Hard Times with Mom Ch. 02


When I woke up the next morning, Mom was already gone. Geez, she couldn’t even face me–I really did fuck it up. I went out and got a few job applications, but I was too upset to give a shit. I headed back to the room around lunchtime, and found Mom there crying. She stopped as soon as I came in, trying to hide her tears.

“Mom, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing,” she got up but seemed all out of sorts. “I should get back out there. I’ll get out of your way.”

“Wait. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I don’t…I’m not…Oh, sweetheart,” she blurted and plopped back down into the chair sobbing. “I’m so, so sorry. I’m so very ashamed about what I did last night.”

“What? Why?”

“I thought it would be innocent enough. But once it started, all these feelings came out of me. I let things go too far. I should never have said all that awful, dirty stuff in front of you, much less do the nasty things I did. It was wrong. So wrong.”

“No, Mom, it’s okay,” I assured her as I knelt down next to her. “Your idea makes a lot of sense. Like you said, we both have needs, so what’s the point of sneaking around and hiding what we do from each other?”

“You must think I’m a horrible mother to have done something so filthy like that.”

“Of course not. If anything, I feel even closer to you.” I wrapped my arms around her to comfort her as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue. “You said it yourself. We’re both grown-ups. I understand that you have urges, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong about that. I mean, you are my mom, sure, but you’re also a woman. And besides, when you think about it, it should be okay to share this kind of stuff with the person who loves you the most in the world, right?”

“I do love you, honey, more than anything. And that’s the reason we can’t do that again.” She cut off my next protest before I could say anything more. “Please, sweetheart, let’s just forget that it ever happened and go back to the way things were. Okay?”

It was obvious there was nothing I could say to convince her. I couldn’t believe it was suddenly all over, just like that. I shrugged glumly in response to her pleading look, and quickly left the room before I began doing something childish–like start to cry.


That night we went about our routines in silence. I alternated between feeling sad for myself, and angry about the whole situation. When Mom finally got into bed she gave me a quick peck on the cheek, then turned over to go to sleep.

I lay there, unable to stop thinking about the night before. My cock stiffened, and that just got me more angry. How could she give me such a wonderful gift like that, then take it away? It wasn’t fair. We had an understanding! Something we both agreed on. But then she decided, all on her own, that it was going to stop. Well, she could stop if she wanted, but I didn’t have to.

I kicked off the sheet, and pulled out my throbbing cock. I began by stroking myself nice and easy. I waited for some movement or reaction from Mom’s side of the bed. When none came, I sped up and jerked myself a bit harder, making sure to bounce the bed a little.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Mom finally asked without turning over.

“I’m playing with myself.”

“I thought we decided we weren’t going to do that,” she said firmly.

“You decided. I need some relief, and I’m going to do it right here in bed.”

“Fine. I’ll wait in the bathroom until you’re done then.”

“I saw you getting out of the shower the other night,” I said quickly before she could leave. I continued to stroke my cock, praying for a response.

“You shouldn’t peek at your own mother like that.” She remained motionless on her side of the bed, still turned away from me.

“I only saw a little bit of you from behind, but it made me hard.”

“You got excited when you saw your Mommy naked?”

“Yes.” I slid my hand up and down my shaft with measured control. “I saw your back, and your long legs, and I saw your naked ass.” She didn’t say anything for several tense moments. I reached down and fondled my balls. While I continued to rub myself I held my breath in anticipation. Eventually, Mom rolled onto her back.

“I knew you were outside the door,” she confessed softly. “I noticed how you were watching me–how you were always looking at my body–so I did a bad thing and left the door open just a little, thinking maybe…”

“I like looking at your body. I think about it sex hikayeleri all the time,” I admit.

“But it’s wrong, honey. It’s wrong to look at your mother like that.”

“I can’t help it. You’re so beautiful. And your breasts are so big, and your ass is so round and smooth,” I speak without thinking, without caring, lost in the incestuous bliss of the moment.

