The Game


I love playing The Game with You. Sometimes You pick a man for me to fuck. Other times I have to find a girl for You. It gives You so much pleasure. And Your Pleasure is my whole life.

It is my task to choose a girl today. When I began my search through the shopping mall I was certain I would find just the right one. But now I am getting a little anxious. There have been one or two “possibles”, but I have not yet seen The One. If I fail, You will be angry and You will punish me. While I enjoy Your wrath – the beating is more loving than cruel and it is always followed by long-lasting, sweet, hot, sex – I would much prefer to find a girl for You; to make You happy. At the same time, it cannot be just any girl. For You, my Master, she has to be perfect.

You have no hard and fast rules about my Chosen One’s age; although, the younger she is the better. And You leave the color of her skin, her eyes, and her hair up to me. Otherwise, Your criteria are demanding. She must be short in stature; petite; small-breasted; slim, but not skinny; with a nice, tight butt; and nice, shapely legs with trim ankles. Also, The One must be intelligent, with a sweet, demure, almost naïve air of innocence about her, and she must have a soft, melodious voice

I am dressed to impress; business-like but sexy in a silky long-sleeved champagne colored blouse tucked into a just-below-the-knees back-slit black skirt, thigh high stockings underneath, open-toed strappy high heels and carrying a black Gucci leather portfolio. I have a silk camisole on beneath the blouse, but no bra. I know I look very classy; I feel the admiring, lusting male stares washing over me after I have walked past, stripping me, and imagining what it would be like to get me in bed. They cannot know that they are all losers; I am Yours alone, my Master, only Yours.

I enter a popular chain lingerie store. Is this my last chance? While I look around, I maintain my professional façade: checking styles and prices, assessing material, and taking notes. From over in a far corner I hear a sudden burst of laughter, the carefree laughter of young girls. My pulse quickens. I make my way quickly to the source of my interest. There are three of them. They are in the right age bracket: senior high school! A surge of moisture wets my panties. One of them is particularly delicious: a perfect little body; the shapely legs You love; long strawberry curls hanging loose: and big, green, happy eyes. Yes, You will adore her! She is The One!

I watch the trio from close by. Obviously out trolling for boys – the tall black-haired girl will be the one with the car keys – they are meantime having fun looking through the cool, teenage-oriented, colored panties and thongs. The One is the youngest girl in the group. Barely legal, one of “the gang”, but She is a follower: definitely not their leader. Absolutely perfect!

I move closer and smile only to Her when I ask if she and her friends are willing to answer a survey of things that young women look for in lingerie. Calling them ‘young women’ seems to make them feel very important, and they eagerly agree. The One smiles back to me while maintaining eye contact. We have already started a special bond!

I tell the girls that I am a buyer for several area stores and take notes as they each tell me that they like bright colors, comfort, silky or cotton. There is a gust of shrill giggles when one of them mentions the word “sexy”. It was not The One; she hides her mouth behind her hand and blushes deeply. But, oh yes, She is aware!

Soon I am paying attention only to Her, the one I have chosen. I casually touch her hair, complimenting her on its color and how long and silky it is. After a while, the other girls lose interest and wander off, but She makes no move to go with them. I continue to talk to her. She tells me that her name is Sara.

“Hello Sara. My name is Suzette…” Rather solemnly, we shake hands and tell each other, “Nice to meet you.”

We laugh intimately as I mis-guess her clothing size. It was intentional, but Sara does not know that. Oh My! She is just right, just the size I planned! I tell her that I have brand new lingerie of all kinds in my motel room, “I travel a lot…these are last year’s line…if you would like to try some things on, I’d be glad to give them to you to clear out old stock.”

Sara nods eagerly, “Oh thank you! That’s so cool!”

I hand her a fake, but very professional-looking business card. “You may be able to model for catalogs too…if you’re interested. We’re always looking out for talented, pretty girls like you.”

Blushing hotly, She takes the bait: hook, line and sinker!

“I can come with you right now! My parents are out of town for the weekend and I am staying with my aunt – she lives close by. My aunt works and knows I will be out for the day shopping with my friends, so it’ll be all right. This is sooo neat, Suzette, thank you so much!”

Sara finds her friends, who are now making up to a group gungoren escort of boys, and tells them I will be dropping her off at her aunt’s house later. On the way to my car, I ask her slyly, “Wouldn’t you prefer to be with your friends, trying to pick up one of those boys?”

