Growing as a Pair

Adriana Chechik

My family has a tradition of going hunting at our cabin in the mountains around the same time every year. I was going to college, and didn’t have any classes on Fridays, so I agreed to join them for the weekend. I left early and got there Friday afternoon. My younger brother Stephen had arrived that morning to get it setup for the family. Everyone else was supposed to arrive by Saturday, in the early morning. As I was driving to our cabin, it started snowing.

By the evening the snowfall had to be measured in feet. The road crews out here were really good, and I wasn’t too worried. They kept the roads pretty clear regardless of the quantity of snow. The power went out shortly after nine PM. I was reading in the main room in my wool nightgown, and found myself in darkness. We didn’t know that the time, but there had just been an avalanche that blocked the road in and out of the area. It had destroyed the power lines. Stephen came in with a candle.

“What happened Kayla?”

He was still in high school, and was pretty athletic. He was on the swim team. He was long and skinny. His muscles were quite efficient, and not overly large. He was fit however, noticeably so. He had short sandy brown hair. He kept it short to better fit under a swim cap. It was all about reducing water resistance. He was wearing his flannel pajamas. I wasn’t as fit as Stephen. I wasn’t overweight, but my interests leaned more towards the intellectual. My last boyfriend said that made it nicer to cuddle with me after sex, because I was so huggably soft. I finally dumped him 4 months ago. I had spent the last three years studying to be a marine biologist and he hadn’t been supportive.

“I don’t know, I think the power is out.” I replied.

“No shit? Glad to see your college education isn’t going to waste.” He answered sarcastically.

“Do you think the power is out for everybody?” I asked.

“Let me go look,” He said, then opened up the front door.

He looked out across the valley. On the other side was a man who usually kept his lights on all the time. I shivered at the cold that he was leading into the cabin. There wasn’t a light anywhere to be seen.

“Close the door! you’re letting all the warm air out!” I yelled.

The heater for the cabin was electrical. we used to use propane, but we got tired of refilling it. We spent a lot of money to buy a new electrical furnace. The power had never gone out before, and most of what we had relied on electricity. The cabin had a landline phone, but we quickly realized that it was as dead as the electricity. Stephen left his cell phone back at home because he was ‘roughing it.’ I found I didn’t charge mine like I should have, and it was dead.

We sat up for a while worrying about the electricity, huddled around our candle as the cabin slowly grew colder. We finally decided the electricity wasn’t about to come back on, so we went around and gathered every blanket, comforter, and sleeping bag in the place and piled them in the central room. We wrapped ourselves in blankets. I suggested we share our blankets for warmth. We fell asleep huddled together.

*** Saturday ***

Sometime during the night while asleep we started spooning. I had slipped into a kind of waking dream. I was fooling around with my boyfriend Mark, and my nightgown had ridden up my back. His cockhead was touching the entrance to my moist pussy. I was so horny, I wanted him, but he kept teasing me, flexing his meatstick and rubbing the outside of my pussy lips with his tip. I knew how to end his teasing touch though. I arched my back and thrust my butt backwards, my slick love channel eagerly sucked his manmeat inside. He began to rub my breasts as I enveloped his cock with my wet pussy. He moaned with pleasure as I slowly milked his shaft. As the pleasure mounted he started moving in rhythm with me.

“Oh Lisa” he moaned, and I came fully awake.

This wasn’t my ex boyfriend, it was my brother! I realized instantly what happened. His penis head popped out of his Pajamas during the night, and my nightgown traveled up. We had been caressing each other for hours, his dick pressed up against me, until my waking dream started, and I thrust myself on it. My brother was fucking me! I was horrified. He was still mostly asleep and thrusting in me, thinking I was his girlfriend Lisa. Before I could stop him I felt his cock twitching deep in my pussy.

“Oh no… oh god… Stop!” I said.

It was too late, I felt an explosion of cum deep inside me as Stephen let out his first burst of semen.

“Oh no no no…” I cried, until his twitching cock sent me over myself.

He realized where he was and what he just did.

“Oh god! Oh shit! I am so sorry!”

He pulled out, sperm trailing his cock as we separated ourselves, grabbing blankets and wrapping ourselves as we adjusted our private parts back into our clothes.

We sat in shamed silence for a while. He eventually broke it.

“I’m so sorry…” He began.

