Barb’s Black Vacation


My wife Barbara (Barb) and I have been enjoying the lifestyle for nearly a year now. Many of you have read my stories about several of her escapades with other men. Some comments have been nice and others, not so nice. So, I thought it was time that you heard from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. What follows is my wife’s account of a time she spent with two of her boy toys. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed hearing about it.

Hi, if you have been reading my husband’s stories then you know a little about me. At first I was a frigid bitch when it came to having sex. Then as I got a little older I started thinking that since my husband had been my “first” maybe I had lost out on something. So, at his urging I went out had had my first fling. That guy was awesome, and I loved the thrill of being fucked by a different cock other than my husbands. It was so primal to have David’s hard young body all over mine and my cunt being serviced by his nice long and very hard dick.

I was craving more of David’s cock and with “J’s” blessing I got together with him for a second go round one weekend. After one whole day and night of having my pussy pounded till it was all puffy and red I was getting ready to come back home to J, when I was pleasantly surprised by this darling of a hunky friend of his that stopped by un-expectedly. That night I fucked them both and my God was it GREAT!

I was now well on my way to a life of cocks and pussy poundings! One other thing that I discovered along the way was that absolutely nothing could make up for being filled with hot young spunk. I like the feeling of it as a steamy load is shot up my cunt or one is dumped down my throat as I choke down as much of a slick pecker as I can fit in my mouth. If I time it right they blow just as my lips bottom out and cum sprays on the back of my throat and slides into my stomach. It always makes feel so full!

So, now it’s my turn to share with you my most recent screw. J and I went on a little vacation to Jamaica. And while there we (I) made friends with a couple of young guys that worked at the resort. These guys were so hot, every time I looked at them I got wet.

After three days of this J said to me, “Look, our trip is half over and I have been screwing one of the daytime bartenders, (she was a younger girl, originally from the Dominican Republic) why don’t you have a go with those two young studs that you have been friendly with.”

With that I plunged into the game. That evening I saw them walking by our pool and I whistled for them to come over. There names were Amar and Troy, they were both college students and lived on another island. Both had been studying broadside but were down during a break and working at the resort.

This evening they had just gotten off work and were on their way to their apartment. Their shirts were off, and they were beautiful! Their skin was a dark chocolate brown and it glistened as the soft evening lights played off of it, they had lean muscular bodies that they obviously took good care of and didn’t mind showing off. The shorts that they wore were baggy and I could never tell what they might be packing, but I didn’t really care.

I asked them if they wanted too join me in the pool for a dip. I was wearing one of my little designer bikini numbers. I could see their eyes checking me out. I didn’t mind, I wanted them to. Amar spoke up and said that resort policy did not allow them to fraternize with the guests on resort property. But, they had a pool at the apartment and I was welcome to go with them. I said YES and ran back to our bungalow to let J know and grab an overnight bag, just in case. J was laying asleep and naked on the bed, his dick was standing at a full salute and I figured he must be dreaming of the bartender. I didn’t disturb him; instead I left a note and walked out quietly.

Amar, Troy and I walked to their Jeep and we piled in. I was still just wearing my bikini and had only tied a sarong around my waist. Each time that the Jeep hit a bump or pot hole my breasts would practically pop out. This ride made my nipples very hard and by the time we reached their place I was looking pretty pumped.

The apartment was a one bedroom and they both shared it. I asked them how they managed to entertain with only one bed and Troy piped up that they shared everything. I knew right then that I was in for a treat!

I walked over to Amar reached out and ran my hand lightly over the front of his crotch. I heard him take a deep breath, as I looked down at the tent that was quickly forming as I touched him. I moved my hands to his belt and undid it, and then I lowered his zipper. He slowly pulled his shorts down. bebek escort

Amar wore no underwear; I gasped as I saw what he had been concealing all this time. His penis was long and thick, it seemed twice the size of my husband’s and it definitely was wider around than that of my personal trainers. I reached out and held it. He said nothing, but his faced said everything. His look was one of pure desire.