“Please, stop saying those things. Just…play quietly, sweetie” she begged. I defiantly let out a low groan of pleasure.

“Masturbate with me, Mom. Put your hand down there and touch yourself.”

“No, honey, I can’t. It’s not nice for a mother to masturbate with her son.”

“It’s okay, Mom, I want you to. I want you to make yourself feel good.”

“It does feel good when Mommy touches herself down there.”

“Please, Mom,” I whisper in my most plaintive tone.

“All right then,” she answered after a long hesitation. “But no more talking. And absolutely no peeking at Mommy while you have your penis out.”

I slowed my hand and focused on her movements next to me. I did as she wished and kept my eyes on the ceiling. I felt her slide her legs open slightly. I waited until I could feel the tentative sway of her hips, then I spread my own legs a bit wider until my knee touched her thigh.

She froze. I exaggerated my motions, thrusting slightly with each jerk. She didn’t pull her leg away. After a few uncertain moments, she hesitantly resumed, very reserved at first, then with increasing enthusiasm. When I heard her first moan I knew she was too far into it to stop.

“I’m thinking about your naked body,” I whispered.

“No, sweetie, no talking.” I felt her begin to thrust against her fingers. “Don’t talk about Mommy’s naked body. Don’t talk about Mommy’s big breasts, and her naked ass while you masturbate.”

“You make me so hard, Mom.”

“A little boy’s penis shouldn’t get hard thinking about his Mommy.

“I want to see you naked,” I pleaded.

“You want to see my naked body?”


“You can’t. You shouldn’t see Mommy’s bare breasts. It would be wrong for you to look at my nipples and my naked behind.”

“I want to see your ass again, Mom. I want to look at it while I masturbate.”

“You want to see my big, round ass? You want to see Mommy bend over and spread her cheeks for you?” she was becoming lost in the passion of her own filthy words. “You want to be a dirty little boy and look at your Mommy’s tight little asshole.”

“Oh, God, yes!” I whimpered with pure rapture. By that point her leg had worked its way over top of mine, her thigh was just inches from brushing against my balls. With this contact I could better feel every thrust and turn of my mom’s hips as she pleasured herself.

“Can you see my penis, Mom?”

“I’m not supposed to see my son’s penis. I mustn’t look.”

“Look at my penis, Mom. I want you to see me.”

“Oh, my sweet little boy, it’s so big! You’re penis looks so big and so hard.”

“Do you like it, Mom? Do you like looking at my penis?”

“I love it, sweetie. You’re penis is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. I can see you pulling on your hard penis, and it looks so good.”

“It feels good to masturbate my cock in front of you.”

“Oh, God. I’m masturbating with my baby. Please forgive me. I’m looking at my little boy’s cock and fingering myself. This is so wrong.”

“I’m going to come soon, Mom. I want you to watch me come!”

“I’m watching, sweetie,” she panted. “Mommy’s going to watch you come while she plays with herself. I’m going to come with you, baby!”

I felt the orgasmic surge come over me and quickly pointed my cock straight up. I heaved my hips up and let the cum gush up out of my swollen cock. Just as I had hoped, it came down and splattered right onto my mother’s naked thigh. As soon as the warm cum landed on her skin, my mom rocked and spasmed with her own quaking orgasm and she let out a loud, throaty moan of ecstasy fulfilled.

Neither of us moved for several minutes. After a while, I felt my cum drip onto my leg after having run down the side of my mother’s bare thigh. I wanted to stay like that forever.

“I suppose there’s no turning back now,” Mom sighed. “We are officially both a couple of hopeless perverts.”

I couldn’t help but smile and give Mom a big kiss on the cheek.


The next day passed in a blur. My every conscious thought was either about porno hikayeleri the events of the last night, or about those to come tonight. I made a few extra bucks with a temp job that day, so I splurged and got us some Chinese food for dinner. Mom was late getting back to the room, but she was very excited about her interview that day.