I interrupted him. “It’s not your fault.”

“I just raped you while you slept!” He exclaimed

“It wasn’t you.” I suadiye escort said

“It sure felt like me!” He exclaimed.

“I… I put you inside me.” I told him.

“You what?!” He said, shocked. “You’re disgusting.”

“It wasn’t like that! It was an accident!” I said.

“An accident?” He shouted. “What, you accidentally fell on top of me?”

“Kinda.” I said. “We got a little entangled in the night and it kind of lubricated itself and slipped in.”

“That’s ridiculous.” He said.

“Come here and I’ll show you.” I replied to him. He looked at me sideways for a minute then came over me. I laid down, and looked at him over my shoulder.

“Lay down next to me.” I told him.

He laid down beside me. I wiggled back to him, snuggling up like I was before we separated. My nightgown rode up a bit again as I positioned myself, showing me how I ended up getting exposed. I thought for a fraction of a second of pulling my night gown back down, but dismissed the thought. The demonstration would only take a second. I wiggled my butt a little bit and did what I did earlier in my waking dream, and felt his penis slide into me again. It went in even easier as my pussy was still wet from my arousal and lubricated with his cum. I heard him hiss in pleasure. I let out a little surprised yip myself as it happened. I realized that the motion must have moved his cock out of the hole in his pajamas. I had also thought he would be flaccid after just having sex. I absolutely didn’t mean for him to be inside me again.

“I see.” He said, sitting motionless inside me.

“I didn’t mean to do it this time either.” I said, holding as still as I could.

As we sat there unmoving my pussy tingled from the remembered orgasm he gave me. I felt his cock twitch, probably remembering its own orgasm.

I breathed in deeply.

“Well, what’s done is done.” I said.

I enjoyed the feeling of his cock sliding just a tiny bit with my deep breath. I felt myself get more wet. It has been a long time since I had sex. I was also teased all night long, even if by accident. I snuggled closer to him with his cock still buried deep inside my pussy.

“I’m not sorry we did it,” I said to him. “It was accidental and we both enjoyed it.”

“I guess that’s true.” He replied. “It’s not like I meant to do what we did.”

“Exactly!” I said as I wiggled my butt a little, stroking his hard member inside of me with my body.

“It was a very cold night, after all.” He said as he let his cock gently slide deeper inside me.

“Oh yes…” I panted, not knowing whether it was agreement or out of feeling he was giving me.

He rewarded the statement with another gentle thrust.

“It has been so long…” I said, pushing back.

“And I’m so horny.” I said as I pushed back again.

I felt his hands slide down my side as he gently pistoned his throbbing member inside my slick cunt.

I moaned as my brother slowly worked his incestuous cock into my pussy

“Me too.” he whispered in my ear as he caressed my body under my gown.

He worked his penis in and out of my sopping wet cunt, bringing me closer and closer until I exploded. I shuddered on his cock, riding the crest of my orgasm as he continued to work my insides with his tool.

“Oh god…” He said, and I knew he was about to cum.

“No, wait, I’m not on the…” I started to say.

It was too late. I felt him explode. His cock throbbed as he launched gob after gob of cum into me. I felt him shiver as he finished emptying his balls inside me.

“I’m sorry.” He said as he suddenly realized what I was trying to tell him just before he orgasmed.

“It’s okay.” I told him. I liked it better this way anyway. “It was already too late, after the first time…”

Stephen started to get up, distressed about cumming inside me for a second time, but I tightened my pussy muscles and held his hand, keeping him where he was.

“Its my fault.” I said. “I stopped taking the pill after I broke up with Mark. I’ll just go down to the pharmacy in the morning and get a morning after pill.”

I considered the situation. I had loved my brother as a brother for years, but today I had loved him as a woman. The taboo of it, the wrongness of it all, just made what we had just done even hotter. I felt myself getting wet again, and my pussy quivered with remembered feeling. I felt his chubby turn to a full hard on.

‘As long as it didn’t come out, it is still an accident.’ I thought. I rolled over on him, adjusting myself so he stayed inside me the whole time. I started to slide myself up and down his shaft, milking him for his forbidden seed. I turned on his shaft so I was facing him, and brought my lips to his ear.

“I’m going to handle it, so cum as much as you want.” I whispered to him huskily.

