Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 07


Richard’s wife Marjorie had fallen ill and was bed ridden for a few weeks. She had been delighted when her best friend Sue had offered to come and stay and look after her.

Richard offered to sleep in a separate bedroom to allow his wife to recuperate without being disturbed. One afternoon Marjorie needed a drink and called for Sue to bring her one.

“It’s your fucking wife again” said Sue to Richard as he pounded his dick into her over the kitchen table.

She then added between grunts of satisfaction:

“Can she not just go into hospital and leave us to fuck in peace. By the way, do you think I’m far prettier than your wife? I know her body doesn’t compare with mine” she said as she pressed her huge tits together.

As his wife called down again Richard upped the tempo and whispered in her ear:

“You are going to have to take so much of my cum and my dick in the next month. I hope that will convince you of how desirable I think you are.”

She replied “Oh Richard, I know this is so wrong but after living with boring Kevin all these years I deserve some fun. Did you fuck my daughter on her wedding Antep Escort Bayan day? I know Sally gobbled you down before I could get to you. She is a pretty girl.”

Richard heard his wife call but they continued to ignore her as Richard built to his eruption.

“Yes I was the first to fuck Pippa on her wedding day and yes Sally is a great fuck but she doesn’t have these”

he said squeezing her 36 FF tits together. Richard felt the presure building in his tennis ball sized balls anf finally he came all over her tits and torso and she gulped the rest down her throat. Sue got dressed and as she pulled on her bra and jumper she felt the cum seep into her clothes. She then went upstairs to help her best friend.

Sue and Richard also spent the nights fucking and one night Marjorie got up to go to the bathroom and she thought she heard Sue groan in her bedroom. She called out to ask if Sue was ok and Sue confirmed that she felt great. That was because Richard was sucking on her huge firm tits whist ramming his cock into her pussy against the door. Poor Marjorie remained oblivious to the erotic site which would have met her on the other side of that bedroom door.


Meanwhile Martin continued to pursue Kim. She had the looks of a model and the body of a pornstar. He had gone out with some beautiful girls, especially Sally who he still lusted over despite hating her, but none compared to Kim. Martin had seen Kim wear tight revealing tops and miniskirts when with her previous boyfriends and longed to see and hold her whilst she was wearing such clothes with him on her arm.

Martin was stroking her fabulous dark hair and he could resist it no longer and reached to cup her huge tits which were locked inside her tight black jumper. Her hand met his:

“You must know I am saving myself for marriage Martin” she said. “I want my wedding night to be a special one.”

“But you have had sex with your previous boyfriends, haven’t you?” said Martin.

“I was never going to marry them, you’re different. Unless you don’t want to marry me?”

“I love you Kim. Yes I want you to be my wife.”

“I know” she said giggling. “I think we should book a private room at the best restaurant in town and I will wear my special dress for you to celebrate our engagement. You are going to marry me soon aren’t you Martin.” She smiled at him with her deep brown eyes.

The next day Kim walked into the reception of Richard’s office and saw Sally strolling towards her office with her long tanned legs on full show. Kim was wearing a baggy jumper and jeans so as not to attract too much attention to herself. She walked quickly to Sally’s office.

“Here to meet Richard?” Sally asked with a smile. “I know he would enjoy meeting you but he prefers outfits like mine” she said laughing and crossing her legs on the table.

“You may have the best legs in town Sally but I’ve got the best body. Tell him Martin and I are having a private dinner at La Romain restaurant tonight and it would be a nice coincidence if he bumped into us” said Kim.

“Ok, poor Martin” replied Sally laughing. “His fiancée is going to going to be fucked senseless by his father.”

The intercom buzzed and Kim heard a deep voice asking Sally to come into his office.

“Duty calls” said Sally.

Kim smiled and walked out of the door. She had been right about Martin’s father and looked forward to meeting him and started to plan her outfit.