Heather , Alex


Everybody featured in this story is at least 18 years of age.


Heather and Alex Stockwell made out on Heather’s bed. Heather and Alex were siblings, and Heather had known for a long time her younger brother secretly wanted to have sex with her. While Heather knew Alex’s feelings for her were wrong, the idea also intrigued her, and she couldn’t help being a little curious what it would be like with her brother. Alex also knew his feelings for his sister were wrong, but couldn’t help watching her undress, and lusting after her. He was genuinely surprised when, while watching her, Heather invited him into her room.

“Oh, God, Alex,” Heather gasped between kisses, “I love you so much…”

“I love you, too, Heather…” Alex whispered into his sister’s mouth. As their tongues wrestled in their mouths, Alex groped his sister’s large tits through her bra. Heather reached under her, and unhooked it, then pulled it off, and tossed it aside, and Alex immediately started licking and sucking on her large, brown nipples.

“Uhm…” Heather moaned. Her brother sucking on her nipples was making her pussy very moist. She also grinned as she felt Alex’s hard cock rubbing against her leg through his boxers. Alex moved urfa escort down, kissing down his sister’s round, soft belly, until he got to her panties. He could already smell how wet Heather’s cunt was before he pulled the crotch of her panties aside, and then he saw she was so wet, her pussy hair was matted to her skin.

Alex breathed in his sister’s twat smell, then slid his tongue inside her juicy slit, tasting Heather’s pussy. “Oh, God, Alex…” Heather moaned, her brow furrowing, as she felt Alex’s tongue explore her dripping snatch. “Oh, God, yes! Yes, yes, yes!” Heather grabbed her tits and dug her nails in, when she felt the orgasm coming. “Yes!” Heather came, screaming so loud the whole family would’ve heard if they were home, and clawing her tits so hard, she nearly broke the skin.

Alex came back up, and they again kissed. “Hm,” Heather sighed, smiling, “you taste like me.”

“You were very wet,” Alex grinned, as Heather licked some of her juices off his face, especially out of his beard.

Moments later, Alex lay on his back, as Heather slowly stroked his hard cock. He then felt her hot breath on it, as his sister wrapped her lips around his rigid shaft, and escort urfa began to suck her brother off. “Oh, fuck…” Alex moaned, as Heather licked and sucked on his throbbing head. As Heather went, she tasted her brother’s pre-cum, which told her how much he was enjoying the blowjob. She sucked harder, stroking her brother’s shaft, until Alex started to jerk his hips, telling her he was close to cumming.

Heather stopped, and smiled up at her brother. “God, I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“I know. This is so messed up, but I’m loving it.”

Heather laughed. “I love you, Alex.”

Moments later, Heather lay on her back, as her brother leaned over her, and inserted his cock into her. “Oh, God…” Heather moaned, as Alex started to thrust into her. “Oh, Alex…You’re such a good little brother.” Alex leaned down further, and tongue-kissed his sister. As he fucked her, Heather moaned into her brother’s mouth. He sped up, and Heather pulled away, and cried out, “Oh, God! Oh, Alex, fuck me!” After a few minutes, Heather came, letting out a loud, hoarse cry, and digging her nails into her brother’s back.

“You sure you wanna do this?”

“Seriously?” Heather laughed, urfa escort bayan “We’re already fucking.” Heather was on her hands and knees, with her ass in the air.

“I know, just…” Alex spread open Heather’s ample butt-cheeks. “You have got a beautiful asshole, you know that?”

Heather again laughed. “No one’s ever told me that before.” Alex then leaned down, and proceeded to lick his sister’s butt-hole, much to her pleasant surprise. “Oh, wow,” Heather moaned, “God, I should’ve let you fuck me years ago.” After eating her ass for a minute or so, Alex pressed his cock’s head against it, and laboredly pushed it in. “Oh, fuck,” Heather groaned, “Fuckfuckfuck, that feels good. God, Alex, you have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a cock in there.” Alex slowly worked his cock in and out of Heather’s tight asshole, as Heather moaned and whined. After a couple of minutes of this, in spite of her pussy not even being touched, Heather felt another orgasm well up within her. “Aaaah, fuck!” she whined, as she came.

Alex was on his back again, as Heather once more sucked his cock, this time intent on making him cum. Alex felt his cock contract, and, with a loud groan, started ejaculating in his sister’s mouth. As Alex shot his load, Heather swallowed rapidly, to keep up with the large amount of jism coming out of her brother’s cock. After she swallowed all of it, Heather crawled up, and kissed her brother.

