Christmas Calamities

I started this story one minute before the Christmas contest was not accepting any more entries. It’s a little late but I hope you still have enough Christmas spirit for one more tale. As usual, I did this all myself and even though I proofread, I’m bound to miss a mistake or two. I hope it does not take too much away from the story. The object is to arouse and I believe this will do so. It has incest between a mom, son, dad, daughter, brother and sister. If any of it offends then please skip it. I love comments and hope you will leave a nice comment for it. Please enjoy.


Christmas Trip from Hell.

It was not careful planning that had my son moving between his Mom’s outstretched legs. It was not a smooth seduction that compelled my daughter to begin sliding down her Dad’s erect pole. No, it was not lustful tricks that had my family engaged in passionate sex in this dingy little motel room on a cold winter night.

Call it a Christmas miracle if you wish, an overflowing of Yuletide spirit if you must, an abundance of good cheer in the Holiday season if you see no other reason. Truth be told, it was series of tragic events that got us where we were right now-ferociously fucking our very own family.

At face value, each of these events would have only been a small annoyance. Taken together, they were a perfect storm of calamities that I wouldn’t wish on an enemy. How could I know they would lead to the hottest night of my life? Here, in this roadside motel, just a short drive from the interstate, taking my son’s hard young manhood was the best Christmas I ever had.

We had all planned to visit my husband, Wayne’s mom for Christmas. The idea was we would drive down on the 22nd and spend a few days at Ellen’s for the holidays.


Tragedy Number One:

My son, Brian called us on the 21st.

“Hello,” I said when I answered the phone in the kitchen.

Brian’s voice came through, “Hi, Mom. Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas, honey,” I responded. I pushed some of my thick blonde hair back so I could cradle the phone on my shoulder better and asked, “Aren’t you on your way yet? We want to get an early start tomorrow.”

Brian sounded hesitant when he said, “Well, that why I’m calling. I..uh..missed a few too many of my Political Science classes and “Professor Dilweed” is making me stay to finish it up. I have some outstanding homework.

Brian, bless his heart, is a good kid. However, his good looks get him into trouble. Unfortunately, he spends too much time pursuing his female “friendships” and not enough time pursuing his studies. His strong 21 year old body and gorgeous brown eyes really catch the eyes of the ladies. He is a charmer for sure, with his polite manners and wide vocabulary (which I think is essential). He attracts them like honey, and doesn’t have the will power to refuse.

“Oh damn it, Brian,” I scolded. “Wayne,” I called out to my husband, who was sitting in his chair in the living room, “Brian skipped a few too many of his fucking classes this semester and his professor made him stay to finish up his work.” Turning my attention back to the phone, I asked, “So, when will you be here?”

Brian told me, “I can get out by 9 am on the 23rd. My roommate already left though. Have Erin come get me. We’ll get home and we can still be on the road by noon. We’ll get in late on the 23rd, but we will be there for Christmas Eve at least.”

I agreed and called Wayne’s mom to let her know we’d be a day late.


Tragedy Number Two.

Our daughter Erin, is Brian’s older sister. She just turned 23 this past autumn. She still lives with us and works at local strip mall as an Assistant Manager at JC Penny. She left the house bright and early to be there right when Brian was finished. However, they barely made it home in her sputtering car. Brian and Erin were supposed to follow their father and me in his truck down in Erin’s little Cobalt. Erin, being the lovable scatterbrain that she is, did not get her car checked up and it would not start.

Wayne came in from the garage after looking at it, grumbling, “I’ll be damned if I know what it is, Kelly. I called the shop and, with the holiday, they can’t get it in until the 27th.”

“We can’t wait that long, honey,” I told him.

“Look, instead of my truck, we load everything up into your Expedition,” he suggested. “It’ll be a tight fit with all four of us and the gifts, but I think we can manage it.”

We got everything out of the back of his pickup and reloaded into my SUV. We took the rest of the gifts out and got them in there too. By the time we were done, it was now too late in the evening to get on the road. We decided to get an even earlier start than planned the next morning.

Again, I got on the phone and called Ellen, telling her our tale of woe and about the bit of bad luck we’d had. I promised her we were taking off first thing in the morning. By 6 am, we all groggily stumbled out to the vehicle comment backlink and finally left the driveway. So there we were, crammed into my SUV, and not getting to leave until Christmas Eve day.