Another shy blush: “Oh no…I’d only get in their way…my dad won’t allow me to go out with boys…he says that I am much too young…”

“So you’ve never had a boyfriend then?”

“No, not yet…”

Wonderful! Sara must still be a virgin! You will be so pleased!

Sara’s skirt rides up and I admire at her legs when she gets into the car; She has such lovely smooth, slim thighs! She sees me looking. Another pink blush stains her cheeks and she hurriedly pulls her skirt down, covering herself as much as she can. Her skirt is nowhere near as abbreviated as the ones her friends were wearing, but it still only covers Sara halfway down her thighs. Shy! Demure! Excellent! She pretends to concentrate on where we are going while we talk casually as I drive. But I can sense her covert glances at my legs – I have my own skirt pulled up above my knees “to make driving easier” – and at the way my unfettered breasts move lazily beneath my blouse as I turn the steering wheel.

When we arrive at the motel, we enter my room from the outside without going through the lobby. Sara’s eyes light up when she sees the beautiful lingerie with tags lying on one of the two king-sized beds in the room. I tell her that she really should try them on, “Pick out a few that you really like.”

First of all, she selects a pretty pink see-through nightie with fake fur at the hem, polka dot bikini panties and a lacy little teddy with matching bottoms, but I can tell that she wants try on everything. She is having so much fun! I pour her a glass of chilled champagne and then one for myself. Sara tells me that she loves the way I make her feel so grown-up; “My Mom and Dad treat me like a little kid all the time!” Then She giggles like ten-year-old and says, “These bubbles are sooo tickly.”

Sara gulps the champagne down very quickly, to my surprise, and I fill her glass again. She is starting to look very flushed and bright-eyed.

I am touching Sara’s hair and face, and complimenting her all while we are looking through the lingerie wardrobe. She is gaining complete confidence in me. She even touches my hair in return and gives my arm tight little hugs, pressing her firm little breasts against me. I tell her that before she tries the clothes on, she needs to take a bath to remove the natural oils from her skin. Her eyes widen with surprise, but she agrees that I am probably right.

She staggers a little as I lead her towards the bathroom, so I put my arm around her, making sure that my palm cups one exquisite little breast. Sara does not object. I sit her on a stool close by while I run her bath water in the marble garden tub. She is very relaxed now, and her eyes keep closing.

Assisting the girl to regain her feet again, I help her to shed her tee shirt and then her bra. Her rounded little breasts are simply breathtaking. I smile to myself, knowing that You are watching from the room next door on a monitor. I tell her that her body is so sweet. When I slide my hand around her back to pull her close, I give her a little hug and whisper; “Your puffy little titties are soooo tempting!”

Sara just smiles happily, not questioning why another girl, especially one so grown up as I, should find her breasts ‘tempting’. I pull back from our hug and touch each pink little nipple ever so gently with a fingertip, lightly enough to stimulate them. And I am thrilled at their response.

She is unresisting as I kneel down and pull down her skirt, finding a pair of “sensible” white cotton panties underneath. I breathe hotly, “Oh my, Sara, you are so cute!” She blushes once more and says that her Mom buys them for her; she would much rather wear silky panties: “But Dad won’t allow that.”

“But, how would he know?”

“He makes me show him, with them on, every time Mom buys me something new.”

“You mean you have to wear your underwear in front of him so that he can approve of it!”

Sara looks nonplussed at my astonishment, “Yes…that’s right…”

“Is your Mom there?”

“Sometimes…not often…”

“What do you have to do?”

“Oh, I just walk around…sometimes he gets me to go up close to him and bend over so that he can check than my panties fit me properly…”

“How long have you been doing it?”

“As long as I can remember…”

“Have you ever thought that he “gets off” by looking at you dressed only in your bra and panties? Does he ever touch you?”

“Oh no…he’s only my dad…why would he want to touch me? But these things are awful aren’t they?”

Why would he want to touch you indeed! Oh, Miss Innocent! With your lovely young body? Your daddy will have his hand inside his pants the second you have left the room! But istanbul escorts I keep my thoughts to myself…

“Oh no!” I touch her panties lightly with my fingers to feel the fabric near her hip; “They are precious on you!”