“Well,” she said, “that was…interesting.”

“One way to put it.” Heather smirked, and again kissed Alex.

College isn’t Everything


It was so classic a situation as to almost be a cliche: bottom of the ninth inning, home team down by one point, the run to tie on third, the run to get ahead on second, and of course, two outs. Joe Tyrrell stepped up to home plate and customarily tapped the end of the bat on it.

Joe was a good high school ball player, but not exceptional. However, he had great potential. And that potential was on the line right now. These next few minutes in the batter’s box could determine his future. The university had only one more scholarship to give out and it could be his if he performed well in this game.

So far, Joe had played a clean game, but had done nothing exemplary. It all came down to this time at bat. Years of playing good baseball and he would be judged by this one visit to the plate. Pressure didn’t even begin to describe how he felt.

The first pitch was low and outside, but he anxiously swung at it anyway. That was a mistake, and he knew he had to calm down. He let the next two pitches go by for two balls.

Joe’s palms were beginning to sweat. He glanced over at the third base coach, who was giving him signals, and stepped out of the box to read them and dry his hands. The coach was instructing him not to swing at the next two pitches. He wanted Joe to walk! Walk? There was no distinction in that. Sure, it would load the bases; sure, the pitcher was tired and the next batter might get a walk and force in the tying point; sure, it might help the team. But it wouldn’t earn Joe a scholarship.

His indecision over the next pitch resulted in a call strike. That aggravated him, but not so much that be became careless with the next pitch. It was real low. He let it go, bringing him up to a full count: three balls, two strikes.

This was it! The all or nothing pitch. Sweat was pouring out of him. Every nerve in his body was on edge. Joe knew as soon as the ball left the pitcher’s hand it was a perfect throw. He had to swing at it. There were no choices, the decision had been made for him and he reacted instinctively. He drew back and swung with all his might.

Joe knew he missed even before he heard the thump of the ball burning into the catcher’s mit.

All he could do now was drop to his knees and bury his head in his hands shamefully. Finally, he stood and walked slowly toward the locker room. His overwhelming misery made him oblivious to the pandemonium and mayhem that surrounded him as the visiting team and their fans went wild in celebration of the victory. He walked so blindly that he did not even see the two gorgeous girls dressed in the visiting team’s cheerleaders’ uniforms until he literally ran into them. Under normal circumstances, their nice-size breasts and shapely legs would have made more of an impression on him so that he might even have pursued conversation with them, and the wink that one of them gave him told him it could lead somewhere. But at this moment, he had no interest in anything. He forced half of a smile and mumbled, “Sorry,” then continued on. That was all he remembered about what was happening on the field.

When Joe returned to his senses, he was in the locker room sitting on a bench facing his locker. He heard vague statements directed at him that were supposed to make him feel better. But none did, nor did any seem particularly genuine. Perhaps he was being unusually paranoid, but it even seemed as though his team mates were avoiding him.

That feeling became even more prevalent a while later when he suddenly realized he was alone in the locker room. It was just as well. He was not in the mood to face anyone, particularly anyone he knew. Perhaps he had subconsciously remained behind for just that reason.

“Don’t let it get you down, son.” It was Jeffrey, the elderly custodian. “Just remember that the past cannot be changed, but the future is still in your power.”

Joe nodded. Jeffrey always tried to make people feel better.

“You gonna shower?” he asked.

Joe glanced down at himself and realized he was still sitting by his locker in his dirty uniform. He shrugged. “You ready to leave?”

“Well, you’re all that’s left. If you want to shower, I don’t mind waiting.”

“I don’t really feel like doing much of anything.”

“I can understand that. But don’t worry, you’ll get over this. I’ll tell you what, Joe. Everything’s all locked up. You stay here as long as you like. Just make sure you close the door all the way when you leave. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks, Mr. Jeffrey.”

“No problem. Don’t stay too late.”

Joe sat a while longer, lost in depressing thoughts about his future—or lack of it. Suddenly, he was brought back to reality by the sound of the shower running. Knowing he was supposed to be alone, he got up to investigate.

The first thing he saw was a cheerleader’s skirt hanging up beside the door to the showers. Continuing on, he was shocked to see the two girls he had run into, totally naked, with rather nice, bare chests.