I felt sorry for the kids in the back with all the stuff around them. Erin had her earbuds in and her willowy, 5’2 frame was curled up just fine. Her pretty face was looking out the window and her thick blond hair fell in lush waves about her shoulders. She seemed to pay no mind to the cramped quarters. Brian’s 6’3 form was a different story. He looked miserable. He has a wide muscular frame from being in sports all his life and he works out constantly. All that was playing against him in the confines of the packed vehicle.


Tragedy Number Three:

Shortly after getting underway, we got a flat tire. We were only about an hour and a half from home. The snow and slush made Wayne and Brian miserable and cold when they got out and changed the tire. They put on the little spare and we got into the next town. We went to a Walmart to get a new tire put on my Expedition. (Mini tragedy) They had one in stock, but it was up in the rack and their lift wasn’t working. They were having as bad a day as we were. It was an hour and twenty minutes before they were finally able to get it out and put on my vehicle. It wasn’t the day of smooth travel we had hoped for. We got moving again.

“I can’t believe, Kelly, it’s just one thing after another on this trip,” Wayne moaned when he finally stuffed his bear like body back behind the steering wheel. Wayne is not fat by any stretch of the imagination, but he is a barrel-chested country boy. He has piercing blue eyes and a full trimmed beard the same coal color as the hair on his head. You would think he would be gruff to look at him but, the man is a sweetheart.

“Hey, Dad, look at the bright side. All this shit happened right away. Should be smooth sailing from here on out,” Erin cheerfully said from the back seat.

She spoke too soon.


Tragedy Number four:

We hit white out conditions on the interstate. The big trucks were stirring up little flurries as they went by and the blowing snow was still coming down; it just became impossible to even see the lines. Cars were all over the ditches and sliding around. It got so bad that Wayne pulled off at the next available off ramp to wait it out a bit.

“Okay, guys, we’ll sit here for a just a little while and hope it lets up,” my husband told us.

“Wayne, it’s just too ugly out. Let’s get a hotel room and get an early jump on the travel tomorrow.”

“Mom’s right, Dad,” Brian agreed. “It’s like the fate’s conspired against us today. Let’s get some sleep and hope tomorrow is a better day.”

My husband huffed, “Kelly, we are like an hour and half from Mom’s right now. We can make it.”

“Wayne, we haven’t been able to travel that long even once today without something going wrong,” I countered, “I don’t wanna end up in a ditch 45 minutes from your Mom’s house. Let’s get a hotel.”

“Alright, we’ll get off here and see what hotels they have,” Wayne finally said.

We turned off the ramp and went into the nearest town. Luckily they had several hotels: Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn Express, and even a Comfort Suites would have been fine.


Tragedy Number Five:

No vacancies at any of the finer establishments. I’m not a snob, but I was hoping for a nice clean room, maybe a hot tub, and at least a continental breakfast in the morning. No such luck. We cruised up and down the main road and all the “NO VACANCY” signs were mocking us.

We even pulled in to a couple hotels and asked at the front desk, just to be sure.

“No, I am sorry ma’am. We are always booked solid on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day,” the clerk told me.

“Do you know anywhere in town that might have something,” I asked, hopefully.

She looked thoughtful, then suggested, “You could try Pinewood Inn. It’s not on the main road so it might not be booked completely. It’s not the nicest place, but it is a clean bed for the night.” She drew me a map and told me the street names and we hurried to the little motel.

Pinewood Inn was certainly not the nicest place. It had a dirt parking lot, buried in ice and snow. The rooms stretched out from the office into an “L” shape, about 14 rooms total. Many of the little lights next to the doors were out. Luckily the “VACANCY” light was on and there appeared to be someone in the little office at the front. I crawled out of the car, braced against the weather, and made my way to the office.

“Kelly,” Wayne called out from his open window, “Get two if they have them, even if they aren’t side by side.”

I nodded and went in. The little old man behind the counter looked surprised to see anyone coming in at this time and hopped up from his easy chair to come out and help me. He was a cute old man comment backlink Botu that reminded me of the little old guy in “Up”.

“Hello,” he said, “I didn’t expect any more visitors tonight. You need a room?”

I smiled, “Yes we do. How much is a room for the night?”

“If you want it the whole night, it would be 54 plus tax,” he answered.

