Susan’s Saturday Night Sex Ch. 06

Best Friend

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All about sex. Susan’s Saturday night 4F ritual of finding, feeling, fucking, and forgetting about men gets her through her week.

‘Steven, Steven, Steven. Oh, Steven. Oh, Steven,’ she thought to herself while wondering where Steven was as she kissed and felt Robert. ‘Wherefore art thou Steven?’

Unable to get him out of her head, even after twenty years, whenever she was with a young man, unable to help herself, she always thought of Steven. For the hour or two that she was with them, as if lost in a vortex of youthful and forbidden sexuality, young men nearly half her age made her feel younger instead of older. In the way that men her age and older men made her feel older, and in the way she must have done for Steven by making him feel younger, she felt young again when with a much younger man. More than that, with their hard cocks always at the ready and eager to go again and again, younger men gave her all that she wanted while she gave them all that they needed.

Just the feel of his hard body and supple skin instead of feeling the flabby bodies and wrinkled skin of most men her age and older, having sex with a young, twenty-something-year-old man didn’t make her feel 41-years-old. With her already looking thirty-something, instead of feeling and acting her age, she felt like a twenty-something-year-old woman too.

Instead of making her feel not only rejected but also betrayed in the way that Steven had, in the way these young men looked at her, touched her, and felt her while kissing and kissing her, younger men made her feel wanted. Making love to a younger man made her forget about all the men her age and older who routinely asked her to lunch, dinner, and/or more. Then, when she threw the mother and son roleplaying in the mix of the sexual equation, that incestuous fantasy brought their love making to an even higher level. Especially with them having just met, always in a good mood while having a good time, being that it was only about sex, never did they argue or diminish their sexual desire by being in a bad mood. There wasn’t any time for conflict and/or for them to get into a serious discussion about explosive topics such as religion or politics as these men would be replaced with a new man next week.

Recapturing that first date, that first kiss, that first touch, and that first sexual intimacy over and again, she did that by taking a new partner to bed every Saturday night. By taking the best part of a sexual relationship and abandoning and forsaking the rest, her young lovers made her feel loved and desired. They made her feel sexy. They made her feel special and when naked and in bed with them for that hour or two. Indeed, with them kissing her, licking her, and touching her everywhere, she felt very special indeed. Forgetting her problems for the few hours she spent finding, feeling, fucking, and forgetting men on a Saturday night, what she did once a week helped her get through the rest of the week. Otherwise alone and lonely, her weekly ritual helped her to live without Steven by replacing the thoughts of him with an orgasm.

Steven, Steven, Steven, with her dating men nearly half her age, all of her inappropriate sexual behavior is because of Steven. Now that she was older and being that she walked a mile in his shoe, she finally understood why Steven wanted someone like her. Further, she now understood why she so wanted to have sex with young men nearly half her age. More importantly, she now understood why Steven rejected her for someone younger.

Not wanting her enough to disrupt his life and leave his wife to marry her, too young, too inexperienced, and too upset to understand before, it was all clear to her now. Why tear down all that he’s worked so hard to build in his marriage with his wife when he could have someone like her on the side. Having his cake and eating it too, she was his decadent dessert with his cherry on top without having to worry about the unnecessary fat and calories? Taking her or leaving her, there was another young, pretty, sexy woman in the wings waiting for her to step aside. Thinking that she was the only one then, obviously, she knew differently now that there were others, so very many others. In the way her Saturday night men were just someone she used, she was just another woman for him to abuse.


As if she was a customer in a meat market, Steven butchered her heart and she allowed him to do that to her. In the way he made her feel so special and with her truly believing that he loved her, she was just his sexual plaything, his experiment, and his last look back into the past to feel what it was like to be young again. Replaced with another young lover who didn’t complicate his life in the way that she obviously had, and with him not wanting to get too close, she was expendable and replaceable. Just as he meant so much to her, she meant nothing to him. It was just about sex with him bursa escort after all and in the way that it is now with her with young men. Sex, sex, sex, nothing more than sex, it was all just about sex with no commitment, no connection, no hearts and flowers, and without exchanging flowery sentiments, gifts, and/or romantic or funny cards.