“If I land this job we’ll be able to get out of this rat hole!” she bubbled. We ate, and talked, and laughed. I felt like we were closer than I ever thought was possible. It was so liberating to be with someone who knew you so well, had known you for your whole life, and who you didn’t have any secrets from. It was better than falling in love.

When it got late, Mom took her shower, as usual, and got into bed to watch TV. I normally showered in the morning, but I decided to take one right after she had finished. I washed up very thoroughly, and quickly dried off. My cock was already at full attention in anticipation of tonight’s possibilities. I took a deep breath, and stepped out of the bathroom, completely naked.

Mom looked up from the show she was watching and her eyes practically bugged out of her head!

“Oh, my!” she gasped. “Someone’s certainly not shy about his body!”

“I figured it was kind of silly after, you know…”

“I guess you’re right. I still can’t believe how big you’ve gotten.” Her eyes dropped to my crotch. “And how big it’s gotten!”

“Okay, so now it’s your turn.”

“What? Oh, no. You don’t really want to see this old body anyway.”

“After what we’ve done together, there’s no sense in being modest.”

“I’m sorry, dear,” she said. “I’m just not ready for that. Come lie down with me.” She patted the mattress and I dejectedly climbed into bed and snuggled up next to her. She put her arm around me and we watched TV like that for a while.

“Geez, when you get hard, you sure stay hard, don’t you, sweetie?” she said after about half an hour had passed. She muted the TV and pulled away a bit, lying on her side and propping her head up with one hand.

“It obviously needs some attention,” she said referring to my relentless hard-on. “Do you want to show Mommy how you like to masturbate your big, hard penis?”

I didn’t need any further encouragement. I settled back and started by letting my fingers trail lazily across my chest and down my stomach. I tickled my fingertips along my rigid shaft, and danced them lightly across my balls. I took my cock gingerly between thumb and forefinger and squeezed ever so slightly. I could feel Mom’s eyes on my penis, following every move I made. I wanted this to really turn her on.

“It’s so unbelievably long,” she marveled in a sultry voice. “It’s just simply perfect.” My chest virtually filled with a child’s pride as my mom praised my penis. I pulled the skin of my shaft down tight, and flexed, causing the head of my cock to swell even more. I was trying hard to give Mom a good show.

“Looking at my little boy’s big penis is making Mommy all wet down there. Don’t stop, sweetie, Mommy is going to touch herself while she watches you masturbate.” She reached over and gently turned my head away. “No peeking at Mommy being nasty. That’s the rule, remember?”

I could clearly hear the sounds of slick wetness as she slid her hand down the front of her PJs and began fingering herself. Her stupid ‘no peeking’ rule was killing me!

“It feels so good to play with myself while I watch you rub your penis like a naughty little boy.” I raised myself up off the bed, straining to make my cock as hard and long as I could for her to see. “Oh, God, I love it so much.” I felt her shift and heard the light flop of her tank-top landing on the floor next to the bed. I started to turn my head, but she stopped me. “No, you can’t look. Mommy doesn’t have a shirt on and her breasts…her big tits are all naked.”

Now that I wasn’t looking at the ceiling, I realized I could see the full-length mirror from here. My heart raced with a sudden thrill, but then I discovered that the angle wasn’t quite right, and I could only make out a shadowy image of my mother’s body. Still I took what pleasure I could from the shifting hints of her sensual movements.

“You shouldn’t see Mommy pinching and pulling on her nipples while she fingers herself,” she whispered between soft moans. I felt her lift her hips and drop back down. I was pretty sure she just pulled down her PJ bottoms.

“Are you touching yourself down there, Mom?”

“Yes, seks hikayeleri honey, I am.”

“Are you touching your…pussy?”

“You shouldn’t say such dirty words in front of your Mommy,” she scolded seductively.

“Mom, I know you’re touching your pussy.” I gave the last word extra emphasis.