“What are you doing here?” he asked, momentarily forgetting his misery.

“We escort fatih got all sweaty and grimy hugging all the dirty players. After the old guy left, we thought we could sneak in and shower off.”

“Oh.” Joe didn’t know what to do. He mumbled something and started to leave. The next thing he knew, a hand was grabbing his arm. He turned to face the girl who had winked at him. She certainly was a fox. Her large, round tits had bright, pink nipples that stuck out toward him. She didn’t seem to be bothered by his presence or the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Joe nearly died when she looked him in the eye and said, “Please stay with us.” She introduced herself as Patti.

Joe was still a bit shocked. Then she pulled his shirt over his head and rubbed the sweaty garment in her face. She seemed to enjoy it immensely. Patti proceeded to slowly slide his shorts down his legs. He was beginning to regain his senses, and felt a hardness growing between his legs.

When she had him stripped naked, she rubbed her cheeks along his long cock and said, “I watched you play. You made me wet and hot all over. Now, I want to thank you. Please let me.” Joe couldn’t believe it. Patti took his erect rod in her hand and licked its length with her smooth, pink tongue. He was in heaven. Before he could shoot his wad, though, she stopped and led him into the shower room. Her friend was cleaning up under the hot spray. When she saw them, she smiled knowingly.

Patti told him to lie down. He obliged and found the floor to be warm and flowing with the water that had graced the girls’ bodies. Patti spread her legs and lowered herself onto his face, shoving her cunt against him. The blonde, whose name was Allison, sank herself on his cock. Her tight pussy sucked him hard as she pumped up and down. He licked Patti like crazy, and she moaned wildly, rubbing against his head harder and harder. Finally, Patti slammed his face into her and cried out. She got up as Allison continued to fuck him hard. He reached up to grope Allison’s wonderful tits. After a few more thrusts, she arched back and then fell against him, releasing herself. Unbelievably, he still held on.

His worries temporarily forgotten, he wanted to fuck Patti badly by now. He asked her to lie down and put her legs over his shoulders and really went at it. She gasped at each thrust, holding onto her tits tightly. Her legs began to shake, and it wasn’t long before he rode her to another orgasm. He kept fucking Patti for another minute, but still did not get off.

Allison could see his distress and moved over between his legs. She slowly put his cock inside her mouth, inch by inch. What she couldn’t get in, she pumped with one hand. When she began sucking, he could not hold on any longer and he erupted into her mouth, his semen spilling down her chin. Allison licked her lips and smeared the rest on her chest. Then she asked him to lick his own come off her tits. He’d never done anything so kinky before, but his mood was sufficiently peculiar that he willingly slurped at his salty cream. It drove Allison out of her mind. She screamed in ecstasy.

Before Joe could barely get a breath, Patti grabbed his cock and stroked him to another erection. When he was hard as a rock, he pulled her over to a bench and draped her over it on her stomach. Then he spread her long legs and thrust up into her from behind. It was wonderful! Allison slid under the bench and began licking Patti’s tits. Their fucking and sucking increased to a feverish pitch. Seeing Allison below him, he eased his right leg between her legs. Still screwing Patti hard, he pushed his ankle against Allison’s pussy. She took advantage of it and slid her clit up and down his leg. The blonde didn’t expect it at all and started moaning along with her friend.

He knew it wouldn’t last much longer any way, so he thrust harder. With a loud grunt, he exploded into Patti and almost stuck his foot into Allison. They both gasped and came just as he had.

Now all exhausted, the girls stretched out on the bench while Joe took a real shower.

“You’re terrific, Joe!” Patti said with enthusiasm.

“Yeah,” Allison agreed. “I wish we had you on our team.”

“You fucked every guy on your team?” Joe asked.

“No, just a few,” Allison replied. “We’ve got a peephole into the boys’ shower room at our school. Most of the guys have tiny dicks so we go after the few who are well-endowed.”

“But no one’s got anything like you,” Patti added.

“I wish I was on your team right now,” Joe said. “The winning team.”

“That really has you bummed out, doesn’t it?” Patti asked with sensitivity.

“I lost a college scholarship tonight, not just the game.” He turned off the showers and they all dried off.

“College isn’t everything, Joe,” Allison said. “There are other things you can do.”

“Not me. There’s not much else I can do well.”

“Oh, yes there is!” the girls chimed in unison.