He started forcefully pumping into me. He lifted me up and flipped me on the floor, staying inside me the whole time. He covered my body with his own, thrusting into me like a wild animal, ravishing my pussy with his cock. He gave me two good orgasms before yakacık escort he was able to achieve his third. Feeling him burst unrestrained inside me brought me to another. He collapsed on top of me, and I hugged him close, basking in the postcoital bliss. After a minute he quickly pulled out and jumped up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I felt his cum leak out of me and down my crack, trailing after the escaped member.

“Mom and dad are supposed to be here shortly.” He said.

I looked at the window and saw the red glow of the approaching sunrise.

“Oh shit.” I said. “We need to clean up.”

I started grabbing blankets and folding them, putting aside those that had gotten stained with our juices. He helped, and then started scrubbing at the floor. Shortly we had the living room back in order. I took the dirty blankets into the laundry room. The power was still out so I couldn’t do them, but I figured I could resolve any kind of issues associated with it there before anyone knew something was amiss. The house in order, we both got dressed.

It seemed like dawn, although the sky was still too overcast to know for sure. The snowfall had dramatically fallen off. Stephen went out to go shovel the snow to the road. He had just went outside when he called me over. He pointed down to the entry of the valley. It was a mess. The bridge crossing the canyon entering into the valley was gone. It was clear it was wiped out by a massive avalanche. Most of the road was covered in large amounts of snow as well. There was no way anything could get in or out.

“I don’t think they’re getting through that today.” I said

“I think that will take some time to clear.” He said.

“We better call them to make sure they are alright.” I said.

“I don’t think the power will come back on anytime soon.” He said. “The lines followed the road.”

I shivered in the cold air.

“We’re going to need something to keep warm with.” I said.

Thinking about keeping warm reminded me of our accident, which turned me on a little. That reminded me of my other ‘errand’ I had to run.

“We need to go to the store.” I told him. “I need to buy some food and supplies, and you need to find a phone to call our parents.”

We got into my SUV. It was four wheel drive, and it was up to the task of taking us down the snow covered road. We made it to the store. Fortunately it was open. We chatted with some of the locals. Stephen found a phone and called our parents to let them know about the avalanche and ensure they didn’t get caught in it.

I went shopping. I got a lot of food, water, and a space heater that ran on propane. I purchased a few canisters of propane to go with it. While the store had condoms, it didn’t have the morning after pill, or any other contraceptives. I asked around but there was no other stores. I decided to not worry my brother about it, but purchased a box of condoms in case we had more accidents.

We returned to the cabin and put the supplies away. Then we went outside in search of firewood. When we had a good collection, Stephen began preparing it to be burnable. While he was doing that I went to go make brunch.

I discovered that an electric stove doesn’t work without electricity. Furthermore the refrigerator didn’t work without electricity either. I figured if I moved the refrigerator outside, it would stay cool. I did so, and chained it up to keep the animals out. That done, I prepared a cold meal for myself and Stephen.

We ate in the living room, with the space heater on full blast. When we were done eating. We barricaded all the other rooms off and made the living room as insulated as possible. Once it had warmed up, Stephen went back outside to continue working on the firewood. I went and got my school books out of my room in the cabin, and began studying. Just because we were trapped by an avalanche and I fucked my brother was no reason to slack on my school work. Stephen came in a couple more times to warm himself up. I noticed it was starting to get hard to read. The day was mostly over. My stomach growled and I realized we hadn’t eaten dinner. I made a cold dinner while Stephen brought wood inside to dry. After we had eaten, we fell asleep in each others arms, wrapped in several blankets.

*** Sunday ***

We didn’t have another accident that morning, although we slept more like lovers than siblings. Some of the wood was dry enough to start a fire, so I started a fire in the fireplace. I took a metal rack out of the oven and made a makeshift range over the flame. I put two pots of water to boil. Once they started boiling I stirred some oatmeal in one, and took the other to the bathroom. I got a wash rag and used it and clean the funk out of my intimate place. When that was done I went back into the living room. The food smelled done, so I woke up Stephen with a kiss on his eyelid.

“Breakfast is ready, Stephen.” I said to him.

“Thanks sis.” He said groggily.

We both ate, then discussed the days activities.

“I’m going to wash the soiled blanket, and study today I think.” I şerifali escort said.

“Well, I came to hunt. And if my guess is right, we will probably need the food that hunting would bring soon.” He replied.