I repositioned my hand and cupped his sack, feeling his testicles, they were also much larger than J’s or any I had seen and they were heavy. Obviously he hadn’t emptied his load in some time. I knew that I was in for a treat and that all his fluid would be mine. I squeezed and his hands moved behind my head, his fingers began playing with my hair. Amar then took a step back, his penis slipping from my hands. Then I felt Troy’s naked body come up behind me. His penis jabbed between my ass cheeks. I could tell that he was quite long.

Then Troy’s smooth arms wrapped around the front of my waist and as he planted a delicate kiss on my neck he unfastened the sarong. It fell to the floor and I pushed it aside with one foot. Just then I felt my bikini top loosen and become free and in one instant Amar was cupping my breasts as Troy finished removing the top. These guys were smooth! The moves on them would shame the best synchronized swim team. I knew I was in for one hell of a hot time.

The guys stepped away slightly as I slipped off my bikini bottoms to reveal my hairless mound. A small tattoo of a butterfly hovered above the lips. J had not noticed this yet, I had gotten it three days before we left for this trip. The butterfly symbolized new found sexual freedom and I was showing it off for the first time, tonight.

They both moved in again simultaneously. Amar reached between my legs and felt my wetness as he parted my lips with his dark fingers. His hand began to explore, spreading me slightly open as Troy planted soft kisses on my nape and caressed my ass with his hands. Then I felt a finger slip up, into my cunt, as a thumb found and lightly fondled my clit. My knees were weakening and I started to tremble; I wrapped my arms around Amar’s dark shoulders to steady myself. His hand increased its speed. I began to move my hips in time with him. I could take no more. I pulled his hand away, and walked to the bed.

I laid back on the bed, spread my legs apart, exposing my hungry wet pussy. The guy’s dick’s were at attention. Then, suddenly, Amar plunged towards me and covered my body over with his own. His cock nested between my legs as he kissed me deeply. He began to move his hips gently, looking for my entrance. Then I felt the head of his hard cock enter me. He stopped for an instant and looked into my eyes as if he were searching for an answer. In one fluid move he rammed it right in! We both gasped and froze at this new sensation. My breath had left my body and I felt incredibly full. My pussy was throbbing and straining I could feel it pulse and spasm as it was invaded by this giant black rocket. Then I could feel a certain pain but mixed with pleasure as the head of his penis hit my cervix. My God he was huge! We stayed still for a moment… this gave Troy time to position him above my head.

Troy’s dick was so beautiful, it was fairly long, I would say probably about 8 – 9 inches and not real thick, and proportionately it was perfect! Just like the rest of him it seemed bathed in chocolate but the head was this erotic colour of flesh and red. His dick didn’t jut out like Amar’s it was softer and bent downward. This made it perfect for me to access with my tongue and mouth.

Troy’s cock head was quickly in my mouth. I gagged slightly as his chocolate bar snaked its way in, this caused my lover to thrust forward slightly. As this blow job got deeper, I could see their faces were a picture of lust and excitement. Amar urged me to suck Troy harder and deeper as I continued to swallow him down past my tonsils.

Amar slowly moved his hips, spreading my legs and tight pussy further, causing him to bury himself deeper within me. Each thrust buried him self deeper and deeper inside of me. Then, he was all the way in. It felt so good. My pussy was stretched further than it ever had been before but it felt so very good. My mouth was on fire as I sucked down Troy and I felt as if I had become more responsive to my own body and theirs than I had ever been with anyone before. We were locked into a unit as my feelings became more aroused and heightened. Never had I felt so filled. Every nerve was being stimulated.

I raised my legs into the air, spreading myself wider, accommodating Amars size. We settled istanbul escort into a rhythm, long slow strokes, my hips rising to meet his thrusts, allowing the deepest access we could. I could hear myself moaning as I slurped on cock. My first orgasm was building quickly.