Super, it was a rent by the hour place.

“That would be great. Okay. Do you have two..”I began but he was already shaking his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I only have one left. (mini-tragedy) It’s the corner one. It does have two queen beds though,” the little old man said.

“Hold on. I’ll be right back,” I told him. I walked back out to the SUV, “They only have the one room. Do you want to drive a little farther and see if we can find anything?”

“No,” Wayne said, “Take it. I’m exhausted, the kids are beat, and you’re worn out. Let’s just count our blessings that we found anything on Christmas Eve and take it.”

I hurried back inside and told the little old man, “Okay. You convinced me. We’ll take it.”

He said, “It’s actually the biggest room I have. It has a kitchenette and a whirlpool bathtub. It’s usually $70, but I already told you 54 so that’ll be fine. Consider it a Christmas present. Merry Christmas.”


Wow, we actually had something go our way for once today. I told him Merry Christmas and directed Wayne to the corner room. It was a large room and connected to both arms of the L shaped compound. We hauled only the suitcases into the room and turned on the heat, full blast. We settled in and shook the day’s events out of our system.

I pointed out, “Well, we have a kitchenette. Do any of you want to volunteer to get some stuff and we can have Christmas dinner here in the room? We can get just some turkey sandwiches instead of a turkey dinner and maybe some wine?”

“Some potato chips instead of mashed potatoes,” suggested Brian.

Erin added, “Chee-tos instead of a cheeseball.”

“And a can of Planter’s cashews instead of a bowl of dry walnuts,” Wayne finished.

We all laughed and agreed we would make this night as fun as possible. I guess I truly had no idea where it would lead. I certainly did not expect things to go the way they did.

Wayne said, “I saw a gas station still open back by the first hotel. Brian and I will go stock up on whatever we can get.”

“Do you mind if Erin and I hop into our pjs for the night? Or do you want our help bringing the groceries in when you get back,” I asked.

Brian shook his head, “No, Mom, go ahead. Everyone shouldn’t have to go out in this. Dad and I can handle whatever we get.”

Wayne added, “Brian’s right, Kelly. We got this. Call me if you think of anything else we need.”

With that, my two handsome men braved the elements and went in search of food. Erin locked the door behind them. I rummaged through my suitcase and pulled out my flannel pajama set. Erin got out her pjs too. I flipped through some snowy channels and found a Christmas movie-A Christmas Carol, my favorite. It wasn’t the best picture or sound on the little screen, but it was my favorite at least.

I was standing by the bathroom door watching the tv, holding my flannels. I was down to my lace panties. I never sleep in a bra. Erin was standing next to my suitcase and I was just about to slip into my pajamas when she looked down into my bag.

“Mom,” she exclaimed, “what are these?”

She held up a cute Christmas green baby-doll. It was rather short. It was silky net with red lace cups and red lace accents along the hem. It had a sheer green sexy thong panty that went with it. The second one in the suitcase, was identical but with the reds and greens reversed.

“Oh, those,” I rolled my eyes, “Your dad bought those for me and convinced me to bring them.”

Erin looked the over, “They are really cute. You got the body for them alright. But we are going to grandma’s, when were you going to wear them?”

“Your dad was hoping I would wear them one night, but I doubt I would have,” I admitted, “I don’t know why I agreed to bring them.”

“Can I try one on,” she asked.

“I s’pose,” I told her.

She pulled the other one out and snatched up both of the sheer thongs that matched them. I watched as she held them up to her body, trying to decide which one would look best. Truthfully, Erin has a body that would’ve made either one look good. My 5’5 frame is more full than Erin’s, but we both are fairly petite ladies. Erin is a slimmer and younger version of me. Our hair is a similar shade of blonde and we both have sparkling blue eyes. She inherited my full pouty lips, but her dad’s button nose, where my nose is straighter and more narrow. She also has a tiny cleft in her chin that I don’t have.

Erin pushed the green baby-doll into my hands, “Here. You put on this one and I’ll put on the red one.”

I said, “That’s okay honey. I’m not in the mood. Besides, comment backlink Programı the guys could get back any minute.”

“We’ll be quick. C’mon, Mom,” she begged, “You said you wouldn’t get a chance to wear one. How about right now? We’ll touch up your hair and get a few quick pics to surprise dad with later.”

I had to admit, it did sound fun.