“Oh, God, yes. My pussy. I’m rubbing my wet pussy. I’m looking at your penis…at my little boy’s hard cock, and playing with my pussy.” The bed creaked as she leaned back and began humping unabashedly against her fingers. I guessed that her eyes might be closed at that point and risked a peek.

I looked over and nearly wept with the sheer joy of the sight that awaited me. Mom had her head thrown back and her body arched. Her huge breasts virtually spilled across her chest, shifting and flowing with a loose, natural grace more erotic than anything I’d ever seen. Both her wide brown nipples were crinkled and hard. As I watched she brought one of her hands up, pinched a nipple and pulled it roughly, lifting nearly her whole breast with it, then she let it fall heavily. I turned away before she caught me peeking.

“Mommy is fucking her fingers,” she panted. “That’s how Mommy likes to come, with her fingers deep inside her pussy! Are you masturbating your penis, honey?”

“Yes, Mom. I’m masturbating with you. I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, sweetheart. I love your penis. I love it when we come together.”

I turned again, and once more beheld those spectacular undulating boobs. My eyes traveled lower, across my mother’s slightly rounded belly, and down to where her hand was buried between her legs. Her PJs were pulled down to the middle of her thighs, so she wasn’t able spread her legs very wide, but I could just see her thick curly patch of hair beneath her hand.

She grabbed her breast with her free hand and this time squeezed the whole thing and pulled it up as she leaned forward and sucked her own nipple into her mouth. She sucked at it hard, tugging and twisting before letting it go. I couldn’t look away.

Her eyes fluttered open and she caught me staring at her.

“No, no, don’t look,” she groaned but didn’t stop pumping her fingers into her pussy. “No peeking, sweetie. The rules…”

“I’m looking, Mom,” I rasped. “I’m looking at your big, gorgeous tits. I’m jerking off my cock and staring at your nipples.”

“Don’t,” she breathed and covered her chest with her arm. “You shouldn’t see Mommy’s naked tits.”

“I see you touching yourself. I see you putting your fingers in your pussy,Mom. I’m watching you masturbate. I want to see you come, Mom. I want us to watch each other come!”

“I’m so ashamed,” she cried out, writhing in sinful ecstasy. “My little boy is looking at his Mommy while she fucks herself. Don’t look at me when I come, please don’t watch your Mommy make herself come!” With that she lifted her hips up off of the bed and slammed her fingers in and out of her pussy with brazen, self-indulgent delight.

“I’m looking at you, Mom, and I’m going to come!”

“No, stop, you can’t,” she urged, and without looking reached over, pulling my hand away from my cock. “You shouldn’t look at your Mommy and make yourself come.”

I tried to get my hand back onto my cock, but she blindly fended off my efforts with one hand as she banged the fingers of her other in and out of her pussy. In the midst of our little struggle she grabbed a hold of my cock in order to prevent me from stroking myself.

“Don’t look. I don’t want you to see Mommy like this and make yourself come.”

As she was talking her hand began to move up and down on my shaft. Within a few seconds, Mom was jerking me hard and fast, matching her own rhythm as she continued to fuck her fingers even more forcefully than before.

“Oh, God, I’m touching my boy’s penis. I’m masturbating my little boy. I’m going to make my baby come!” she cried. “I’m going to make my little boy come with meeeee!”

Her entire body convulsed, and with the next tug semen began shooting out of my cock. I came with such force the first spurt hit me in the chin. I continued to fuck my mother’s soft hand, shooting again and again, with each spurt landing lower and lower, until the final gob dribbled down across Mom’s knuckles. She didn’t let go of my penis as she continued to shudder next to me with each lessening aftershock of her orgasm.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard in my life,” Mom sighed.

“Me neither,” I added. She gradually loosened her grip on my cock, noticing my cum on her fingers. She brought her hand to her mouth and licked away the pearly drops of semen.

“Mommy still has to clean up after her messy little boy,” she teased with a sly smile.