Amar continued to move his hips slowly as he grabbed my legs and lifted them over his hips and around his ass. Then he began to pump harder. I began to squeal as his hard cock pushed against my sensitive spots deep within my sopping wet pussy.

Without warning I orgasmed. Relaxing my grip, Amar began to pump into me again, and another orgasm followed, fast, but stronger than the first. My fingernails dug into his back. His tempo increased, his cock moving faster and even deeper. As Troy continued to fuck my mouth and match Amars pace. Then as if rehearsed I felt their muscles tighten, and suddenly hot seed surged into me at both ends of my body, as I had another orgasm. Harder and faster they stroked, spurting down my throat and up my cunt. After what seemed like an eternity, the guy’s tools gave up the last of their precious gift. Somehow I had managed to totally suck down Troy’s spunk and he literally had to pull his cock out as it had lodged down my throat. Amar also pulled out of my wet pussy and they both collapsed on the bed next to me.

Several minutes passed before I could get up and walk to the bathroom. I felt weak and yet somehow I felt charged. There was a current of electricity in my body. My mouth felt stretched and sticky with cum and my cunt was making squishing noises as it leaked onto the floor with every step. Yet despite what might seem like total humiliation to some women, felt like complete fulfillment to me.

I washed up and went back to the bed. The guys were still where I had left them, their bodies looked lean and hard; muscles rippled under dark sweaty skin, as they were talked about how awesome I had been. Amar commented that most girls that they had fucked were just that, girls and they lacked the stamina and expertise I had shown. I felt quite complimented by this especially since I was a full 20 years older than either of them. Troy laughed and said that made him feel like he had just fucked his mom. Then with out thinking I blurted, that this momma wanted to be fucked again.

In a second, Amar, reached out for me with one hand as he lay back on the bed and gripped his tool with his other hand pointing it upwards in a lewd gesture.

“Come on, baby!” he said, “Hop up here and let’s take your cunt for another ride!”

Throwing a leg over his athletic body, I grasped his thick, black rod and guided it towards my pussy. I gasped as the head slipped easily between the outer lips and began to penetrate me. Slowly I allowed myself to sink downwards encompassing his large protrusion and groaning deeply as it spread me. Amar would buck his hips slightly and force another inch or two into me as I went down.

I rode my new lover’s cock with sheer lust, as my body bounced up and down. Amar then reached out with his hands and pulled me down to him. I rested fully on his chest as I planted a kiss on his golden bronze lips. Our tongues explored each others mouths along the way.

Then I felt Troy position himself behind me. I knew what was going to happen next. There was no way that I would have to refuse him, I became a little scared and told him that I had never been fucked in the ass before. He assured me not too worry that he had a desensitizing cream for my anus and he would work it in slowly. Then I felt a finger on my hole, it was slick with the cream. Ever so slowly he began working it around and around my ass hole, as Amar continued to stroke my pussy in and out with his large cock. Slowly, slowly Troys finger started to enter me and I felt a sensation I never had before. At first it was uncomfortable, not hurting just uncomfortable. But he was so gentile and easy with his finger that in no time he had his digit all the way up into me. He continued to administer the cream and without even realizing it he had three fingers into my ass. I loved the way I was feeling, being serviced in my cunt and ass at the same time. I had only seen this in our porn movies back home.

Then, Troy took position. He straddled my legs and Amars as he held his cock in hand. Slowly, he passed his large, cock head up and around my wet hole. He pushed into me and the head slipped inside. I moaned as he worked it in a little deeper.

“Mmmmm, you feel nice and tight!” he stated as he worked his tool deeper into my ass. How was I going to take this I thought to myself? I had never felt this stretched before. I could feel both beyoğlu escort of them in me stacked one on top of the other.

Then starting slowly, Troy began to saw his dick in and out of my ass as Amar alternated thrusts with my pussy. Every move sent them deeper and deeper until their entire lengths were buried to the hilt. Then very, very slowly one would withdraw. Further and further until just the head remained inside of me. And then, with a thrust, he was back in to the hilt again and the next one would start the same sequence. I was crying out as I felt the brutal penetrations but this only seemed to spur them on.

