The Cousin Theory


It was around 7 PM when I came home. I started my first year of college and this was my second Semester. I was a bisexual young man, keeping that part of my life a secret. I didn’t want anyone in my family to know. I kept this to myself and the people I dated, which also remained secretive. Of course, Like all men, I worried about my figure. I really liked to look good, so I would work out at my apartment, which I shared with my cousin, Henry. He was my trainer and hat a really hot body and face. He looked great and held up as a great coach as well, pushing me to the right path in my body. Now, I support a nice six pack as does he. Henry also goes to college, as he is a junior because he’s 2 years older than me.

He did not have the best past with his parents, for they kept him on a tight leash, but he broke free and they wanted nothing to do with him. He needed a place to stay because of his budget and I offered him mine, sharing the bills, but soon we would be sharing more.

So back to my story. I had just walked in and Henry was not in the living room. I then entered his room and he was in there, looking at porn on the internet and jacking off. My eyes opened wide and my pupils shrunk at the sight of him. I Immediately got a bulge in my cock my just looking at his. Blood rushed there so fast when I saw my cousin completely naked. He then asked “Oh, Hey Zack, You just going to stare, or you wanna join me?”

I decided to join him because this was probably the closest I was going to get to him Sexually and we have seen each other naked before. Well, at least that’s what I thought. So I pulled down my pants and with my erect 7 Inch cock, started Slamming my meat. Henry’s cock though, was a good 1 Inch longer, but he told me, In 2 years mine would out grow his. I liked it that he always complemented me and never put me down. Our relationship, family wise, was great, and soon, it would be sexually as well.

We both were pounding our meaty cocks for a good five minutes, before my eyes started staring at his huge dick. He though, noticed it, and asked me “Am I making you Horny? That seems kind of gay.”

My eyes got into shock mode again and I wandered if he knew or not. I hope he didn’t. If he did, our relationship might break. “Ughh… umm, sorry, just…” etiler escort I paused. “Just wandering if you were going to Cum or not.”

He gave a chuckle and said “I know all of it Zack. I can’t believe you tried to hide it. Why would you hide that from me?”

I sighed, “I thought our relationship would not be the same. That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

“Oh Come on, I’m understanding, you don’t have to hide your feelings.” he replied with a smile.

I became so relieved and continued stroking, until he said “I will tell your parents though.” My eyes started widening again, and I was Speechless. Then he continued “Unless of course, you let me Fuck you.”

I gasped, all my dreams had come true. My cousin wants to Fuck me. I was so excited, so I agreed hyperly, without even thinking. “Of course, I don’t see why not?” I then went over and got on my knee’s and started sucking his nice large, fat cock. His eye’s expanded then slowly closed.

“Ohh yea, that feel’s great. You suck so well, but how?” he asked.

I replied “I’ve experienced it before, so I know were just the right spots are.” Then took my left hand and started cupping his ball sack. Then I took my tongue and licked up and down his shaft. He started dripping pre-cum and I licked it with joy. Then I took a good four inches of his cock in my mouth. He pushed forward a little more, and I pushed forward a little too. Then all eight was in my mouth, with his shaved ball sack touching my chin. Then I noticed, I was deep-throating my own cousin. Ohh my dreams had finally come true. My tongue swirled and licked every part of his meaty cock, covering it all with saliva. It dripped down his shaft as he was rushing his cock into my mouth.

“Ohhh, God, this is… Oh… Yeeaaaa” he yelped a little. More and more of his pre-cum was rushing down my throat. It tasted so good, a tad salty, nice and thick. Just perfect.

Then he hurried his cock motions and started hard core face fucking me. I enjoyed this well, mostly due to the fact that I’ve lost my gag reflex by giving so many big cocks blow jobs. Henry then said “Ohhh… Yess! Ohhh… Yess! Yess! Yess! I’m going to…. going to..” Then before he finished, he came straight into my mouth. I Swallowed it all up joyfully, then escorts licked his shaft clean. My mouth then moved to his ball sack and I took both in, just sucking on them, making them wet and slimy. He constantly groaned and moaned in pleasure and ecstasy.