I slide the slip of cotton down just to the tops of her thighs. I have to struggle to keep from gasping at how pretty her little pussy is; a light, springy patch of strawberry blonde fuzz; prominent pussy lips; so full; so pouty; and so dainty.

When I slide her panties all the way off, I deliberately turn her so that her bottom is facing the camera. Then I ask her to bend and pick up her panties from the floor for me. I know You are getting an eyeful, and I can imagine You holding Your erect cock in Your hands, stroking it. My clit twitches.

I help Sara into the tub and, with a sponge, I begin to lather her up. The champagne has completely taken control, making her quite tipsy, and she just sits there smiling as I bathe her. I lean in to kiss her forehead while my soapy sponge travels around her body. I am very thorough. To test her growing compliance, I drop the sponge between her legs and use my fingers to lightly touch her pussy. Sara lets me fondle her without protest.

I give her more champagne, holding the glass for her, and she sips it with her eyes closed. I take her hands and help her out of the tub. I dry her with a nice fluffy white towel, briskly rubbing the terry cloth across her little nipples, but lightly, and see them puff up even more.

With her pretty fair skin, tight little tummy, and puffy pussy all exposed and ready, I take her into the bedroom and lay her on the bed. She makes no comment as I undress myself and slide onto the bed beside her. She peruses my body, showing a particular interest in my small, pointy-nippled breasts and my naked pussy, which is completely bereft of hair because You like me to be that way. I lean over and kiss her sweet lips gently. She sighs into my mouth and closes her eyes. Out of the corner of my vision, I see that You have entered the room and have moved quietly to a chair near to us.

I stroke Sara’s breasts, her waist and her belly with feathery touches; she sighs deeply and arches her body with pleasure. But, when I gently caress her mound and the beginning of her slit she tenses and frowns.

“What is wrong?” I ask.

“Nobody has ever touched me like that before…and I don’t either…”

“You don’t ever play with yourself, my darling?”

“No,” she sighs, “Mom and Dad say it’s dirty and perverted…”

I kiss her ear, “Mmmmmm, that’s a shame…I do it all the time…it’s beautiful…”

“Is it…?”

“Mmmmmm, really amazing…is it alright if I show you?”

“Ummmm…I suppose…”

It is my opportunity to display Her to You. She seems to be almost in a dream state now, but responds to commands. I tell her to lift her legs and help her put her feet flat on the bed. I part her knees, showing You how sweet her pussy is. You are wearing only a terry cloth bathrobe and You have Your Cock out, stroking it. You smile at me. I lightly spread her lips for You to see Her pink center, how it glistens with moisture, and her intact hymen. The imperceptible nod of Your head tells me that You are pleased, that You agree with my choice, that You want to have her. I almost orgasm from happiness!

It is time for You to take Your Pleasure. While I arrange Sara, You slip out of Your robe. I turn the almost-sleeping girl over gently over onto her front and whisper for her to draw her knees under her…perfect! I part her knees wide. She responds better than I could have dreamed; her tight little ass spread; her little pink pucker beckoning My clit tingles as I mentally picture Your Cock invading that diminutive orifice. And, below, her plump-lipped little pussy – wet, virginal, ready – waiting for You.

I look up to You for instructions; we use signals so as not to alarm her. A lift of Your chin and a glance at the bedside cabinet instructs me to get the lubricating gel. Sara must feel pain when You destroy her innocence, that is part of her initiation, but we will try to make it as easy for her as possible.

Sara is sleeping soundly now; she does not stir while I move around the mattress to reach the gel. The bed sags significantly as You position Yourself on Your knees behind her up-tilted rear end, but it does not disturb her.

I spread the gel generously over her delicious pussy lips and on their inner edges. I would love to slip my finger inside her hole to test her tightness, but the privilege of making the first entry into that pure young channel is reserved for Your Cock alone; it is Your Duty, Your Right, to turn Sara into a woman.

I transfer my attention to Your beautiful Cock. It throbs hotly in my fingers while I make it glisten from top to bottom with gel. A drop of precum emerges from its little eye. I look up to You for permission, which You kindly grant, and, filled with gratitude, I extend bayrampasa escort my tongue and lick Your fluids up. No matter how often I taste You, it always thrills me. I lick You again.