“I can’t make a living doing that.”

“Yes, you can.”

“I don’t want escort istanbul to be a male prostitute.”

“Most guys would kill to be hung like you and know how to use it,” Allison noted.

“I’m not most guys.”

“No, you’re certainly not,” Patti said. “I’m sorry you’re so down about this.”

“I’m just concerned about my future. I’m out of high school with nothing to do.”

“What were you going to do during the summer?”

“Get a job.”

“You can still do that,” Allison said, as though it was an original idea. “And you can still go to college.”

“I don’t have the money to go to college.”

Patti could see that Joe’s depressive mood was clouding his judgement and causing him to react negatively. She truly understood what it was like to have so much riding on a single situation. Maybe a change of subject or even an activity would help to cheer him up. “Why don’t you come out with Allison and me. Maybe it’ll perk you up.”

“Thanks, but I’m really not in the mood to party.”

“That’s a terrific idea,” Allison agreed. “And then we can go to Patti’s house. Her parents are out of town for the weekend. We’ll have the whole house to ourselves.” She took on a devilish grin. “Then we can really make you forget your worries.”

With the hot action they just had in the shower, Joe knew that taking them up on their offer would really make his fantasies come true. That’s why he almost couldn’t believe that he was turning them down. “Maybe some other time. I just wouldn’t be much good tonight.”

“You already were.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really not in the mood.”

They left the locker room and walked to the parking lot. Only one car remained. It belonged to Patti. “How are you getting home?” she asked.

Joe suddenly realized that his friends had gone off and left him. That didn’t help his downcast mood. He shrugged. “Guess I’ll have to walk.”

“Come on,” Patti said, “least we can do is give you a ride.”

Joe accepted without thought, and the last thing he remembered was climbing into the back seat of the car. He was so distraught, he simply fell asleep.

* * *

Needless to say, Joe had a very restless night. He never actually woke up, but he certainly tossed and turned quite a bit. Ironically, his unsettling slumber was not the result of the game loss or concern over his future. Instead, he had exhausting dreams about fucking and sucking Patti’s and Allison’s heavenly bodies. He shouldn’t have been so stupid as to let them go. His dreams had been so intense, he awoke with a raging hard on, which he reached down to stroke even before opening his eyes.

To his great surprise, he found that two tongues had gotten there first. This really woke him up! He sat up to see Allison and Patti devouring his pole with gusto. They were expert cocksuckers, and soon had him ready to spurt. Then, all of a sudden, they stopped. They huddled together for a second, ran and got some nylons, and tied him to the bed, spread-eagled.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” he asked, noticing that he was in a strange bedroom.

“You fell asleep in the car last night,” Patti explained. “We didn’t have the heart to awaken you and we didn’t know where you live, so we brought you to my house.”

He at least recalled them telling him last night that her parents were away for the weekend.

“We’ve decided we’re going to cheer you up even despite yourself,” said Allison. “The stockings are to make sure you let us.”

Recalling the shower activity and his dreams, he decided he could use some cheering up.

The two then proceeded to give him a show he would never forget. Slowly, they undressed each other, kissing, rubbing and sucking each other in a way that told him they were no strangers to each other’s body. As they went down on each other in a sixty-nine, his tower of manhood reached its full nine inch height. Just as he thought he might come without even being touched, they stopped and left the room, halting him on the brink of an earth-shattering orgasm.

They were gone for a half-hour, making Joe think they had left, leaving him tied up. Soon, they came back carrying a bowl of steaming liquid and a towel. They slid the towel under his buttocks and got up on the bed. Then Allison showed him their other surprise. Pouring out of the bowl onto his straining muscle of love was warm honey! They both just laughed as he squirmed in ecstasy.

“Come on, Patti, let’s finish our breakfast,” giggled Allison as she dove down to coax honey of a different kind from his sticky organ. “A growing boy like Joe needs his nourishment too,” moaned Allison as she planted her juicy, naked beaver on his face.

Allison, meanwhile, had just about licked all of the honey from his cock and balls and was fucking his asshole with her tongue. Never had Joe been in such ecstasy. Sensing almost telepathically that he was about to come, she grabbed his dick and squeezed, cutting off the flow of semen even before it started. She then untied him and got down on her hands and knees.

“Fuck escort bayan taksim me like a dog!” she commanded.