“That sounds like a good plan.” I said.

We finished breakfast. I went in search for the biggest pot I could find, and brought it to the laundry room. Stephen got his hunting gear together and left. I started boiling some water with a few more pots and filled the laundry pot up halfway with water. When the water I set aside was boiling, I carefully took it to the laundry pot and added it in, so the water was warm. I picked up the soiled blanket. It still smelled heavy of sex. My pussy started tingling, as I remembered the act.

Even though I didn’t have the heat up too high and it was a bit nippy, I pulled down my pants and panties. I wrapped the heavily a spoiled blanket around my face and started fingering my clit as I imagined my brother’s hard cock entering my willing pussy. As I rubbed myself I pictured him deep inside me. I took a good deep breath in, catching the mixed scent of my pussy juices and his cum. I remembered what it felt like when he let loose inside of me. An explosion of pressure deep inside. I quivered, then I came harder than I ever recalled myself cumming before. I cleaned myself up with my underwear, then threw them and the soiled blanket in the bucket. I scrubbed them until I was sure the smell was out of them.

I hung up the laundry in the room, since there was no way to dry it otherwise. I boiled some more water and washed the dishes. When that was done I started preparing a stew for dinner. With dinner cooking I began to study. It had started to get dark by the time Stephen came back

“Hey. Did you have fun?” I asked.

“I saw a big buck but he must have smelled me. He ran off before I can get him. How about you?” He answered.

My pussy twitched thinking about the fun that I had.

“I did the laundry, cleaned the dishes, cooked some dinner, and did some studying. It was okay I guess.” I said.

I served us both some dinner, and we sat at the table and ate while we chatted about Stephen’s hunting attempt.

It started to get too dark to see, so I stacked the dishes and we both went to the blanket pile and fell asleep.

*** Monday ***

I woke up early again. I considered having another accident, but Stephen was lying on his stomach. I stoked the fire and got breakfast going. I decided to cook bacon, and the smell quickly filled the cabin.

“You sure know how to please a man.” Stephen said, waking from the smell.

I blushed. Stephen seemed oblivious to the sexual thoughts that brought the heat to my face. He sat down and I served him breakfast.

“So what are your plans for today?” I asked him.

“I’m going to find that buck from yesterday.” He replied. “How about you?

“We are almost out of propane.” I said “We are on our last canister. I’m going to the store to buy some more. I’m also going to check in with mom and dad, see how they are doing, and let them know we’re still safe and okay.”

We finished breakfast, then went about our planned tasks.

The store was completely out of propane. There was a guy that had a working phone, but he was charging a dollar per minute. I looked at the amount of physical cash I had on me. I had 38 dollars. I paid the man a few dollars and called my parents. My mom answered.

“Hi mom.” I said.

“Hi sweetie how are you! Your brother called us two days ago but we haven’t heard anything since. He sounded a little distracted.” She said.

“Yeah mom, sorry about not calling yesterday. The guy here charges a bunch of money to make calls. I’m going to try to make this short to save my money. We are both fine, except for the fact the electricity is still down. We are coping. I got a propane heater and we got the fireplace running to cook with. I’ve been spending most of my days studying, Stephen is out hunting. It makes this more of an experience of roughing it. You know when they’re going to have the highway cleared?” I asked

“I’m sorry honey, it sounds like it’s going to be at least a week and a half. There were three avalanches along the route, and one knocked out a bridge. It’s amazing that they will have it done even that quickly. Are you going to be ok for that long?” She asked.

“Yeah mom, we will be fine.” I said. “I’ve gotta go now mom, tell dad I love him and let my school know that I’ll be late coming back because of the Avalanche.”

“I will sweetie. Give my love to your brother.” She said.

My pussy got wet at the thought of giving love to my brother. God what was wrong with me?

“I will mom, take care. Love you, bye.” I said

“Bye.” She said as I hung up.

I went back to the store, looking for what was left on the shelf that might be useful in the next few weeks. There wasn’t anything worth buying. I went back home empty handed. I went through our food and considered how much we would eat in a week and a half. I figured as long as we were careful we would have enough. I added more firewood to our pile. I made the fire a little larger then normal, so I wouldn’t have to use propane for heating. I cooked a modest dinner to try to stretch out our food supplies for longer. I studied little bit before Stephen came in through the front door.