I agreed and shimmied out of my panties. Erin followed suit. I never knew she shaved her pussy bare whereas I keep a tidy landing strip on mine. I held the string back thong for her as she stepped into it and slid it up her long smooth legs. This kept the strings from twisting. She did the same for me and we each slipped the wispy garments over our heads. I turned to the bathroom mirror with the overhead fluorescent light and we fluffed my hair a bit.

My 34C cup boobs bulged out the top of the small lace cups and my honey colored areolas were visible at the edge of the cups. Plus, the bottom only reached about the halfway point of my rounded pale buttocks. My blonde landing strip was still quite visible through the sheer panel of the thong and my butt was all but bare, with the green string parting my cheeks.

My daughter looked perfect. It was made to compliment someone with her young slender body. Her perky 32B cup boobs filled the cups just right and the hem reached the bottom of her tight tanned butt. Her bare honey pot was just as visible as my own, but a slight wet spot had the thong sticking to her young quim. There was absolutely no jiggling to her taut body as she moved about fixing my hair.

We turned off the television and found a light rock station on the alarm clock. It wasn’t the best reception but, it gave me something to move with to loosen up and pose for my daughter. Erin pulled my camera out of the suitcase and moved about snapping pics. She directed me through a few poses and we lost track of time. She had me do the usual centerfold poses: hands over head in my hair, leaning against the door frame with one leg lifted, sitting on the bed spread out, bent over looking saucily over my shoulder at the camer…

Wayne and Brian entering the room.

“Whoa,” they exclaimed in unison.

I shrieked. I had nowhere to go. I was standing halfway between the door and the bathroom, bent over the small dresser. Erin was standing between the two beds, just holding the camera. Our obvious charms were on full display to the roaming eyes and my husband and my son. The sheer little nighties did nothing to conceal.

Tragedy Number Whatever the hell by this point.

“Oh my God,” was all I could say as I scrambled to pull the bedspread up off the bed to cover myself. I left poor Erin standing there.

Wayne calmly shut the door against the chill wind, all the while, eyeing us both appreciatively. A little too appreciatively maybe. Brian’s wide eyes shot from Erin, to me, back to Erin and then back to me again. Both shocked men had significant bulges tenting their pants almost instantly.

“Well, what’s going on here,” Wayne asked as he put the grocery bags down in the kitchenette.

Erin said, “Mom said she didn’t think she would get a chance to wear one of these for you since our stay is going to be so much shorter now. I talked her into putting one on and taking a few pics. They were going to be a surprise for you.”

“Thanks sweetie,” Wayne said and went over to kiss is half- no, mostly naked daughter on the forehead.

His hand was around her waist but it looked like a hand was settled on her butt. Wayne was looking us over and his daughter’s wares were on full display to his gaze. Her shaved little cunt was quite visible in the red sheer panty she was borrowing. I was a little jealous even. I guess my own vanity was why I allowed the bedspread to fall back to the bed. My son’s eyes quickly shot back to me.

Brian could barely got the words out, “Wow, Mom. You look amazing. That outfit is so sexy on you.”

I blushed and said, “Thank you baby,” and kissed him sweetly on the cheek.

Wayne’s eyes returned to me.

He said, “He is so right Kel. You look sensational. Glad I bought ’em, glad you brought ’em.”

“How do I look,” Erin asked, clearly wanting some of the attention.

Brian said, “You look hot!”

My husband said, “You look beautiful, young lady, and sexy. Um..why are you wearing one?”

We explained the entire situation. We told them all that had happened in the short time they were gone and how they came to find us so scantily clad and posing.

“I-we- should probably go change into our pjs now,” I announced.

Wayne said, “Ah, honey. Please. With the day we’ve had, two sexy ladies is a nice change to a shit day.”

I laughed, “Honey, Brian cannot be comfortable with his sister and his Mom practically naked in front of him.”

Brian spoke up quickly, “I don’t mind at all, Mom. Believe me. You and Erin look really nice and Christmasy too. Like hot elves. I’m enjoying the view too.”

We all laughed at his directness. It broke the tension and we agreed to stay in the outfits. It didn’t seem as weird to walk around in the tiny baby-doll as I thought it would have. I don’t know if it’s because it was family, or Christmas or because Erin was too, but I didn’t mind it so much. I just had to not think about how much was showing.