Joe needed no more coaxing than that. He put his cock against her sopping wet bush, grabbed her bouncing breasts, and plunged in with all his strength. As he banged Allison, Patti used her tongue on her friend’s clit and his balls while she fingered herself. After an indeterminable amount of time, during which Patti came, Allison and Joe came together in an explosive orgasm. When he pulled out they were all happy to see that he was still hard.

Patti said, “Now would be a good time to shove that pecker up my ass.”

Joe was quick to oblige.

Meanwhile, Allison had disappeared, but soon returned with a strap-on dildo. She put it on, slid under Patti and Joe and shoved it into Patti’s steaming cunt. After they all caught the rhythm, it was just a matter of time before they came together in an orgasm that put all others to shame.

All physically spent, the three rested for a while in relative silence. Finally, Patti asked Joe, “Has this therapy helped you to forget your worries?”

He shrugged. “Forget? No. But my concern is a bit more rational.”

“We’re glad to help,” said Allison.

“You girls are incredible. How did you become so good at this?”

“Actually, this is the first time we’ve done all of this,” answered Patti. “You’re the first guy who has been able to go the distance. You’re the one who is incredible.”

They were amazed to discover that it was nearly noon, so Patti fixed them lunch. She had not seen fit to dress to prepare the meal, and as a result, Allison and Joe dressed accordingly. As they ate the sandwiches, Joe could not get over the scene. Here he was having lunch with these two gorgeous girls—in the nude—after spending the entire morning having the wildest sex he had ever experienced.

Joe had had sex before, but nothing like this! Just back seat stuff. This he could get used to. Maybe Patti and Allison were right. Maybe he could do this for a living.

“Are you worrying about your future again?” asked Patti with a lighthearted frown.

He smirked. “Yes, but in a very different way.” He told them.

“Would you really want to be a male prostitute?” asked Patti.

“No. Like any job, it would probably become tiresome and boring. But I wouldn’t mind having a job in which I happened upon girls like you from time to time.”

Patti and Allison exchanged knowing glances. “Carrie,” they said in chorus.

“Carrie?” Joe repeated.

Patti explained. “Carrie owns a rather unique party business. She plans and caters all kinds of parties. And I mean all kinds. She’s always looking for good looking guys. She might be interested in you.”

“Many of her clients are rich and influential people. Maybe you could connect with someone who could do you some good, pull some strings to get you a scholarship.”

Joe thought about it for a minute. “Sounds intriguing. You know her?”

“We’ve used her service a few times,” admitted Patti. “I think I know her well enough to put you in touch with her.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind talking to her.”

“Great. I’ll give her a call after dessert.”

“Dessert?” Joe repeated, slowly realizing she didn’t mean food.

With playful looks on their faces, the girls led Joe back into the bedroom. On the bed, Joe noticed that Allison’s nipples were rock hard and looked like they were just waiting to be sucked. He instantly set about performing that task. She began moaning softly as his tongue played with her tits. His cock brushed against her dripping, succulent pussy.

Patti’s beautiful blonde pussy was also glistening with love juice. She moved in closer to Joe and Allison. Joe still had his mouth full of Allison’s tits, so Patti slid down on the bed and began caressing his throbbing dick with her warm lips and mouth. The combination of the cool room air and her hot mouth on his rod was unbelievable, and if that wasn’t enough, she used her tongue like a master, continuously sliding it up and down and around.

While Patti was driving Joe to ecstasy on his lower half, he decided it was his turn to start dishing out the same to Allison. Because he had no intention to ask Patti to stop what she was doing, he decided to remain on his back. He gently lifted Allison’s leg across his chest and brought it to his shoulders so she was above him, her wet pussy just above his mouth. She immediately leaned back and lowered herself to his lips, at which time he let his tongue do some talking on her lower lips. She tasted great, and the sight of her pussy and bouncing boobs, coupled with Patti’s excellent head work, produced sensations in him that were indescribable. Allison must have been enjoying it immensely, because after only about a minute and a half of his eating her, she came in a body-shuddering explosion of pleasure. Joe could feel the vibrations of her deep moans all the way down to her pussy. The sounds of Allison’s ecstasy really had an effect on Patti, as she worked her tongue and lips in a frenzied passion on Joe’s dick, bringing him to a titanic orgasm that seemed to last forever. The fact that she hungrily licked and swallowed every drop of come in the process helped make him even more eager and anxious for what was to follow.