A giant leap forward for her in understanding her past with Steven, not only did she finally understand that he didn’t love her, she understood why he didn’t love her. The hard, harsh truth to accept then that she readily accepted now, even though it was obvious that he was quite fond of her and sexually attracted to her, sadly, he never loved her. Possibly because she made him feel torn and guilty cheating on his wife, maybe he didn’t even like her for that expressed reason. Yet, as soon as he broke up with her, cursed to continue where she left off, another young coed took her place.

She felt so stupid. She felt so used. She felt so angry that he didn’t love her even though he said he did. Unable to get over him, even now twenty years later, she still thinks of him, especially when there’s another cock in her hand, in her mouth, and/or in her pussy. Always comparing all of her young lovers to Stephen, he ruined her for other men.

Doing it all over again was his modus of operandi in the way that her having sex with a different young man every Saturday night was her modus of operandi. Now two peas in a perversely, perverted pod, they deserve one another. If only she knew he still wanted her, maybe she’d relent, call him to meet him somewhere, and begin a romantic, sexual relationship with him again. Yet, now that he was older, sixty-years-old instead of forty-years-old, in the way that she now couldn’t be with older men, she figured that he couldn’t be with her now that she was older. With her thing now young men, his thing was for young women, women who are much younger than she is now.

Other than just for sex, she was so stupid to think that a man like him would want a woman like her just as the men she beds now, other than just for sex, are stupid to think that a woman like her would want a man like them. Now with her walking a mile in his shoes, it took her to bed a multitude of men nearly half her age for her to see the truth about him and the reality why a much older man would want a much younger woman. With her the cougar and him the gigolo and with each of them using their powerful positions to seduce young men and young women, now she was just as bad as he was.

Even though she weekly sucked and fucked all of these young men, she’d never want a steady, daily diet of any of them, especially while tied down to them with a ring around her finger and a vow she made till death do they part. Even though she sucked and fucked all of these young men, in the way that they and Steven licked and fucked her, in the way that Steven didn’t love her and never loved her, she didn’t love and would never love any of them. In the way that it was obviously just sex to Steven then, it was just sex to her now. A life lesson well learned and with her having wasted so many years pining over Steven, she painfully gets that lesson in life now.

“Steven, Steven, Steven, regrettably, I’m still helplessly in love with you,” she said for no one to hear.

* * * * *

Touching, feeling, fondling, and caressing one another everywhere through their clothes, all part of their seductive foreplay, once they got to his place, they couldn’t get their clothes off fast enough. Only, this poor, young man had no idea that Susan didn’t need any seductive foreplay to be ready for deeply penetrating, probing sex. With her already aroused, he could have torn off her clothes and fucked her right there on the carpet or bent her over the table and taken her from behind, so long as he didn’t fuck her anally. With no other cock knowing the sexual pleasure of her anal cavity, her ass still belongs to, is still reserved for, and is still the personal property of Steven Stevenson Stevens. With her excited about going home with yet another young, handsome man, she was already wet and ready to be licked and fucked hard. Needing his fingers, his tongue, and his hard cock so bad, she had been waiting for this orgasm since last Saturday night after all.

“Undress me Robert. Strip off my clothes. Get me naked and make me your woman,” she said feeling his erection through his pants. “Make me your bitch. Make me your whore. Even better than that,” she said watching his reaction to what she was about to say. Leaning forward, while knowing what she was about to say was very naughty albeit would be well received, she whispered in his ear. “Pretend that I’m your mother and do the things to my naked body that you’ve always wanted to do to your mother’s naked body.”

He looked at her with as much shock as he looked at her with sexual excitement.

“My mother? Really?” As if she had just spoken the secret word on the Groucho Marx show, he stared at her before speaking again. “I’d find it so very sexually arousing bursa escort bayan to pretend that you’re my mother and that I’m about to have sex with my mother, Susan,” he said looking at her as if he couldn’t believe she told him to pretend that she was his mother. “Seriously? You want me to pretend that you’re my mother?”