You grow impatient. You grasp me by the hair and roughly pull my face away from Your cock. Suitably chastised, murmuring soft apologies, I kneel upright. Still grasping Your rock hard shaft in the fingers of one hand, I use the fingertips of my other to spread Sara’s pussy lips to reveal the shiny pink little opening to her vagina. You do not have a massive tool, but looks huge in comparison to that tight virgin mouth when I direct the satiny head to press against it.

You grasp Sara by the hips; she looks so fragile in Your hands! If she is conscious of You, or what is happening to her, she still does not show it. I run my palm down Your back and over Your buttocks. I just love their muscular, powerful swell! My fingers press into the deep cleft I love to tongue, urging You on. You press forward. Slowly but surely, Your Cock starts to stretch Sara’s podgy little pussy lips. It seems impossible that You will be able to force Your way inside.

Her hymen gives way. Bright blood wells around Your shaft. Sara squeals with pain. Her eyes open wide with shock and fear. She tries unsuccessfully to wriggle out of Your grasp, to get away from Your relentlessly invading cock, but You are far too strong. Hastily I lie down with the girl, stroking her hair and face, telling her that everything is all right, “Don’t be afraid, my sweet. It stings now, but the pain will soon go away…”

Sara sobs, totally distraught, “Suzette, what are you doing to me? I trusted you! Who is that? What is he doing? Ooooo! It hurts!”

“Shhhhhh, little one…He is My Master…I will do anything for Him…he is now your Master as well. He is really very kind, believe me…he doesn’t want to hurt you…but it is necessary…and the sting will be over soon…then you will start to enjoy…”

“No! Please get him off me…!”

“I can’t do that, Sara…trust me…it will be all right…I promise…”

You start to move inside her again, pressing deeper and deeper. Sara whimpers softly, but she has given up struggling.

I get to my knees again to look at Your Cock doing its work. It is so magnificent; spreading her, dilating her; filling her; pressing further and further inside her slim young body with every steady thrust!

Speaking for the first time, You ask her, “What does my cock feel like inside you, Sara?”

Her eyes open wide at the sound of Your Voice. But she answers, “It feels funny…odd…I don’t know…but…”

You smile, “But it feels nice?”

“Y-yesss…it feels nice…kind of strange, but nice…”

She is won over already!

You and I kiss, our tongues intertwining to the same tempo as Your pumping shaft. I return my hand to Your ass while I slip my other one underneath Sara and cup her belly. Thus, I share in the rhythm of Intercourse.

Sara’s eyes are closed. Her cheeks are flushed. She has a small smile on her partly open lips. The pink tip of her tongue appears, licks, then disappears again. She exhales every time You lunge inside her.

I slide my hand further under Sara’s belly; I love to touch Your Cock as it slides in and out of a girl whom You have just released from virginity, feeling her tight pussy lips clinging to You, feeling her slippery wetness on Your hard flesh. At the same time I massage her little clit, pressing it against You, maximising her pleasure.

A small cry of consternation draws me back to comfort our Plaything. Her eyes are wide open again; a frown of puzzlement furrows her brow. She gasps again. Her whole body is trembling. I stroke her hair and whisper, “Relax, my darling, relax. Something wonderful is about to happen…you will soar to the stars!”

Sara again moans with anguish and then outright pleasure. The wild surf of her very first ever orgasm washes over her and she collapses like a rag doll in Your hands.

You stop pumping her with Your Cock, instead, You hold still, buried deep inside. “I can feel her!” You breathe.

Clasping Sara against You with one hand, You slide Your other hand between my legs, straight to my throbbing clit. One touch of Your Fingers and I join Sara in orgasm; I have been on the brink for many minutes, but the shocking speed with which it arrives overwhelms me.

In the midst of my ecstasy, I hear Your loud groan and know that You are cumming also, squirting Your hot sperm far into Sara’s fresh young body. Her eyes open wide again with surprise; she can feel You flooding into her.

This is just the start of The Game. Soon, Sara becomes the filling in our sandwich. We caress her body, touching, teasing, arousing her to want more. You place Your lips close to her ear and murmur, “Did you feel Suzette orgasm at the same time as we did?”


‘Well, she did…but Suzette is a very hungry person…multi-orgasmic…she needs to cum again…will you help her?”

“Of course…but how?”

“She loves to be kissed between the legs…”

“Ooooo…but that is sooo dirty!”

“Did your Daddy tell you that?”

“My Mom…”

“But, I’ll bet they do it…”