April the Slave


April was slowly roused by the gentle tones of her alarm. The wan light of dawn was just beginning to appear out her window. Grudgingly rising from her pillow, she reached over and deactivated the alarm. Her room was small, just spacious enough for a twin bed, a small nightstand, and meager dresser. She didn’t own many clothes, and those she did were not particularly large.

Groggy and uncoordinated, she half-walked, half-dragged herself to her cubicle-like bathroom. Already nude, she stepped into the shower and started the water. Having grown up in the way she had, she appreciated how the water got hot almost immediately. Mr. Wilcox did not like cold showers. Not having time to let her hair dry before waking her employer, she avoided letting her long brown hair get wet and instead let the water fall on her face and breasts. She’d have time for a proper shower later, but for now she simply needed a wake up.

After allowing the warm water to caress her bare skin for a few moments longer, she turned the water off and grabbed a towel. Once she was dried, she turned to the mirror and quickly applied a subtle amount of make to her face and breasts. Pinching her nipples to harden them, she reached down and slowly began to massage her clit. She’d learned from experience that it as best to arouse herself a bit before waking Mr. Wilcox. When she felt herself begin to moisten, she slipped the tip of her middle finger between her pussy lips. In her mind April was riding the Old-Spice spokesman, who she imagined had a huge cock. Reluctantly, she stopped when she felt the first stirrings of a meager orgasm building.

It was time to wake Mr. Wilcox.

Making sure she was dried off and her hair at least partially arranged, she opened the door to her meager room and entered a much larger and ornate bedroom. Mr. Wilcox was still asleep, though it looked like he had slept poorly. Laying on his stomach, all but a single leg and half a butt cheek was exposed to the morning air coming in through the open window. In his mid forties, Mr. Wilcox was getting past his prime, but still took care of himself, and it showed. While less defined than they’d most likely been in his youth, the muscles on his back and legs were clearly visible, even now. He certainly was not unattractive, Resim Yükle which made her job considerably less onerous than it could have been. Though, in her honest moments, she would admit, at least to herself, she would still have taken the job regardless.

Slowly crawling onto the bed, April placed her hand on the back of his thigh and slowly began sliding it up. Meanwhile, she leaned down and started dragging her hardened nipples across the bare skin of his back. Gentle stirring, and a contented groan told her that he’d begun to wake up. Continuing to caress his back with her nipples, she let her hand slide under the blankets and gently begin stroking his balls. She continued this for several minutes as his movements changes gradually from stirrings to small flexing of his hips, grinding his hardening cock into the mattress.

Finally awake, Wilcox slowly turned over, eyes still closed, and April shifted to climb on top of him. Placing her moistened sex on his now fully engorged 8-inch cock, she began rubbing herself up and down his shaft while still allowing her nipples to softly trace along his chest. Wilcox groaned louder as she began working her hips back and forth faster and adding more pressure to his shaft. April probably could have gotten off to this if they continued, but she could tell Wilcox wanted something more. Instead, she slowly slid down his body, dragging her breasts against him the entire way until they came to rest on his upper thighs and the tip of his cock was level with her mouth.

Wilcox groaned even louder and flexed his hips, as she leaned forward and began gently lapping at the swollen head. She could taste herself on him, and even now, after she’d done it so many times, she couldn’t tell if this aroused or revolted her. Perhaps a bit of both.

After a few more moments of licking him, she finally took him into her mouth. This did arouse her. His cock was hard, long, and thick. It was a very nice cock, and the feeling of his hard manhood against lips and tongue was so incredibly erotic it still excited her. She could tell by the way he was breathing he wasn’t going to last much longer, so she moved immediately to sliding him as far down her throat as she could. Over and over, her tongue and lips caressed the full length of his cock with ever increasing vigor, until she felt his hips thrust up to her and his joints stiffen. Sliding down on him as far as she could, she reached a hand up and gently squeezed his balls as he began to cum in her mouth. Suck and swallowing vigorously, she managed to swallow everything. Sometimes he liked it when she let it leak from her mouth, but generally not in the morning.

As Wilcox came down, April continued to gently suck on his cock. After a few moments, he sighed contentedly and gently nudged her head to the side. She let his softening cock slip from her lips and crawled off the bed. Without rising, he watched her as, still naked, she crossed the room to his armoire and grabbed his robe. When she reached his bed again, he finally stood, sliding on the robe she held before her.

Without a word, he started towards his attached bathroom, April followed after. While her shower barely accommodated her slim 5′ 5″ figure, his bathroom looked more akin to a spa. A large marble jacuzzi tub sat recessed in the middle of the spacious room, and a large, tiled shower with a glass door took up a significant amount of space on the far wall. April took his robe from him again as Wilcox turned the shower on and stepped in. After hanging the robe on the hook nearby, April stepped into the shower after him.

Wilcox shampooed and conditioned his own hair, but preferred to have April wash his body. For the next several minutes, April took her time lathering his bare skin with soap. She paid particular attention to his cock and balls, getting a good lather and stroking it with long slow strokes. Before long, he was getting hard again, and his shaft filled her hands in a very pleasing way.

He stepped back a bit, so the water wasn’t falling on him, which she took as a hint to keep going. Adding a bit more soap to the lather, she continued stroking his shaft until he’d reached his full girth. Unsure what he wanted her to do at this point, April kept going for a few minutes, until Wilcox finally grabbed her arms to stop her. With gentle pressure on her hips, he turned her to face the wall of the shower. Placing her hands on the wall for balance, she bent slightly at the waist, until her breasts touched the cool tile.

With one hand Wilcox held her in place, and with the other guided the tip of his engorged between her nether lips. By now April was fully aroused. Earlier in her time with Mr. Wilcox he’d needed to use lube almost every time he fucked her, but now she’d accepted her role. It wasn’t what she’d have chosen for herself, if she’d had other options, but she’d learned to find pleasure in it.

When he finally pierced her with his turgid cock, she didn’t have to feign enjoyment. The long, loud moan that slipped from her lips was 100% genuine. April arched her back and thrust her ass back at him as Wilcox began railing her. The pace he set was not brutal, but neither was it gentle. He fucked her is hard, steady strokes. Over and over again, April was pushed against the wall as he continued to pound her pussy.

By now April was beyond speech or coherent thought, she simply reveled in the exquisite feelings his large dick was producing inside of her. After only a handful of thrusts, April cried out as the first orgasm overtook her. Trembling from head to toe, she had to struggle to stay standing as he continued to fuck her through one orgasm and into another.

Finally, after she’d come at least 2 more times, Wilcox grabbed her hair in both hands, yanked her head back and began pounding her with wild abandon. She came a final time when she felt him stiffen, his cock swelled within her and all at once burst, pumping his cum deep inside her.

Breathless and spent, they stood there for a few moments, catching their breath, before Wilcox pulled out and returned to his shower. No longer able to stand unsupported, April turned around and slid to the floor, her back to the wall. Exhausted, spent, and thoroughly fucked, she allowed herself a few minutes to rest as his cum slowly leaked from her well used pussy. Presently, Wilcox finished his shower and stepped out, though he left it on for her to use. This was his unspoken sign that he was finished with her for now and she was free to do as she wished. Finally pulling herself to her feet, April let out a contented sigh as the pleasantly hot water splashed across her skin.

She reflected while washing herself with the luxuriously expensive body wash he provided. Indeed, it wasn’t the life she’d have chosen for herself, but being a billionaire’s personal sex slave wasn’t as bad as she expected.