As if she really was his mother, she looked at him and smiled.

“Yes,” she said giving him a sexy smile. “You don’t have to call me Susan. Instead,” she looked at him again while watching for his reaction. “Call me Mom, mother, or Mommy, whatever you call your mother and whatever you’d like to call me. Only, when you’re unbuttoning my blouse, unzipping my skirt, removing my bra, and taking off my panties, pretend that you’re stripping your mother naked instead of stripping me naked,” she said whispering her words in his ear before sticking her tongue inside and softly blowing.

* * * * *

With Susan looking several years younger than her chronological age, yet looking old enough to interest him as his obviously much needed mother figure, had she become pregnant young enough, chronologically, she was nearly old enough to be Robert’s mother. In the way that he looked at her, kissed her, touched her, felt her, and was attracted to her, she already knew that part of his sexual attraction to her was that he always wanted to have sex with his mother. If any of these young men was to show any further interest in her, and having the psychiatric credentials to support her diagnosis, she only need remind them that it was their mother that they wanted and not her. Only, in the way that she was so enamored with and sexually attracted to younger men, how she so loved sex and was so sexually thrilled to feel a young, hard prick inside of her, she was like no mother they had ever had.

Paying as much attention to his erect prick as he paid to her big tits, she reached her hand inside of his underwear to hold him before pulling him out to slowly stroke him. Looking down and staring at his hard cock in the way that he was staring at her naked breasts, she loved playing with a man’s penis while he fondled her tits and fingered her nipples. Cupping his testicles in her hand, she enjoyed having control of her man in the palm of her hand. With the promise of him licking her before fucking her to an orgasm, she couldn’t wait to take him in her mouth to suck him.

Perhaps, in the way that he undoubtedly fantasied having sex with his mother, when not fantasizing about having sex with Steven, she fantasized about having sex with her son, that is if she had a son but she didn’t have any children. With her so busy in her work, making hospital rounds in a teaching hospital, managing her private practice, and seeing her patients, there was no room in her life for anyone, not even a pet, but for herself. Selfishly content and personally committed, not her mother, not her sister, and not any of her friends, she was the most important person in her life. But for the color of her hair and the drugs that the woman consumed in the song, the Eagles said it best in describing her on prowl looking for her young man on a Saturday night when they wrote their song, Witchy Woman.

“Raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her fingertips. Echoed voices in the night, she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight. Woo hoo, witchy woman, see how high she flies. Woo hoo, witchy woman, she got the moon in her eye. She held me spellbound in the night, dancing shadows and firelight. Crazy laughter in another room and she drove herself to madness with a silver spoon.”

Then the Eagles described her again, this time with Steven playing his role as a Casanova when they wrote Lyin’ Eyes.

“City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile. A rich, old man, and she won’t have to worry, she’ll dress up all in lace and go in style. Late at night, a big, old house gets lonely. I guess every form of refuge has its price. And it breaks her heart to think her love is only given to a man with hands as cold as ice. So she tells him she must go out for the evening to comfort an old friend who’s feelin’ down. But he knows where she’s goin’ as she’s leavin’. She is headed for the cheatin’ side of town.”

* * * * *

Now with her serving her role as his surrogate mother, Robert didn’t have to confess his dirty little secret or his sexual fantasy to her for Susan to know about his secret mother and son sexual fantasy too. She already knew that he wanted her because she reminded him of his mother. The reason why she was with him now, she had already pegged him in the bar as another young man who yearned to have sex with his mother. Easy for her to discern, after all of the sexual experience she’s had combined with her extensive training in psychology and psychiatry as well as philosophy, she was an expert with men, especially with younger men who yearn to have sex with their mothers.

