but a great place to be. It is located on the outskirts of Porter West. She drank too much and didn’t leave the bar until two in the morning. It was December, winter had come with a serious vengeance that year. Turns out, Becky left the bar in the heart of a blizzard. She drove her jeep, but controlling the monster vehicle was hell and a half. She kept the vehicle on the road for three miles, but condition on that road weren‘t great on the best days. She skid out of control at some point on her way home, in a mass of white evil and drove right over the Porter’s Orange Bridge and ended up in the freezing river where she was found three days later, frozen in her jeep. People like to think she didn’t suffer a great deal, and if God truly loved Her creations, then she died instantly.

Barbara placed the dirty clothes in the hamper and went back downstairs. Since the list was already in her pocket, and there was nothing else to do around the house, she decided to go to the grocery store.

“I’m going to the grocery store now,” Barbara said as she entered the parlor.

Don turned around toward her and smiled. “Super.” He took his wallet out from under the couch and handed her a one hundred dollar bill. “This should be more than enough. By yourself something nice if you want.”

“Thank you,” Barbara said modestly. “See you in a little while.”

She purchased a carton of eggs, milk, Oreos, two loaves of bread and two boxes of cereal: Frosted Flakes and Corn Flakes. Apparently the teacher loved his flakes, she thought to herself. The grocery store was a mile away from Don’s house. Her house was only three blocks from the grocery store. Barbara ran home before doing Don’s shopping. She went to the medicine cabinet and took two pills than she was gone before anyone noticed her. She patted her pocket softly as she made her back to Don’s house, smiling. Don Arnold had been depressed for a long time. The tragic and very sudden death of his wife has struck him a lot harder than anyone could have imagined. When he didn’t teach all he did was read old books and watch TV. She could always notice the tears forming in his green eyes. Barbara suspected he thought about Becky often, making the pain worse. Today she would attempt to make the teacher feel better. She had a plan. A good plan. By the end of the afternoon, Don Arnold was going to be changed for the better.

Instead of knocking, she let herself into the house. Don didn‘t lock the door in the afternoon and often reminded to come right in. It took less than an hour to run the errand. Soon, Operation Cheering Up Mr. Arnold would began.

“I’m back!” she announced cheerfully. Don was staring through the TV, making it painfully clear he didn’t see what he watched. Barbara suspected that the teacher didn’t know anything about The Days of Our Lives, or any other soap opera for that matter. He was thinking cihangir escort of his wife again. She saw the tears in his eye. Barbara had seen enough “I’ll put this stuff away.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“I‘ll prepare your lunch You feeling hungry?”

” Yes. Very much. Thanks again.”

“You sound like a broken record,” Barbara informed.

She went into the kitchen and put the groceries away. She took out the ham, cheese, salami, turkey and chicken cold cuts and prepared his sandwiches. The man could really eat. Thank God he had a great metabolism, otherwise he may have weighed four hundred pounds. When she was done with that she poured him a glass of water and took the pills out of her pocket. She remembered something she’d seen yesterday while taking his aspirin, and hoped it remained true today.

She returned to the parlor. “Here, I took the liberty of bringing your aspirin. I’ll bet you have a killer headache by now. She handed him the pills, then the water. Just like yesterday, Don hadn’t looked at the pills. He just swallowed them with water in one motion. The operation succeeded its first task.

When the pills were swallowed, Barbara went for his food. Her smile was wide, revealing her perfect white teeth. Handing over the food, Don thanked her once again. Soon the plan would fall together.

“You know me so well,” he said.

“I know,” she said. “Shall I prepare your bubble bath.”

“You know me a little to well. And you’ve only been here two days.” He laughed for the first time. “Thanks for putting up with me and my lazy ways. Sometimes I get like this.”

“I don’t mind.”

She walked up the stairs and turned on the water in the bathtub. While she prepared the bubble bath she wondered what might go wrong. He could get mad and tell her parents, but how would he explain getting horny for no apparent reason. He could get physical in a bad way, but she doubted that. Don was a sweet man. There was a chance of him getting heart broken again. Barbara would have to wait and see. There was nothing in the world that would make her turn away at this point. The pills were already beginning to work in his body. Don Arnold had unknowingly taken two Viagra pills before he ate his lunch, and when he walked upstairs to take his bath, hopefully horny as hell, he was going to get another big surprise.

She slipped off her dirty white tee shirt and her old red shorts. She wore these clothes because they were perfect work clothes. She would never wear good clothes to clean a house. She took off her bra and let it fall to the floor. She wasn’t wearing any panties. She took off her sandals and moved to the left, getting a good look at herself in the mirror. She looked at her naked body in the mirror, wondering if she was pretty enough for Don’s taste. Her breasts are small and pointy, she has thick pink nipples, her face is pretty, but not exactly mind blowing. She looked a little like Julia Roberts, but with short, wavy brown hair. Her face is lightly covered with freckles and her chin wasn’t as long as Julia Roberts chin. She is skinny and there isn’t much meat on her ass or thighs. Her eyes are like almonds and are a light shad gray. She touched her recently shaven vagina- shaven for a moment like this, but this one in particular-with her fingers and shivered. She was going to please Don. She wanted too and he deserved it.

Barbara turned off the water and slipped into the bath tub. Her whole body was covered under the foamy bubbles. She waited for Don Arnold, but she didn’t have to wait very long.