I was fucked like a slut for what I realized later had been over twenty minutes. I was gasping and grunting, begging them to stop and then pleading with them not to! I was racked with one orgasm after another. I thought I would black out. Then all of a sudden it was like an explosion. We all cried out! Amar’s and Troy’s cocks were thrust into me as far as they could possibly get them. Spasm after spasm shook our bodies we all climaxed simultaneously as they emptied more of their hot Caribbean seed into my wanton womb and ass.

Their cocks were stretching me, and I knew it! I could feel them rubbing together separated only by a thin veil of my flesh and Amar’s cock as it pressed against my cervix. He felt so incredibly hot to me. But, at the same time, I tried to beat down fears that he might make me pregnant. And I was at an extremely fertile time of the month. But, I would worry about that later. Right now, all I wanted was these incredibly hot studs and their black granite shafts planted deep inside me.

We all lay on the bed for a few minutes catching our breath. I felt their cum leaking out.

Eventually, Troy leaned over and kissed my breast. “If you could stay for a little while,” flicking his tongue across a nipple, “we could do it again?”

I paused a moment. “I, uh, I’d like to, Troy, but, I need to get back to J and besides, I am not to sure I can take any more pounding tonight.”

Amar propped his head up. “Are you going to tell your husband everything you did here tonight?” he said with a smile.

“Ah, yeah,” I said sheepishly. “You must think we’re some kind of pervs, hu?”

“Naw man, your situation is not so unique to us or this island, we get people here wanting to live out some fantasy all the time. Why do you think we would bother to work here?”

“Let’s have a shower fuck, get dressed and then well take you back.” Said Amar.

The three of us piled into the shower and I sucked them both off. We finished up and they drove me back to the resort. We kissed and said our good byes. As I walked to the bungalow I could tell that I had been fucked harder than ever before. Every hole had been used and lubed, stretched and expanded, and spunked. I was sore and happy and I also had a feeling that some of Amar’s seed had very possibly stayed and logged behind.

I walked into the bungalow, J rose from the bed. Without saying a word, he started to remove my sarong, letting it fall to the floor. Walking in front of me, he kissed me deeply, running his hands up and down my back and sides.

“J , I…” I began

“Shhhhhhhhh, babe,” he said, pressing a finger to my lips. “You can tell me the details later.” He pushed me to the bed, and removed my bikini. I closed my eyes as he spread my thighs and slowly kissed and licked my tender hairless pussy.

“Your pussy looks like it had a good work out.” “And judging by things I would say it has seen at least one big black pecker maybe two.”

I moaned as his tongue pushed into me. I writhed on the bed as he worked in and over my pussy with his lips and tongue. J started slowly flicking his tongue across my clit, and my breaths became shallower as I felt an orgasm approach.

I couldn’t help myself but while J was doing this to me my mind was on the boy’s and how they had fucked me with such power and unison. They were black Adonis’s and they knew how to work it.

I gasped a climax throbbed through me, gripping J’s head between my legs as my body tensed and then went limp.

After a moment, he crawled up and over my body.

“I can taste them in you.” “You rode them bare tonight, didn’t you?”

He placed his cock at the entrance to my throbbing pussy, and slowly started pushing into me. He leaned down and kissed me deeply.

“So tell me all about your evening with Amar and Troy,” he whispered in my ear. “And,.. damn girl, you’ve been stretched a mile!”, as his cock slid right into me like a sled on ice.

“What can I tell you, babe?”, I said. “I love big black cock, I’m a slut for it ever since I fucked my trainer.” “And babe, I don’t want to stop, I want more later.”

As J continued to ram his meat in and out of my pussy a thought came over me. What if I have been made pregnant? Only time will tell and a pregnancy test, but for right now I will content myself with having had the best vacation ever.