Obviously, being that she chose him to sexually pleasure her tonight, she suspected that görükle escort bayan he wanted to have incestuous sex with his mother. Moreover, she knew that he’d readily transfer his sexual feelings that he had for his mother to her. Based solely by his telling behavior at the bar, the reason why Susan chose Robert was because she could tell, even from afar, that Robert was the type of young man who’d have sex with his mother if he could. Even though they had never met before and had just officially met now that they were nearly naked, just by studying his learned behavior for a few minutes, she could tell and she knew, that he had a sexual, mother fixation.

Something he hid from his friends and from those not professionally trained, if only by his learned behavior that she observed for only a few minutes at the bar, his wanting to have sex with his mother was obvious to her. Granted, an expert at recognizing and at observing such perversely incestuous behavior, she was specifically watching for such telling signs to his sexual secret. Definitely, in the way that she wanted to have sex with her father so very long ago and allowed her sexual desires to manifest with Steven, he wanted to have sex with his mother, which is why he was having sex with her now. In the way that Steven was her surrogate father then, she was Robert’s surrogate mother now.

With all of his telling signs consistent with other young men she’s bedded who had such a mother and son sexual fixation, she could spot those men who loved their mothers and who wanted to be incestuously and sexually intimate with their mothers a mile away. With some men fixated on their aunts, their sisters, their grandmothers, their cousins, and/or their teachers, being that their sexual attraction all stemmed from the same place, their mothers, it didn’t much matter who the women were. In the same way that Malcolm McDowell did as Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, these men so sexually wanted women who were older and more mature, motherly figures.

They displaced their feelings of love, sexual attachment, and sexual attraction to them in the way she knew they’d displace their sexual feelings of love, sexual attachment, and sexual attraction to her. Being that she was older and an ideal candidate for their attraction, still so very beautiful and sexually appealing, she could serve and change her role accordingly to their wants, needs, and desires. She could be anyone they wanted her to be while she pretended that they were all Steven. Steven, Steven, Steven, her unrequited love, it was obvious to her that she was still in love with Steven.

No matter if it was their aunts, their grandmothers, their cousins, their sisters, their teachers, or her, she knew that they all wanted to have sex with their mothers and would if the opportunity ever presented itself. With mothers, short, tall, obese, thin, young, or old, not giving a care to what their mothers looked like, appearance didn’t much matter. What mattered was the fact that they were their mothers that was important thing. As long as they were having consensual sex with their mother, that was the sexually exciting and important piece of the sexual equation. In their mind’s eye, it was the fact that the woman they were bedding or wanted to bed was their mother.

Seeing her role as a cougar as a way for her to psychologically help these poor, lost, young men while they sexually helped her, she didn’t see what she did as harmful. Unless the man grew an immediate romantic attachment to her in the way she did with Steven, playing into their sexual fantasy, she was giving these men nothing more than a wonderful sexual memory along the path of life that they must travel. Truth be told, even though she wanted no part of that herself, she got off more with those men who wanted a more committed relationship than just a one night stand. Truth be told, a demented game she enjoyed playing in rejecting them, in the way that Steven rejected her, she enjoyed shooting those men down, who wanted more of a long-term romance than a one night stand.

Being that people’s behavior was part and parcel to her learned career, experienced in observing behaviors and in behavior modification, she was able to tell a lot of things from a mere, prolonged, stare across a crowded room. As if watching monkeys in the wild, men were no different in their behaviors than apes and baboons. Actually, with many of the apes and baboons more family oriented and able to commit, they showed more loyalty than did most men. She observed male humanity at their most relaxed state from afar, while they drank copious amounts of alcohol, made asses of themselves in flirting with women, and talked too loudly and laughed too much with their friends.

It was obvious to her that they all wanted attention, no doubt, the attention they never received from their mothers. As if pounding their chests with their hands in the way that gorillas do, they wanted, no they demanded attention from women. By her trained observations and recording her discovers later in her notes, she could tell a lot from just a glance and even more as she continued watching, long before she even engaged them in conversation. It was those quiet moments when the men didn’t know they were being observed and when always fell within themselves that they revealed more of their nature and inner secrets.