Don entered the bathroom two minutes after she settled in the tub. He closed the door behind him. He never looked at the tub. Barbara’s face was concealed by bubbles, but she could still see the back of his body as he undressed. He took of his shirt, then down came his sweat pants. He was wearing polka-dot underwear. This almost made Barbara laugh out loud. He pulled off the underwear. It took Barbara a moment to catch her breath. The mirror was steamed up, so Barbara was oblivious to the size of his penis. She was desperately aching to find out though.

Don Arnold turned around as her head emerge from the water. She gently brushed the bubbles out of her face and gazed upon his erection. He was seven inches long and two inches thick. He was horny too. The Viagra was working.

“Don’t resist me,” she said.

He shook his head no. He was stunned speechless, but he didn’t look unhappy to see her.

“Do you want me, Mr. Arnold?”

“Call me Don,” he said nervously. “You should know that by now.” His voice was shaky, and very much confused.

“During this special time, I’d rather call you, Mr. Arnold. Now come join me in here,” she said and motioned him with her fingers at the same time.

He obeyed. Barbara wondered if it was her beauty or the Viagra that made him come. More than likely, it was combination of the two.

She took mecidiyeköy escort her bubble coated arm out from the bathtub and reached for his cock. She took his hardness in her hand and winked at him. “Now just relax. We aren‘t doing anything illegal here.” She guided his cock toward her open mouth. She slid her tongue up and down his shaft, moving her tongue like an expert guiding a paint brush, then let his cock slide into her hungry mouth.

“Wow!” he moaned. His entire body was shivering to Barbara’s pleasing touch.

“I knew you‘d like this idea” she said.

She tasted the bulbous head of his cock, licking all around it, pushing it against her cheek, creating a bulge. Her tongue moved along the V-shape ridge and down over the thick veins of his cock. Barbara delighted in the fine taste of his salty, hard cock, also becoming aware of his pre-cum building in her mouth.

She bobbed her head frantically between his legs. Half her body was still in the water, all covered with bubbles. Parts of her body that were no longer in tub, her breasts, her neck, her arms, her covered in bubbled. Barbara could feel the head of his penis hitting against her tonsils. Frozen at first, Mr. Around now took her by the back of the head, slowly thrusting his body.

“Have you ever thought of being with me like this?” she asked.

“I’m ashamed to say I have.”

“Don’t be.” She felt every layer of his cock with her tongue. She could taste his pre-cum in her mouth. Mr. Arnold came into the tub then. He did not sit. He just stood there, calf deep in the bubble bath. Barbara adjusted into a sitting position and Mr. Arnold stepped forward, moving closer to her, until she was almost under his legs. She took his cock all the way into her mouth. She felt his balls touching her chin, could smell the aroma of his musky balls mixed with the smell of the bubbles. Things were turning out better than she had imagined.

When she’d sucked him for five good minutes, Don grunted. “I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my mouth,” she said, even though she wasn’t crazy about the taste of semen in her mouth. Barbara let Mr. Arnold do all the work. He pulled out of her mouth and opened her mouth wide, sticking out her tongue. A few jerks of his cock and Mr. Arnold was spurting like a fountain. The cum filled her mouth and turned her tongue glossy white. The cum flooded from her mouth, leaking down her chin and over her body. When she thought Mr. Arnold was done, she swallowed his offering.

“Hold on,” he grunted again.

He was grasping his cock tightly between his left hand. She opened her mouth back up and two more jets of, hot, salty cum shot inside her willing mouth. Barbara swallowed hungrily, gulping like a pig. For a girl not to wild about the taste of cum in her mouth, Barbara she wasn’t acting like herself.

“You’re still so hard,” she complemented from the tub. The cum shower seemed to be over, but there seemed to be a lot of life inside Mr. Arnold. “Think you could fuck me.”

“I’m pretty sure I can. I don’t know what’s gotten over me. Maybe it was the sandwiches.”

Mr. Arnold layed down in the tub, keeping his head against the back of the tub as Barbara stood up. Her body was covered with bubbles and most of her skin was unseen. She positioned herself over him and scooted down. She found his cock in the water and gently inserted it inside her aching pussy.

This time she did most of the work. Mr. Arnold lay back against the tub, his eyes filled with passion. She made small waves in the tub while moving her body up and down. His cock was hard enough to knock a tooth out. She grunted and gasped as the lustful pressure of his cock washed over her body. Mr. Arnold moved to her rhythm. He removed the bubbles from her chest with his strong, gentle hands and sucked on her thick nipples. They matched each other’s pace as Barbara rode his cock in the tub. Soon the grunts and gasps turned into loud moans of pleasure.

“I love it,” she said. “It feels so good. So hard and…Oh Yes!. Fuck me!”

“It’s been so long,” he whispered against her nipples. Don took Barbara by the waist and gently moved them up and down while continuing to pump his cock into the beautiful teenager. At first the pace remained slow, then he fucked her harder and faster. He kept from shouting and scaring the neighbors by kissing her sweet lips, sucking on the tip of her tongue. Barbara felt his tongue exploring her mouth. Watering was spilling out of the tub from the sudden powerful movements and the bubbles were dissolving as the water splashed. “I’ve never felt like this before. Well not in a long time.” He was whispering. “This is the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

“I knew it would cheer you up.”

The remains of the bubbles were scattered around the edges of the tub. Mr. Arnold was began slowing down his pace. Without warning Barbara got off of him and stepped out of the tub soaking wet, dripping.

“Is something wrong,” he asked quickly. A needful look was in his eyes.

“Nope,” she said simply. She turned his back to him and went to the toilet. She got on her knees and bent over the closed lid. Her breasts pressed against the porcelin lid and her ass was sticking in the air. “Fuck my ass,” she told Mr. Arnold. “I need it.”