Henry then picked me up and pushed me onto my back on his bed. He lifted up my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He took his saliva dripped, huge, fat cock and started to poke it on my ass cheeks. He made my ass nice and wet, then without warning, shoved a good six inches straight up. I yelped a little, then got comfortable. The joy had already kicked in. “You have such a nice and calm ass hole. It’s squishing my Dick, but at least I’m on the giving end.”

Then, he pushed the rest of it up all the way in, and it touched my prostate. He pulled it out slowly, and pushed it in softly this time, letting it tickle my prostate. He then picked up speed, massaging my prostate calmly but fiercely. He kept picking up speeds while I screamed “Oh, God Yeeaa. I dreamed of this for so long, Fuck… Fuck… Fuck me!!!” He went faster and faster. “Ughh, Harder! Faster! More, More!! I want you to Cum in my nice tight ass hole!”

He went on furiously, “You like this, don’t you?” he asked with a rhetorical smile on his face.

“Yes, Yes I do! Fuck me more, Fuck me harder, Cum in me!!!!” I started yelling

His dick was massaging my prostate so gracefully, but then, his legs tightened up and his dick started to twitch. Suddenly, hot boiling Cum shot out and slimed up my ass hole. I could not hold in my Orgasm anymore! It burst out of me, I, yet to touch my dick during the Fucking. Shot after shot, hitting me, my face, and my cousin, Henry. “Ohhhh, ughhhh” I moaned tiredly Henry then tipped over and landed on a pile of Cum on my chest while his Deck still remained in my ass. I pulled his head closer to mine, and we started kissing.

He then took his dick out of me. My ass hole was stretched and open, cum just drooling out. Henry put his face down to my ass and started giving me a rim-job, taking in all the cum that he shot into my ass. He then moved his way up and onto my Penis. Henry whispered in a sexual tone “I… I’ve been in love with you since you were 13. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. bagcilar escort And today… Today is the happiest day of my life.”

He started to lick my penis tip, attempting to clean off the sperm. My hand lay there on the back of his head, just pushing his head into my penis a little more. Then my pelvis moved up, and my hand pushed harder and harder. My cousin’s first time sucking cock, and he had 5 inches up there in his throat, while I was rapidly face fucking him. I pulled out and pushed back in, the cum in my Ball sack started to build up again, but then, I pulled him off.

“Can… Can I… fuck you?” I asked, scared for my life.

He smiled back at me and replied “Ohh, finally, I thought you would never ask. Stick that 7 inch spear up my ass and ram me the fuck to hell! Don’t hold back, all at once!”

I did exactly what he told me. He got into doggy position, and I stuck my 7 inch sucker right up there, all in one shot. He didn’t yell, nor did he scream. His ass was not loose, but easily assessable. “How did your ass get so wide?” I asked in amazement.

“Well, I’ve been working my fingers in there, Imagining it was you”

This made me feel special, but we continued with the fuck. I had my shaft in there, all 7 inches. I pulled out and pushed in slowly, like he did to me.

“god, your slow. C’mon, I know you can do better” Is the reply I got from him. “C’mon, fuck me harder, better, faster!”

I followed, from that point rushing and rushing. My orgasm had started to pick up again. It was in my gut, then rushed to my balls. “Here… We!! Go!!!” I yelled, while the closed door of Henry’s room covered my screams. Thick cum slid out of my penis and into his wide ass. Just laying in there. I pulled my dick out and got on the bed, sweating and glistening. I looked over and it seemed to be a mirror image. Both of us sweaty, tired, and dripping with cum, from our shafts and asses.

“That, was the hottest sex of my life!” I exclaimed.

“Good, cause tomorrow, we are doing it again…”

My eyes widened and a smile shot on my face. Then he started kissing me a little. These little kisses stuff turned into a full grown tongue war with french kissing a go, I was just lying there in his arms, cuddling into his chest. He had his arms around me and he hugged me. We fell asleep right then and there, naked, on top of his bed, sleeping in our own, juicy thick cum…

I whispered to him “I love you.”

He kissed me on my forehead and told me “I love you too.”